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 1961 SEASON 
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SWANS CLUB NOTES: The Aussie Ruler August 6, 1961 - No 16.

Another exciting game pleased our big band of supporters, and the teams are assured of a big following in the remaining games.

Centre half-back, John Anderson was under notice in the first half with some fantastic marking, but playing too much behind his man, fell off a little in the second half, although he still rated one of the best afield.

Best goal of the day was Jim Eley's in-swinger from the point post - an almost impossible angle.

The switch of Ray Davies and Doug Geddes paid big dividends, as each played splendidly in their new possie, to rate amongst the team's best.

Our Seconds turned in one of their best displays for their easy win, but in contrast to last week just couldn't kick goals, and the margin should have been doubled, as many of the 23 behinds were from easy range.

Kevin Luhrs, from Leeton, had his first game with us in the Second XVIII, and when he settles down promises to be a decided asset.

Bill Tyndall, Mick Newman and Frank Conlan, in Melbourne last week to receive attention from Bill Mitchell at South Melbourne, met Don Keyter, on the same errand and, of course, a few words were said!

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