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 1970 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 31, 1970 - No. 8 

By Swan: There is no doubt that, had they been racehorses, the Griffith players last Sunday would have been swabbed.

Their improvement from the third quarter (hopeless) to the fourth when they played like Collingwood had to be seen to be believed.

All's well that ends well, however, and three wins makes it a good day for the Swans.

All three teams had their good players with possibly Sid Robins (Firsts), Joe Whyte (Seconds) and Ian Hamilton (Thirds).

Good news is that Bill Tyndall and Bruce Forbes should be back in the Firsts today, while John Foley may also be available.

Bill Tyndall, who after injury, played with the Seconds last week, had some good fortune just after the game.

Word reached the ground that his house was on fire but when, after a quick trip, he and others got there and the fire, thanks to neighbours, was under control with little damage done.

Bill was noticed buying lottery tickets on Monday. It seems likely that Angie Maloni will also be back with the Swans soon.

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