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IN: Tony Butcher (Coleambally), Matt Cox (Labrador), Christian Files (Coleambally), Danny Files (Terang), Owen Geddes (East Wagga-Kooringal), Brent Hathaway (Marrar), Dean Jamieson, Dean McGowan (Koondrook-Barham), Scott McCutcheon (Queanbeyan), Don Moran (Finley), Danny Tuohey, Gabriel Weetra (Southern Districts, NT).

OUT: Andrew Barber (Hay), David Eichler, Shane Fitzsimmons (Mooroopna), Danny Litchfield, Warren McKenzie, Gerard Toscan (retired); Scott McCutcheon


The Griffith Australian Football Club has appointed Phillip Rowston to the first grade coaching position for 1995. Rowston, who came to the club last season after being taken off the list at the Sydney Swans, has taken over from Shane Fitzsimmons, who has decided to return to South Australia.
The 22-year-old was a local junior from Binya, where he played all his junior football with Barellan and made the senior side as a youngster. He represented New South Wales in the Under 15 Shell Cup and the Under 17 Teal Cup, where he was named the best player for NSW.
He was drafted by the Sydney Swans in 1990 and stayed with the AFL club until 1993, but didn't quite make the grade. He played one pre-season Fosters Cup and while he was picking up best on ground plaudits in the reserves, never found a regular place in the seniors. Griffith picked up Rowston last season and he was an integral part of the side, but an injured hamstring muscle hampered his ability at finals time.

Rowston said the main aim this season is to get the local players back into the club. "There are a lot of good locals who have either gone to play in other leagues, or retired at a young age and we would like to see them back to bolster our numbers. "We have a new reserve grade coach in Craig Bretherton and Terry Bennett is still doing the under 18's and all we need are the numbers. "A couple of key forwards wouldn't go astray either as we had to use Gus (Gary Argus) at full forward to kick a winning score. "Gus won the league's goalkicking, but he is too good a player to have parked in from of goals," Rowston said.
He said while it is his first coaching stint, he has played under enough coaches to pick up ideas. "I will use some of their ideas and throw in a few of my own and hope they all jell together and we get results," he said.
He hasn't set down a date to start training, but said officially it will be after Christmas. 
"The club won't be starting until then, but we will probably get up a group to have a run this side of Christmas and that will be opened to all. "We haven't set a day or a time, but it will be advertised."
He added he hopes to be in touch with all the players later this week or early next week to have a talk and find out what their intentions are for the season.  (The Area News, November, 1994).



The Griffith Australian Football Club has signed former Finley coach Don Moran a joint assistant with Gary Argus for the 1995 season. These two will be assisting newly appointed Phillip Rowston in Griffith's quest to go that one step further in the newly formed Riverina Football League.

Moran has coached Finley, in the Murray League, for the past two seasons, reaching the grand final in 1993, but being defeated and last season the club ran sixth.
During his time there he also played in the Victorian Country Football League side against the Victorian Amateurs and was part of the Murray League's representative side. The side was runner-up to the Hampden League, which is based around Warrnambool in Victoria, in the first division of the VCFL Championships.
Born and bred in Castlemaine, near Bendigo, Moran played all his junior football with that club and was in the 1991 premiership side and in the same year was runner-up in the Bendigo Football League's best and fairest award, the Michelsen Medal. 
 Castlemaine was runner-up in 1992 and during this time, Moran also represented the Bendigo League.

The 25-year-old centre halfback stands at 193 centimetres and weighs 92 kilograms and has had overtures from AFL sides. "I was talking with Essendon, but I had a groin injury towards the end of last season and they dropped off, while the Sydney Swans showed a lot of interest early, but they have also stopped talks.
"I am looking forward to Griffith as last season was frustrating after the Finley side did so well the previous year. "We won just over half the games we played, but lack of numbers and injuries at the wrong time didn't help," he said.
He hopes to shift into Griffith in early January before taking up a position as physical education teacher with St Francis College, Leeton. The club is holding its annual general meeting at the Ex-Servicemen's Bowling Club on Monday, December 19.   (The Area News - Wednesday, December 14, 1994).


Round 1 - Sunday April 9, 1995 at Ganmain Sportsground 2.10pm

Ganmain-GGM ... 1.2 .. 4.7 .. 8.9 .. 13.12 (90)

Griffith ................. 4.3 .. 9.5 .. 14.9 .. 17.10 (112)

Goals: GGGM: A Carroll 4, S Hamblin 2, J McPherson 2, J Crozier 2, L Carroll, M Carroll, S Carroll

Griffith: S Ruyg 5, G Collins 3, J Bennett 2, A O'Keefe 2, D Files, M Cox, G Weetra, S McCutcheon, Unknown

Best: GGGM: L Carroll, J McPherson, J Crozier, S Lawton, M Hamblin, M Addinsal

Griffith: G Argus, C Conlan, B Davis, P Rowston, D Files, M Cox

Griffith: Gabriel Weetra*, Shane Ruyg, Phillip Rowston (c-c), Jamie Bennett, Chris Conlan, Scott McCutcheon*, Rick Burdett, Michael Reid, Brett Davis, Owen Geddes*, Greg Dreyer, Greg Collins, Danny Files, Christian Files, Gary Argus, Tony Butcher, Tim Fraser, Malcolm Burke, Jason Vaccari*, Aaron O'Keefe*

Umpires: A Harper (AUL), R Hunt (ACT)

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 8.7 (55) d Griffith 3.7 (25)

Goals: T Finnen, A King, C Noack

Best: B Browne, R Telfer, C Bretherton, I Geddes, C Noack

Under 18: Ganmain-GGM 10.12 (72) d Griffith 2.8 (20)

Goals: D Leask, B Harrison

Best: M Olney, G Vaccari, M Kenny, A Sara, K Duncan

Round 2 - Friday April 14, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 5.00pm

Griffith ............ 4.4 .. 9.6 .. 14.7 .. 15.10 (100)

Turvey Park ... 4.3 .. 8.10 .. 14.16 .. 19.22 (136)

Goals: Griffith: J Bennett 5, P Rowston 3, D McGowan 2, B Davis, D Files,G Collins, S Ruyg, G Weetra

Turvey Park: D Lewington 7, T Maiden 3, K Johnstone 3, S Weidemann 2, P Gribble 2, T Melican, M Hewitt

Best: Griffith: J Bennett, G Argus, O Geddes, P Rowston, D Files, B Davis

Turvey Park: D Lewington, B Hewitt, S Woods, T Maiden, P Gribble, T Melican

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, S McCutcheon, M Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan*, G Collins, D Files, C Files, G Argus, T Butcher, T Fraser, M Burke, J Vaccari, A O'Keefe, M Cox

Umpires: Garry Gardner, Trevor Brand (NRL)

Reserves: Turvey Park 11.13 (79) d Griffith 8.7 (55)

Goals: B Browne 2, S Wright, J Barry, D Cox, S Cunial, M Bunn, T Whitney

Best: D Jamieson, B Browne, D Norman, T Whitney, B Hathaway

Under 18: Griffith 16.18 (114) d Turvey Park 1.2 (8)

Goals: B Harrison 5, M Olney 4, D Ashcroft 3, D Leask 2, B Furner, M Rudd

Best: R Duncan, K Duncan, D Leask, A Poole, M Olney


Round 3 - Sunday April 23, 1995 at Mangoplah Sportsground 2.10pm

Mangoplah-CU ... 5.4 .. 9.5 .. 12.8 .. 13.10 (88)

Griffith ................. 6.4 .. 8.9 .. 9.15 .. 14.21 (107)

Goals: MCU: D Cole 4, B Roberson 3, E Lloyd 2, D Galvin, C Wood, A Armstrong, R Enders

Griffith: S Ruyg 3, D McGowan 3, M Cox 2, G Argus, M Reid, D Files, J Bennett, G Weetra, G Collins

Best: MCU: D Galvin, A Armstrong, S Wheeler, D Cole, C Higgins

Griffith: B Davis, M Cox, G Weetra, D McGowan, G Collins, S Ruyg

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, S McCutcheon, M Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, D Jamieson*, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, C Files, G Argus, T Butcher, T Fraser, M Burke, J Vaccari, M Cox (19 only)

Umpires: W Braybrook, R Pynappies (AUL)

Reserves: Griffith 9.23 (77) d Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd 3.2 (20)

Goals: B Browne 4, A McCashney, A 0'Keefe, T Whiitney, G Dreyer, R Burdett

Best: B Hathaway, M Bunn, R Telfer, G Dreyer, C Bretherton

Under 18: Griffith 4.13 (37) d Mangoplah-Cookadinia Utd 2.2 (14)

Goals: B Harrison 6, A Sparks 2, M Olney 2, D Leask 2, M Reid, M Thompson, B Furner, D Ashcroft

Best: M Rovere, M Kenny, B Harrison, D Leask, G Vaccari


Round 4 - Sunday April 30, 1995 at Robertson Oval 2.10pm

Wagga Tigers .... 4.4 .. 13.8 .. 15.9 .. 23.12 (150)

Griffith ............... 2.2 .. 8.4 .. 13.6 .. 14.9 (93)

Goals: Wagga: M Barber 5, T Daniher 3, G Pieper 2, R Wadley 2, A Hamilton 2, M Mullins 2, C Bocking, M Gooden, G Regan, M Hood, D Jaques

Griffith: D McGowan 4, G Weetra 3, B Harrison 2, G Argus 2, D Files 2, M Cox

Best: Wagga: J Morton, G Pieper, T Daniher, D Jaques, M Mullins, R Colvin

Griffith: G Argus, J Bennett, G Weetra, P Rowston, T Butcher

Griffith: G Weetra, D Jamieson, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, S McCutcheon, R Burdett, B Davis, M Kenny*, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, A McCashney, G Argus, T Butcher, T Fraser, B Harrison, J Vaccari, Myles Bunn, M Cox

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 12.15 (87) d Griffith 6.9 (45)

Goals: B Browne 3, A McCashney, A O'Keefe, R Best

Best: I Geddes, A McCashney, C Bretherton, G Collis, T Whitney

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 7.8 (50) d Griffith 4.13 (37)

Goals: D Ashcroft 3, A Sparks

Best: M Kenny, A Sara, K Duncan, B Whelan, S Davies

Round 5 - Sunday May 7, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith .............. 3.2 .. 6.7 .. 8.8 .. 12.12 (84)

North Wagga .... 2.4 .. 2.9 .. 6.13 .. 8.17 (65)

Goals: Griffith: D McGowan 3, B Harrison 2, G Argus 2, B Davis 2, B Browne, R Burdett, S McCutcheon

North Wagga: B Page 4, C Irvine 2, M Connellan, M Hoogvert

Best: Griffith: D Jamieson, P Rowston, G Dreyer, M Kenny, G Argus, T Butcher

North Wagga: Phil Irvine, M Hoogvert, J Ross, W Skeers, S Lefoe, J Raczkowski

Griffith: G Weetra, D Jamieson, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, S McCutcheon, R Burdett, B Davis, M Kenny, G Dreyer, D McGowan, B Browne, D Files, A McCashney, G Argus, T Butcher, T Fraser, B Harrison, J Vaccari, Myles Bunn, M Cox

Reserves: Griffith 18.17 (125) d North Wagga 5.2 (32)

Goals: B Hammond 10, S McDermott 2, P Woolnough, M Burke, B O'Donnell, R Telfer, S Collis, T Whitney

Best: A King, R Telfer, M Burke, T Whitney, I Geddes, B Hammond

Under 18: Griffith 19.29 (137) d North Wagga 0.1 (1)

Goals: D Ashcroft 6, M Olney 5, K Duncan 2, M Thompson 2, D Leask, A Sara, A Sparks, Unknown

Best: M Olney, N Campbell, D Ashcroft, K Duncan, D Leask


Round 6 - Sunday May 14, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ............................... 9.2 .. 18.13 .. 27.20 .. 38.24 (252)

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 1.1 .. 2.2 .. 5.2 .. 7.4 (46)

Goals: Griffith: S Ruyg 8, G Weetra 7, D McGowan 5, J Bennett 4, T Butcher 4, C Conlan 3, G Argus 3, B Davis 2, P Rowston, G Dreyer

EWK: J Nicholls 2, G Darcy 2, B Suckling, P Hull, M Dobojski

Best: Griffith: C Conlan, G Weetra, T Butcher, P Rowston, S Ruyg, B Davis, J Bennett, D Moran

EWK: J Baulch, B Suckling, M Fabre, M Blundell

Griffith: G Weetra, D Jamieson, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, C Conlan, R Burdett, B Davis, M Kenny, G Dreyer, D McGowan, D Moran*, D Files, M Reid, G Argus, T Butcher, T Fraser, G Collins, O Geddes, S Ruyg, M Cox

Reserves: Griffith 27.27 (189) d East Wagga-Kooringal 1.4 (10)

Goals: B Hathaway 7, A King 5, C Files 4, M Burke 3, B Hammond 3, R Telfer, A McCashney, J Barry, S Collis, S McDermott

Best: C Files, B Hathaway, S McDermott, C Bretherton, R Telfer, J Barry

Under 18: Griffith 15.14 (104) d East Wagga-Kooringal 4.4 (28)

Goals: D Clark 4, B Harrison 3, D Ashcroft 3, D Leask 2, R Simpkin, K Duncan, A Sparks

Best: K Duncan, B Furner, M Olney, S Serafin, D Clark

Round 7 - Sunday May 21, 1995 at Crossroads Oval 2.10pm

Collingullie-Ashmont ... 2.3 .. 3.6 .. 3.9 .. 6.11 (47)

Griffith ............................ 5.7 .. 7.14 .. 11.20 .. 18.26 (134)

Goals: Coll-Ash: B McLachlan 4, C Hansell 2

Griffith: D McGowan 4, J Bennett 4, C Conlan 4, G Weetra 2, T Butcher 2, M Cox, G Argus

Best: Coll-Ash: Kyle Johnston, W Stevens, B McLachlan, C Jordan, C Hanna

Griffith: C Conlan, D Jamieson, O Geddes, J Bennett, D McGowan

Griffith: G Weetra, D Jamieson, S Collis, J Bennett, C Conlan, R Burdett, B Davis, M Kenny, G Dreyer, D McGowan, D Moran, D Files, M Reid, G Argus, T Butcher, T Fraser, G Collins, O Geddes, S Ruyg, M Cox

Reserves: Griffith 19.17 (131) d Collingullie-Ashmont 3.5 (23)

Goals: B Hammond 9, A McCashney 3, A King 3, C Files 2, M Burke, R Telfer

Best: D Tuohey, B Hathaway, A King, C Files, G Ceccato

Under 18: Collingullie-Ashmont 8.11 (59) d Griffith 5.7 (37)

Goals: B Harrison 2, M Olney. T Hulm, M Thompson

Best: G Vaccari, A Sara, M Olney, T Hulm, A Poole

N.S.W. State Championship - Saturday May 27 at Robertson Oval

Riverina F.L. ... 5.1 .. 10.1 .. 14.5 .. 20.8 (128)

Sydney F.L. ... 3.3 .. 7.4 .. 11.6 .. 11.10 (76)

Goals: Riverina: Terry Daniher 6, Robbie Harper 6, Pat Gribble 4, Stephen Woods, Jamie Crozier, Gary Argus, Anthony Watson

Sydney: J Considine 5, L Campbell, A Hall, M Daykin, C O'Brien, R Moller

Best: Riverina: Robbie Harper, Jason Morton, Stephen Woods, Terry Daniher, Philip Rowston, Luke Carroll

Sydney: R Kerr, T Quinn, G Bartholomaeus, P Chadwick, S Nicolls, J Considine

Umpires: G Godfrey (SFL), A Harper (AUL)

Challenge Shield: Farrer FL 17.16 (118) d Sapphire Coast FL 14.12 (96)

Round 8 - Saturday June 3, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 5.00pm

Griffith ................... 4.2 .. 8.4 .. 12.7 .. 16.11 (107)

Leeton-Whitton ... 3.3 .. 4.6 .. 7.8 .. 11.10 (76)

Goals: Griffith: D McGowan 8, G Weetra 2, G Argus, M Cox, D Files, P Rowston, J Bennett, S Ruyg

Leeton-Whitton: D Brookes 6, M Fraser, J Coughlan, C Seton, P Sheehan, D Clayton

Best: Griffith: D McGowan, B Davis, G Collins, M Cox, P Rowston

Leeton-Whitton: J Gordon, D Clayton, L Andrews, S Whelan, D Baxter

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, C Conlan, R Burdett, B Davis, M Kenny, G Dreyer, D McGowan, D Moran, D Files, M Reid, G Argus, D Jamieson, T Fraser, G Collins, O Geddes, S Collis, M Cox

Reserves: Griffith 10.13 (73) d Leeton-Whitton 5.3 (33)

Goals: Scott McDermott 3, B Hammond 3, R Telfer, M Burke, J Vaccari, Myles Bunn, J Barry

Best: J Reid, R Telfer, C Bretherton, M Burke, S McDermott, A McCashney

Under 18: Griffith 5.14 (44) d Leeton-Whitton 5.4 (34)

Goals: M Olney 2, A Sparks, B Harrison, M Thompson

Best: B Furner, K Collins, A Sara, M Olney, G Vaccari


Round 9 - Sunday June 11, 1995 at Kindra Park 2.10pm

Coolamon .... 2.5 .. 4.6 .. 6.8 .. 7.11 (53)

Griffith ......... 5.1 .. 11.7 .. 18.11 .. 20.17 (137)

Goals: Coolamon: J Anderson 3, B Gibbons 2, G McKelvie, B Buchanan

Griffith: D McGowan 8, S Ruyg 3, M Burke 2, G Argus 2, M Cox, G Weetra, G Dreyer, J Bennett, M Reid

Best: Coolamon: R O'Brien, J Anderson, B Buchanan, A Manley, N Parker

Griffith: T Fraser, M Cox, D McGowan, G Dreyer, O Geddes

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, J Bennett, S Collis, R Burdett, M Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, G Argus, T Fraser, M Burke, J Vaccari, M Kenny, N Campbell*, J Reid, M Cox

Reserves: Griffith 22.24 (156) d Coolamon 2.4 (16)

Goals: B Hammond 6, A King 5, T Butcher 3, R Telfer 2, D Tuohey 2, B Hathaway 2, D McCarthy, J Barry

Best: T Butcher, A King, C Bretherton, J Barry, D Tuohey

Under 18: Griffith 3.11 (29) d Coolamon 1.5 (11)

Goals: D Ashcroft 2, B Harrison

Best: K Duncan, S Davies, G Vaccari, B Furner

Round 10 - Sunday June 25, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ............ 5.5 .. 11.10 .. 19.11 .. 25.11 (161)

Narrandera .... 3.1 .. 6.7 .. 7.8 .. 12.15 (87)

Goals: Griffith: S Ruyg 8, D McGowan 6, G Weetra 4, B Davis 3, G Argus 2, J Bennett, M Cox

Narrandera: P Bloomfield 3, J Bourke 3, H Hopwood 2, P Cock, G Nielsen, M Wooden, A Jones

Best: Griffith: M Cox, B Davis, G Collins, J Bennett, S Ruyg, J Reid

Narrandera: H Hopwood, J Bourke, G Hart, P Cock, J Norden

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, R Burdett, M Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, G Argus, T Fraser, M Burke, J Vaccari, M Kenny, Myles Bunn, J Reid, M Cox

Reserves: Narrandera 8.5 (53) d Griffith 3.11 (29)

Goals: B Hammond, J Barry, A King

Best: I Geddes, C Bretherton, C Files, A McCashney, D Norman

Under 18: Griffith 15.22 (112) d Narrandera 1.3 (9)

Goals: B Harrison 6, N Campbell 3, D Ashcroft 2, G Vaccari 2, M Thompson, M Olney

Best: B Furner, B Harrison, M Olney, K Duncan, N Campbell


Round 11 - Saturday July 1, 1995 at Nixon Park 2.10pm

Temora .... 3.2 .. 9.5 .. 12.8 .. 17.9 (111)

Griffith ..... 5.3 .. 8.6 .. 9.8 .. 13.9 (87)

Goals: Temora: R Harper 6, D Breed 4, J McLennan 2, M Morton, M Derrick, P McKelvie, T Byrnes, R Edwards

Griffith: D McGowan 9, S Ruyg 2, P Rowston, G Argus

Best: Temora: K Fairman, D Hale, R Harper, D Breed, T Byrnes

Griffith: G Collins, B Davis, D McGowan, D Files, P Rowston

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, R Burdett, M Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, G Argus, T Fraser, T Butcher, M Kenny, Myles Bunn, J Reid, C Files (19 only)

Reserves: Temora 7.12 (54) d Griffith 6.6 (42)

Goals: B Browne 3, B Hammond 2, A King

Best: C Bretherton, B Hathaway, G Collis, S Collis, M Cameron

Under 18: Griffith 14.16 (100) d Temora 2.3 (16)

Goals: B Harrison 5, M Thompson 3, N Campbell 2, D Ashcroft 2, K Collins, R Savage

Best: B Harrison, M Thompson, G Simpkin, K Collins

Round 12 - Sunday July 9, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ................. 5.3 .. 10.7 .. 12.8 .. 14.13 (97)

Ganmain-GGM ... 2.2 .. 5.2 .. 10.4 .. 17.6 (108)

Goals: Griffith: D McGowan 5, S Ruyg 2, G Weetra 2, M Cox, B Davis, D Moran, J Bennett, D Files

GGGM: M Walsh 5, J McPherson 5, S Carroll 3, J Crozier 2, N Carroll, M Carroll

Best: Griffith: G Collins, T Butcher, P Rowston, D Files, B Davis, M Olney

GGGM: G Menzies, A Carroll, D Logan, M Steele, J McPherson, M Walsh, M Addinsall

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, M Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, T Fraser, M Burke, M Kenny, M Cox, M Olney*, C Files, D Moran, T Butcher, Myles Bunn

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 8.12 (60) d Griffith 7.7 (49)

Goals: B Hammond 2, A King 2, A O'Keefe, S Collis, R Telfer

Best: J Vaccari, A McCashney, R Burdett, S Collis, R Telfer

Under 18: Ganmain-GGM 13.7 (85) d Griffith 2.10 (22)

Goals: G Vaccari

Best: G Vaccari, K Collins, S Davies, A Sara, G Simpkin


Round 13 - Sunday July 16, 1995 at Maher Oval 2.10pm

Turvey Park ... 3.3 .. 8.8 .. 9.11 .. 11.12 (78)

Griffith ............ 2.3 .. 4.3 .. 5.5 .. 8.8 (56)

Goals: Turvey Park: M Hewitt 4, P Gribble 3, T Melican 3, D Isaac

Griffith: M Cox 3, S Ruyg 2, D McGowan, Myles Bunn, G Argus

Best: Turvey Park: W Sykes, G Vardanega, M Holgate, G Weidemann, T Stratton, S Rainbird

Griffith: M Cox, B Davis, P Rowston, G Collins, S Ruyg

Griffith: S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, D Moran, C Conlan, J Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, G Argus, T Butcher, Myles Bunn, T Fraser, M Cox, M Kenny, M Olney, G Collis*

Reserves: Turvey Park 10.6 (66) d Griffith 5.3 (33)

Goals: A King, M Burke, R Irvin, R Burdett, M Cameron

Best: D Tuohey, C Bretherton, S Collis, R Burdett, B Hathaway, M Cameron

Under 18: Griffith 6.4 (40) d Turvey Park 2.10 (22)

Goals: D Clark 2, B Harrison, A Poole, S Serafin, 1 unknown

Best: S Serafin, A Poole, B Harrison, K Duncan, K Collins

Round 14 - Sunday July 23, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith .................. 1.3 .. 9.6 .. 10.11 .. 14.14 (98)

Mangoplah-CU .... 2.4 .. 4.6 .. 6.8 .. 10.11 (71)

Goals: Griffith: S Ruyg 5, D McGowan 5, G Weetra 2, J Bennett, M Cox

MCU: D Cole 3, B Hawke 2, T Lloyd, W Popdmore, P Mohr, W Jones, A Armstrong

Best: Griffith: D Files, M Cox, J Bennett, R Burdett, D McGowan

MCU: B Roberson, D Galvin, W Podmore, A Armstrong, N Lawson, D Cole

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, C Conlan, J Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, T Butcher, R Burdett, Myles Bunn, T Fraser, M Cox, M Kenny, M Olney, G Collis

Reserves: Griffith 18.16 (124) d Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd 2.2 (14)

Goals: B Harrison 3, R Telfer 3, S Cochrane 3, J Barry 3, A O'Keeefe 2, A McCashney, R Irvin, M Burke

Best: R Telfer, B Hathaway, R Irvin, C Bretherton, C Files, A McCashney

Under 18: Griffith 7.10 (52) d Mangoplah-Cookaradinia Utd 3.8 (26)

Goals: B Harrison 3, J Collier, D Clark, A Sara, G Vaccari

Best: G Vaccari, B Furner, A Sparks, K Collins, S Davies


Round 15 - Sunday August 6, 1995 at Gumly Oval 2.10pm

East Wagga-Kooringal ... 1.2 .. 4.5 .. 5.7 .. 6.9 (45)

Griffith ............................... 6.3 .. 11.7 .. 16.13 .. 20.20 (140)

Goals: EWK: J Naumann 2, J Charlton, M Fabre, P Hull, B Suckling

EWK: S Ruyg 6, G Weetra 3, T Butcher 3, J Bennett 2, D Tuohey 2, D McGowan, G Argus, M Cox, P Rowston

Best: EWK: B Suckling, D Graham, J Baulch, N East, J Naumann

Griffith: P Rowston, B Davis, M Kenny, G Collins, G Weetra

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, D Moran, C Conlan, J Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, T Butcher, R Burdett, T Fraser, M Cox, M Kenny, D Tuohey*, G Argus

Reserves: Griffith 15.20 (110) d East Wagga-Kooringal 4.2 (26)

Goals: J Reid 5, B Hammond 3, R Irvin 2, B Harrison 2, C Files, Myles Bunn, S Collis

Best: R Telfer, C Bretherton, C Files, Myles Bunn, I Geddes

Under 18: Griffith 9.5 (59) d East Wagga-Kooringal 6.8 (44)

Goals: D Ashcroft 4, N Campbell 2, M Thompson, D Clark, S Davies

Best: K Collins, G Simpkin, D Ashcroft, G Vaccari, S Serafin

Round 16 - Sunday August 13, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ............................. 7.8 .. 19.13 .. 22.17 .. 32.19 (211)

Collingullie-Ashmont ... 0.2 .. 0.2 .. 0.6 .. 5.6 (36)

Goals: Griffith: D McGowan 11, S Ruyg 5, J Bennett 4, G Weetra 3, T Butcher 3, B Davis 2, P Rowston 2, R Burdett, G Collins

Coll-Ash: D Meyers, K Hanna, B McLachlan, P Piecy, Todd Gunning

Best: Griffith: C Conlan, P Rowston, M Cox, M Kenny, D McGowan, R Burdett

Coll-Ash: R Meyers, K Johnston, Troy Gunning, B Pearson, K Hanna, C Smith

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, D Moran, C Conlan, J Reid, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, T Butcher, R Burdett, T Fraser, M Cox, M Kenny, D Tuohey, M Reid

Reserves: Griffith 23.17 (155) d Collingullie-Ashmont 1.4 (10)

Goals: B Hammond 6, R Telfer 5, M Burke 3, B Browne 3, R Irvin, A McCashney, C Bretherton, 3 Unknown

Best: R Telfer, C Files, R Irvin, C Bretherton, M Burke, J Warden

Under 18: Griffith 12.11 (83) d Collingullie-Ashmont 9.5 (59)

Goals: M Olney 4, A Sara 2, B Harrison 2, T Hulm 2, K Collins, M Thompson

Best: B Furner, N Campbell, A Sara, M Olney, S Serafin


Round 17 - Sunday August 20, 1995 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm

Griffith ................. 3.2 .. 5.5 .. 11.6 .. 11.10 (76)

Wagga Tigers ..... 1.1 .. 6.3 .. 7.6 .. 12.7 (79)

Goals: Griffith: D McGowan 3, G Weetra 2, B Davis, S Ruyg, T Butcher, J Bennett, M Cox, D Files

Wagga: A Hamilton 5, M Hundy 2, S Wilson, R Jackson, P J Irvine, T Daniher, J Morton

Best: Griffith: P Rowston, C Conlan, M Kenny, D Moran, G Weetra

Wagga: G Regan, T Daniher, A Hamilton, J Morton, J Samuelson, M Hundy

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, D Moran, C Conlan, R Burdett, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, T Butcher, Myles Bunn, M Cameron, M Cox, M Kenny, D Tuohey, M Reid

Reserves: Wagga Tigers11.16 (82) d Griffith 10.6 (66)

Goals: B Browne 2, M Burke 2, B Hammond 2, Shane Best 2, R Irvin, A McCashney

Best: C Bretherton, I Geddes, R Telfer, M Burke, Shane Best

Under 18: Griffith 8.11 (59) d Wagga Tigers 6.8 (44)

Goals: M Olney 3, S Serafin 2, K Collins, B Harrison, T Hulm

Best: S Serafin, N Campbell, G Simpkin, K Collins, M Olney


Round 18 - Sunday August 27, 1995 at McPherson Oval 2.10pm

North Wagga ... 3.6 .. 10.9 .. 14.10 .. 19.13 (127)

Griffith ............. 3.4 .. 8.5 .. 12.9 .. 13.14 (92)

Goals: North Wagga: Paul M Irvine 3, C Irvine 3, G Crouch 2, M Hoogveet 2, B Page 2, R Ellis 2, J Gregory, J Raczkowski, S Lefoe, J Ross, S Macklin

Griffith: D McGowan 5, G Weetra 3, M Cox 2, S Ruyg 2, 1 short

Best: North Wagga: S Macklin, Paul M Irvine, C Irvine, M Parmenter, S Withers, G Crouch

Griffith: M Cameron, B Davis, P Rowston, D Moran, J Bennett

Griffith: G Weetra, S Ruyg, P Rowston (c-c), J Bennett, D Moran, C Conlan, R Burdett, B Davis, O Geddes, G Dreyer, D McGowan, G Collins, D Files, T Butcher, M Kenny, M Cameron, M Cox, G Argus, D Tuohey, R Telfer

Reserves: Griffith 7.10 (52) d North Wagga 5.10 (40)

Goals: I Geddes 4, Myles Bunn 2, C Files

Best: I Geddes, Myles Bunn, C Files, C Bretherton, M Reid

Under 18: Griffith 23.18 (156) d North Wagga 1.0 (6)

Goals: B Harrison 8, D Clark 4, C Rawle 3, M Olney, K Duncan, D Ashcroft, K Collins, N Campbell

Best: D Ashcroft, R Savage, M Clarke, M Olney, K Collins, B Harrison

1995 RFL NETBALL Ladders

A grade: Temora 68, Wagga Tigers 64, Turvey Park 64, Leeton-Whitton 44, Ganmain-GGM 44; Narrandera 40, Collingullie-Ashmont 28, Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd 24, East Wagga-Kooringal 16, Griffith 14, Coolamon 12, North Wagga 12.

B grade: Narrandera 64, Turvey Park 64, Temora 48, Wagga Tigers 48, Coolamon 38; Leeton-Whitton 30, Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd 24, East Wagga-Kooringal 18, Ganmain-GGM 16, Collingullie-Ashmont 14, North Wagga 8.

C grade: Narrandera 50, Turvey Park 48, Ganmain-GGM 38, Temora 36, Leeton-Whiiton 32; Coolamon 20, North Wagga 12, East Wagga-Kooringal 8, Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd 4.

Juniors U15's: Narrandera 36, Ganmain-GGM 32, Griffith 24, Temora 20, Leeton-Whitton 12, Turvey Park 8 Coolamon 4.

Qualifying Final - Saturday September 2, 1995 at Ganmain Sportsground

Wagga Tigers ... 3.4 .. 10.10 .. 17.11 .. 19.15 (129)

Temora .............. 5.4 .. 6.5 .. 10.8 .. 12.11 (83)

Goals: Wagga: Adrian Hamilton 4, Anthony Watson 4, Robbie Jackson 3, Andrew Priest 3, Danny Jaques 2, Gerard Pieper, Simon Wilson, Paul Byrne

Temora: Robbie Harper 4, Tim Byrne 3, Wayne McLennan 2, Andrew Derrick 2, Ross Devereaux

Best: Wagga: Gerard Pieper, Grant Regan, Andrew Priest, Adrian Hamilon, Danny Jaques, Anthony Watson

Temora: Robbie Harper, Damien Hale, Tim Byrne, Bruce Thompson, Wayne McLennan, Ken Fairman

Umpires: --------. Gate: $4786

Reserves: Turvey Park 16.13 (109) d Wagga Tigers 10.11 (71)

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 9.10 (64) d Griffith 5.15 (45)

Goals: Griffith: Brent Harrison 2, Craig Rawle 2, Steven Serafin

Best: Griffith: Steven Serafin, Rodney Savage, Bill Furner, Kane Duncan, Glenn Vaccari


Elimination Final - Sunday September 3, 1995 at Leeton Showground

Griffith ................. 5.1 .. 7.7 .. 15.13 .. 15.16 (106)

Ganmain-GGM ... 3.2 .. 6.7 .. 7.7 .. 9.10 (64)

Goals: Griffith: Dean McGowan 6, Shane Ruyg 5, Greg Collins 2, Mathew Cox, Jamie Bennett

GGGM: Mark Carroll 3, Jason McPherson 2, Troy Lenon, John Lawton, Damien Carroll, Murray Hamblin

Best: Griffith: Brett Davis, Greg Collins, Danny Files, Don Moran, Jamie Bennett, Phillip Rowston, Shayne Ruyg

GGGM: Nick Carroll, Luke Carroll, Michael Walsh, John Lawton, Jason Hamblin, Mark Carroll

Griffith: Gabriel Weetra, Shane Ruyg, Phillip Rowston (c-c), Jamie Bennett, Don Moran, Chris Conlan, Brett Davis, Owen Geddes, Greg Dreyer, Dean McGowan, Greg Collins, Danny Files, Gary Argus, Tony Butcher, Tim Fraser, Mark Cameron, Rick Burdett, Mathew Cox, Daniel Tuohey, Matthew Kenny

Umpires: ----------. Gate: $6079

Reports: P. Rowston for striking in second quarter - cleared.

Reserves: Ganmain-GGM 14.13 (97) d Leeton-Whitton 13.10 (88)

Under 18: Ganmain-GGM 10.9 (69) d Collingullie-Ashmont 8.9 (57)


First Semi Final - Saturday September 9, 1995 at Narrandera Sportsground

Temora ..... 5.3 .. 9.6 .. 15.9 .. 18.10 (118)

Griffith ....... 7.3 .. 13.6 .. 14.8 .. 17.13 (115)

Goals: Temora: Robbie Harper 10, Wayne McLennan 3, Andrew Derrick, Bruce Thompson, Damien Hale, Daniel Breed, Paul McKelvie

Griffith: Gary Argus 6, Shane Ruyg 5, Mathew Cox 2, Brett Davis 2, Jamie Bennett, Greg Collins

Best: Temora: Robbie Harper, Damien Hale, Andrew Derrick, Wayne McLennan, Aaron Tyndall, Ross Devereaux

Griffith: Rick Burdett, Daniel Tuohey, Shane Ruyg, Brett Davis, Gary Argus, Phillip Rowston

Griffith: Gabriel Weetra, Shane Ruyg, Phillip Rowston (c-c), Jamie Bennett, Don Moran, Chris Conlan, Brett Davis, Owen Geddes, Greg Dreyer, Dean McGowan, Greg Collins, Danny Files, Gary Argus, Tony Butcher, Tim Fraser, Mark Cameron, Rick Burdett, Mathew Cox, Daniel Tuohey, Mathew Kenny

Umpires: -----------. Gate: $5203

Reserves: Wagga Tigers 16.10 (106) d Ganmain-GM 15.10 (100)

Under 18: Griffith 7.18 (60) d Ganmain-GGM 7.8 (50)

Goals: Griffith: Duane Ashcroft 2, Damon Clark 2, Stuart Davies, Kevin Collins, Rodney Savage

Best: Griffith: Steven Serafin, Bill Furner, Kevin Collins, Adam Sara, Rodney Savage, Stuart Davies


Second Semi Final - Sunday September 10, 1995 at Maher Oval

Turvey Park ....... 3.1 .. 5.4 .. 10.8 .. 16.10 (106)

Wagga Tigers ... 5.1 .. 10.2 .. 12.4 .. 19.18 (122)

Goals: Turvey Park: Warren Sykes 3, Pat Gribble 2, Tony Melican 2, Michael Hewitt 2,Guy Weidemann 2, Glenn Vardanega 2, Darren Turner, Shayne Weidemann, Tony Stratton

Wagga: Paul Byrne 5, Adrian Hamilton 3, Russell Durnan 3, Andrew Priest 2, Grant Regan 2, Steven Priest, Robbie Jackson, Ray Colvin, Terry Daniher

Best: Turvey Park: Mark Mooney, Stephen Woods, Warren Sykes, Matt Holgate, Guy Weidemann, Nigel Smith

Wagga: Grant Regan, Terry Daniher, Glenn Treacy, Paul Byrne, Adrian Hamilton, Robbie Jackson

Umpires: ----------. Gate: $7768

Reserves: Narrandera 13.15 (93) d Turvey Park 13.8 (86)

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 13.8 (86) d Turvey Park 8.12 (60)


Preliminary Final - Sunday September 17, 1995 at Ganmain Sportsground

Turvey Park ... 5.3 .. 9.7 .. 14.9 .. 17.14 (116)

Temora ......... 3.1 .. 7.3 .. 9.8 .. 12.13 (85)

Goals: Turvey Park: Michael Hewitt 7, Pat Gribble 5, Glenn Vardanega 2, Darren Turner, Troy Maiden, Shayne Weidemann

Temora: Robbie Harper 4, Andrew Derrick 3, Shane Ponter 2, Daniel Breed, Aaron Tyndall, Damien Hale

Best: Turvey Park: Scott Bourne, Warren Sykes, Tony Melican, Shayne Weidemann, Dale Lewington, Michael Hewitt

Temora: Shane Ponter, Robbie Harper, David Broomby, Andrew Derrick, Wayne McLennan

Umpires: -------- Gate: $6608

Reserves: Turvey Park 12.20 (92) d Wagga Tigers 11.9 (75)

Under 18: Griffith 10.9 (69) d Turvey Park 6.12 (48)

Goals: Griffith: Brent Harrison 4, Adrian Sparks 2, Norm Campbell 2, Damon Clark 2

Best: Griffith: Bill Furner, Glenn Vaccari, Kevin Collins, Steven Serafin, Gavin Simpkin, Matt Olney

Grand Final - Sunday September 24, 1995 at Narrandera Sportsground

Wagga Tigers ... 3.0 .. 7.1 .. 12.1 .. 15.7 (97)

Turvey Park ...... 2.6 .. 9.9 .. 11.11 .. 12.13 (85)

Goals: Wagga: Anthony Watson 4, Terry Daniher 3, Adrian Hamilton 2, Jason Morton, Simon Wilson, Russell Durnan, Andrew Priest, Clay Barber, Unknown

Turvey Park: Guy Weidemann 4, Warren Sykes 2, Shayne Weidemann 2, Brett Hewitt, Tony Melican, Pat Gribble, Dale Isaac

Best: Wagga: Paul Irvine, Anthony Watson, Danny Jaques, Mathew Hundy, Gerard Pieper, Jason Samuelson

Turvey Park: Matt Holgate, Pat Gribble, Glenn Vardanega, Warren Sykes, Guy Weidemann, Tony Melican

Wagga Tigers: Jason Samuelson, Stephen Schultz, Paul J Irvine; Grant Regan, Anthony Watson, Glenn Treacy; Mathew Hundy, Jason Morton, Robbie Jackson; Adrian Hamilton, Terry Daniher (c-c), Steven Priest; Andrew Priest, Russell Durnan, Ray Colvin; Danny Jaques, Gerald Pieper, Simon Wilson; Warick Brown, Clay Barber

Turvey Park: Darren Wallett, Mark Mooney, Nigel Smith; Warren Sykes, Guy Weidemann, Stephen Woods; Scott Bourne, Shayne Weidemann, Darren Turner; Tony Melican, Pat Gribble (c-c), Dale Lewington; Daniel Toose, Michael Hewitt, Tony Stratton; Matt Holgate, Glenn Vardanega, Troy Maiden; Dale Isaac, Brett Hewitt

Umpires: Brett Webb, A Toy (AUL). Gate: $13,412

Reserves: Turvey Park 19.18 (132) d Narrandera 9.8 (62)

Under 18: Wagga Tigers 14.8 (92) d Griffith 9.12 (66)

Goals: Griffith: Norm Campbell 3, Stuart Davies 2, Damon Clark 2, Kevin Collins, Duane Ashcroft

Best: Griffith: Steven Serafin, Matt Olney, Glenn Vaccari, Adam Sara, Troy Hulm

Netball - A grade: Temora v Wagga Tigers; B grade: Temora v Narrandera; C grade: Turvey Park v Narrandera; Juniors U15's: Narrandera v Ganmain-GGM.



Seniors: Best & Fairest - Jim Quinn Medal

23 - Damien Graham (East Wagga-Kooringal); 18 - Jason Morton (Wagga Tigers); 17 - Nick Carroll (Ganmain-GGM); 13 - Matthew Addinsall (Ganmain-GGM), Chris Whelan; 12 - Danny Baxter (Leeton-Whitton), Paul Irvine (North Wagga), Terry Daniher (Wagga Tigers), Shayne Weidemann (Turvey Park); 11 - Greg Collins, Brett Davis (Griffith), Wayne McLennan (Temora); 10 - Danny Galvin (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Robbie Harper (Temora); 9 - Brett Pearson (Collingullie-Ashmont), Gary Argus (Griffith), Craig Seton (Leeton-Whitton), Glen Cole (Narrandera), Ken Fairman (Temora); 8 - Jason Baulch (East Wagga-Kooringal), Phillip Rowston (Griffith), Daniel Breed, Damien Hale (Temora), Pat Gribble, Dale Lewington, Warren Sykes (Turvey Park), Gerald Pieper (Wagga Tigers); 7- Jamie Bennett (Griffith), Brian Hawke (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Graham Hart (Narrandera), Chris Irvine (North Wagga), Tony Melican (Turvey Park); 6 - John Vearing (Narrandera), Sean LeFoe, Mark Parmenter (North Wagga), Troy Maiden, Guy Weidemann (Turvey Park), Mathew Hundy, Danny Jaques (Wagga Tigers); 5 - Doug Bruckner, Wayne Stevens (Collingullie-Ashmont), Bryan Buchanan (Coolamon), Mark Carroll, Michael Walsh (Ganmain-GGM), Gabriel Weetra (Griffith), Michael Hopwood, Matthew Wooden (Narrandera), Wayne Skeers (North Wagga), Ross Deveraux (Temora), Michael Hewitt, Stephen Woods (Turvey Park), Glenn Treacy (Wagga Tigers); 4 - Kyle Johnston (Collingullie-Ashmont), John Anderson, Greg McKelvie (Coolamon), Barry Suckling, Michael Ziebell (East Wagga-Kooringal), Mathew Cox (Griffith), Anthony Armstrong, Peter Mohr (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Simon Absolom, Peter Bloomfield, Jeremy Bourke (Narrandera), Michael Hoogevelt, Brett Page (North Wagga), Tim Byrne, Dallas McKelvie (Temora), Glen Vardanega (Turvey Park), Russell Durnan, Paul Irvine (Wagga Tigers), 3 - Colin Hanna (Collingullie-Ashmont), Warren McLoughlin (Coolamon), Mitchell Dubojski (East Wagga-Kooringal), Glenn Evans, John Lawton, Jason McPherson, Brad Smith (Ganmain-GGM), Chris Conlan, Scott McCutcheon (Griffith), Laurie Andrews, Rodney Boots, Darren Vanzetta (Leeton-Whitton), Wayne Podmore, Stephen Wheeler (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Heath Hopwood, Jay Norden, Mark Quilter (Narrandera), Dick Carey, Scott Macklin (North Wagga), Matthew Derrick, Craig Morton (Temora), Matthew Holgate, Darren Turner (Turvey Park), Jason Samuelson (Wagga Tigers); 2 - Nathan East (East Wagga-Kooringal), Luke Carroll, Jamie Crozier (Ganmain-GGM), Malcolm Burke, Tony Butcher, Dean McGowan (Griffith), Gary Blum, Daryl Clayton, Shane Till (Leeton-Whitton), Wade Jones, Edward Lloyd (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Glen Nielsen, Steven Rose, Brett Wadelton (Narrandera), Tom Weetra (Temora), Mark Mooney, Scott Rainbow (Turvey Park), Matthew Gooden, Adrian Hamilton (Wagga Tigers); 1 - Chris Jordon, Paul Kew (Collingullie-Ashmont), Alex Manley, Andrew Pattison, Neil Pleming (Coolamon), Mark Blundell, Lee Bourne, Jamie Charlton, Tom Gorham, Ken McPherson, Jeremy Naumann (East Wagga-Kooringal), Troy Lenon, Scott Lawton, David Logan, Dennis Walsh (Ganmain-GGM), Ricky Maybon, Peter Sheehan (Leeton-Whitton), William Lloyd (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Chris Smith (Narrandera), Phil Irvine, Brendan Nilson, John Raczkowski (North Wagga), Victor Dunn, Paul McKelvie, Darren Walker (Temora), Daniel Toose (Turvey Park), Corey Bocking, Andrew Priest, Grant Regan (Wagga Tigers).

Reserves - Frank Gaynor Medal

15 - Garry Hoffman (Turvey Park); 13 - Steve McMahon (Leeton-Whitton), Matthew Harrison (Narrandera); 11 - Paul Harris (Ganmain-GGM), Ben Nimmo (Turvey Park); 10 - Malcolm Burke (Griffith), Shane Bloomfield (Narandera), Glen Hartwig (Temora), Warick Brown, Jason Schultz (Wagga Tigers). Other Griffith players to receive votes were: 9 - Ian Geddes; 7 - Brent Hathaway; 5 - Craig Bretherton, Adam Browne; 5 - Brad Hammond; 3 - Myles Bunn, Danny Files, Brenton Harrison, Adam King, Richard Telfer; 2 - Steve Cochrane, David Gee; 1 - Justin Barry, Andrew McCashney, Tim Whitney, Paul Woolnough.

Under 18 - Lou Brown Medal

17 - Danny Millman (Wagga Tigers); 16 - Sam Roberts (Coolamon); 15 - Brad Aiken (Collingullie-Ashmont), Scott Crozier (Ganmain-GGM); 14 - Brad Wild (East Wagga-Kooringal), Kevin Collins (Griffith), Steven Ryan (North Wagga), Daniel Toose (Turvey Park); 13 - Brad Mattingly (Coolamon), Lee Bourne (East Wagga-Kooringal); 12 - David Goesch (Temora), Jamie Bourne (Turvey Park), Jarrod Twitt (Wagga Tigers). Other Griffith players to receive votes were: 11 - Brenton Harrison, Matthew Olney; 7 - Steven Serafin; 6 - Matthew Kenny; 5 - Aaron Poole; 4 - Bill Furner; 3 - Michael Elliott; 2 - Troy Hulm, Adam Sara; 1 - Daniel Best, Damon Clark, J Collier, Kris Duncan, Craig Rawle.

Seniors: Top Goalkickers (h/a) - Kiesling Trophy

83 - Dean McGowan (Griffith); 82 - Jeremy Bourke (Narrandera); 80 - Daniel Breed (Temora); 75 - Jamie Charlton (East Wagga-Kooringal); 63 - Darren Brookes (Leeton-Whitton), Michael Hewitt (Turvey Park); 59 - Robbie Harper (Temora); 54 - Terry Daniher (Wagga Tigers); 53 - Shane Ruyg (Griffith), Pat Gribble (Turvey Park); 46 - Jason McPherson (Ganmain-GGM); 45 - Graham Hart (Narrandera); 41 - Peter Bloomfield (Narrandera), Dale Lewington (Turvey Park); 39 - Russell Durnan (Wagga Tigers); 37 - Gabriel Weetra (Griffith); 31 - Barry McLachlan (Collingullie-Ashmont); 29 -Kane Johnstone (Turvey Park); 28 - Jamie Bennett (Griffith), Tony Melican (Turvey Park); 27 - Darren Cole (Mangoplah-Cookardinia Utd), Matthew Wooden (Narrandera); 26 - Bryan Buchanan (Coolamon), Mark Carroll (Ganmain-GGM); 25 - Adrian Hamilton (Wagga Tigers).

Reserves - Griggs Trophy

67 - Darryl Lawson (Turvey Park); 47 - Brad Hammond (Griffith); 43 - Andrew Corbett (Ganmain-GGM); 40 - Michael Fraser (Leeton-Whitton); 38 - Paul Byrne (Wagga Tigers); 33 - Mark Clark (Narrandera).

Under 18 - Dalco Trophy

60 - Wes Kendall (Turvey Park); 47 - Brenton Harrison (Griffith); 39 - Steve Ruskin (Ganmain-GGM); 38 - Leith Mills (Collingullie-Ashmont); 37 - Steun Motbey (Wagga Tigers).

Media - Milton's Gear Player of the Year: Jason Morton (Wagga Tigers)

Club Championships: Turvey Park

Netball Best & Fairest

A grade: Andrea Stevens (Leeton-Whitton); B grade: Fiona Lawrence (Narrandera);

C grade: Amanda Cameron (Coolamon); Juniors: Shanna Brill (Ganmain-GGM).

Miss RFL Girl of the Year

Gabrielle Sheather (Mangoplah-Cookardinia United)


Debuts: April 9 - Owen Geddes, Scott McCutcheon, Aaron O'Keefe, Jason Vaccari, Gabriel Weetra; April 14 - Dean McGowan; April 23 - Dean Jamieson; April 30 - Matthew Kenny; May 14 - Don Moran; June 11 - Norman Campbell; July 9 - Matthew Olney; July 16 - Glenn Collis; August 6 - Daniel Tuohey.

Final Games / Goals: Brendan Browne (53 / 2), Rick Burdett (122 / 14), Scott Collis (10 / 1), Christian Files (15 / 3), Danny Files (58 / 40), Owen Geddes (18 / 0), Andrew McCashney (9 / 3), Scott McCutcheon (5 / 2), Dean McGowan (19 / 89), Jamie Reid (36 / 2), Richard Telfer (3 / 0), Vason Vaccari (7 / 0), Gabriel Weetra (19 / 37).


Reserves: Justin Barry 5, Rodney Best 1, Shane Best 2, Craig Bretherton 1, Brendan Browne 18, Myles Bunn 5, Rick Burdett 2, Malcolm Burke 13, Tony Butcher 3, Mark Cameron 1, Glenn Ceccato 0, Steve Cochrane 3, Kevin Collins 0,  Glenn Collis 0, Scott Collis 4, Steve Cunial 1, Greg Dreyer 1, Christian Files 8, David Gee 1, Ian Geddes 4, Brad Hammond 48, Brenton Harrison 5, Brent Hathaway 9, Mark Henderson 3, David Hosking 0, Ron Irvin 6, Dean Jamieson 0, Adam King 19, Issac Klaube 0, Brett McAlister 0, David McCarthy 1, Andrew McCashney 9, Scott McDermott 6, Don McMillan 0, Chris Noack 0, Dominic Norman 0, Brian O'Donnell 2, Aaron O'Keefe 5, Chris Scobie 0, Greg Supple 0, Jamie Reid 5, Mohamed Teffaha 0, Richard Telfer 14, Daniel Tuohey 2, Scott Wade 0, Jason Vaccari 1, John Warden 0, Tim Whitney 3, Paul Woolnough 1, S Wright 1. Coach: Craig Bretherton.


Under 18: Duane Ashcroft 30, Daniel Best 0, Matthew Bunn 0, Norm Campbell 13, Damon Clark 18, J. Collier 1, Kevin Collins 6, Stuart Davies 4, Kane Duncan 4, Rodney Duncan 0, Michael Elliott 0, Bill Furner 2, Trevor Giacomelli 0, Brenton Harrison 51, Troy Hulm 4, Matthew Kenny 0, Dean Leask 8, Matthew Olney 23, Aaron Poole 1, Craig Rawle 5, Matthew Reid 1, Matthew Rovere 0, Michael Rudd 1, Adam Sara 4, Rodney Savage 2, Steven Serafin 5, Gavin Simpkin 1, Adrian Sparks 8, Matthew Thompson 11, Glenn Vaccari (capt) 5, Barney Whalan 0. Coach: Terry Bennett.


Friday, 6th October, 1995 at Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club

Major Sponsor: Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club


Senior grade

Best & Fairest: Phillip Rowston

Most Consistent: Mathew Cox

Most Improved: Matthew Kenny

Best Utility (Fergie King Memorial): Tony Butcher

Best in Finals: Brett Davis

Most Goals Kicked: Dean McGowan

Coach’s Award: Owen Geddes

Special Award: Phillip Rowston - (Coca Cola)

Reserve grade

Best & Fairest: Richard Telfer

Most Consistent: Ian Geddes

Most Improved: Glenn Collis

Best Utility: Brent Hathaway

Most Goals Kicked: Brad Hammond

Coach’s Award: Don Coleman

Special Award: Craig Bretherton - (Steve Knox)

Under 18's

Best & Fairest: Matthew Olney - (Spencer and Bennett)

Most Consistent: Kevin Collins

Most Improved: Bill Furner

Best Utility: Norman Campbell

Best in Finals: Steven Serafin

Most Goals Kicked: Brenton Harrison

Coach’s Award: Trevor Giacomelli

Special Award: Kane Duncan - (Don Best)

Most Promising Player (Ronnie Williams Trophy): Adam Sara

Encouragement Award (Fred Owen Memorial Shield): Glenn Vaccari

Rookie of the Year (Gloria Butcher Memorial): Stuart Davies


A grade

Best & Fairest: Karen Conlan


Most Improved:


Best & Fairest: Tanya Olney

Runner-up: Jane Collis

Most Improved: Kelly Coleman


Most Conscientious Player/Clubperson (Joan Hicks Memorial): Craig Bretherton

Club Person of the Year (Bill Simmons Memorial): Barry Sidlow

Life Membership: Terry Bennett & Ffiona Beverley


Rowston takes two at Swans presentation

By Brian Files

Griffith Swans captain coach Phillip Rowston was expecting to receive one award at Friday's presentation but ended up taking home two of night's trophies.

Rowston had been selected as the winner of the firsts best and fairest award but on Friday also received a Special Award.

Recipients in other grades for the Special Awards were Craig Bretherton reserve grade and Kane Duncan, under 18's.

Bretherton also took out the Joan Hicks Memorial trophy which is presented to the most conscientious player or club person.

Friday's presentation night was held at the Ex-Servicemen's Club and also saw two life membership awarded.

They went to Terry Bennett, reserve grade coach and committee member, and Ffiona Beverley, who is club treasurer.

In first grade, Mat Cox took out the most consistent player award while Matt Kenny received the award for most improved player. Others to receive awards were Tony Butcher for best utility and Dean McGowan for most goals kicked.

In reserves, Richard Telfer was selected as best and fairest, Ian Geddes was most consistent, Glen Collis most improved, Brent Hathaway best utility and the most goals trophy went to Brad Hammond.

Matthew Olney was the winner of the best and fairest trophy for the under 18 while the most consistent player was Kevin Collins, most improved was Billy Furner, Norm Campbell took out thee best utility award and Brent Harrison kicked the most goals for the season.

The most promising player award went to Adam Sara while Glen Vaccari received the Fred Owen Memorial Shield for the under 18 encouragement award.

Special coaches awards for most reliable and dedicated players went to Owen Geddes in the first grade, Don Coleman in second grade and Trevor Giacomelli in the under 18's.

Barry Sidlow received the Bill Simmons Memorial trophy for the best clubperson of the year and Stewart Davies was presented with the Gloria Butcher Memorial award for Rookie of the Year.

Brett Davis, firsts and Steven Serafin, under 18's, received Best in Finals awards.

Presentations were also made to the juniors in the netball competition.

They went to Tanya Olney for best and fairest, runner-up was Jane Collis and most improved player was Kelly Coleman.

The Area News - Monday, October 9, 1995