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 1988 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 10, 1988 - No. 1 

Well, here we are the start of 1988. Firstly, the committee of the club would like to wish other clubs an injury free and successful season. Congratulations to Martin O'Donnell in his re-appointment of our 1st Grade coach. We are sure with a little more determination, which has already been shown on the training track and in the trials, we will be in the four come September.

Our 2nd Grade coach will be the never-ageing Shane Best. Besty will have an excellent year due to the numbers he has at training, even Roy Agresta 'Melbourne Football Club' has once again come out of retirement.

Brother Ted Havelock is back from an overseas stint and will be at the helm of the Under 18's. Ted has done exceptionally well with these boys, advancing to the Four last year, and with a little help from his friends (the Fox).

Today it's Coolamon, to be there you must win the early ones, so let's get behind the Swans and start the season right.  We would like to wish all the new players with the club a great year.

Before I get shot . . . let's welcome our netballers.  The girls, under Mrs. Maureen Dreyer and Annette, should have an enjoyable season. Who knows what this may lead to . . . a baby boom, which equals more footballers! Good Luck!  

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