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IN: Tony Butcher (Coleambally), Matt Cox (Labrador), Christian Files (Coleambally), Danny Files (Terang), Owen Geddes (East Wagga-Kooringal), Brent Hathaway (Marrar), Dean Jamieson, Dean McGowan (Koondrook-Barham), Scott McCutcheon (Queanbeyan), Don Moran (Finley), Danny Tuohey, Gabriel Weetra (Southern Districts, NT).

OUT: Andrew Barber (Hay), David Eichler, Shane Fitzsimmons (Mooroopna), Danny Litchfield, Warren McKenzie, Gerard Toscan (retired); Scott McCutcheon


The Griffith Australian Football Club has appointed Phillip Rowston to the first-grade coaching position for 1995. Rowston, who came to the club last season after being taken off the list at the Sydney Swans, has taken over from Shane Fitzsimmons, who has decided to return to South Australia.
The 22-year-old was a local junior from Binya, where he played all his junior football with Barellan and made the senior side as a youngster. He represented New South Wales in the Under 15 Shell Cup and the Under 17 Teal Cup, where he was named the best player for NSW.
He was drafted by the Sydney Swans in 1990 and stayed with the AFL club until 1993 but didn't quite make the grade. He played one pre-season Fosters Cup and while he was picking up best on ground plaudits in the reserves, never found a regular place in the seniors. Griffith picked up Rowston last season and he was an integral part of the side, but an injured hamstring muscle hampered his ability at finals time.

Rowston said the main aim this season is to get the local players back into the club. "There are a lot of good locals who have either gone to play in other leagues or retired at a young age and we would like to see them back to bolster our numbers. "We have a new reserve grade coach in Craig Bretherton and Terry Bennett is still doing the under 18's and all we need are the numbers. "A couple of key forwards wouldn't go astray either as we had to use Gus (Gary Argus) at full forward to kick a winning score. "Gus won the league's goalkicking, but he is too good a player to have parked in front of goals," Rowston said.
He said while it is his first coaching stint, he has played under enough coaches to pick up ideas. "I will use some of their ideas and throw in a few of my own and hope they all jell together, and we get results," he said.
He hasn't set down a date to start training but said officially it will be after Christmas. 
"The club won't be starting until then, but we will probably get up a group to have a run this side of Christmas and that will be opened to all. "We haven't set a day or a time, but it will be advertised."
He added he hopes to be in touch with all the players later this week or early next week to have a talk and find out what their intentions are for the season.  (The Area News, November 1994).



The Griffith Australian Football Club has signed former Finley coach Don Moran as joint assistant with Gary Argus for the 1995 season. These two will be assisting newly appointed Phillip Rowston in Griffith's quest to go that one step further in the newly formed Riverina Football League. Moran has coached Finley, in the Murray League, for the past two seasons, reaching the grand final in 1993, but being defeated and last season the club ran sixth.
During his time there he also played in the Victorian Country Football League side against the Victorian Amateurs and was part of the Murray League's representative side. The side was runner-up to the Hampden League, which is based around Warrnambool in Victoria, in the first division of the VCFL Championships.
Born and bred in Castlemaine, near Bendigo, Moran played all his junior football with that club and was in the 1991 premiership side and in the same year was runner-up in the Bendigo Football League's best and fairest award, the Michelsen Medal. 
 Castlemaine was runner-up in 1992 and during this time, Moran also represented the Bendigo League.

The 25-year-old centre halfback stands at 193 centimetres and weighs 92 kilograms and has had overtures from AFL sides. "I was talking with Essendon, but I had a groin injury towards the end of last season, and they dropped off, while the Sydney Swans showed a lot of interest early, but they have also stopped talks.
"I am looking forward to Griffith as last season was frustrating after the Finley side did so well the previous year. "We won just over half the games we played, but lack of numbers and injuries at the wrong time didn't help," he said.
He hopes to shift into Griffith in early January before taking up a position as physical education teacher with St Francis College, Leeton.

The club is holding its annual general meeting at the Ex-Servicemen's Bowling Club on Monday, December 19.

(The Area News - Wednesday, December 14, 1994).

Round 1 - Sunday April 9, 1995 at Ganmain Sportsground 2.10pm

Ganmain-GGM .... 1.2 .. 4.7 .. 8.9 .. 13.12 (90)

Griffith ................... 4.3 .. 9.5 .. 14.9 .. 17.10 (112)

Goals: GGGM: A Carroll 4, S Hamblin 2, J McPherson 2, J Crozier 2, L Carroll, M Carroll, S Carroll

Griffith: S Ruyg 5, G Collins 3, J Bennett 2, A O'Keefe 2, D Files, M Cox, G Weetra, S McCutcheon, Unknown

Best players: GGGM: L Carroll, J McPherson, J Crozier, S Lawton, M Hamblin, M Addinsal

Griffith: G Argus, C Conlan, B Davis, P Rowston, D Files, M Cox

Griffith: Gabriel Weetra*, Shane Ruyg, Phillip Rowston (c-c), Jamie Bennett, Chris Conlan, Scott McCutcheon*, Rick Burdett, Michael Reid, Brett Davis, Owen Geddes*, Greg Dreyer, Greg Collins, Danny Files, Christian Files, Gary Argus, Tony Butcher, Tim Fraser, Malcolm Burke, Jason Vaccari*, Aaron O'Keefe*

Umpires: Alan Harper (ACT) and Robert Hunt (AUL)

Other matches - SAT: North Wagga 10.9 (69) def by Wagga 18.19 (127); SUN: Coolamon 5.4 (34) def by EWK 24.24 (168), Leeton-Whitton 13.10 (88) def Collingullie-Ashmont 4.8 (32), Narrandera 13.14 (92) def by Temora 17.15 (117), Turvey Park 20.14 (134) def MCU 8.7 (55)

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 8.7 (55) d Griffith 3.7 (25)

Goals: T Finnen, A King, C Noack

Best players: B Browne, R Telfer, C Bretherton, I Geddes, C Noack

Under 18: Ganmain-GGM 10.12 (72) d Griffith 2.8 (20)

Goals: D Leask, B Harrison

Best players: M Olney, G Vaccari, M Kenny, A Sara, K Duncan

Round 2 - Friday April 14, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 5.00pm

Griffith .............. 4.4 .. 9.6 .. 14.7 .. 15.10 (100)

Turvey Park .... 4.3 .. 8.10 .. 14.16 .. 19.22 (136)

Goals: Griffith: J Bennett 5, P Rowston 3, D McGowan 2, B Davis, D Files,G Collins, S Ruyg, G Weetra

Turvey Park: D Lewington 7, T Maiden 3, K Johnstone 3, S Weidemann 2, P Gribble 2, T Melican, M Hewitt

Best: Griffith: J Bennett, G Argus, O Geddes, P Rowston, D Files, B Davis

Turvey Park: D Lewington, B Hewitt, S Woods, T Maiden, P Gribble, T Melican

Griffith: Gabriel Weetra, Shane Ruyg, Phillip Rowston (c-c), Jamie Bennett, Scott McCutcheon, Michael Reid, Brett Davis, Owen Geddes, Greg Dreyer, Dean McGowan*, Greg Collins, Danny Files, Christian Files, Gary Argus, Tony Butcher, Tim Fraser, Malcolm Burke, Jason Vaccari, Aaron O'Keefe, Mathew Cox

Umpires: Garry Gardner and Trevor Brand (NRL)

Other matches - SAT: Collingullie-Ashmont 9.8 (62) def by Narrandera 24.26 (170), EWK 10.16 (76) def Leeton-Whitten 11.8 (74), MCU 18.5 (113) def North Wagga 9.11 (65); SUN: Temora 18.27 (135) def Coolamon 8.7 (55), Wagga 11.11 (77) def GGGM 7.9 (51)

Reserves: Turvey Park 11.13 (79) d Griffith 8.7 (55)

Goals: B Browne 2, S Wright, J Barry, D Cox, S Cunial, M Bunn, T Whitney

Best: D Jamieson, B Browne, D Norman, T Whitney, B Hathaway

Under 18: Griffith 16.18 (114) d Turvey Park 1.2 (8)