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 1972 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 30, 1972 - No. 16 

By Swan: Coolamon coupled size and strength with football ability last Sunday in their successful blitz of the Swans, were almost at a "plucked duck" stage at the final siren.

After being imminent for quite some time the bubble eventually burst midway through the second quarter when a fierce all-in fracas occurred in a matter of a few minutes, followed by another and it seemed Terry Reilly of TV Ringside may have to be called to replace umpire Cameron, who showed lack of experience in this sort of situation and could possibly have averted the two matters with a few more tunes on his whistle.

Fortunately, we came through a tough game fairy well with ruckman Noel Haase the only likely doubtful starter for today's big game.

Our share in the day's honours came with wins in the Seconds and Thirds and we hope to have all three teams, once again, in the finals, although the Thirds have a pretty tough progamme ahead.

Out trophy winners for the Coolamon battle were Firsts (Griffith Co-op Society) Roger Thom; Seconds (Bob Carroll's Menswear) Kevin Vaughan; Thirds (Socks award) Ian Wood. 

Coolamon notes (By Grasshopper): Last Sunday's game should have convinced those critics who said Coolamon couldn't play a hundred minutes of sustained football. Several interesting individual duels around the ground - Ron Moylan and Sid Robins, with Moylan a clear winner; Bruce Forbes and Peter Elliott with the decision going to Forbes and last but not least, the mighty midget, Paul "Snow" Maloney and diminutive Griffith winger, David Simmons - in this case I think a draw would be a fair decision - ball players all of them and good to watch. Lance "Dolly" Crocker was again in superb form at fullback and kept the bearded Jackson down to the very modest total of two goals.

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