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IN: Joe Box, Greg Collins (Wombats, Monaro FL), Dennis Dunn (Jerilderie), David Irvin (Barellan), Peter King (Manuka), Mick Murphy (Kyabram), Paul Nichols, Brian Rava, Ron Roe (Darwin), David Ross (Jerilderie), Roger Biron (Barellan).

OUT: Darren McGown (Coleambally), Michael Vaughan (Barellan); Dennis Dunn and David Ross (Darwin).

 SALTY'S NEW POSITION  - by Brian Files 

THE man that pulled Griffith Australian Football Club up by the bootlaces from the bottom of the ladder in the 1988 season to missing the finals by percentage this season (1989) has the chance to spread his expertise throughout the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area (MIA) in 1990.
The New South Wales Australian Football League, through commissioner John Yates and Riverina development manager Tony Turner, will announce in Griffith today that Les Parish has been appointed as part-time development officer withe the NSWAFL for the next season.
Parish, who played nearly 100 VFL games and was this season's winner of the Quinn Medal for the best and fairest in the Riverina Football League, commences his duties in April and will continue to foster football on a full-time basis until the end of September.
"Parish is the perfect person for the role with his experience and understanding of the game and especially the knowledge of what is required to bring juniors through the grades to the hurly-burly of big time football," Turner said.  
"The area is too big for one man to do a successful job and with Parish looking after the western end of the Riverina it will make us available to more kids and hopefully lift the standard of the juniors," he added.
The NSWAFL has arranged transport for Parish through local Griffith firm Owen Toyota, who will supply him with a car for the six months.
Parish has spent a lot of his own time last season coaching in schools in the area as well as looking after the Griffith juniors, but said it was difficult to do well when he was virtually doing two part time jobs. 

"It is something that I always wanted to get involved with and I am glad that this opportunity has come up," said Parish. 

"Last year it was time consuming and was a hassle for my employers at the Griffith Hotel, who were very good to me in giving time off when I needed it, but it was hard trying to run virtually two part time positions.
"Last season I didn't do as much as I would have liked in the schools and hopefully this season each school in the area will be able to be visited more often," he added.
He went on to say that he would eventually like to get back into the AFL in some capacity in years to come as in his words ... "once you have been there - you miss it!"     (The Area News - November 24, 1989).


Round 1 - Sunday April 15, 1990 at Ariah Park Recreation Ground

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 7.7 .. 11.10 (76)

Griffith ......................... 2.6 .. 7.7 .. 10.13 .. 14.17 (101)

Goals: APM: R Simpson 3, J Gordon 2, J Bryce, I Gordon, T Greenham, R Harper, M Kidd, R Murray

Griffith: M O'Connor 5, W Bottcher 2, L Parish 2, D Collins, B Rava, D Scott, P Young, Unknown

Best: APM: J Gordon, R Simpson, B Gaynor, R Murray, I Gordon, S French

Griffith: D Scott, B Browne, L Parish, I Geddes, M O'Connor, D Collins

Griffith: Brendan Browne, Rick Burdett, Peter King*, Darrell Collins, Mark Tyndall, Martin O'Donnell, Ian Geddes, Les Parish (c-c), Wayne Bottcher, Gerard Toscan, Greg Dreyer, Damien Scott, Greg Collins, Tony Hicks, Ron Roe*, Joe Agresta, Mark O'Connor, Mick Murphy*, Paul Young, Brian Rava*

Umpires: M Maloney, A Casey (AUL)

Other matches - SAT 7/4: Wagga 54 def by Turvey Park 109; SAT 14/4: EWK 12.11 (83) def by GGGM 15.10 (100); SUN 15/4: Coolamon 33.16 (214) def Leeton 7.10 (52), Turvey Park 25.22 (172) def Narrandera 8.4 (52); Wagga, bye.  Reserves: Griffith 13.11 (89) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 9.10 (64)

Goals: T Bennett 2, D Taylor 2, J Vaccari 2, J Bennett, R Biron, R Irvin, R Kelly, A Pavese, R Rinaldo, S Wade

Round 2 - Sunday April 22, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ............................... 9.4 .. 9.7 .. 13.7 .. 17.8 (110)

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 4.2 .. 6.5 .. 7.9 .. 10.12 (72)

Goals: Griffith: M O'Connor 6, J Agresta 3, D Collins 3, L Parish 2, R Roe 2, W Bottcher

EWK: P Cohalan 2, T Gooden 2, J Dawson-Wink, C Horne, C McLaughlin, W Podmore, B Suckling, M Ziebell

Best: Griffith: D Collins, I Geddes, M O'Connor, J Agresta, G Toscan, P King

EWK: n/a

Griffith: B Browne, P King, J Wadley*, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, A Romagnolo, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, M Murphy, P Young, B Rava

Umpires: N Maraldo, B Smedley (AUL)

Other matches - SUN: GGGM 16.14 (110) def by Coolamon 24.19 (163), Leeton 9.8 (62) def by Wagga 9.22 (76), Narrandera 12.11 (83) def by APM 15.11 (101); Turvey Park, bye 

Reserves: Griffith 20.26 (146) d East Wagga-Kooringal 3.6 (24)

Goals: Unknown 6, G Supple 5, M Agnew 3, B Corner 2, R Rinaldo 2, R Biron, R Frew

Under 18: Griffith d East Wagga-Kooringal

Goals: C Files 6, A Pavese 3, J Vaccari 2, T Butcher


Round 3 - Sunday April 29, 1990 at Ex-Servicemen's Oval

Griffith ................ 1.2 .. 1.4 .. 5.7 .. 9.9 (63)

Wagga Tigers .... 2.5 .. 6.11 .. 10.14 .. 11.17 (83)

Goals: Griffith: L Parish 3, J Agresta, G Collins, M Murphy, A Romagnolo, G Toscan, J Wadley

Wagga: G Pieper 3, M Colvin 2, R Durnan 2, D Whitney 2, J Brennan, J Morton

Best: Griffith: W Bottcher, D Scott, I Geddes, J Agresta, D Collins, M O'Donnell

Wagga: M Gilmore, D Boack, R Durnan, J Dore, D Whitney, J Morton

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, J Agresta, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Murphy, J Wadley, P Young

Other matches - SUN: GGGM 13.17 (95) def Leeton 11.5 (71), Narrandera 9.6 (60) def by Coolamon 30.11 (161), Turvey Park 20.10 (130) def EWK 14.5 (95); APM, bye 
Reserves: Wagga Tigers 16.16 (112) d Griffith 10.6 (66)

Goals: R Frew 2, R Rinaldo 2, D Taylor 2, J Barry, R Harrington, P McDiarmid, G Supple

Reports: Roger Biron (Griffith) for allegedly using abusive language towards umpire

Under 18: Griffith 18.11 (119) d Wagga Tigers 2.2 (14)

Goals: A Pavese 8, C Files 3, B Hammond 3, T Butcher 2, E Knight, S Wall


VCFL Vic Health Championship Div 2 - Saturday May 5, 1990 at Narrandera Sportsground

Riverina FL .......... 3.4 .. 14.7 .. 22.12 .. 28.16 (184)

West Gippsland ... 5.3 .. 6.4 .. 7.8 .. 9.12 (66)

Goals - Riverina: Warren Sykes 9, Bryan Buchanan 5, Russell Durnan 4, Mark Carroll 3, Barry Suckling 2, Jamie Thomas, Stephen Woods, Joe Agresta, Jason Morton, Ian Bloomfield

West Gippsland: M Dillon 4, D Kernot, G Nooy, M Payne, R Weightman, B Paynter

Best - Riverina: Mark Carroll, Warren Sykes, John Dore, John Lawton, Bryan Buchanan, Jason Morton

West Gippsland: R Gray, N Collins, R Weightman, M Dillon, D Kernot, M Payne

Umpires: R Bartholomew (AUL), W Barnes (Gippsland UL)

Assumption College 13.9 (87) d RFL Under 19's 12.9 (81)

Best: - Assumption College: S Burley, B Herrald, K O'Dwyer, M Kelly, R Johns
RFL: T Levine, M Hewitt, D Baxter, J Masterson, J Knight, G McCullough

Under 18: Griffith 16.12 (108) d Narandera 3.2 (20)

Round 4 - Sunday May 6, 1990 at Kindra Park

Coolamon ..... 7.1 .. 11.5 .. 19.6 .. 19.8 (122)

Griffith .......... 6.2 .. 8.6 .. 12.12 .. 20.16 (136)

Goals: Coolamon: B Buchanan 6, K Hanna 6, M Perryman 3, B Allen, F Kennedy, G McKelvie, P Sutton

Griffith: R Roe 5, L Parish 3, J Agresta 2, M O'Connor 2, G Toscan 2, D Collins, G Collins, P King, M Murphy, B Rava, A Romagnolo

Best: Coolamon: F Kennedy, A Pattison, K Hanna, J Earle, B Buchanan, P Sutton

Griffith: I Geddes, G Collins, M O'Donnell, L Parish, M Murphy, G Toscan

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, R Roe, J Agresta, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Murphy, J Wadley

Umpires: R Sangster, P Morey (AUL)

Other matches - SAT: EWK 22.14 (146) def Narrandera 10.14 (74), Wagga 13.13 (91) def by GGGM 15.10 (100); SUN: APM 8.11 (59) def by Turvey Park 23.12 (150); Leeton, bye

Reserves: Coolamon 16.11 (107) d Griffith 11.8 (74)

Goals: M Catanzariti 2, R Owen 2, R Rinaldo 2, L Brown, R Muir, G Supple, D Taylor, G Waters

Under 18: Griffith 18.14 (122) d Coolamon 2.3 (15)

Goals: B Hammond 3, J Norris 3, D Virago 3, T Butcher 2, P Dixon-Flint 2, A Pavese 2, J Vaccari 2, C Files

Round 5 - Sunday May 13, 1990 at Leeton Showground

Leeton ...... 3.1 .. 8.7 .. 13.10 .. 17.12 (114)

Griffith ..... 4.2 .. 5.4 .. 6.8 .. 9.10 (64)

Goals: Leeton: P Stretton 6, R Maybon 3, L Lucas 2, L Anderson, D Irvine, P O'Connell, J Ryan, A Solway, M Travers

Griffith: B Rava 2, A Romagnolo 2, G Toscan 2, G Collins, M Murphy, M O'Connor

Best: Leeton: S McMahon, T Lyons, J Ryan, L Anderson, B Vilcins, H McRae

Griffith: I Geddes, M Murphy, G Collins, L Parish, B Browne, M O'Connor

Griffith: R Burdett, P King, D Collins, M Tyndall, M O'Donnell, I Geddes, L Parish (c-c), W Bottcher, G Toscan, G Dreyer, D Scott, G Collins, B Browne, A Romagnolo, M O'Connor, B Rava, M Murphy, C Files*, J Wadley, P Young