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 1963 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 5, 1963 - No. 4

By Neil Griggs: You didn't need a ready reckoner to tally up our goals in the quagmire at Whitton last Sunday.

That 2-6 (18) would be our lowest total for many years, and if the box-on had happened earlier, the score may have improved, for our players showed much more spirit after the "incident" in the last quarter.

Fred (Mundy) isn't eligible for weekly shirt award, which went to Bob Spears, who went very well in the second half.

John Snaidero showed he is a good mud-runner with a good display until he was injured early in the third quarter and had to be replaced - just when he was on his way to winning his first shirt.

For a change, the seconds won their game at the start, kicking four goals in the first ten minutes, before the ball became waterlogged.

Frank Knox won the Second 18 shirt award, but was closely pressed as a soccer player by John Forbes and John Langlands.

Two newcomers, John Lane and John Langlands, played their first game with the seconds and both showed that it won't be too long before they are in the 1st 18.

Congratulations to John Deaton for his umpiring of the 2nd 18 game; he easily took the whistle blowing honours of the day.

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