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IN: Joe Box, Greg Collins (Wombats, Monaro FL), Dennis Dunn (Jerilderie), David Irvin (Barellan), Peter King (Manuka), Mick Murphy (Kyabram), Paul Nichols, Brian Rava, Ron Roe (Darwin), David Ross (Jerilderie), Roger Biron (Barellan).

OUT: Darren McGown (Coleambally), Michael Vaughan (Barellan); Dennis Dunn and David Ross (Darwin).

 SALTY'S NEW POSITION  - by Brian Files 

THE man that pulled Griffith Australian Football Club up by the bootlaces from the bottom of the ladder in the 1988 season to missing the finals by percentage this season (1989) has the chance to spread his expertise throughout the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) in 1990.
The New South Wales Australian Football League, through commissioner John Yates and Riverina development manager Tony Turner, will announce in Griffith today that Les Parish has been appointed as part-time development officer withe the NSWAFL for the next season.
Parish, who played nearly 100 VFL games and was this season's winner of the Quinn Medal for the best and fairest in the Riverina Football League, commences his duties in April and will continue to foster football on a full-time basis until the end of September.
"Parish is the perfect person for the role with his experience and understanding of the game and especially the knowledge of what is required to bring juniors through the grades to the hurly-burly of big time football," Turner said.  
"The area is too big for one man to do a successful job and with Parish looking after the western end of the Riverina it will make us available to more kids and hopefully lift the standard of the juniors," he added.
The NSWAFL has arranged transport for Parish through local Griffith firm Owen Toyota, who will supply him with a car for the six months.
Parish has spent a lot of his own time last season coaching in schools in the area as well as looking after the Griffith juniors, but said it was difficult to do well when he was virtually doing two part time jobs. 

"It is something that I always wanted to get involved with and I am glad that this opportunity has come up," said Parish. 

"Last year it was time consuming and was a hassle for my employers at the Griffith Hotel, who were very good to me in giving time off when I needed it, but it was hard trying to run virtually two part time positions.
"Last season I didn't do as much as I would have liked in the schools and hopefully this season each school in the area will be able to be visited more often," he added.
He went on to say that he would eventually like to get back into the AFL in some capacity in years to come as in his words ... "once you have been there - you miss it!"     (The Area News - November 24, 1989).


Round 1 - Sunday April 15, 1990 at Ariah Park Recreation Ground

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 7.7 .. 11.10 (76)

Griffith ........................ 2.6 .. 7.7 .. 10.13 .. 14.17 (101)

Goals: APM: R Simpson 3, J Gordon 2, J Bryce, I Gordon, T Greenham, R Harper, M Kidd, R Murray

Griffith: M O'Connor 5, W Bottcher 2, L Parish 2, D Collins, B Rava, D Scott, P Young, Unknown

Best: APM: J Gordon, R Simpson, B Gaynor, R Murray, I Gordon, S French

Griffith: D Scott, B Browne, L Parish, I Geddes, M O'Connor, D Collins

Griffith: Brendan Browne, Rick Burdett, Peter King*, Darrell Collins, Mark Tyndall, Martin O'Donnell, Ian Geddes, Les Parish (c-c), Wayne Bottcher, Gerard Toscan, Greg Dreyer, Damien Scott, Greg Collins, Tony Hicks, Ron Roe*, Joe Agresta, Mark O'Connor, Mick Murphy*, Paul Young, Brian Rava*

Umpires: M Maloney, A Casey (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 13.11 (89) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 9.10 (64)

Goals: T Bennett 2, D Taylor 2, J Vaccari 2, J Bennett, R Biron, R Irvin, R Kelly, A Pavese, R Rinaldo, S Wade

Round 2 - Sunday April 22, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ............................... 9.4 .. 9.7 .. 13.7 .. 17.8 (110)

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 4.2 .. 6.5 .. 7.9 .. 10.12 (72)

Goals: Griffith: M O'Connor 6, J Agresta 3, D Collins 3, L Parish 2, R Roe 2, W Bottcher

EWK: P Cohalan 2, T Gooden 2, J Dawson-Wink, C Horne, C McLaughlin, W Podmore, B Suckling, M Ziebell

Best: Griffith: D Collins, I Geddes, M O'Connor, J Agresta, G Toscan, P King

EWK: n/a

Griffith: B Browne, P King, J Wadley*, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, A Romagnolo, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, M Murphy, P Young, B Rava

Umpires: N Maraldo, B Smedley (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 20.26 (146) d East Wagga-Kooringal 3.6 (24)

Goals: Unknown 6, G Supple 5, M Agnew 3, B Corner 2, R Rinaldo 2, R Biron, R Frew

Under 18: Griffith d East Wagga-Kooringal

Goals: C Files 6, A Pavese 3, J Vaccari 2, T Butcher


Round 3 - Sunday April 29, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ................ 1.2 .. 1.4 .. 5.7 .. 9.9 (63)

Wagga Tigers .... 2.5 .. 6.11 .. 10.14 .. 11.17 (83)

Goals: Griffith: L Parish 3, J Agresta, G Collins, M Murphy, A Romagnolo, G Toscan, J Wadley

Wagga: G Pieper 3, M Colvin 2, R Durnan 2, D Whitney 2, J Brennan, J Morton

Best: Griffith: W Bottcher, D Scott, I Geddes, J Agresta, D Collins, M O'Donnell

Wagga: M Gilmore, D Boack, R Durnan, J Dore, D Whitney, J Morton

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, J Agresta, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Murphy, J Wadley, P Young

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 16.16 (112) d Griffith 10.6 (66)

Goals: R Frew 2, R Rinaldo 2, D Taylor 2, J Barry, R Harrington, P McDiarmid, G Supple

Reports: Roger Biron (Griffith) for allegedly using abusive language towards umpire

Under 18: Griffith 18.11 (119) d Wagga Tigers 2.2 (14)

Goals: A Pavese 8, C Files 3, B Hammond 3, T Butcher 2, E Knight, S Wall


VCFL Vic Health Championship Div 2 - Saturday May 5, 1990 at Narrandera Sportsground

Riverina FL .......... 3.4 .. 14.7 .. 22.12 .. 28.16 (184)

West Gippsland ... 5.3 .. 6.4 .. 7.8 .. 9.12 (66)

Goals: Riverina: Warren Sykes 9, Bryan Buchanan 5, Russell Durnan 4, Mark Carroll 3, Barry Suckling 2, Jamie Thomas, Stephen Woods, Joe Agresta, Jason Morton, Ian Bloomfield

West Gippsland: M Dillon 4, D Kernot, G Nooy, M Payne, R Weightman, B Paynter

Best: Riverina: Mark Carroll, Warren Sykes, John Dore, John Lawton, Bryan Buchanan, Jason Morton

West Gippsland: R Gray, N Collins, R Weightman, M Dillon, D Kernot, M Payne

Umpires: R Bartholomew (AUL), W Barnes (Gippsland UL) )

Assumption College 13.9 (87) d RFL Under 19's 12.9 (81)

Under 18: Griffith 16.12 (108) d Narandera 3.2 (20)

Round 4 - Sunday May 6, 1990 at Kindra Park

Coolamon ..... 7.1 .. 11.5 .. 19.6 .. 19.8 (122)

Griffith .......... 6.2 .. 8.6 .. 12.12 .. 20.16 (136)

Goals: Coolamon: B Buchanan 6, K Hanna 6, M Perryman 3, B Allen, F Kennedy, G McKelvie, P Sutton

Griffith: R Roe 5, L Parish 3, J Agresta 2, M O'Connor 2, G Toscan 2, D Collins, G Collins, P King, M Murphy, B Rava, A Romagnolo

Best: Coolamon: F Kennedy, A Pattison, K Hanna, J Earle, B Buchanan, P Sutton

Griffith: I Geddes, G Collins, M O'Donnell, L Parish, M Murphy, G Toscan

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: R Sangster, P Morey (AUL)

Reserves: Coolamon 16.11 (107) d Griffith 11.8 (74)

Goals: M Catanzariti 2, R Owen 2, R Rinaldo 2, L Brown, R Muir, G Supple, D Taylor, G Waters

Under 18: Griffith 18.14 (122) d Coolamon 2.3 (15)

Goals: B Hammond 3, J Norris 3, D Virago 3, T Butcher 2, P Dixon-Flint 2, A Pavese 2, J Vaccari 2, C Files

Round 5 - Sunday May 13, 1990 at Leeton Showground

Leeton ...... 3.1 .. 8.7 .. 13.10 .. 17.12 (114)

Griffith ..... 4.2 .. 5.4 .. 6.8 .. 9.10 (64)

Goals: Leeton: P Stretton 6, R Maybon 3, L Lucas 2, L Anderson, D Irvine, P O'Connell, J Ryan, A Solway, M Travers

Griffith: B Rava 2, A Romagnolo 2, G Toscan 2, G Collins, M Murphy, M O'Connor

Best: Leeton: S McMahon, T Lyons, J Ryan, L Anderson, B Vilcins, H McRae

Griffith: I Geddes, M Murphy, G Collins, L Parish, B Browne, M O'Connor

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Murphy, C Files*, J Wadley, P Young

Umpires: M Maloney, N Maraldo (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 10.17 (77) d Leeton 10.12 (72)

Goals: M Agnew 3, G Supple 3, P McDiarmid 2, J Barry, R Frew,

Under 18: Leeton 6.8 (44) d Griffith 5.9 (39)

Goals: J Norris 2, T Butcher, B Hammond, A Pavese

N.S.W. State Championship Qlf Rd - Saturday May 19, 1990 at Football Park, Canberra

Riverina FL ... 6.6 .. 16.11 .. 20.18 .. 25.19 (169)

Farrer FL ...... 1.1 .. 3.3 .. 4.5 .. 9.8 (62)

Goals: Riverina: Paul Stretton 6, Mark Carroll 5, John Lawton 3, Barry Suckling 3, Steve McMahon 2, Warren Sykes 2, Greg McKelvie 2, Brenton Vilcins, Les Parish

Farrer: Mark Hofert 3, Dick Carey 2, J Cashman, J Quilter, David Currie, Nathon Irvin

Best: Riverina: Les Parish, Jed Lawton, Barry Suckling, Ian Bloomfield, Paul Stretton, Steve McMahon

Farrer: Richie Robinson, Stephen Cole, Chris Bevan, Mark Hofert, Danny Malone, Wayne Skeers

Umpires: A Malcolm (ACT), S Arnott (Sydney)

ACT FL 25.19 (139) d Sydney FL 14.19 (103)


N.S.W. State Championship Final - Sunday May 20, 1990 at Football Park, Canberra

Riverina FL ... 6.5 .. 10.8 .. 17.16 .. 22.21 (153)

ACT FL ......... 0.2 .. 7.4 .. 8.5 .. 13.10 (88)

Goals: Riverina: Paul Stretton 5, Gerard Pieper 4, Warren Sykes 4, Michael Walsh 2, Barry Suckling 2, Mark Carroll 2, Brenton Vilcins, Jason Morton, Joe Agresta

ACT: Tony Wynd 3, S Cornish 3, Alan Mapleson 2, D Daniel, James Hird, B Wharton, G Cannon, J Mohrwinkel

Best: Riverina: Warren Sykes, Les Parish, Jamie Thomas, Paul Stretton, Barry Suckling, Grahame Doswell, Joe Agresta

ACT: Tony Wynd, B Aulich, James Hird, B Denton, S Cornish, D Daniel

Umpires: Ken Wright (AUL), A Malcolm (ACT)

Play-off for 3rd/4th

Sydney FL 12.13 (85) d Farrer FL 11.10 (76)

Player of Series: Les Parish (Riverina)

Vic Health VCFL Championship Div 2 - Saturday May 26, 1990 at Chelsea

MP-Nepean FL ... 7.3 .. 9.8 .. 22.8 .. 15.10 (100)

Riverina FL ......... 6.1 .. 13.3 .. 18.9 .. 23.13 (151)

Goals: MP/NFL: R Whitfield 5, T Shannon 2, C Gwynne 2, A Shannon, K Sole, L Oats, M Ritchie, L Gage, B Long

Riverina: Warren Sykes 7, Les Parish 3, Paul Stretton 3, Barry Suckling 2, Brenton Vilcins 2, Mark Carroll 2, Michael Walsh 2, Jason Morton, Greg McKelvie

Best: MP/NFL: A Woinarski, T Shannon, K Sole, C Gwynne, A Shannon, J Bruin

Riverina: Barry Suckling, Jason Morton, Steve McMahon, Graham Doswell, Wayne Brown, Warren Sykes

Umpires: G Stoward (Southern Umpires Association), R Bartholomew (Albury Umpires League).

Round 6 - Sunday May 27, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ................. 5.5 .. 9.8 .. 13.16 .. 17.17 (119)

Ganmain-GGM ... 2.1 .. 8.2 .. 11.6 .. 14.9 (93)

Goals: Griffith: R Roe 3, G Toscan 3, J Agresta 2, D Collins 2, A Romagnolo 2, G Supple 2, L Parish, D Scott, J Wadley

GGGM: A Corbett 2, G James 2, R O'Reilly 2, M Rava 2, D Carroll, S Carroll, T Cox, David Harris, S Lenon, M Piper

Best: Griffith: G Collins, G Toscan, L Parish, D Scott, D Collins, R Roe

GGGM: John Lawton, M Walsh, S Lenon, P Howard, T Ryan, Jed Lawton

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, M Murphy, G Supple*, J Wadley

Umpires: M Maloney, S Paul (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 23.10 (148) d Ganmain-GGM 6.4 (40)

Goals: J Barry 5, B Rava 5, A Hicks 3, R Owen 3, M Wilson 3, P McDiarmid 2, R Frew, S Watson

Under 18: Griffith 10.6 (66) d Ganmain-GGM 6.4 (40)

Goals: J Norris 5, D Virago 3, T Butcher, P Dixon-Flint


Round 7 - Sunday June 3, 1990

Griffith, bye

Round 8 - Sunday June 10, 1990 at Narrandera Sportsground

Narrandera .... 1.4 .. 3.6 .. 5.10 .. 8.13 (61)

Griffith ............ 9.1 .. 18.5 .. 24.11 .. 29.15 (189)

Narrandera: R Hardy 2, L Casey, W Dunne, W Hickenbotham, M Hopwood, K Mullholland, M Patterson

Goals: Griffith: L Parish 6, D Collins 5, P King 4, R Owen 4, M O'Conor 3, G Toscan 3, R Roe 2, J Agresta, J Wadley

Narrandera: W Dunne, M Quilter, M Hopwood, I Bloomfield, L Casey

Best: Griffith: P King, G Toscan, R Owen, L Parish, R Burdett, D Collins

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, A Hicks, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: R Beckett, A Malcolm (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 12.16 (88) d Narrandera 9.6 (60)

Goals: P McDiarmid 4, J Barry 2, P Young 2, G Dreyer, R Irvin, B Rava, D Taylor

Under 18: Griffith 10.14 (74) d Narrandera 5.3 (33)

Goals: J Norris 5, P Dixon-Flint 2, C Files, J Vaccari, D Virago

Round 9 - Sunday June 17, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ............. 5.2 .. 7.5 .. 15.11 .. 21.14 (140)

Turvey Park .... 3.5 .. 7.6 .. 8.7 .. 10.8 (68)

Goals: Griffith: R Owen 5, L Parish 4, B Rava 2, A Romagnolo 2, D Scott 2, G Toscan 2, W Bottcher, D Collins, A Hicks, M O'Connor

Turvey Park: W Carroll 2, J Forbes 2, S Woods 2, K Howe, D Lewington, G Nichols, W Sykes

Best: Griffith: G Toscan, D Scott, M Murphy, P King, W Bottcher, J Agresta

Turvey Park: J Knight, S Eather, I Hawke, T Ness, J Masterson, S Bourne

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, A Hicks, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, B Rava, D Prest, M Murphy

Umpires: P Andriske, P Brewer (AUL)

Reserves: Turvey Park 8.15 (63) d Griffith 4.3 (27)

Goals: P McDiarmid 2, R Berton, G Waters

Under 18: Griffith 8.7 (55) d Turvey Park 3.5 (23)

Goals: J Vaccari 3, C Files, B Hammond, J Norris, A Pavese, P Woolnough


Round 10 - Sunday June 24, 1990 at Ariah Park Recreation Ground

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 2.1 .. 5.3 .. 8.9 .. 14.11 (95)

Griffith ........................ 8.3 .. 13.5 .. 17.11 .. 22.11 (143)

Goals: APM: M Kidd 4, A Bell 3, R Harper 3, T Haddrill 2, P Breust, R Simpson

Griffith: A Romagnolo 9, J Bennett 2, M O'Connor 2, R Owen 2, L Parish 2, D Prest 2, D Collins, A Hicks, D Scott

Best: APM: I Gordon, I Bell, G Bell, M Kidd, P Breust, T Greenham

Griffith: A Hicks, A Romagnolo, D Scott, G Toscan, R Owen, L Parish

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, A Hicks, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, M Murphy, J Bennett, J Wadley, M Agnew

Umpires: M Maloney, P Morey (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 13.6 (84) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 9.7 (61)

Goals: P McDiarmid 4, G Waters 2, S Watson 2, G Ceccato, P Kenny, J Reid, J Vaccari, Unknown


Round 11 - Saturday June 30, 1990 at Gumly Oval

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 1.1 .. 6.3 .. 7.4 .. 9.4 (58)

Griffith ............................... 6.2 .. 10.6 .. 17.12 .. 21.14 (140)

Goals: EWK: L Gillard 2, G Suckling 2, W Brown, R Collins, J Dawson-Wink, A Dore, J Gollasch

Griffith: R Roe 5, A Romagnolo 5, L Parish 4, J Agresta 2, J Wadley 2, M O'Connor, R Owen, D Scott

Best: EWK: B Suckling, W Podmore, P Cohalan, L Gillard, J Ross, J Gollasch

Griffith: L Parish, G Toscan, J Wadley, D Scott, R Burdett, R Roe

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, M Murphy, J Wadley, M Agnew

Umpires: M Hogan, S Paul (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 14.17 (101) d East Wagga-Kooringal 8.7 (55)

Goals: P McDiarmid 5, M Owen 4, R Irvin 3, R Rinaldo, S Wade

Under 18: Griffith 8.11 (59) d East Wagga-Kooringal 8.4 (52)

Goals: n/a


Round 12 - Sunday July 8, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ......... 1.7 .. 3.12 .. 7.15 .. 11.19 (85)

Coolamon .... 1.2 .. 4.7 .. 7.9 .. 8.11 (59)

Goals: Griffith: M O'Connor 4, D Collins 2, R Roe 2, J Agresta, A Romagnolo, G Toscan

Coolamon: B Buchanan 2, D Gillett 2, D Breust 2, G McKelvie, P Sutton, J Thomas

Best: Griffith: D Scott, G Toscan, R Burdett, D Colins, M Murphy, W Bottcher

Coolamon: D Gillett, A Pattison, J Bannister, D Breust, K Hanna, M Buchanan

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, J Bennett, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: K Wright, A Casey (AUL)

Reports: Darren Prest for allegedly striking Keith Hanna (Coolamon) with a fist to the face in the third quarter

Reserves: Coolamon 18.9 (117) d Griffith 6.6 (42)

Goals: D Dunn 3, J Barry, P McDiarmid, P McGrath,

Under 18: Griffith 13.13 (91) d Coolamon 4.7 (31)

Goals: T Payne 6, P Dixon-Flint 3, T Butcher, C Haggarty, J Vaccari, R Whittaker


Vic Health VCFL Championship Div 2 Final - Sunday July 15, 1990 at Donald Sports Centre

North Central FL ... 6.3 .. 9.5 .. 13.10 .. 17.13 (115)

Riverina FL ........... 3.4 .. 9.8 .. 17.12 .. 24.16 (160)

Goals: North Central: David Hando 8, Gerald Bibby 4, Vince Foott, Tony Holt, Eddie McNicol, Frank Costello, Brendan Lehmann

Riverina: Brenton Vilcins 7, Warren Sykes 6, Barry Suckling 3, Royce Simpson 3, Jamie Thomas 2, Ian Bloomfield 2, Paul Stretton

Best: North Central: David Hando, Glenn Scanlan, Greg Daniels, Vince Foott, Brendan Lehman, Kim Crothers

Riverina: Brenton Vilcins, John Dore, Ged Lawton, Barry Suckling, Russell Durnan, Warren Sykes, Steve McMahon

North Central FL: Brendan Lehmann, Kim Crothers, Eddie McNichol, Tony Holt, Ashley Bennett, Barry McKenzie, Glenn Westerland, Andrew May, Vince Foott, Scott Hulland, Ashley Byrne, Glenn Scanlan, Owen Lehmann, Greg Daniels, Garry Young, Chris Wall, David Hando (capt), Gerald Bibby, Andrew Perry, Frank Corsello

Riverina FL: Neil Pleming, Graham Doswell, John Dore; Wayne Brown, Jed Lawton, Russel Durnan; Ian Bloomfield, Jamie Thomas, Joe Agresta; Michael Walsh, Brenton Vilcins, Jason Morton; Mark Carroll, Paul Stretton, Warren Sykes; Steve McMahon, Gerald Pieper, Barry Suckling; Royce Simpson, Mick Hopwood

League Coaches: Darren Wood (North Central), Les Parish (Riverina)

Umpires: Tony Finn (Sunraysia), Glenn Nolan (Mid-Murray)


Round 13 - Sunday July 22, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ..... 5.1 .. 9.7 .. 9.13 .. 15.16 (106)

Leeton ...... 3.2 .. 3.4 .. 7.6 .. 10.7 (67)

Goals: Griffith: D Dunn 4, J Agresta 2, W Bottcher 2, M O'Connor 2, R Roe 2, G Collins, P King, G Toscan

Leeton: B Vilcins 5, L Lucas, H McRae, D Meline, R Maybon, J Ryan

Best: Griffith: G Toscan, J Agresta, A Romagnolo, M O'Connor, M Murphy, J Wadley

Leeton: B Vilcins, J Ryan, H McRae, T Lyons, D Meline, M Dalitz

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, G Collins, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, J Bennett, M Murphy, D Dunn*, J Wadley

Umpires: B Smedley, N Maraldo (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 12.10 (82) d Leeton 6.11 (47)

Goals: M Catanzariti 4, M Cameron 2, P McDiarmid 2, W Spencer 2, R Berton, P McGrath,

Under 18: Griffith 17.7 (109) d Leeton 3.3 (21)

Goals: D Virago 3, T Butcher 2, B Hammond 2, M Owen 2, A Pavese 2, T Payne 2, R Kelly, J Norris, G Owen, J Vaccari


Round 14 - Sunday July 29, 1990 at Ganmain Sportsground

Ganmain-GGM ... 1.4 .. 5.10 .. 10.17 .. 12.21 (93)

Griffith ................. 1.6 .. 6.8 .. 8.9 .. 13.14 (92)

Goals: GGGM: G James 5, A Corbett 2, S Carroll, T Cox, S Hamblin, S Lenon, T Lenon

Griffith: G Toscan 4, D Collins 2, R Owen 2, J Agresta, J Bennett, G Collins, M O'Connor, J Wadley

Best: GGGM: S Carroll, M Steele, M Walsh, G James, D Logan, S Lenon

Griffith: J Wadley, G Toscan, J Agresta, W Bottcher, M Murphy, P King

Griffith: J Box, R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, J Agresta, M O'Connor, D Prest, J Bennett, M Murphy, J Wadley, M Owen*

Umpires: J Dundas, J Ryan (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith d Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong

Goals: B Rava 4, P McDiarmid 3, B Corner 2, P McGrath 2, Unknown 2, G Dreyer, W Spencer

Under 18: Griffith d Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong

Goals: B Hammond 5, T Payne 5, J Norris 2, T Butcher


Round 15 - Sunday August 5, 1990

Griffith, bye

Round 16 - Sunday August 12, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ............ 3.4 .. 11.8 .. 12.10 .. 19.15 (129)

Narrandera ... 1.3 .. 2.3 .. 4.4 .. 9.6 (60)

Goals: Griffith: R Roe 5, G Collins 4, W Bottcher 2, M O'Connor 2, G Toscan 2, J Box, P King, D Prest, B Rava

Narrandera: I Bloomfield 6, L Casey 2, S Rose

Best: Griffith: R Roe, J Wadley, G Toscan, G Collins, R Owen, M Murphy

Narrandera: B Mitchell, W Dunne, I Bloomfield, G Flynn, P Thornton, L Casey

Griffith: J Box, R Burdett, P King, D Collins, P McGrath, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, B Rava, D Prest, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: R Bartholomew, D Hudson (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 16.13 (109) v Narrandera 3.6 (24)

Goals: D Alpen 4, A Hicks 4, R Rinaldo 2, D Taylor 2, M Tyndall 2, G Supple, G Waters

Under 18: Griffith 10.18 (78) d Narrandera 5.5 (35)

Goals: M Owen 3, T Butcher 2, J Norris 2, T Payne 2, J Vaccari


Round 17 - Sunday August 19, 1990 at Maher Oval

Turvey Park ... 4.3 .. 8.4 .. 13.7 .. 19.9 (123)

Griffith ............ 1.2 .. 2.7 .. 5.7 .. 6.8 (44)

Goals: Turvey Park: J Knight 4, M Flanigan 3, G Nichols 3, D Lewington 2, S Woods 2, V Carroll, W Carroll, M Cunningham, I Hawke, W Sykes

Griffith: J Wadley 2, D Collins, A Hicks, R Roe, G Toscan

Best: Turvey Park: W Sykes, G Vardanega, T Ness, M Cunningham, V Carroll, D Lewington

Griffith: J Wadley, D Collins, M Murphy, R Burdett, I Geddes, R Roe

Griffith: J Box, R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, G Collins, A Hicks, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, M O'Connor, B Rava, D Prest, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: W Moriarty, R Sangster (AUL)

Reserves: Turvey Park 14.15 (99) d Griffith 7.4 (46)

Goals: D Alpen 2, M Catanzariti 2, J Barry, P McDiarmid, R Rinaldo

Under 18: Griffith 10.8 (68) d Turvey Park 8.12 (60)

Goals: J Norris 3, T Butcher 2, P Dixon-Flint, C Files, C Haggarty, A Pavese, T Payne


Round 18 - Saturday August 25, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ................................ 1.4 .. 6.12 .. 8.13 .. 13.18 (96)

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 3.0 .. 5.4 .. 9.3 .. 11.4 (70)

Goals: Griffith: L Parish 6, R Roe 3, M Catanzariti, D Collins, G Collins, J Wadley

EWK: M Ziebell 3, G Darcy 2, P Sculley 2, W Brown, P Cohalan, J Gollasch, J Nicholls

Best: Griffith: M Murphy, R Roe, R Owen, L Parish, I Geddes, M O'Donnell

EWK: P Cohalan, P Sculley, B Suckling, G DeVies, W Brown, L Gillard

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, G Collins, A Hicks, B Browne, R Owen, R Roe, M O'Connor, M Catanzariti*, D Prest, M Murphy, J Wadley, P Young

Umpires: M Maloney, R Wright (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 18.22 (130) d East Wagga-Kooringal 2.3 (15)

Goals: D Alpen 7, B Rava 3, P McGrath 2, D Taylor 2, R Frew, R Knox, P McDiarmid, Unknown

Under 18: Griffith 16.17 (113) d East Wagga-Kooringal 2.4 (16)

Goals: J Norris 6, T Butcher 3, T Payne 3, R Kelly, A Pavese 2, D Virago


Round 19 - Sunday September 2, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith .......................... 4.3 .. 7.3 .. 10.7 .. 16.13 (109)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ..... 3.5 .. 7.8 .. 7.14 .. 10.16 (76)

Goals: Griffith: R Roe 7, A Hicks 3, P King 2, L Parish 2, D Collins, P Young

APM: R Harper 3, G O'Brien 3, D Dunstan, I Gordon, T Greenham, T Haddrill

Best: Griffith: D Collins, A Hicks, M O'Donnell, W Bottcher, I Geddes, R Roe

APM: T Greenham, I Gordon, G Bell, S French, T Haddrill, J Gordon

Griffith: J Box, R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, A Hicks, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, M O'Connor, M Catanzariti, M Murphy, J Wadley, P Young

Umpires: Lindsay Hughes, Jeff Ryan (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 20.12 (132) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 3.7 (25)

Goals: R Irvin 4, P McDiarmid 3, R Rinaldo 2, D Taylor 2, M Tyndall 2, G Waters 2, M Agnew, B Corner, P McGrath, S Wade, Unknown


Round 20 - Saturday September 8, 1990 at Robertson Oval

Wagga Tigers ..... 5.2 .. 13.6 .. 22.12 .. 29.16 (190)

Griffith ................. 2.2 .. 4.3 .. 5.6 .. 10.8 (68)

Goals: Wagga: R Colvin 10, R Durnan 3, L McDermott 3, M Gooden 3, D Brown 2, M Gilmore 2, G McCoullough 2, M Barber, G Pieper, M Hull, T Levine

Griffith: L Parish 6, R Roe 2, G Collins

Best: Wagga: M Gooden, G Pieper, R Willis, R Durnan, M Gilmore, R Colvin, D Brown

Griffith: M Murphy, J Wadley, L Parish, A Hicks, G Toscan, B Rava

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, D Scott, G Collins, A Hicks, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Owen, R Roe, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Catanzariti, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: R Bartholomew, R Beckett (AUL)

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 27.9 (171) d Griffith 3.4 (22)

Goals: n/a

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 10.5 (65) d Griffith 9.9 (63)

Goals: J Norris 3, M Cox, P Dixon-Flint, R Kelly, G Owen

1990 RFL NETBALL Ladders

A grade: East Wagga-Kooringal 60, Narrandera 60, Wagga Tigers 52, Turvey Park 36; Leeton 30, Coolamon 30, Ariah Park-Mirrool 24, Ganmain-GGM 16, Griffith 6.

B grade: Leeton 56, Narrandera 56, East Wagga-Kooringal 52, Ganmain-GGM 36; Wagga Tigers 24, Turvey Park 20, Coolamon 8, Ariah Park-Mirrool 4.

First Semi Final - Saturday September 15, 1990 at Narrandera Sportsground

Griffith ............... 2.2 .. 2.6 .. 4.10 .. 7.12 (54)

Wagga Tigers ... 6.0 .. 9.3 .. 20.7 .. 22.14 (146)

Goals: Griffith: Mark O'Connor 2, Wayne Bottcher, Darrell Collins, Greg Collins, Tony Hicks, Darren Prest

Wagga: Russell Durnan 3, Mark Gooden 3, Michael Walker 3, Murray Barber 2, Jim Brennan 2, Ray Colvin 2, Ray Willis 2, David Brown, Mark Hull, Gordon McCoullough, Jason Morton, Gerard Pieper

Best: Griffith: Rick Burdett, Gerard Toscan, Jason Wadley, Peter King, Darrell Collins

Wagga: Gerald Pieper, Jason Morton, Murray Barber, Jim Brennan, Russell Durnan, Anthony Lyons

Griffith: Les Parish (c-c), Rick Burdett, Peter King, Darrell Collins, Mark Tyndall, Martin O'Donnell, Ian Geddes, Wayne Bottcher, Gerard Toscan, Greg Collins, Tony Hicks, Brendan Browne, Andrew Romagnolo, Mark O'Connor, Brian Rava, Darren Prest, Mick Murphy, Tony Butcher*, Jason Wadley, Paul Young

Umpires: B Smedley, D Rees (AUL).   Gate: $3484

Reserves: Coolamon 18.13 (121) d Griffith 13.13 (91)

Goals: Griffith: David Alpen 3, Jamie Bennett 3, Joe Box 2, Michael Catanzariti, Greg Dreyer, Peter McGrath, Roy Rinaldo, Scott Wade

Best: Griffith: Jamie Bennett, Joe Box, David Alpen, Justin Barry, Michael Catanzariti

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 13.11 (89) d Leeton 1.11 (17)


Second Semi Final - Sunday September 16, 1990 at Robertson Oval

Turvey Park ... 2.3 .. 9.6 .. 11.7 .. 18.11 (119)

Coolamon ...... 4.3 .. 7.5 .. 12.9 .. 15.11 (101)

Goals: Turvey Park: Jason Knight 4, Michael Flanigan 3, Greg Nichols 3, Warren Sykes 3, Stephen Woods, Mark Cunningham, Ian Hawke, Dale Lewington, Wayne Carroll

Coolamon: Max Perryman 4, Bryan Buchanan 3, Daryl Bruest 2, Brendan Gibbons, Michael Buchanan, Brett Allen, Frank Kennedy, Pat Courtney, Brian Pleming

Best: Turvey Park: Dale Lewington, Glenn Vardanega, Michael Flanigan, Greg Nichols, Warren Sykes, Vin Carroll, Jeremy Masterson

Coolamon: David Gillett, Max Perryman, John Earle, Jamie Thomas, Brett Allen, Ian Buchanan

Umpires: Rob Bartholomew,  Wayne Moriarty.   Gate: $6050

Reserves: Turvey Park 15.13 (103) d Wagga Tigers 8.10 (58)

Under 18: Turvey Park 11.8 (74) d Griffith 8.5 (53)

Goals: Griffith: Phillip Dixon-Flint 2, Christian Files 2, Chris Haggarty 2, Gavin Owen, Jason Vaccari

Best: Griffith: Dean Owen, Christian Files, Tony Butcher, Chris Haggarty, Robert Kelly


Preliminary Final - Sunday September 23, 1990 at Narrandera Sportsground

Coolamon .......... 1.1 .. 5.4 .. 7.8 .. 12.12 (84)

Wagga Tigers ... 4.7 .. 6.9 .. 12.15 .. 16.21 (117)

Goals: Coolamon: Max Perryman 4, Michael Buchanan 2, Brendan Gibbons 2, David Gillett 2, Daryl Breust, Greg McKelvie

Wagga: Mark Gooden 4, Gerald Pieper 3, Jim Brennan 2, Ray Colvin 2, Gordon McCoullough 2, David Brown, Russell Durnan, Ray Willis

Best: Coolamon: Brett Allen, David Gillett, Greg McKelvie, Michael Buchanan, Max Perryman

Wagga: Gerald Pieper, Michael Gilmore, Neil Lane, Mark Gooden, Mark Hull, John Dore

Umpires: Adrian Casey,  Paul Saville (AUL). Gate: $5080

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 9.18 (72) d Coolamon 10.6 (66)

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 15.14 (104) d Griffith 10.9 (69)

Goals: Griffith: Brad Hammond 3, Travis Payne 2, Tony Butcher 2, Darrin Virago, Adrian Pavese, Phillip Dixon-Flint

Best: Griffith: Mathew Cox, Christian Files, Travis Payne, Tony Butcher, Dean Owen


Grand Final - Sunday September 30, 1990 at Narrandera Sportsground

Turvey Park ....... 3.5 .. 4.6 .. 10.13 .. 14.21 (105)

Wagga Tigers ... 4.1 .. 10.3 .. 12.4 .. 13.6 (84)

Goals: Turvey Park: Warren Sykes 6, Greg Nichols 2, Mark Cunningham, Wayne Carroll, Michael Flanigan, Stephen Woods, Mark Fraser, Glenn Vardanega

Wagga: Gordon McCoullough 3, David Brown 2, Lyle McDermott 2, Ray Colvin 2, Mark Gooden, John Schultz, Michael Walker, Ray Willis

Best: Turvey Park: Mark Cunningham, Warren Sykes, Wayne Carroll, Ian Hawke, Stephen Woods, Gary Sheppard, Stephen Eather, Mark Fraser, Greg Nichols, Dale Lewington

Wagga: John Dore, Ray Willis, Gerald Pieper, Grahame Doswell, Russell Durnan, David Brown, Gordon McCoullough, Michael Gilmore, Murray Barber

Turvey Park: Vin Carroll, Troy Ashcroft, Gary Sheppard; Jeremy Masterson, Stephen Eather, Mark Fraser; Mark Cunningham, Glenn Vardanega, Terry Ness; Wayne Carroll (c-c), Greg Nichols, Dale Lewington; Michael Flanigan, Jason Knight, Peter Gyles; Ken Howe, Warren Sykes, Ian Hawke; Steven Collins, Stephen Woods

Wagga Tigers: Doug Boack, Grahame Doswell, Neil Lane; David Brown, John Dore, John Schultz; Anthony Lyons, Jason Morton, Ray Willis; Michael Gilmore, Mark Hull, Russell Durnan (c-c); Mark Gooden, Michael Walker, Ray Colvin; Gordon McCoullough, Gerald Pieper, Murray Barber; Jim Brennan, Lyle McDermott

Umpires: Mark Phillips (Albury UL),  Tom Gladstone (Wangaratta UA).  Gate: $9500

Reports: D Boack (Wagga) by field umpire T Gladstone for allegedly striking S Woods (Turvey Park) in the first quarter.

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 19.6 (120) d Turvey Park 14.21 (105)

Umpires: Robin Beckett, Peter Andriske (AUL)  

Under 18: Turvey Park 12.14 (86) d Wagga Tigers 9.7 (61)

Umpires: Ian Beddows, John Martin (AUL).

Netball: A grade: East Wagga-Kooringal v Wagga Tigers; B grade: Leeton v East Wagga-Kooringal.



Seniors: Best & Fairest - Jim Quinn Medal

25 - Neil Pleming (Coolamon); 20 - Barry Suckling (East Wagga-Kooringal); 17 - Steve McMahon (Leeton), Warren Sykes (Turvey Park); 16 - Dale Lewington (Turvey Park); 15 - Laurie Casey (Narrandera); 13 - Les Parish (Griffith); 11 - Gerald Pieper (Wagga Tigers); 10 - Jamie Gordon (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Wayne Brown (East Wagga-Kooringal), Phil Cohalan (East Wagga-Kooringal), 9 - Jed Lawton (Ganmain-GGM), Glen Robson (Leeton); 8 - Brian Gaynor (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Mark Fraser, Jason Knight (Turvey Park), Michael Gilmore (Wagga Tigers); 7 - Mark Kidd (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Greg McKelvie, Jamie Thomas (Coolamon), Dennis Walsh (Ganmain-GGM), Darrell Collins, Gerard Toscan (Griffith), James Ryan (Leeton), Ian Bloomfield (Narrandera), John Schultz (Wagga Tigers); 6 - Robbie Harper (Ariah Park-Mirrool), David Brown, Russell Durnan, Mark Hull (Wagga Tigers); 5 - Frank Kennedy, Andrew Pattison (Coolamon), Glen James, Michael Walsh (Ganmain-GGM), Ian Geddes, Peter King (Griffith), David Meline (Leeton), Wayne Carroll, Terry Ness (Turvey Park); 4 - Stephen French, Terry Greenham (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Keith Hanna (Coolamon), Mark Carroll, Michael Steele (Ganmain-GGM), Brenton Vilcins (Leeton); 3 - Ron Murray, Royce Simpson (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Brett Allen, Peter Courtney, John Earle, David Gillett (Coolamon), Stephen Carroll, Andrew Corbett, Jamie Crozier, David Harris, Dean Walters (Ganmain-GGM), Tony Hicks, Mick Murphy (Griffith), Paul Stretton (Leeton), Joe Hopwood (Narrandera), Mark Cunningham, Stephen Eather, Michael Flanigan, Stephen Woods (Turvey Park), Clay Barber, Ray Colvin, Grahame Doswell, Jason Morton (Wagga Tigers); 2 - Ian Gordon (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Max Perryman (Coolamon), David Logan (Ganmain-GGM), Joe Agresta, Ron Roe, Damien Scott (Griffith), Anthony Wakeman (Leeton), Greg Fortis, Michael Hopwood, Kelvin Mulholland (Narrandera),Vin Carroll (Turvey Park), Neil Lane, Gordon McCoullough, Michael Walker (Wagga Tigers); 1 - Glen Bell, Terry Haddrill (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Brendan Gibbons (Coolamon), Trevor Cox, John Lawton (Ganmain-GGM), Robbie Owen, Darren Prest (Griffith), Greg Nichols (Turvey Park), Murray Barber, David Whitney (Wagga Tigers).

Reserves - Lanham Trophy

18 - Phillip Cox (Wagga Tigers); 12 - Ray Carroll (Wagga Tigers); 11 - Garry Kew (Coolamon); 9 - Jamie Crozier, Shane Lenon (Ganmain-GGM), Craig Howe (Leeton), Tim Goonan (Turvey Park). Griffith players to receive votes were: 8 - David Taylor; 6 - Tony Hicks, Scott Wade; 4 - Joe Box, Greg Dreyer; 3 - David Alpen, Justin Barry, Jamie Bennett, Michael Catanzariti, Brian Corner, Roy Rinaldo; 2 - Greg Collins, Russell Frew, Mark Owen; 1 - Peter McGrath, Mark Tyndall, Jason Wadley, Paul Young.

Under 18 - Petts Trophy

14 - Troy Lenon (Ganmain-GGM) & Dean Owen (Griffith); 13 - James Drum (Wagga Tigers); 11 - Andrew Lewis (Coolamon); 10 - Tony Butcher (Griffith); 9 - David McLachlan (East Wagga-Kooringal), Peter Bloomfield (Narrandera), Steven Leddin (Turvey Park), Paul Hull (Wagga Tigers). Other Griffith players to receive votes were: 7 - Robert Kelly; 6 - Edward Knight, Travis Payne; 4 - Mathew Cox; 3 - Scott Young; 2 - Justin Barry, Christian Files, Mark Owen, Derrin Virago, Paul Woolnough.


Seniors: Top Goalkickers (h/a) - Kiesling Trophy

70 - Michael Walker (Wagga Tigers); 60 - Paul Stretton (Leeton; 59 - Ray Colvin (Wagga Tigers); 52 - Max Perryman (Coolamon); 51 - Warren Sykes (Turvey Park), 41 - Glen James (Ganmain-GGM), Les Parish (Griffith); 40 - Ian Gordon (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Bryan Buchanan (Coolamon), Ron Roe (Griffith); 38 - Stephen Woods (Turvey Park); 35 - Keith Hanna (Coolamon); 31 - Jamie Thomas (Coolamon); 30 - Greg McKelvie (Coolamon), Andrew Corbett (Ganmain-GGM), Mark O'Connor (Griffith), Wayne Carroll (Turvey Park); 29 - Mark Cunningham (Turvey Park); 28 - Greg Nichols (Turvey Park); 27 - Pat Sutton Coolamon), Brenton Vilcins (Leeton).

Reserves - Griggs Trophy

116 - Ray Carroll (Wagga Tigers); 76 - Peter Tipping (Coolamon); 44 - Mark Meek (Turvey Park); 38 - Mick Piper (Ganmain-GGM); 37 - Steven Marks (Turvey Park); 31 - Peter McDiarmid (Griffith).

Under 18 -Dalco Trophy

83 - Brett Ashcroft (Turvey Park); 33 Jason Norris (Griffith); 24 - Andrew Lewis (Coolamon), Jamie O'Connell, Paul Timms (Leeton), Anthony Watson (Wagga Tigers).

 Milton's Gear Player of the Year: n/a

Club Championships: Turvey Park

Netball: Best & Fairest

A grade: Dianne Pomeroy (Turvey Park);   B grade: Roslyn McCallum (Narrandera)

Miss RFL Girl of the Year: Kathy Noonan (Wagga Tigers)


Debuts: April 15 - Peter King, Michael Murphy, Brian Rava, Ron Roe; April 22 - Jason Wadley; May 13 - Christian Files; May 27 - Greg Supple; July 22 - Dennis Dunn; July 29 - Mark Owen; August 24 - Michael Catanzariti; Sept. 15 - Tony Butcher.

Final Games / Goals: Michael Agnew (15 / 3), Joe Box (17 / 7), Michael Catanzariti (3 / 1), Dennis Dunn (1 / 4), Tony Hicks (46 / 32), Peter McGrath (116 / 58), Mark Owen (1 / 0), Brian Rava (10 / 7), Ron Roe (14 / 40), Greg Supple (1 / 2), Mark Tyndall (86 / 7).


Reserves: Michael Agnew 7, David Alpen 16, Justin Barry 11, Brian Bellincanta 0, Jamie Bennett 4, Terry Bennett 2, Bob Berton 2, Shane Best 0, Paul Biron 0, Roger Biron 2, Joe Box 2, Len Brown 1, Mark Cameron 2, Peter Casey 0, Michael Catanzariti 9, Glenn Ceccato 1, Brian Corner 5, Greg Dreyer 3, Dennis Dunn 3, Russell Frew 6, Robert Harrington 1, Tony Hicks 7, Drew Hicks 0, Craig Hill 0, Ron Irvin 9, David Irvin 0, Rowan Johnstone 0, Robert Kelly 1, Phillip Kenny 1, Robert Knox 1, Brett McAlister 0, Peter McDiarmid 31, Peter McGrath 8, Robert Muir 1, Paul Nichols 0, Mark Owen 4, Robbie Owen 5, Adrian Pavese 1, Brian Rava 13, Jamie Reid 1, Roy Rinaldo 14, Paul Selover 0, Wayne Spencer 3, Greg Supple 11, David Taylor 12, Laurie Testoni 0, Michael Thompson 0, Mark Tyndall 4, Scott Wade 4, Jason Vaccari 3, Jason Wadley 0, Garry Waters (capt.) 7, Stuart Watson 3, Michael Wilson 3, Paul Young 2. Coach: Kevin Kirkpatrick


Under 18: Tony Butcher 19, Scott Collis 0, Mathew Cox 1, Paul Crowe 0, Phillip Dixon-Flint 13, Christian Files 15, Craig Ford 0, Chris Haggerty 4, Brad Hammond 18, Jason Hams 0, Robert Kelly 3, Edward Knight 1, James Lathan 0, Trevor Lee 0, Jason Norris 33, Dean Owen 0, Gavin Owen 3, Mark Owen 5, Adrian Pavese 20, Travis Payne 21, Jamie Reid 0, Michael Reid 0, Jason Vaccari 12, Darren Virago 12, Shad Wall 1, Ron Whittaker 1, Michael Wilson 0, Paul Woolnough 1, Scott Young. Coach: Terry Bennett


Saturday, 27th October, 1990 at Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club

Major Sponsor: Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club


Senior grade

Best & Fairest: Gerard Toscan

Most Consistent: Mick Murphy

Most Improved: Damien Scott

Best Utility (Fergie King Memorial): Jason Wadley

Best in Finals: Ricky Burdett

Most Goals Kicked: Les Parish

Coach’s Award: Mick Murphy

Special Award: Damien Scott - (Coca Cola)

Reserve grade

Best & Fairest: Peter McDiarmid - (Neil Griggs Memorial)

Most Consistent: David Alpen

Most Improved: Brian Corner

Best Utility: Justin Barry

Best in Finals: Jamie Bennett

Most Goals Kicked: Peter McDiarmid

Coach’s Award: Wayne Spencer

Special Award: Joe Box - (David Taylor)

Under 18's

Best & Fairest: Christian Files & Dean Owen - (Charlie Forscutt Memorial)

Most Consistent: Robert Kelly

Most Improved: Scott Young

Best Utility: Jason Vaccari

Best in Finals: Tony Butcher

Most Goals Kicked: Travis Payne

Coach’s Award: Scott Collis

Special Award: Dean Owen - (Don Best)

Most Promising Player (Ronnie Williams Trophy): Gavin Owen

Encouragement Award (Fred Owen Memorial Shield): Edward Knight


A grade

Best & Fairest: Jenny Jefferies

Most Consistent: Jan Collins

Most Improved: Rachel Neville

Special Award: Peta Bennett & Julie Roberts


Most Conscientious Player/Clubperson (Joan Hicks Memorial): Martin O'Donnell

Club Person of the Year (Bill Simmons Memorial): n/a


By Brian Files

Griffith Australian Football senior coach Les Parish has been re-appointed as a New South Wales development officer for the Riverina area.

Parish worked in conjunction with Russell Campbell in the development of junior footballers during the 1990 season and has agreed to continue his association with the NSWFL next year.

He will commence his duties in March and will work with juniors from throughout the Riverina and Southern New South Wales until September.

As part of his duties, Parish will conduct coaching clinics at schools and within junior clubs as well as attending junior representative carnivals in the area.

The former Morris and Quinn Medallist recently re-signed with the Griffith Australian Football Club as senior coach after two years at the helm.

Meanwhile, 1990 Swans first grade best and fairest winner Gerard Toscan indicated at the club's presentation night at the Ex-Servicemen's Club on Saturday that he may retire from senior football.

The former State ruckman enjoyed a fine year in 1990 as the side's number one ruckman, but indicated farm commitments made it hard to train and thus took its toll.

A large crowd attended the club's presentation night to see Toscan collect his best and fairest, as well the presentation of awards in all grades.

Mick Murphy took out the senior most consistent trophy after an outstanding season while wingman Damien Scott was adjudged the most improved senior player.

Teenager Jason Wadley took out the best utility trophy and captain-coach Les Parish grabbed the senior goal kicking award.

Centre half forward Peter McDiarmid was presented with the reserve grade best and fairest trophy with David Alpen snaring the most consistent award.

First year player Brian Corner capped an impressive debut year by taking out the most improved trophy with Justin Barry being judged best utility.

In the under 18's, joint winners of the best and fairest award, Christian Files and Dean Owen, were presented with their trophies and ruckman Robert Kelly was adjudged most consistent.

Jason Vaccari grabbed the best utility trophy and Scott Young the most improved. Travis Payne took out the trophy for most goals.

Gavin Owen took the prestigious most promising player award donated by Mrs Williams and Edward Knight took out the equally prestigious Fred Owen Memorial Shield.

Best in the finals trophies in all grades were: Rick Burdett (firsts), Jamie Bennett (seconds) and Tony Butcher in the under 18's.

Special coaches awards were presented to Mick Murphy in the seniors, Wayne Spencer in reserves and Scott Collis in the thirds.

The special sponsors awards were taken out by Damien Scott, Joe Box and Dean Owen.

Former coach, senior best and fairest and long serving player Martin O'Donnell was awarded for his contribution to the Griffith Football Club when he took out the Joan Hicks Memorial award.

O'Donnell started his career in the junior ranks in Griffith and apart from a brief stint with Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong in the mid-80's, has played all his football with the club.

Utility player Andrew Romagnolo was also fated at the presentation night for playing his 100th senior game during the year.

Jenny Jeffrey was presented with the netball best and fairest at the function.

The Area News - Wednesday October 31, 1990