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IN: Odey Biron (Beelbangera), Tim Clarke (Shepparton), Les Collis (Beelbangera), Ian Gill (Dookie College), Colin Holt (Beelbangera), Colin Pannan (Barellan-Binya), Ernie Perry (Officer).

OUT: Don Best (Beelbangera), W Dempster (Willaura), Peter Guild (Turner, ACT), Terry Wood.

In his annual report  presented at the annual general meeting on Tuesday night, March 4, Mr. Noble Guild, President of the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club, said that on the whole the past year had been a successful one.
On the field of play both teams had performed with credit right throughout the season; financially the Club had had a successful year, but not so much so as to permit any complacency amongst the committee and members, while socially several very happy functions had catered very well for players and members.
Continuing, Mr. Guild said it was very pleasing to see the members of the team together in summer sports. The Aust. Rules cricket team apparently possessed few players of test match standard, but it was well served its purpose well.
The Aussie Rules players, however, were much the fore in the Basketball competition, providing many of that sport's top ranking players.
Mr. Guild spoke highly of the service given by the coach, Tom Allen, whom he said besides working with enthusiasm and purpose with the players, had also given wholehearted support in the activities of the club. 
During the year the club had lost two fine supporters in Mr. and Mrs. Jack Luhrs, but it was hoped someone would come along to take their place.
The general committee had worked well together throughout the year and in conjunction with the members of the Ladies Auxiliary and the Social Committee had contributed much to the harmony and success of the season.
In conclusion, Mr. Guild thanked everyone who had helped the Club in any way, either physically financially or mentally during the year and hoped that even more more support and co-operation would be forthcoming in the new season to make it better and brighter than ever before.         (Riverina Advocate - Thursday March 13, 1958)  

Round 1 - Sunday April 13, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ............ 3.1 .. 7.5 .. 9.6 .. 16.6 (102)

Narrandera ... 5.2 .. 9.7 .. 12.11 .. 16.11 (107)

Goals: Griffith: E Feltwell 5, T Allen 4, L Collis 4, A Biron, T Clarke, W Tyndall

Narrandera: B Mulholland 4, J Bean 4, G Cassimatis 3, E Male 2, K Osmond, L Dunne, R Hyde

Best: Griffith: C O'Brien, E Perry, W Tyndall, I Gill, R Burgoyne, D Hurst

Narrandera: R Turner, S Sargent, J Deaton, A Boyle, E Male, K Osmond

Griffith: Chas O'Brien, Ian Gill*, John Diggelmann; Jim Fielder, Bob Spears, Bob Tyndall; Col Pannan*, Don Bitcon, Mick Newman*; Bill Tyndall, Tom Allen (c-c), Ernie Perry*; Bill Biron, Les Collis*, Ted Feltwell; Rod Burgoyne, Don Hurst, Tim Clarke*; Vic Ledwidge, Bruce Young

Narrandera: John Deaton, Alex Boyle (c-c), Ron Hazelman; Brian Keighran, Stan Sargent, Ian Hinchley; Cedric Briggs, Russ Turner, T Watt; Keith Osmond, Leo Dunne, Jim Hornby; Jim Bean, B Mulholland, George Cassimatis; Eric Male, Ray Stockton, Reg Hyde; Don Durnan, Jim Sheather

Umpire: F Humphries (VFL). Gate: £81/16/-

Reserves: Griffith 5.12 (42) d Narrandera 2.8 (20)

Best: O Biron, T Blair, R Carroll, D Maples, N Tyndall, J Ford

Round 2 - Sunday April 20, 1958 at Ardlethan Recreation Ground 2.45pm

Ardlethan ... 2.1 .. 7.2 .. 9.4 .. 13.8 (86)

Griffith ....... 6.6 .. 10.10 .. 14.12 .. 16.15 (111)

Goals: Ardlethan: L Collins 6, R Armstrong 3, R Stewart, D Murrell, J Thompson, K Brill

Griffith: T Allen 4, L Collis 3, E Feltwell 3, J Fielder 2, T Clarke, D Bitcon, D Hurst, W Tyndall

Best: Ardlethan: F Thompson, J Thompson, A Allen, F Martin, B Carroll, L Collins

Griffith: T Allen, D Bitcon, C O'Brien, V Ledwidge, C Pannan, R Spears

Griffith: C O'Brien, I Gill, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, C O'Brien; C Pannan, D Bitcon, M Newman; W Tyndall, T Allen, D Hurst; J Fielder, L Collis, E Feltwell; R Burgoyne, E Perry, T Clarke; V Hathaway, J Diggelmann

Umpire: George Hamid (VFL)

Reserves: Ardlethan 5.8 (38) d Griffith 5.7 (37)

Best: J Forbes, M Newman, R Maskiell, V O'Dwyer, C Holt, D Maples

Round 3 - Sunday April 27, 1958 at Mirrool Oval 2.45pm

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 2.4 .. 4.6 .. 12.10 .. 13.13 (91)

Griffith ........................ 4.2 .. 6.4 .. 9.7 .. 15.13 (103)

Goals: AP-M: B Sculley 4, P Quade 3, W Brown 2, J Mickelson 2, J Quade, B Pleming

Griffith: E Feltwell 7, T Clarke 3, T Allen 2, A Biron, D Bitcon, W Tyndall

Best: AP-M: B Sculley, P Quade, J Quade, Bernie Bryce, A MacKenzie, J Mickelson

Griffith: R Spears, T Clarke, W Tyndall, R Burgoyne, E Feltwell

Griffith: V Hathaway, I Gill, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, C O'Brien; M Newman, D Bitcon, C Pannan; W Tyndall, T Allen, R Burgoyne; E Perry, L Collis, E Feltwell; A Biron, J Fielder, T Clarke; D Hurst, O Biron*, J Diggelmann

Umpire: J D Martin (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 8.10 (58) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 3.4 (22)

Round 4 - Sunday May 4, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ...... 2.1 .. 7.2 .. 8.4 .. 10.8 (68)

Leeton ...... 2.9 .. 5.9 .. 13.17 .. 17.18 (120)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 4, E Feltwell 4, E Perry, D Hurst

Leeton: W Heath 8, J Fuller 2, G Mullenger 2, D Lyons 2, M McAliece 2, L Stockton

Best: Griffith: W Tyndall, M Newman, R Spears, R Burgoyne, E Feltwell

Leeton: R Harris, W Booth, G Mullenger, N Stockton, M Stiller

Griffith: Vic Hathaway, Jim Fielder, John Lockhart*; Bob Tyndall, Bob Spears, Chas O'Brien; Ian Gill, Don Bitcon, Mick Newman; Bill Tyndall, Tom Allen (c-c), Rod Burgoyne; Ernie Perry, Les Collis, Ted Feltwell; Bill Biron, Don Hurst, Tim Clarke; Odey Biron, Vince O'Dwyer

Leeton: Len Blackett, Gus Dalitz, Neil Stockton; Owen Lyons, Ron Harris, Eddie Allen; Merv Stiller, Bill Booth, Brian Fell; Jim Curry, Des Lyons, Jim Fuller; Max McAliece, Bill Heath, Des Howe; George Mullenger (c-c), Les Stockton, Don Allen; Bob McFarlane, Barry Swasbrick

Umpire: S J Dundas (VFL).

Reports: Bill Heath for striking Bob Spears - 1 game suspension). Gate: £120/3/6

Reserves: Leeton 7.10 (52) d Griffith 2.8 (20)

Round 5 - Sunday May 11, 1958 at Kindra Park 2.45pm

Coolamon .... 5.4 .. 8.8 .. 11.13 .. 17.17 (119)

Griffith ......... 3.1 .. 7.3 .. 8.4 .. 11.7 (73)

Goals: Coolamon: T Tipping 4, B Browne 3, T Patterson 3, J Reid 2, T O'Brien 2, R Hilton, T Keogh, T Weir

Griffith: E Feltwell 5, L Collis 2, T Clarke, J Fielder, D Bitcon, R Burgoyne

Best: Coolamon: M Reid, R Hilton, K Pleming, T Keogh, J Buchanan, B Browne

Griffith: R Spears, R Burgoyne, V Hathaway, T Clarke, E Perry, I Gill

Griffith: C O'Brien, I Gill, J Lockhart; R Tyndall, R Spears, D Bitcon; E Perry, V Hathaway, M Newman; W Tyndall, A Biron, R Burgoyne; J Fielder, L Collis, E Feltwell; D Hurst, T Allen, T Clarke; K Savage, V Ledwidge

Umpire: J McPherson (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 9.11 (65) d Coolamon 4.8 (32)

Best: R Carroll, B Young, J Diggelmann, O Biron, T Blair

Round 6 - Sunday May 18, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.35pm

Griffith .............................. 2.2 .. 5.5 .. 10.6 .. 12.7 (79)

Grong Grong-Matong .... 3.1 .. 4.4 .. 7.8 .. 11.13 (79)

Goals: Griffith: D Bitcon 3, E Feltwell 3, T Clarke, R Burgoyne, L Collis, D Hurst, T Allen, A Biron

GG-M: D Mattingly 3, G Mack 2, C Wines 2, M Pieper 2, B Rava, L Quinn

Best: Griffith: E Perry, V Hathaway, A Biron, T Allen, R Burgoyne, R Spears

GG-M: G Mack, R Walsh, C Wines, J Etherington, J Doherty

Griffith: J Fielder, I Gill, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, C O'Brien; E Perry, V Hathaway, M Newman; W Tyndall, T Allen, R Burgoyne; L Collis, D Bitcon, E Feltwell; A Biron, D Hurst, T Clarke; K Savage, J Diggelmann

Grong Grong-Matong: Dud Mattingly, Pat Curry, Pat Quinn; A Smith, Rod Walsh, Gordon Jones; Stan Tolsher, John Doherty, Les Wall; Peter Sheather, Don McQualter, J Etherington; Bruce Rava, Clinton Wines (c-c), Rody Hogan; Merv Pieper, Laurie Quinn, George Mack; Mick Stuart, L Ratcliffe

Umpire: W R Andrew (VFL). Gate: £64/8/6

Reserves: Griffith 9.13 (67) d Grong Grong-Matong 4.4 (28)

Best: J Lockhart, J Forbes, R Carroll, C Holt, O Biron

Round 7 - Sunday May 25, 1958 at Bolton Park 2.45pm

Turvey Park .... 1.3 .. 8.6 .. 12.6 .. 15.11 (101)

Griffith ............. 7.1 .. 7.3 .. 14.3 .. 17.4 (106)

Goals: Turvey Park: G Kingston 4, N McLennan 4, F Berry 3, N Morrow, P Reid, R Burge, G Murphy

Griffith: D Bitcon 6, W Tyndall 6, T Allen 3, T Clarke, J Lockhart

Best: Turvey Park: N McLennan, F Arrowsmith, J Keating, G Nye, G Murphy, J Mulqueeney, C Baker

Griffith: C O'Brien, R Spears, D Hurst, A Biron, E Perry, D Bitcon, W Tyndall

Griffith: J Fielder, I Gill, V Ledwidge; R Carroll, R Spears, C O'Brien; E Perry, V Hathaway, M Newman; L Collis, T Allen, A Biron; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, J Lockhart; R Burgoyne, D Hurst, T Clarke; C Holt*, J Forbes*

Umpire: A W Eastwood (VFL). Gate: £93

Reserves: Turvey Park 5.2 (32) d Griffith 4.5 (29)

Best: K Savage, C Pannan, B Young, R Tyndall, J Diggelmann

Round 8 - Sunday June 1, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ..... 5.9 .. 7.10 .. 10.16 .. 12.17 (89)

Whitton .... 4.1 .. 7.3 .. 11.6 .. 14.7 (91)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 5, A Biron 2, J Lockhart, W Tyndall, D Hurst, V Hathaway, E Perry

Whitton: M Gibbs 3, E Williams 3, L Mitchell 2, G Tuckett 2, I Williams 2, J Tuckett, G Williams

Best: Griffith: T Allen, A Biron, E Perry, L Collis, V Hathaway, M Newman

Whitton: E Thompson, I Williams, E Williams, L Mitchell, M Tuckett, P Dunn

Griffith: J Fielder, V Ledwidge, O Biron; R Tyndall, R Spears, C O'Brien; B Young, V Hathaway, M Newman; L Collis, T Allen, W Tyndall; E Perry, D Bitcon, J Lockhart; A Biron, D Hurst, T Clarke; C Holt, C Pannan

Whitton: Les Thompson, Ted Thompson, W Delves; Bob Painting, Edwin Williams, Neville Williams; Colin 'Peter' Campbell, Pat Dunn, John Tuckett; Trevor Hyde, Max Tuckett, George Williams; Max Gibbs, Len Mitchell (c-c), Garry Tuckett; Ossie DeMamiel, M Tongs, Ian Williams; Graham 'Red' Kelly, Noel Kelly

Umpire: N Price (VFL). Gate: £69/0/3

Reserves: Griffith 11.10 (76) d Whitton 1.3 (9)

Best: C Pannan, C Holt, K Savage, V O'Dwyer, R Carroll

Round 9 - Sunday June 8, 1958 at Ganmain Sportsground 2.45pm

Ganmain ..... 2.2 .. 6.3 .. 13.6 .. 16.10 (106)

Griffith ........ 3.4 .. 5.7 .. 8.8 .. 11.10 (76)

Goals: Ganmain: K Gleeson 6, A Brill 2, J Connolly 2, Garry Carroll 2, Gerald Carroll, T Carroll, W Carroll, A Hetherington

Griffith: E Perry 3, L Collis 3, B Young 2, T Clarke 2, W Tyndall

Best: Ganmain: F Crouch, N Thompson, Gerald Carroll, J Connolly, R McPherson, A Roy, Garry Carroll

Griffith: T Allen, R Tyndall, O Biron, L Collis, K Savage, E Perry, V Hathaway

Griffith: R Tyndall, V Ledwidge, O Biron; J Diggelmann, R Spears, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; J Fielder, T Allen, B Young; T Clarke, D Bitcon, W Tyndall; D Hurst, L Collis, E Perry; C Holt

Umpire: F Humphries (VFL)

Reserves: Ganmain 6.9 (45) d Griffith 5.4 (34)

Best: R Maskiell, F Gambell, D Maples, Gilbert, C Holt

Round 10 - Sunday June 15, 1958 at Narrandera Sportsground 2.45pm

Narrandera .... 3.1 .. 7.6 .. 8.11 .. 12.14 (86)

Griffith ........  .. 4.3 .. 5.4 .. 5.5 .. 6.8 (44)

Goals: Narrandera: D Durnan 4, B Waters 3, S Sargent, J Bloomfield, J Deaton, J Bean, A Boyle

Griffith: J Fielder 2, W Tyndall 2, E Perry 2

Best: Narrandera: A Jackson, B Waters, C Briggs, A Boyle, L Dunn, E Male

Griffith: L Collis, T Allen, E Perry, V Hathaway, R Tyndall, V Ledwidge

Griffith: R Tyndall, V Ledwidge, O Biron; J Diggelman, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; J Fielder, T Allen, B Young; T Clarke, D Bitcon, W Tyndall; D Hurst, C Holt, E Perry; I Gill, J Lockhart

Umpire: Nisbet (VFL). Gate: £126

Reserves: Narrandera 8.11 (59) d Griffith 4.5 (29)

Best: J Forbes, C Cooper, F Gambell, D Maples, C Owen

Round 11- Sunday June 22, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith .......... 0.5 .. 6.10 .. 7.13 .. 9.20 (74)

Ardlethan .... 2.2 .. 4.2 .. 8.4 .. 12.5 (77)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 5, J Fielder, E Perry, D Bitcon, V Hathaway

Ardlethan: L Collins 3, J Pursehouse 3, A Allen, S Wykes, F Martin, J Thompson, R Armstrong, Barry Carroll

Best: Griffith: L Collis, V Hathaway, R Tyndall, T Allen, R Carroll, J Fielder

Ardlethan: F Martin, A Allen, L Allen, R Armstrong, D Slater, J Thompson

Griffith: R Carroll, R Tyndall, O Biron; J Diggelmann, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; J Fielder, T Allen, B Young; T Clarke, K Browne*, W Tyndall; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; R Burgoyne, V Ledwidge

Ardlethan: Ray Smith, Fred Thompson, Fin Martin; Des Popple, Frank Allen, Les Allen; John Kelly, Stan Wykes, John Stout; Neville Clark, Lance Collins (c-c), Don Slater; Robert Armstrong, Barry Carroll, Merv Smith; Jack Thompson, Tom Taig, Arthur Allen; John Pursehouse, Bob Henry

Umpire: Jones (VFL). Gate: £61/15/9

Reserves: Griffith 5.9 (39) d Ardlethan 3.1 (19)

Round 12 - Sunday June 29, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith .......................... 4.2 .. 8.11 .. 12.14 .. 18.19 (127)

Ariah Park-Mirrool .... 3.2 .. 6.6 .. 10.15 .. 11.18 (84)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 4, T Clarke 4, W Tyndall 3, D Hurst 3, E Perry 2, V Ledwidge, J Fielder

AP-M: B Pleming 3, B Sculley 3, W Brown 2, P Quade, Bev Bryce, J Mickelson, T Preston

Best: Griffith: V Hathaway, T Allen, R Tyndall, W Tyndall, D Hurst, E Perry

AP-M: B Sculley, B Pleming, N Breust, W Dunn, T Preston, Bev Bryce

Griffith: R Carroll, R Tyndall, O Biron; F Gambell, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; J Fielder, T Allen (c-c), R Burgoyne; T Clarke, A Biron, W Tyndall; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; V Ledwidge, J Diggelmann, B Young

Ariah Park-Mirrool: L Dougan, Bernie Bryce, R Prentice; Frank Gaynor, Bob Howard, Neville Breust; B Breust, Bevan Bryce, Bill Dunn; C Hawkins, Bernie Pleming, Joe Mickleson; Brian Walker, Bernie Sculley (c-c), Bill Brown; Pat Quade, Allan Mackenzie, Tom Preston

Umpire: Bill Terrill (VFL). Gate: £43/14/-

Reserves: Griffith 12.8 (80) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 4.7 (31)

Best: J Diggelmann, R Maskiell, V Ledwidge, J Forbes, B Young

Centenary Exhibition Match - Sunday July 6, 1958 at Leeton Showground

Riverina ................. 0.1 .. 4.5 .. 8.10 .. 14.15 (99)

Ovens & Murray ... 7.5 .. 14.6 .. 17.9 .. 21.11 (137)

Goals: Riverina: D Lyons 4, B Sculley 4, E Male 3, W Heath, M Pieper

Ovens & Murray: R Rose 7, B Condon 3, J Deane 3, M Newth 2, A Forrester 2, F Hodgkin 2, D Smith, A Smith

Best: Riverina: T Allen, R Burge, D Allen, F Conlan, A Allen, B Sculley, E Male, D Lyons

Ovens & Murray: R Rose, J Deane, B Condon, M Newth, L Clark, K Mack, A Forrester, D Ellison, J Holloway

Riverina: Peter Reid (TP), Garry Kew (Cool), Frank Conlan (Barellan); Tom Allen (Grif), Malcolm Reid (Cool), Rex Burge (TP); Ian Logan (Gan), Vince O'Dwyer (Tullibigeal), Arthur Allen (Ard); Eric Male (Narr), Des Lyons (Leet), Des O'Connell (Osborne); Merv Pieper (GG-M), Bill Heath (Leet), Don Allen (Leet); Pat Quade (AP-M), Leo Dunne (Narr), Bernie Sculley (AP-M, capt); Peter Wilson (Boree Creek), Neil Thomson (Beckom)

Ovens & Murray: Neil Maggs, Kevin Mack (Wang), Len Clark (Ben); G Barton (M), Don Ellison (WR), J Holloway; R McNamara (M), Jim Deane (M), Les Gregory (WR); Brian Forrester (Yarw), Bob Rose (WR), John Lee (Yarw); Arthur Smith (WR), Frank Hodgkin (M), Alan Forrester (Yarw); Brian Condon (WR), Denis Smith (M), Max Newth (WR); Alan Bell (WR), Delwyn Williams

Umpire: Dudley Ridley (VFL). Gate: £467/-/-

Schoolboys: Ganmain Zone 9.16 (70) d Leeton Zone 8.3 (51)

Goals: Leeton Zone: J Bloomfield 3, S Fell 2, K Farrell, N Diebert, J Asmus

Best: Ganmain Zone: Garry Murphy, B O'Reilly, Charlie Harrison, David Iverach, Ray Pieper, Joe Crouch

Leeton Zone: Charlie Head, Doug Gladman, John Asmus, J Kidman, P Carrachi, Jim Bloomfield

Round 13 - Sunday July 13, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ............ 2.2 .. 3.8 .. 6.8 .. 9.11 (65)

Coolamon ...... 5.4 .. 10.7 .. 13.7 .. 19.11 (125)

Goals: Griffith: D Bitcon 5, T Allen, L Collis, W Tyndall, A Biron

Coolamon: T Patterson 6, T Weir 3, T Tipping 3, T O'Brien 2, R Peiper, M Reid, N Thompson, R Harris, B Pattison

Best: Griffith: D Bitcon, K Savage, F Gambell, T Clarke, V Hathaway, A Biron

Coolamon: T Keogh, K Pleming, T Weir, T Patterson, J Buchanan, B Browne

Griffith: R Carroll, R Tyndall, O Biron; F Gambell, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; J Fielder, T Allen, B Young; T Clarke, A Biron, W Tyndall; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; V Ledwidge, J Diggelmann

Coolamon: Pat Keogh, Garry Kew, Neville Thompson; Jack Buchanan, Tony Keogh, John McKelvie; Ron Hilton, Kevin Pleming, Bernie Pattison; Brian Browne, T. 'Bob' Patterson, Ray Pieper; Ray Harris, Tom O'Brien, Trevor Tipping; Mal Reid, John Reid, Tom Weir (capt); Mal Anderson, Keith Black

Umpire: Manning (VFL). Gate: £63/1/-

Reserves: Griffith 9.6 (60) d Coolamon 7.6 (48)

Best: R Maskiell, E Feltwell, P Ellis, C Holt, C Cooper, G Browne

Round 14 - Sunday July 20, 1958 at Matong Sportsground 2.45pm

Grong Grong-Matong ..... 3.1 .. 7.4 .. 11.10 .. 13.15 (93)

Griffith .............................. 2.4 .. 5.8 .. 7.12 .. 11.13 (79)

Goals: GG-M: C Wines 4, W Walsh 3, R Walsh 2, P Curry, Smith, L Quinn, M Pieper

Griffith: E Feltwell 5, T Clarke 2, T Allen 2, P Ellis, D Bitcon

Best: GG-M: D Mattingly, P Curry, P Hogan, L Quinn, J Doherty, M Pieper

Griffith: D Bitcon, A Biron, V Hathaway, K Savage, E Feltwell, R Tyndall

Griffith: R Carroll, R Tyndall, O Biron; F Gambell, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; J Fielder, T Allen, P Ellis*; T Clarke, A Biron, E Feltwell; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; J Diggelmann, C Holt

Umpire: J W Shand (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 6.15 (51) d Grong Grong-Matong 3.0 (18)

Best: C Cooper, L Maples, B Young, R Maskiell, P Ellis

Round 15 - Sunday July 27, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith .............. 6.2 .. 9.6 .. 13.6 .. 14.10 (94)

Turvey Park .... 4.5 .. 13.8 .. 16.11 .. 20.18 (138)

Goals: Griffith: E Perry 3, D Bitcon 3, T Clarke 2, E Feltwell 2, D Hurst 2, A Biron, C O'Brien

Turvey Park: R Scott 8, N McLennan 3, J Nolan 2, G Kingston 2, P Reid 2, D Przbilla 2, G Murphy

Best: Griffith: D Bitcon, K Savage, J Fielder, D Hurst, V Hathaway, E Perry

Turvey Park: F Arrowsmith, N Morrow, D Przbilla, N McLennan, G Kingston, R Scott

Griffith: R Carroll, L Collis, O Biron; J Diggelmann, F Gambell, P Ellis; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; W Tyndall, J Fielder, T Clarke; C O'Brien, A Biron, E Feltwell; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; V Ledwidge, C Cooper

Turvey Park: Geoff Nye, Tom Murphy, Ron Langridge; Bob Thomson, Rex Burge, Jack Keating; Fred Arrowsmith, Noel Morrow, Lou Cox; Norm McLennan, Geoff Kingston, John Nolan; Pat Harrison, Ray Scott (c-c), Don Przbilla; Peter Reid, Don Baker, Garry Murphy

Umpire: J M Beck (VFL). Gate: £49/9/6

Reserves: Turvey Park 11.8 (74) d Griffith 7.8 (50)

Best: C Pannan, V Ledwidge, G Browne, B Young, R Heir

Round 16 - Sunday August 3, 1958 at Whitton Recreation Ground 2.45pm

Whitton .... 5.9 .. 7.15 .. 10.23 .. 16.25 (121)

Griffith ..... 1.1 .. 4.2 .. 4.3 .. 7.5 (47)

Goals: Whitton: E Williams 7, C Campbell 2, T Hyde 2, I Williams 2, P Dunn, R Painting, M Gibbs

Griffith: D Bitcon 4, J Fielder, T Allen, W Tyndall

Best: Whitton: P Dunn, T Hyde, N Williams, E Williams, C Campbell, E Thompson

Griffith: K Savage, E Perry, J Fielder, D Bitcon, M Newman, O Biron

Griffith: R Carroll, V Ledwidge, O Biron; J Diggelmann, L Collis, P Ellis; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; T Allen, A Biron, T Clarke; E Feltwell, J Fielder, W Tyndall; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; B Cobden, K Browne

Umpire: Jack Gray (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 9.9 (63) d Whitton 0.8 (8)

Best: T Wright, B Cobden, P Ellis, G Browne, C Pannan

Round 17 - Sunday August 10, 1958 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ....... 7.3 .. 10.4 .. 14.7 .. 15.8 (98)

Ganmain .... 2.1 .. 9.8 .. 10.10 .. 18.13 (121)

Goals: Griffith: D Bitcon 3, E Perry 3, J Fielder 2, T Allen 2, K Browne, W Tyndall, T Clarke, E Feltwell, V Hathaway

Ganmain: K Gleeson 7, W Carroll 4, T Carroll 3, A Carroll, R McPherson, D Carroll, F Crouch

Best: Griffith: D Bitcon, E Perry, K Savage, J Fielder, V Hathaway, M Newman, T Allen

Ganmain: W Carroll, W Manning, T Carroll, A Roy, J Connolly, A McPherson, Garry Carroll

Griffith: R Carroll, R Burgoyne, B Cobden; J Diggelmann, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; O Biron, T Allen, T Clarke; E Feltwell, J Fielder, W Tyndall; D Hurst, D Bitcon, E Perry; C Holt, K Browne

Ganmain: Wallace Manning, Norm Thompson, Frank Crouch; Alan McPherson, Artie Roy, Jim Carroll; Gerald Carroll, Garry Carroll, Ian Logan; Rex McPherson, Bill Carroll, Bill McCaig; Des Carroll, Kevin Gleeson (c-c), Alan Brill; Tom Carroll, Tony Carroll, Jack Connolly; Will Kember, B Edson

Umpire: Stevenson (VFL). Gate: £48/9/-

Reserves: Griffith 11.9 (75) d Ganmain 1.11 (17)

Best: M Mason, C Holt, G Browne, R Heir, C Cooper

Round 18 - Sunday August 17, 1958 at Leeton Showground 2.45pm

Leeton .... 6.3 .. 14.9 .. 16.12 .. 22.14 (146)

Griffith ... 2.1 .. 2.1 .. 5.2 .. 5.2 (32)

Goals: Leeton: W Heath 7, D Lyons 4, G Swasbrick 4, M McAliece 2, J Curry, N Stockton

Griffith: E Feltwell 2, E Perry 2, T Clarke

Best: Leeton: D Lyons, G Mullenger, G Swasbrick, D Allen, D Howe

Griffith: V Hathaway, E Perry, R Carroll, L Collis, J Fielder

Griffith: R Carroll, V Ledwidge, J Diggelmann; P Ellis, L Collis, C O'Brien; K Savage, V Hathaway, M Newman; R Burgoyne, J Fielder, T Clarke; W Tyndall, K Browne, E Feltwell*; B Cobden; D Bitcon, E Perry; G Browne*, R Maskiell

Umpire: Frank Humphries (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 3.2 (20) d Leeton 2.4 (16)

Best: R Tyndall, J Forbes, K Browne, J Diggelmann, B Young, G Browne

First Semi Final - Sunday August 24, 1958 at Matong Sportsground

Ganmain ........ 3.3 .. 4.8 .. 7.13 .. 12.18 (90)

Narrandera ... 4.0 .. 4.8 .. 10.7 .. 14.10 (94)

Goals: Ganmain: K Gleeson 4, T Carroll 2, W Carroll 2, D Carroll, A Carroll, A Brill, R McPherson

Narrandera: D Durnan 5, R Hyde 2, L Dunne 2, J Bloomfield 2, S Sargent, B Waters, B Keighran

Best: Ganmain: A Carroll, T Carroll, N Thompson, W Carroll, I Logan, J Connolly

Narrandera: R Turner, B Mulholland, R Hyde, K Osmond, L Dunne, A Jackson

Ganmain: Wallace Manning, Norm Thompson, Frank Crouch; Alan McPherson, Artie Roy, Jim Carroll; Gerald Carroll, Garry Carroll, Ian Logan; Rex McPherson, Bill Carroll, Alan Brill; Des Carroll, Kevin Gleeson (c-c), Les Cooper; Tom Carroll, Tony Carroll, Jack Connelly; Bill McCaig, Will Kember

Narrandera: Stan Sargent, Athol Jackson, Ron Hazelman; Keith Osmond, Alex Boyle (c-c), R Wiles; Jim Bean, Russ Turner, Cedric Briggs; Brian Keighran, Eric Male, Reg Hyde; Jim Bloomfield, Don Durnan, B Mulholland, Leo Dunne, Ian Hinchley, Bruce Waters; Jim Hornby

Umpire: Jack Walsh (VFL). Gate: £538

Reserves: Narrandera 13.12 (90) d Griffith 7.9 (51)

Best: Griffith: Col Holt, John Forbes, Col Pannan, Don Maples, George Coggan, Gordon Browne

Umpire: Jack Stanton (VFL)

Second Semi Final - Sunday August 31, 1958 at Griffith Showground

Leeton ......... 3.4 .. 8.8 .. 10.11 .. 13.15 (93)

Coolamon ... 4.3 .. 10.5 .. 11.6 .. 12.10 (82)

Goals: Leeton: D Lyons 4, W Heath 3, G Swasbrick 3, N Stockton, J Curry, G Mullenger

Coolamon: T Tipping 4, T O'Brien 2, T Patterson 2, J Reid, M Anderson, M Reid, D Bell

Best: Leeton: D Allen, D Lyons, G Mullenger, G Swasbrick, O Lyons, L Stockton

Coolamon: T Weir, M Reid, N Thompson, G Kew, T Tipping, M Anderson

Leeton: Len Blackett, Owen Lyons, Les Stockton; Ray Stockton, Ron Harris, Eddie Allen; Barry Swasbrick, Bill Booth, John Hillman; Jim Curry, Des Lyons, Neil Stockton; Geoff Swasbrick, Bill Heath, Max McAliece; Des Howe, George Mullenger (c-c), Don Allen;

Coolamon: Pat Keogh, Garry Kew, Neville Thompson; John McKelvie, Kevin Pleming, Tony Keogh; Ron Hilton,T. 'Bob' Patterson, Jim Conquest; Mal Anderson, Brian Browne, Ray Pieper; Don Bell, Tom O'Brien, Trevor Tipping; Mal Reid, John Reid, Tom Weir (c-c); Frank Williamson, Keith Black

Umpire: Gordon Watt (VFL). Gate: £631

Reserves: Leeton 12.7 (79) d Turvey Park 8.14 (62)

Umpire: D McCormick (VFL)

Preliminary Final - Sunday September 7, 1958 at Ariah Park Recreation Ground

Coolamon ....... 12.14 (86)

Narrandera ..... 11.14 (80)

Goals: Coolamon: T O'Brien 4, T Weir 3, T Patterson, K Pleming, J Reid, R Hilton, F Williamson

Narrandera: D Durnan 3, B Waters 2, L Dunne 2, E Male, R Hyde, J Bloomfield

Best: Coolamon: M Reid, B Browne, J Conquest, M Anderson, G Kew, T Weir

Narrandera: B Waters, R Hazelman, K Osmond, L Dunne, A Boyle, E Male

Coolamon: Pat Keogh, Garry Kew, Neville Thompson; John McKelvie, Kevin Pleming, Tony Keogh; Ron Hilton, T. 'Bob' Patterson, Jim Conquest; Mal Anderson, Brian Browne, Keith Tipping; Don Bell, Tom O'Brien, Trevor Tipping; Mal Reid, John Reid, Tom Weir (c-c); Frank Williamson, Keith Black

Narrandera: Stan Sargent, Athol Jackson, Ron Hazelman; Keith Osmond, Alex Boyle (c-c), R Wiles; Jim Bean, Russ Turner, Cedric Briggs; Brian Keighran, Eric Male, Reg Hyde; Jim Bloomfield, Don Durnan, B Mulholland, Leo Dunne, Ian Hinchley, Bruce Waters; Jim Hornby

Umpire: IR Huntington (VFL). Gate: £655

Reserves: Turvey Park d Narrandera

Umpire: A G Hamid (VFL)

Grand Final - Sunday September 14, 1958 at Narrandera Sportsground

Leeton ......... 6.2 .. 8.6 .. 13.10 .. 15.14 (104)

Coolamon ... 3.3 .. 9.3 .. 10.5 .. 14.9 (93)

Goals: Leeton: W Heath 5, D Lyons 4, G Swasbrick 2, L Stockton 2, M McAliece, D Allen

Coolamon: T O'Brien 7, T Keogh 3, T Tipping , K Tipping, D Bell, B Browne

Best: Leeton: R Harris, D Allwen, J Hillman, L Blackett, N Stockton, B Swasbrick, W Booth

Coolamon: B Browne, J McKelvie, T O'Brien, D Bell, M Reid, J Conquest, K Pleming

Leeton: Len Blackett, Owen Lyons, Les Stockton; Ray Stockton, Ron Harris, Eddie Allen; Barry Swasbrick, Bill Booth, John Hillman; Ron Bell, Des Lyons, Neil Stockton; Geoff Swasbrick, Bill Heath, Max McAliece; Des Howe, George Mullenger (c-c), Don Allen; Wally Wallis, Arthur Burman

Coolamon: Pat Keogh, Garry Kew, Neville Thompson; John McKelvie, Tony Keogh, Jack Buchanan; Ray Pieper, Kevin Pleming, Jim Conquest; Mal Anderson, Brian Browne, Keith Tipping; Don Bell, Tom O'Brien, Trevor Tipping; Mal Reid, John Reid, Tom Weir (c-c); Frank Williamson, Keith Black

Umpire: Dudley Ridley (VFL). Gate: £1,281 at 4/-. Crowd: 10,000

Reserves: Turvey Park 9.8 (62) d Leeton 4.14 (38)

Umpire: Ted Pound (VFL)

Schoolboys: Leeton Zone v Ganmain Zone

Umpire: Kevin Pawley (VFL)


First Grade: Best & Fairest - Gammage Medal

5 - Fred Thompson (Ardlethan), Bernie Sculley (Ariah Park-Mirrool) & Des Lyons (Leeton); 4 - Mervyn Pieper (Grong Grong-Matong); 3 - Pat Quade (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Bob Patterson (Coolamon), Rex Burge (Turvey Park); 2 - Arthur Allen (Ardlethan), Tom Weir (Coolamon), Jim Crouch, Artie Roy (Ganmain), Don Bitcon (Griffith), Pat Hogan, Clinton Wines (Grong Grong-Matong), George Mullenger (Leeton), Alex Boyle, Cedric Briggs, Eric Male (Narrandera), Tom Murphy, Don Przbilla (Turvey Park), Pat Dunn (Whitton); 1 - Robert Armstrong, Stan Wykes (Ardlethan), Bernie Bryce (Ariah Park-Mirrrool), Brian Browne, Ron Hilton, Pat Keogh, Garry Kew, John Reid (Coolamon), Gerald Carroll, Tom Carroll, Kevin Gleeson, Ian Logan (Ganmain), Tom Allen, Rod Burgoyne, Bob Carroll, Vic Hathaway, Charlie O'Brien (Griffith), John Doherty, Rody Hogan, George Mack (Grong Grong-Matong), Don Allen, Brian Fell, Bill Heath, Neil Stockton (Leeton), John Deaton, Keith Osmond (Narrandera), B. Campbell, Norm McLennan, Ray Scott (Turvey Park), Max Tuckett, Edwin Williams, George Williams, Ian Williams (Whitton).

Reserve Grade: Best & Fairest - Lanham Trophy

18 - Jim Dunn (Ariah Park-Mirrool); 15 - Frank Williamson (Coolamon); 11 - F. Berry (Turvey Park); 10 - John Forbes (Griffith), Kevin McKellar (Leeton).

First Grade Leading Goal Kickers

102 - Bill Heath (Leeton), 88 - Ray Scott (Turvey Park).

Debuts: Odey Biron, Gordon Browne, Gordon Browne, Tim Clarke, Les Collis, Chas Cooper, Peter Ellis, John Forbes, Ian Gill, John Lockhart, Mick Newman, Colin Pannan, Ernie Perry. 
Final Games / Goals: Tom Allen (34 / 87), Kevin Browne (3 / 1), Rod Burgoyne (28 / 4), Bruce Cobden (4 / 0), Chas Cooper (1 / 0), Peter Ellis (4 / 1), Vic Ledwidge (100 / 1), John Lockhart (5 / 2), Ron Maskiell (15 / 0), Ernie Perry (18 / 18).

Reserves: Terry Blair, Les Borland, Peter Brennan, George Coggan, Leo Dunn, Jim Ford, Neil Forscutt, Bill Gee, John Guild, Bob Heir, G. Lane, Peter Lane, Len Maples, Malcoln Mason, Col. Mitchell, Jack Mitchell, Jim Mitchell, Jamie Newman, Charlie Owen, Norm Ridley, Noel Tyndall, T. Wright, Bob Young.

A spirit of cheerful enthusiasm and optimism was the most noticeable feature that prevaded the gathering of enthusiasts that attended the Annual Dinner and Social of the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club in the C.W.A. Hall on Thursday night last.
The Club President, Mr. Dick Bitcon, presided at the dinner, which had been prepared by members of the Club's Ladies Auxiliary, and more than 80 thoroughly enjoyed the excellent repast.
After the dinner, Mr. Bitcon read quite a lengthy list of apologies included amongst which were President and Secretary of the SWDFL, Mr. A. E. Wood (life member), Mr. N. Guild (past president) and several players, supporters and trophy donors who were ill or unable to attend.
Club Trophies
In the absent of the donor, Mr. Wood, the President called on Mr. Col. Thomson to present the Best and Fairest trophy for the first eighteen to Don Bitcon.
Mr. Thomson said it was very unfortunate than Mr. Wood was unable to present owing to illness, but on his behalf he congratulated Don on winning the major award.
He felt it was well merited for Don had played well right throughout the season.
In accepting the trophy Don Bitcon, said he was very proud and happy to win this trophy and he will be trying to win it again next season. He was sure with a little luck the Griffith team would do very well next year.
Fred Bell presented his trophy, for the Best and Fairest in the second eighteen to John Forbes saying he had been told by all the good judges that the right player had won the award.
He congratulated John on his success and wished him continued success in future seasons.
John Forbes in reply said the wholehearted support of the other players had greatly assisted him to win this trophy and like Don Bitcon he too though the team would do well next year.

Home Game Trophies & Griffith Timbers Awards
Narrandera (April 13)
Len Polkinghorne trophy: Charlie O'Brien; W. & R. Fielder trophy: Odey Biron (2nds)

Leeton (May 4)
Griffith Timbers award: Bob Carroll, Noble Guild trophy: Bill Tyndall
Roy Taysom trophy: Colin Pannan (2nds)

Grong Grong-Matong (May 18)
Griffith Timbers award: Don Bitcon, Roy Taysom trophy: Ernie Perry
Ted Withnell trophy: John Lockhart (2nds)

Whitton (June 1)
Griffith Timbers award: Kevin Savage, Jeffrey's Menswear trophy: Bill Biron
Area Pharmacy trophy: Col Pannan (2nds)  

Ardlethan (June 22)
Griffith Timbers award: Vic Hathaway, Ted Withnell trophy: Les Collis
Bill Blair trophy: - (2nds)

Ariah Park-Mirrool (June 29)
Griffith Timbers award: Tom Allen, John Ritchie trophy: Bob Tyndall
Neil Griggs trophy: John Diggelmann (2nds)

Coolamon (July 13)
Griffith Timbers award: Fred Gambell, Aub Farrell (Area Hotel) trophy: Don Bitcon
Ron Charles trophy: Ron Maskiell (2nds)

Turvey Park (July 27)
Griffith Timbers award: Don Hurst, Dick Bitcon trophy: Jim Fielder
Joe Tyndall trophy: Colin Pannan (2nds) 

Ganmain (August 10)
Griffith Timbers award: Kevin Savage, Roy Edwards (Spiers) trophy: Don Bitcon
Roy Mackenzie trophy: Malcolm Mason (2nds)  

by Neil Griggs
New Look (27/3/58)

Thanks to the generosity of the Ladies Auxiliary, both Griffith eighteen's will be "spick and span" for the first competition game in new guernseys provided by the hard working ladies. After taking the ladies for granted for some years most players last season began to appreciate their worth to the Club and generally offered some assistance.

New Voice (3/4/58)
The Griffith Cub is fortunate to have such a man as Dick Bitcon to replace Jack Luhrs and the well known crystal ball in the weekend previews of facts and form over RADIO 2RG. This very popular session which is now on air each Saturday evening at 7.30 pm commenced last Saturday and Dick with his first Aussie Rules Preview aroused much favourable comments by his clear and concise presentation.

Bright Opening (17/4/58)
Well the season opened at Griffith Showground last Sunday with a bang. For such a grand exhibition to be turned on in the first home game brought smiles to the faces of the Griffith Club committee despite the loss of premiership points to Narrandera.
Officials are confident that if their team continues to play such brilliant football they will have no worries for the season and spectators will really get their money's worth.

Assets (17/4/58)
The Griffith team includes five new players on Sunday, and all will undoubtedly prove an acquisition to the team and the Club. Rovers, Ernie Perry and Tim Clarke were always busy around the rucks, whilst Les Collis did a good job at full forward on a redoubtable opponent.

Ian Gill played well all day and his kicking off from full back was a treat to watch, and Col. Pannan too, performed creditably in his position on the wing.

Selectors O.K. (24/4/58)
Anyone seeing Vic Hathaway standing by as 19th man for Griffith at Ardlethan, last Sunday, could have been excused for wondering if Griffith selectors had gone ga-ga. However, the truth of the matter was that Vic arrived back from Collingwood after the team had been selected and the selectors rightly retained the chosen eighteen. The absence of Bill Biron provided the chance for Vic to come in as 19th, and when Tim Clarke retired in the second quarter with an injured thumb, he was replaced by Vic who now that he is back in Griffith again will add further strength to the team for coming games.

Well Deserved (8/5/58)
Billy Tyndall won the award for the best and fairest Griffith and fully merited the honour. Probably the fittest in the team Billy after a hard game was still going strongly at the finish. Roving, he was always busy around the packs and when resting on the half forward line he caused Leeton's Owen Lyons a lot of worry with his pace and agility.

Could Come Soon (15/5/58)
While quite a few of the First XVII players apparently out of form - the form of the Seconds players is being closely watched and one that must come into consideration in the Second's captain, Bob Carroll. Bob has been revealing grand form at full back with the Second team and his promotion could release Ian Gill for some necessary bolstering further down field. 

Pays Off (15/5/58)
That an unblemished record does pay dividend must be now fully realised by "Big Bill" Heath who fronted the Judiciary for striking Bob Spears during Leeton's game at Griffith, got off with a one week suspension. Some Griffith players after the game said that Griffith would have fared a lot better if the umpire had missed Bill's indiscretion. According to them Bill was so upset at having his number taken that he did his block and started to kick goals from everywhere.

Not Finished Yet (5.6.58)
The play of Ted Thompson, Whitton's full back was a big feature in his team's success last Sunday as he out marked and outplayed a succession of Griffith forwards and then, in the last exciting minute, came from nowhere to upset Vic Hathaway easy kick, the success of which would have meant a Griffith victory. Referred to in the programme as a veteran, Ted, apparently was out to prove that there is still plenty of life in some of the "old dogs" and he certainly succeeded.     

Welcome Back 19/6/58)
The news that Jack Luhrs and family will shortly take up residence in Griffith once again, was welcomed by all Aussie Rules followers in the area. Jack did a mighty job for the code with his broadcasts, previews, etc and undoubtedly offer his assistance when he returns.
It is not known if his famous crystal ball is still in existence but Dick Bitcon, however, seems to be forecasting pretty well and may decide to carry on without its aid.  

Bright Future (26/6/58)
A bright future in Australian Rules is foretold by many keen judges for Gordon Browne. Gordon, a newcomer to the Griffith district, is only a junior yet, but his form on the playing field already has a touch of class. Playing for the Griffith Seconds last Sunday he constantly came under notice with nice movements and nothing seems surer than that it will not be too many years before he is a regular with the first eighteen

 Allens Laid On (10/7/58)
Three Allen's figured prominently in all best players lists of the Riverina team against the Ovens and Murray last Sunday.
Two, Don of Leeton, and Arthur of Ardlethan are cousins but Tom from Griffith has a different family tree.
The three fully justified their places in the team and with many selected stars playing poorly it was a little ironical that one of the best players, Don Allen only came into the eighteen as a replacement for a chosen player.
Tom Allen again gave an impressive display and answering every call of his captain played with distinction in many positions and his resolute determination was in direct contrast to the half-hearted efforts of many of his teammates.    
High Flying (24/7/58)
Spectators at Matong last Sunday witnessed some of the best high marking of the season, with several players of both teams up for very high for spectacular marks. Honours of the day went to Don Bitcon who was unbeaten all day. Don was best player afield, and thrilled the crowd with his spectacular leaps for sure marks. Bill Biron was another impressive high flyer for Griffith, while Vic Hathaway, though perhaps not quite as spectacular was very sure and certain with his marks and was rarely beaten.
The Uniteds, too, had some grand men in the air in Rod Walsh, Pat Curry and Dud Mattingly and all contributed a great deal to make the game a grand exhibition and spectacle. 

No Fun (31/7/58)
Standing on the boundary last Sunday was not fun for Griffith coach Tom Allen, who reckons its much tougher than playing.
Griffith's dazzling first quarter burst had Tom smiling broadly, but as the Bulldogs settled down, the smile disappeared, and Tom's anxiety had him on the march. However, all things considered, the team did all that was expected of them, and with Tom back again on Sunday they hope to add another four premiership points to their rather meagre tally by defeating Whitton. 

Good Performance (14/8/58)
One of the most polished footballers in the Griffith team, Mick Newman, played one of his best games of the year against Ganmain.
Opposed to the pacy Gerald Carroll, Mick secured more than his share of kicks and his long kicks or accurate passes provided many opportunities for the forwards. The Griffith Club is fortunate to have such a grand centre line trio as Mick, Vic Hathaway and Kevin Savage. 

Closed Doors (14/8/58)
The grand game on Sunday provided so much interest that very few left the ground before the final siren.
Popular Club committeeman and staunch supporter, Bill Fielder, greatly overstayed his leave pass in the hope of seeing a Griffith victory but the "Tucker Box" was still there when he finally arrived. Bill and his good wife Rosalie are very keen supporters of the code and the Griffith Club, and are members of the committee and Ladies Auxiliary respectively. Rosalie, in fact is Secretary of the ladies organisation, which according to William is the worst thing that has happened to him as it very much curtails his attendance at the games - but you can't have everything. 

Swan Song (21/8/58)
Ted Feltwell after ten years with the Griffith team played his last game for the club on Sunday at Leeton. In his sojourn at Griffith, Ted played 160 games with the Club and has scored more than 300 goals. His dynamic dashes around the goal mouth always aroused considerable interest and the team will be  poorer by his absence. Now nearing the veteran stage, Ted is undecided whether to line up with a Sydney team next year. Incidentally Ted's first game for the Griffith team ten years ago (1948) was also against Leeton and after last Sunday's exhibition they are his tip to take out the seasons honours.

Repairs to Dressing Sheds (18/3/58)
The President (Noble Guild) said Dick Bitcon had approached the President and Secretary of the Show Society regarding the suggested renovations to the dressing sheds, seeking permission to widen the sheds by five feet.
The Show Society Officials had agreed to this providing a sufficient width of roadway still remained and they also intimated that the Show Society would share the costs of the improvements to a maximum of £100.
Continuing, Mr. Guild said he had discussed the matter of materials needed and had made an approach to the manager of Area Builders regarding some discount for the Club. Tom Allen advised that he estimated the material would cost about £150.
Ernie Myott / Ron Charles, "Work on dressing sheds be commenced at earliest possible date and that working bee be held on March 29-30 under instruction from Tom Allen."
First Aid Man (18/3/58)
On behalf of the sub-committee appointed to investigate this matter, Ron Charles advised that he had approached Terry Wood on the matter but he definitely was not available.
Ernie Myott said he had approached Mr. Bill Hardy who although interested would not be available for several weeks.
However, he had asked Mr. Hardy to attend the meeting.
The President greeted Mr. Hardy and explained the position regarding first aid men and trainers in the Club.
They were required to be at training sessions and also on match days and the fee offered was £2 per week.
The Club would like some information regarding training experience.
Mr. Hardy said he had no first aid experience but was interested in sport and had done a lot of massaging on football players in England.
He felt confident he could meet the needs of the Club.
In answer to question's from Ron Charles and Ernie Myott, Mr. Hardy said he would not be available for four weeks owing to extra seasonal work in his employment.
After the he would be back at regular work hours and would be able to undertake the job.
Mr. Hardy then left the meeting.
After discussion it was moved Dick Bitcon / Ron Charles, "That Mr. Hardy be employed as a trainer as soon as he was available at a fee of £2 per week."
Mr. Hardy was recalled and advised of the decision, the President advising him he would be required to work under Jack Slattery, the senior trainer and that he could start as soon as he was available.
Mr. Hardy thanked the meeting and again retired.

Programmes (18/3/58)
Bill Fielder / Fred Diggelmann, "Rules Review style of programme be continued this season."
Neil Griggs said that the account for printing the rugby "Goal Post" was settled with each issue and the printer of the Rules Review would appreciate the same arrangement.
Some accounts from last season had not yet been settled and this was not very satisfactory.
Bill Blair offered to collect from advertisers for each issue of the programme.
His offer was accepted with thanks.

Insurance Fund (1/5//58)
The Secretary reported that all players had been covered by A. M. Insurance Co.
On player, however, Les Borland had played at Ardlethan while not insured and had been injured and it seemed likely that the Club would have to meet costs of two visits to the doctors.

Players Representative (17/5/58)
Jim Fielder reported from a players meeting.
(a) Weekly insurance payments: The players had voted against the 2/- weekly insurance payment but had collected about 17 tonne of mallee roots as their contribution to the payments.
(b) Doorkeeper: The players recommended that there be no doorkeeper and the dressing rooms be open to anyone.
(c) Players Committee: The players had elected a committee of eight to organise efforts to build up a trip away fund.
(d) Pie night: The players appreciated Committee's action in putting on pie night.
The Chairman (Dick Bitcon) said it was pleasing that the players were interested in the workings of the club.
However, he felt that the players were expected to help with mallee root every year but nevertheless their effort was appreciated.
Neil Griggs / Ron Charles, "The motion asking players to contribute 2/- per week for insurance payment be rescinded."
Joe Tyndall / Neil Griggs, "The recommendation from players regarding the doorkeeper be adopted."
Roy Taysom said the President and the doorkeeper Mr. Holden, had acted solely for the benefit of the players and at the request of the players.
Jim Fielder said the players appreciated the idea and trouble taken by Messrs. Guild and Holden to carry it out but they felt an empty room was lacking in atmosphere.
Roy Taysom / Fred Diggelmann, "Permission be given to players to form a committee to organise a trip away fund.
The Chairman said the players should bare in mind that any committee within the Club was directly responsible to the Club which could call on its funds at any time. Tom Allen said the players were fully aware of this. 

Reported Player W. Tyndall (17/5/58)
Neil Griggs said Bill Tyndall reported at Coolamon (May 11) had been requested to appear before the SWDFL Judiciary on the previous night.
Owing to the Catholic Ball being on that night he had been unable to attend but an advocate had attended to present his case and after considering the evidence, the Judiciary had issued a severe censure.


Delegates Report (19/6/58)
Dick Bitcon reported that he and Neil Griggs had attended the delegates meeting of the SWDFL held recently.
Chief points from the meeting were.
(a) Judiciary Committee: Despite some complaints the general meeting generally had expressed confidence and satisfaction in the present judiciary committee.
However, it had been decided that if possible future meetings would be held away from hotels.
(b) Boundary and goal umpires: A move to remove the reporting powers of boundary and goal umpires was overwhelmingly defeated.
(c) The League requested that all Clubs endeavour to keep dressing rooms as free as possible of spectators to expedite the inspection of the players by the umpires.
(d) The League also asked that wherever possible sirens be installed at all grounds.
(e) A Centenary Celebration game between Riverina District team and an Ovens & Murray League would be played at Leeton on July 6, and the round of games for that date had been transferred to the end of the home and away games and would be played on August 17.
(f) Lanham Trophy: Mr. Lanham of Leeton had presented a trophy for the best and fairest in the Second eighteen competition.
Voting, which would commence at the second half round - be on the first, second and third basis.
(g) Umpires: If Melbourne umpire suffered injury during a game or could not officiate at the last minute, the home team had to supply the umpire.
If possible and time permitted an outside registered umpire would be engaged and the Griffith delegate had recommended that R. Condron of Turvey Park be considered.
(h) Riverina Team: Each club was required to furnish the names of six players and their positions for consideration by the selectors of the Riverina team.
(i) Match Permits: The major league match permits were not viewed very favourably by delegates.
However, they could not be prevented but a domestic rule had been created which greatly curtailed their use.
Under the domestic ruled the permits could not be used after the first half round.
The President thanked the delegates and Dick Bitcon for his full report.

Injured Player R. Spears (19/6/58)
Ernie Myott suggested the Club make some special effort to help Bob Spears while he was injured and off work.
The President said he endorsed the sentiments of Mr. Myott, any such action was likely to involve the Club in unknown contingencies and would create a presadent for future cases.
Neil Griggs / Dick Bitcon, "The matter be referred to the players committee for any appropriate action." 

Resignation of President  (19/6/58)
Mr. Guild said everyone now knew he would be leaving Griffith shortly and as he had much to do he would like before he left he would like to tender his resignation that night.
He had always tried to do his best by the Club and the players even if at times his criticisms had been severe.
He did consider it an honour to be President of such a Club and he wished the Club the very best of fortune for this season and future years.
Dick Bitcon said that on behalf of the committee he would like to say how grateful they all were to Mr. Guild for his leadership.
The Club progressed a great deal since he took over. He had devoted a lot of time, thought and hard work to the affairs of the Club and everyone regretted he was leaving but were happy concerning his well deserved promotion. 

The Club extended to him, his wife and family all good wishes for the future.

After Game Gathering (10/7/58)
The Secretary Neil Griggs reported that the dressing rooms were being left in a very untidy condition after the gatherings after home games.
Joe Tyndall said a lot of complaints had been made about the noise, language and too much drink.
He had informed the President of the Players committee that he would provide only six dozen bottles of beer after the Coolamon game and be asked the committee's approval.
Mac Holden / Joe Tyndall, "The President of the Players committee be informed that the committee requested that no more than 6 doz beer be dispensed after any future home game."

After Game Get Together (24/7/58) 
Joe Tyndall said the players committee had requested a few more refreshments for their gathering after the home games.
With the Secretary he had agreed to provide extra bottles on the understanding that the gathering ended at 7pm. 

Schoolboys (7/8/58)
The President (Dick Bitcon) said they all knew the Griffith Schoolboys teams had been both disqualified by the executive of the Leeton Zone committee for incorrect registrations and for playing over age players.
It was felt the registrations had been correct and the disqualification prior to the finals was far too harsh a penalty for playing two over age players.
Consequently an appeal had been made and he had represented the Club as advocate before the Riverina District Council Appeals Board.
The appeal had been upheld and the teams could now participate in the finals.
One player in each team Charlie Head (under 16) and Brian Peisley (under 13) had been disqualified and the Club had been fined £5. 
The President said a meeting of the Leeton Zone team delegates had been called for on Monday night August 4th and had been attended by Ken Scammell and Claude Chapman, as delegates of the Griffith Club.
Ken Scammell said he and Claude Chapman had gone to the meeting believing it was for the purpose of allocating semi-finals and finals but the meeting had been a disorderly affair and consisted mainly of abusive discussion of the Appeals Board ruling.
Two clubs had intimated that if the Griffith teams remained in the competition for the finals their team would be withdrawn and most of the other delegates were antagonistic towards the Griffith Club.
After discussion it was unanimously agreed on the motion Ernie Myott / Mac Holden, "That the Griffith Club had no option or desire but to abide with the decision of the District Council Appeals Board."


Wild Ducks (7/8/58)
Ernie Myott said a young lad from Murrami had donated over 30 wild ducks for the supper at the Annual Club Ball.
The lad was very keen on football and would undoubtedly appreciate the gift of an old ball.
Ernie Myott / Hugh McLean,  'A letter of thanks be written to Ian Dahlenburg and a football be sent with it."