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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: The Aussie Ruler June 7, 1964 - No. 8 

By Neil Griggs: Although the rain kept away it was bad luck conditions were so bad underfoot for last Sunday's Inter-League games, as a grand exhibition seemed assured.

The SWDFL players had the incentive to win and did so, and despite "wise words" from the critics it seems unlikely there will be many changes in the team for June 14.

Our three players, Vic Hathaway, Ian Crewes and Len Sexton, played well and should hold their places, and will likely be joined by Bob Little, possible the best ruckman on the day. Bill Biron also rucked well and could also be considered.

We had a lot of good players against Coolamon in the last competition game, with possibly the best being John Foley, Ian Crewes and John Walsh. Peter Morris caused some worry with his leg injury, but visited Melbourne at the weekend and reported fit on Monday. Although only a few of our seconds played well, the team nevertheless played well against Coolamon and had a big win to hit top place on percentage. They will need to be on their toes, however, to retain their place with three tough games coming up.

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By Neil Griggs

Griffith players certainly ran into a torrid game at Ardlethan last Sunday and although Ian Crewes and Ron Pattison had to be replaced, the team was lucky to get off so lightly. Reports that the Ardlethan team had been repositioned was certainly correct and they were reorganised very astutely with most of the Griffith key men well spotted. Ardlethan's man-play and strong arm tactics didn't pay very good dividends as invariably following a skirmish the umpires awarded Griffith a free kick obviously ruling the home team the aggressor. At times, Ardlethan played brilliantly and if they concentrated more on football tempered with a little vigour, if they feel it necessary, they could eventually develop into a team they were expected to be at the start of the season.


If ever a player earned a special "High Mark" it was Griffith captain-coach Peter Morris, who last Sunday at Ardlethan gave one of the finest exhibitions of resolute play and inspiring leadership seen in the SWDFL. Although he had an experienced rover in Vic Hathaway to replace the injured Ian Crewes, Peter had a lot of extra responsibility when Ian went off in the first ten minutes. He seemed to have a magnetic attraction for most of Ardlethan's big men and was buffeted from pillar to post but he was too experienced and in nearly every case his "spotter" came off second best. Peter was always kept pretty busy protecting young players such as Brauman and Booth but still found time to turn in a classic display of brilliant and constructive football.


John Foley scored the possible scored the possible 9 points on Sunday in the Ron Dalla-Daroff suit award with Sid Robins scoring 4, John Walsh 3 and Vic Hathaway 2. As a result of this clean sweep John Foley on 26 has moved away to a comfortable lead over Vic Hathaway 19, John Walsh 15, Jim Eley 13 and Bill Biron 9 in the competition for this very worthwhile trophy.


Griffith ruckman Bob Little at Ardlethan last Sunday really showed that his selection in the SWDFL championship team was justified by turning in a brilliant and sustained effort that must have made him a strong contender for the Best Player award. Bob has steadily improved to top form and only has to continue in present vein to be a big driving force in Griffith's challenge for the premiership. Many local fans incidentally see a likeness to Don Keyter in Bob, so watch for similar characteristics the next time you see him in action.


There does not seem much likelihood of Tom Carroll or Ian Crewes playing for the SWDFL in the championship semi-final at Narrandera, and with Bill Kember and Ian Gillett also in doubt there could le quite a lot of reorganisation necessary before the team takes the field for this vital game. Whitton's versatile rover George Williams is an able replacement, if needed for Crewes, but the other three spots may not be so easily filled if the need arises.


The Griffith second 18 gave a very disappointing performance against Ardlethan last Sunday and by their defeat dropped from first to fourth position, which they hold on percentage only from Turvey Park. The Griffith team will have to do much better if they hope to stay in the four but they were without quite a few good players last Sunday and should improve when back at full strength. Newcomer Tony Collins gave a pleasing display and it will not be long before he is knocking on the first 18 door.


Former keen Griffith fan Des O'Dwyer, now of Sydney, is at present home on holidays and as has been his custom over the past couple of years, donated a trophy for the best and fairest Griffith player at Ardlethan last Sunday. The trophy, a pair of Julius Marlow shoes, was won by centre half back John Walsh who, pleased with the award, regarded it also as most opportune as he was about to invest in new shoes.


The Col. Longobardi Point Score awards were keenly contested at Ardlethan but Vic Hathaway and Ray Smith maintained their lead in the first and second 18's respectively. First 18 points allotted were Vic Hathaway, Sid Robins and John Foley 5 each, John Walsh 3, Don Best, Les Collis 2 and Peter Booth and Gordon Browne 1 each. Col. Geddes received the possible 6 in the second 18 game and was followed by Tony Collins 4, Allan Anderson, Bob Smyth, Fred Gambell, Bob Carroll 3 each, and John Forbes and Ray Smith 1 each.

Riverina Advocate - Wednesday June 10, 1964

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