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 1958 SEASON 
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by Neil Griggs

New Look (27/3/58)
Thanks to the generosity of the Ladies Auxiliary, both Griffith eighteen's will be "spick and span" for the first competition game in new guernseys provided by the hard working ladies. After taking the ladies for granted for some years most players last season began to appreciate their worth to the Club and generally offered some assistance.

New Voice (3/4/58)
The Griffith Cub is fortunate to have such a man as Dick Bitcon to replace Jack Luhrs and the well known crystal ball in the weekend previews of facts and form over RADIO 2RG. This very popular session which is now on air each Saturday evening at 7.30 pm commenced last Saturday and Dick with his first Aussie Rules Preview aroused much favourable comments by his clear and concise presentation.

Bright Opening (17/4/58)
Well the season opened at Griffith Showground last Sunday with a bang. For such a grand exhibition to be turned on in the first home game brought smiles to the faces of the Griffith Club committee despite the loss of premiership points to Narrandera.
Officials are confident that if their team continues to play such brilliant football they will have no worries for the season and spectators will really get their money's worth.

Assets (17/4/58)
The Griffith team includes five new players on Sunday, and all will undoubtedly prove an acquisition to the team and the Club. Rovers, Ernie Perry and Tim Clarke were always busy around the rucks, whilst Les Collis did a good job at full forward on a redoubtable opponent.

Ian Gill played well all day and his kicking off from full back was a treat to watch, and Col. Pannan too, performed creditably in his position on the wing.

Selectors O.K. (24/4/58)
Anyone seeing Vic Hathaway standing by as 19th man for Griffith at Ardlethan, last Sunday, could have been excused for wondering if Griffith selectors had gone ga-ga. However, the truth of the matter was that Vic arrived back from Collingwood after the team had been selected and the selectors rightly retained the chosen eighteen. The absence of Bill Biron provided the chance for Vic to come in as 19th, and when Tim Clarke retired in the second quarter with an injured thumb, he was replaced by Vic who now that he is back in Griffith again will add further strength to the team for coming games.

Well Deserved (8/5/58)
Billy Tyndall won the award for the best and fairest Griffith and fully merited the honour. Probably the fittest in the team Billy after a hard game was still going strongly at the finish. Roving, he was always busy around the packs and when resting on the half forward line he caused Leeton's Owen Lyons a lot of worry with his pace and agility.

Could Come Soon (15/5/58)
While quite a few of the First XVII players apparently out of form - the form of the Seconds players is being closely watched and one that must come into consideration in the Second's captain, Bob Carroll. Bob has been revealing grand form at full back with the Second team and his promotion could release Ian Gill for some necessary bolstering further down field. 

Pays Off (15/5/58)
That an unblemished record does pay dividend must be now fully realised by "Big Bill" Heath who fronted the Judiciary for striking Bob Spears during Leeton's game at Griffith, got off with a one week suspension. Some Griffith players after the game said that Griffith would have fared a lot better if the umpire had missed Bill's indiscretion. According to them Bill was so upset at having his number taken that he did his block and started to kick goals from everywhere.

Not Finished Yet (5.6.58)
The play of Ted Thompson, Whitton's full back was a big feature in his team's success last Sunday as he out marked and outplayed a succession of Griffith forwards and then, in the last exciting minute, came from nowhere to upset Vic Hathaway easy kick, the success of which would have meant a Griffith victory. Referred to in the programme as a veteran, Ted, apparently was out to prove that there is still plenty of life in some of the "old dogs" and he certainly succeeded.     

Welcome Back 19/6/58)
The news that Jack Luhrs and family will shortly take up residence in Griffith once again, was welcomed by all Aussie Rules followers in the area. Jack did a mighty job for the code with his broadcasts, previews, etc and undoubtedly offer his assistance when he returns.
It is not known if his famous crystal ball is still in existence but Dick Bitcon, however, seems to be forecasting pretty well and may decide to carry on without its aid.  

Bright Future (26/6/58)
A bright future in Australian Rules is foretold by many keen judges for Gordon Browne. Gordon, a newcomer to the Griffith district, is only a junior yet, but his form on the playing field already has a touch of class. Playing for the Griffith Seconds last Sunday he constantly came under notice with nice movements and nothing seems surer than that it will not be too many years before he is a regular with the first eighteen

 Allens Laid On (10/7/58)
Three Allen's figured prominently in all best players lists of the Riverina team against the Ovens and Murray last Sunday.
Two, Don of Leeton, and Arthur of Ardlethan are cousins but Tom from Griffith has a different family tree.
The three fully justified their places in the team and with many selected stars playing poorly it was a little ironical that one of the best players, Don Allen only came into the eighteen as a replacement for a chosen player.
Tom Allen again gave an impressive display and answering every call of his captain played with distinction in many positions and his resolute determination was in direct contrast to the half-hearted efforts of many of his teammates.    
High Flying (24/7/58)
Spectators at Matong last Sunday witnessed some of the best high marking of the season, with several players of both teams up for very high for spectacular marks. Honours of the day went to Don Bitcon who was unbeaten all day. Don was best player afield, and thrilled the crowd with his spectacular leaps for sure marks. Bill Biron was another impressive high flyer for Griffith, while Vic Hathaway, though perhaps not quite as spectacular was very sure and certain with his marks and was rarely beaten.
The Uniteds, too, had some grand men in the air in Rod Walsh, Pat Curry and Dud Mattingly and all contributed a great deal to make the game a grand exhibition and spectacle. 

No Fun (31/7/58)
Standing on the boundary last Sunday was not fun for Griffith coach Tom Allen, who reckons its much tougher than playing.
Griffith's dazzling first quarter burst had Tom smiling broadly, but as the Bulldogs settled down, the smile disappeared, and Tom's anxiety had him on the march. However, all things considered, the team did all that was expected of them, and with Tom back again on Sunday they hope to add another four premiership points to their rather meagre tally by defeating Whitton. 

Good Performance (14/8/58)
One of the most polished footballers in the Griffith team, Mick Newman, played one of his best games of the year against Ganmain.
Opposed to the pacy Gerald Carroll, Mick secured more than his share of kicks and his long kicks or accurate passes provided many opportunities for the forwards. The Griffith Club is fortunate to have such a grand centre line trio as Mick, Vic Hathaway and Kevin Savage. 

Closed Doors (14/8/58)
The grand game on Sunday provided so much interest that very few left the ground before the final siren.
Popular Club committeeman and staunch supporter, Bill Fielder, greatly overstayed his leave pass in the hope of seeing a Griffith victory but the "Tucker Box" was still there when he finally arrived. Bill and his good wife Rosalie are very keen supporters of the code and the Griffith Club, and are members of the committee and Ladies Auxiliary respectively. Rosalie, in fact is Secretary of the ladies organisation, which according to William is the worst thing that has happened to him as it very much curtails his attendance at the games - but you can't have everything. 

Swan Song (21/8/58)
Ted Feltwell after ten years with the Griffith team played his last game for the club on Sunday at Leeton. In his sojourn at Griffith, Ted played 160 games with the Club and has scored more than 300 goals. His dynamic dashes around the goal mouth always aroused considerable interest and the team will be  poorer by his absence. Now nearing the veteran stage, Ted is undecided whether to line up with a Sydney team next year. Incidentally Ted's first game for the Griffith team ten years ago (1948) was also against Leeton and after last Sunday's exhibition they are his tip to take out the seasons honours.

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