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IN: George Bock, George Brack (North Shore), A. Brasher, Donald Cameron, Robert Cameron, Ken Hansen (Corowa), Kevin Kirley (The Rock), Jim Mitchell, Harry Seen, Tom Wade Sandy Creek), W. Weston (South Aust.).

Out: Claude Clarke, Kevin O’Connor, Des O’Dwyer, Keith Shea (North Albury), Bruce Stevenson (Binya), Kevin J. Tyndall (Beelbangera), Jack Waide, Rex Waide, Frank Wood; Eric Geddes (Binya), Roy Geddes (Binya), Bob Guy (South Aust).

Keith Shea, Griffith Australian Rules coach last season, whose death was announced this morning.  Mr. Shea, who had accepted the position of coach at North Albury, had been ill for some time. At last night's meeting of the Griffith Australian Rules Club it was reported that club officials had sent him a message of good wishes.

(The Area News - Tuesday February 27, 1951)

Mr. Keith Shea, former Carlton and interstate footballer, died in the Albury District Hospital early on Tuesday morning, after a brief illness. He was aged 37.
Coming from Bacchus Marsh, Shea first played League football for Carlton at the age of 16. He was a fast moving wing half-forward, who kicked left foot, and had a 'blind turn' that tricked most of his opponents. 
Shea played for Carlton for six years, and was a regular interstate player. After he left Carlton, he coached Subiaco, South Fremantle, Oakleigh, Hawthorn and several country clubs, including Griffith, runner-up in the S.W.D.F.L. competition last season.
Footballers and other friends will regret the passing of such a brilliant player and good sportsman.
The S.W.D.F. League sent a wreath to his funeral at Albury. He leaves a widow. 

(Narrandera Argus - Thursday March 1, 1951)  

At a well attended meeting of the Griffith Australian Rules Club on Monday night, the transacted was the appointment of coach for the forthcoming season. After at times heated debate, it was decided to invite Ken Hansen from Corowa to accept the position. 
Hansen comes to the club with a very flattering references both on and off the football field.

 He is 24 years of age, weighs 14 stone and is 5ft. 11ins. in height, and he has occupied practically all key playing positions with success. Chosen to represent N.S.W. in the interstate carnival in Brisbane last year, he filled the positions of centre half back, full back, and ruck in various games, and in each performed creditably. For Corowa he has successfully played at centre half forward  and full forward, and in addition has received invitations from both Collingwood and Carlton to become a playing member of those clubs. It is not known yet when Ken will arrive to take up his duties but it will be at an early date with the competition commencing in six weeks time training will be starting soon.
The players and officials of the Griffith Club  consider they are fortunate to secure the services of such an outstanding player and coach as Hansen  and are confident that under his leadership they can improve on last year's form and bring the first SWDFL premiership to Griffith. 

(The Area News - Friday March 2, 1951)

At a meeting of the SWDFL at Narrandera, it was reported that the Leeton & District Football Association has resolved to disband, and the reserve grade competition would now come under the jurisdiction of the SWDFL.
Clubs, which would be affected were Hay, Griffith, Leeton, Grong Grong and Yanco.
After several delegates had suggested that the reserve grade competition could be conducted in zones east and west of Narrandera, Mr. Jack Buchanan (Ganmain) and Mr. Len Polkinghorne (Griffith) successfully moved that the clubs affected be admitted to the SWDFL for the purpose of conducting a reserve grade competition.
It was resolved that the competition be zoned east and west of Narrandera, and, on motion of Mr. Polkinghorne, it was decided to appoint a sub committee - three from the east and three from the west to control reserve grade football.
The committee for the east zone was elected as follows: Messrs. J Carroll, M O'Dwyer and K Stapleton, and for the west zone Messrs. K Kelly  (Yanco), L Polkinghorne (Griffith) and Smith (Leeton).
East Zone : Narrandera, Grong Grong, Ganmain, Coolamon and Junee.
West Zone: Hay, Darlington Point, Griffith, Leeton and Yanco.

(The Area News - March 2, 1951)

SWDFL Round 1 - Sunday April 15, 1951 at Matong Sportsground
Matong ..... 1.5 (11)
Griffith ...... 18.12 (120)

Goals: Matong: P Hogan
Griffith: R Bitcon 9, F Clarke 3, R Guy 2, G Brack 2, K Kirley, S West

Best players players: Matong: D Mattingly, G Jones, J Curry, Smith
Griffith: R Guy, K Thompson, R Bitcon, F Clarke, J Luhrs
Griffith: Jack Taylor, Roy Geddes, W Weston*; Tom Wade*, Keith Thompson, Cecil Polkinghorne; Noel Tyndall, Kevin Kirley*, Jack Shrives; Stan West, Ken Hansen (c-c)*, Eric Geddes; Jim Mitchell*, Dick Bitcon, Fred Clarke; Jack Luhrs, George Brack*, Bob Guy; Charlie O'Brien*, Vic Ledwidge
Umpire: Ritchie Younger (Leeton)
Other matches - Coolamon 15.19 (109) def Narrandera 7.13 (55), Junee 7.17 59) def by Whitton 8.15 (63), Marrar 5.12 (42) def by Ganmain 9.16 (70); Leeton, bye.

SWDFL Round 2 - Sunday April 22, 1951 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .......... 17.17 (119)
Coolamon ..... 1.7 (13)

Goals: Griffith: R Bitcon 6, K Hansen 2, F Clarke 2, N Tyndall 2, R Geddes 2, Jim Mitchell 2, K Kirley
Coolamon: P Curtis

Best players: Griffith: R Geddes, C Polkinghorne, R Guy, K Thompson, T Wood, J Mitchell
Coolamon: J Traynor, V Smith, J Bredin, B Bartholomew, R Breust
Griffith: Eric Geddes, Jack Taylor, Jack Luhrs; Charlie O'Brien, Keith Thompson, Cecil Polkinghorne; Jack Shrives, Ken Hansen (c-c), Terry Wood; Kevin Kirley, Roy Geddes, Noel Tyndall; George Brack, Dick Bitcon, Jim Mitchell; Tom Wade, Fred Clarke, Bob Guy; Vic Ledwidge, A Brasher*, Stan West
Umpire: Ritchie Younger (Leeton). Boundaries: Jack Collins, John Diggelmann. Gate: £49/1/6
Other matches - Leeton 13.9 (87) def Marrar 3.8 (26), Narrandera 8.10 (58) def by Junee 11.16 (82), Whitton 14.9 (93) def Matong 3.1(19); Ganmain, bye.

SWDFL Round 3 - Sunday April 29, 1951 at Ganmain Sportsground
Ganmain ..... 11.18 (84)
Griffith ......... 10.12 (72)

Goals: Ganmain: K Gumbleton 6, A Brill 2, A Roy, J Crouch, F Murphy
Griffith: R Bitcon 6, R Guy, R Geddes, G Brack, 1 goal short

Best players: Ganmain: W Carroll, L Carroll, L McPherson, K Gumbleton, A Roy, A Crozier
Griffith: J Luhrs, J Taylor, R Guy, T Wood, E Geddes, R Geddes, R Bitcon
Griffith: Eric Geddes, Jack Taylor, Charlie O'Brien; Tom Wade, Keith Thompson, Cecil Polkinghorne; Jack Shrives, Ken Hansen (c-c), Terry Wood; Stan West, Roy Geddes, Kevin Kirley; Bob Guy, Dick Bitcon, Fred Clarke; Jack Luhrs, George Brack, Jim Mitchell; Vic Ledwidge, Noel Tyndall
Umpire: Hornby (Narrandera)
Other matches - Coolamon 15.8 (98) def Matong 4.6 (30), Junee 13.7 (85) def by Leeton 13.8 (86), Marrar 5.13 (43) def by Narrandera 12.18 (90); Whitton, bye.
Reserves R1 (Sat): Griffith 89 def Yanco 20

SWDFL Round 4 - Sunday May 6, 1951 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .... 10.9 (69)
Leeton ..... 10.10 (70)

Goals: Griffith: R Bitcon 3, E Feltwell 3, G Brack, T Wade, K Hansen, K Kirley
Leeton: W Heath 4, J Davis 2, R Meyers, L Drew, R Harris, D Sutcliffe

Best players: Griffith: J Luhrs, K Hansen, K Kirley, C O'Brien
Leeton: W Buttsworth, E Luhrs, D Sutcliffe, W Heath
Griffith: W Weston, Keith Thompson, Cecil Polkinghorne; Charlie O'Brien, Jack Taylor, Jack Collins; Noel Tyndall, Ken Hansen (c-c), Terry Wood; Kevin Kirley, Fred Clarke, Jack O'Brien; Ted Feltwell, Dick Bitcon, Tom Wade; Jack Luhrs, George Brack, Jim Mitchell; Vic Ledwidge, John Norton*
Umpire: Ted Towsell (Wagga). Boundary: John Diggelmann. Gate: £66/9/9
Other matches - Matong 24 def by Junee 55, Narrandera 11.16 (82) def Ganmain 4.9 (33), Whitton 12.21 (93) def Marrar 5.11 (41); Coolamon, bye.
Reserves R2 (Sat): Darlington Point 11.17 (83) def Griffith 3.4 (22)

SWDFL Round 5 - Sunday May 13, 1951 at Park Oval, Junee
Junee ....... 11.12 (78)
Griffith .... 16.5 (101)
Goals: Junee: Blight 4, Patterson 2, Shaw 2, Fisher 2, J Corcoran
Griffith: F Hicks 6, E Feltwell 3, T Wade 3, J Shrives 2, F Clarke, K Hansen

Best players: Junee: J Corcoran, P Meagher, Fisher, Dwyer, Blight
Griffith: E Feltwell, K Hansen, F Clarke, F Hicks
Griffith: George Brack, Dick Bitcon, Jack Taylor; Charlie O'Brien, Keith Thompson, Vic Ledwidge; Noel Tyndall, Ken Hansen (c-c), Terry Wood; Kevin Kirley, Jack Shrives, Jack Collins; Terry Wade, Fred Hicks, Ted Feltwell; Jack Luhrs, Fred Clarke, Jim Mitchell; Cecil Polkinghorne, Jack O'Brien
Umpire: Crouch (Leeton). Boundaries: John Diggelmann, Don Sefton
Other matches - Ganmain 8.8 (56) def Whitton 7.13 (55), Marrar def by Coolamon, Narrandera 6.9 (45) def Leeton 4.8 (32); Matong, bye.
Reserves R3 (Sat): Griffith 35 def by Leeton 97

SWDFL Round 6 - Sunday May 20, 1951 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ..... 10.13 (73)
Marrar ..... 3.7 (25)

Goals: Griffith: F Clarke 3, J Shrives 2, K Hansen 2, T Wade, G Bock, E Feltwell
Marrar: n/a

Best players: Griffith: C O'Brien, T Wood, N Tyndall, R Bitcon, C Polkinghorne, F Clarke
Marrar: J Pattison, B Pattison, D Irvine, B Langtry
Griffith: George Brack, Dick Bitcon, Cecil Polkinghorne; Charlie O'Brien, Jack Taylor, Vic Ledwidge; Noel Tyndall, Ken Hansen (c-c), Terry Wood; Kevin Kirley, Jack Shrives, Jack Collins; Tom Wade, Fred Clarke, Ted Feltwell; Jack Luhrs, George Bock*, Jim Mitchell; Jack O'Brien
Umpire: Ritchie Younger (Leeton). Boundaries: John Diggelmann, Don Sefton. Gate: £47/4/-
Other matches - Ganmain 12.11 (83) def Junee 10.11 (71), Leeton 11.19 (85) def Matong 7.7(49), Whitton 11.16 (82) def Coolamon 7.5 (47); Narrandera, bye.
Reserves R4 (Sat): Griffith bye

Exhibition Match - Sunday May 27, 1951 at Narrandera Sportsground
Victorian FL ......... 4.5 .. 8.12 .. 12.16 .. 18.24 (132)
Riverina Select ... 2.2 .. 3.2 .. 6.3 ..  6.4 (40)

Goals - VFL: J O'Rourke 10, L Richards 2, R Simmonds 2, R Poulter, F Davies, G Sibun, R Brooker
Riverina: W Heath 3, P O'Connell 2, D Durnan
Best players - VFL: E Henfry, J O'Rourke, L Richards, F Brew, R Wearmouth, R Brooker, J Hamilton, R Poulter
Riverina: P O'Connell, T Wood, J Daniher, W Carroll, K Thompson
Riverina Select: Jack Quinn (capt., Whitton), Bill Quade (Beckom), Roy Geddes (Binya), Bill Carroll, Lawrence Carroll (Ganmain), Keith Thompson, Terry Wood (Griffith), Jack Corcoran (Junee), Bill Heath (Leeton), Bernie Pattison (Marrar), Dudley Mattingly (Matong), Ned Fisher (Mirrool), Paddy O'Connell (Moombooldool), Don Durnan, Len Pedler (Narrandera), Jim Daniher (Ungarie), Dudley Dunbar, Bill Painting (Whitton); Don Elwin (Barellan), Des Lynch (Leeton)

Victorian Football League: Bill Stephens (Fitzroy), Bruce Morrison (Geelong), Alan Squire (St Kilda); Jack Hamilton (Collingwood), Lance Arnold (Melbourne), Ted Jarrard (North Melb.); Richard Wearmouth (Footscray), Ern Henfry (capt. - Carlton), Frank Brew (South Melb.); Robert McKenzie (Melbourne), Ray Poulter (Richmond), Jack Jones (vice capt.- Essendon); Fred Davies (Carlton), Jack O'Rourke (Richmond), Roy Simmonds (Hawthorn); Bob Brooker (North Melb.), Ken Ross (Fitzroy), Lou Richards (Collingwood); Reserves: Gray Sibun (South Melb.), Keith Rosewarne (St Kilda).
Umpire: Harvey Jamieson (VFL). Gate: £400, Crowd: 5,000 

Riverina Schoolboys Under 17's: Southern Zone 6.7 (43) d Northern Zone 5.6 (36)

Best players - Southern Zone: Garry Carroll, Vic Hathaway, W. Burns, G. Peacock, Jim Conquest.

Northern Zone: Arthur Allen (Ardlethan - Medal), Grahame Ellis, G. McDermott, M. Smith.

Southern Zone — Clive Polkinghorne, Vic Hathawav, Vic Budd, Brian Devery (Griffith), W. Burns, R. Douglas, E. Allen, T. Guest (Leeton), Geoff Peacock, Ray Pearson, Cliff Simpson, Bruce Waters, Jim Rockliff (Narrandera), J. Crouch, G. Carroll, P. Keogh, R. MePherson (Ganmain), J. Conquest, E. Nicholls, R. Hilton, B. Butt, C. Smith (Coolamon), W. Hayes, B. Nebauer, A. Devlin, B. Lewis (Junee).

Northern Zone. — J. Mickelson, R. Harris, J. Reed, M. Reed (Ariah Park), G. Ellis, P. Quade, M. Stiller (Mirrool), A. Allen, A. Brown, G. Saunders, G. Cassim (Ardlethan), L. Smith, M. Smith, E. Wykes (Beckom), N. Clarke, K. Pearson (Bald Hill), G. McDermott, E. Davis, L. Heath (Kamarah), O. Lyons, N. Brambley, L. Maher (Barellan).

Match Report

A record crowd for Riverina was treated to a brilliant and clever exhibition of last, open football by the Victorian ' team in their match against the Riverina team on the Narrandera Sportsground on Sunday afternoon.

The sale of programmes amounted, to about £400, and the crowd was estimated at between 4,000 and 5,000. The 'gate'- at last year's grand final was larger, but at Narrandera children are admitted free.

Had it not been for the cold showery weather the attendance would have been even larger, but such a great gathering was a true reflection of the popularity of the Australian code in the south-west and of the widespread interest created in the visit of the V.F.L. team. The match was arranged as a jubilee year gesture by the V.F.L.

The Victorians were a fine body of athletes, each a fine exponent of the game in his particular position on the field. Their exemplary conduct during their stay in Narrandera from Saturday to to-day (Monday) fully bore out the remarks of one of their officials at the dinner given to the team by the Riverina Football Council on Saturday night, when he said, 'I feel confident that when our stay amongst you comes to an end you will be glad to have had us with you and will look forward to our coming again.'

Capably led by one of Melbourne's outstanding footballers, Ern Henfry, Carlton's captain, the V.F.L. team quickly set about to fulfil its mission — that of showing the crowd all the finer points of the game — the features that make it so attractive and so spectacular. Their brilliant positional play, clever hand passing, spectacular high marking, magnificent low stab-kicking, sound defensive tactics and fine attacking drives were a treat to watch and a delight to admirers of good football. It was quite common for as many as six or seven of the V.F.L. team to handle the ball in a series of well-directed passes in a powerful forward drive without any of the opposing side being able to intercept the ball.

Ern Henfry was a master in a key position (centre), and while Lou Richards (Collingwood) was a clever and resourceful rover who continually out witted opponents, but never failed to co-operate with his team mates — his passing with either hand or foot was a feature of a really bright game, Jack Jones (Essendon), Bob Brooker (North Melbourne) and Ken Ross (Fitzroy) dominated the ruck, and rarely failed to get the ball to their rovers — Richards and Frank Brew (South Melbourne) — or prevented the opposing team from getting possession.

The play of the forwards— Fred Davis (Carlton), Jack O'Rourke (Richmond), and Roy Simmonds (Hawthorn) — was a masterpiece of cohesion. O'Rourke, who is at present the leading goal kicker in Melbourne, played the full forward's part to perfection — combining brilliant high marking, sound judgment, accurate kicking, and skill really well. Bill Stephen (Fitzroy) and Alan Squire (St. Kilda) had a splendid understanding when supporting the full back — Bruce Morrison (Geelong), who proved to be not only a safe custodian, but also one who showed good judgment when disposing of the ball. The half-back line — Jack Hamilton (Collingwood), Lance Arnold (Melbourne), and Ted Jarrard (North Melbourne) — were sturdy and alert defenders who