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 1961 SEASON 
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By Neil Griggs

Australian Rules rover Vic Hathaway is the Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" achieving this popular weekly sporting award by a brilliant exhibition of non-stop play in last Sunday's SW.D.F.L. competition game at Mirrool when the home team, Ariah Park-Mirrool United, inflicted Griffith's first defeat of the current season.
With five key players unavailable the Griffith line-up was a little disorganised and the occasion called for a super effort from the more experienced members of the team.
ic, was one who found that little extra something that all good footballers, athletes, etc, can produce for special occasions and with a superlative and tireless exhibition of intelligent and constructive football rated as the best Griffith player.
Combining cleverly with coach Len Sexton in quick positional changes Vic was unbeaten all day in whatever position he occupied and highlighted his good general play with fast, keen anticipation, sure handling and grand marking.
One feature of Vic's play was the great improvement evident in his delivery and disposal of the ball and this accurate kicking from him created many breaks for his fellow players.
In the last few exciting minutes of the 
hard-fought game Vic literally ran himself to a standstill as, with other members of the team he battled desperately in an endeavour to gain the day for Griffith.
Vic has been in wonderful form this year and in each game has rated as one of the team's best players and so consistent is he that he must be given an excellent chance of again being voted the S.W.D.F.L. Best and Fairest player with its Gammage Medal award - an honour he achieved in 1957.
Vic has always been a keen Aussie Rules player and followed a promising schoolboy career in which he gained interstate representation, by moving into senior football with Beelbangera.
He joined Griffith in 1953 and on Sunday will be playing his 149th game with the Club.
Apart from playing Vic also takes a keen interest in the affairs of the Club and for quite a few years has been an executive member of the players committee.
The Heinz basket assortment, the award to each weekly "Sportsman" awaits Vic at the Advocate office.
(Advocate - Thursday May 18, 1961).

By Neil Griggs

Virile Griffith Australian Rules defender, Frank Conlan, is the Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" winning this weekly sporting award with an outstanding exhibition of resolute and purposeful defence in the S.W.D.F.L. competition game played at Ganmain last Sunday in which Griffith defeated the home team by 80-50 after a hard game.
Deputising for regular full back, Bob Tyndall who was unavailable, Frank was opposed to the high flying Ganmain coach, and former St Kilda player Laurie Stephenson and his complete domination of the Ganmain spearhead was a major contribution towards Griffith's first victory at Ganmain since 1953.
Revealing superb anticipation and timing, Frank time and time again repulsed dangerous Ganmain attacks with purposeful clearances and long driving kicks.
Known as the "iron man" of the Griffith team Frank plays hard vigorous, but scrupulously fair football and no criticisms were levelled at him last Sunday as he jolted and unsettled the Ganmain sextet with robust play and crashing clearing dashes to rate as the best Griffith player of the game.
Frank has been in grand form right throughout the season and has been the outstanding member of the competent and solid Griffith defence which has the enviable record of having the lowest aggregate score recorded against it to date in the ten team S.W.D.F.L. competition.
His consistently good play has gained Frank representation in the two combined S.W.D.F.L. teams this year and against both Geelong and Ovens and Murray he rated high amongst the best players.
In his present form he should be one of the first players chosen for the final representative game to be played against the Farrer League on July 16, at Coolamon.
Frank is also a better than average cricketer and has an outstanding record as a representative player of the Ardlethan Cricket Association.
Frank can collect his basket assortment of Heinz products at the Advocate Office.

(Advocate -Thursday, June 22, 1961.)

By Neil Griggs

Grifffith Australian Rules player, Bill Biron is this week's Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week", winning the award with a superb exhibition of sustained brilliant play in last Sunday's vital first semi-final of the S.W.D.F.L. competition, which was played before a large crowd at Whitton.
With the losing team dropping from the scene until next year this crucial game between Narrandera and Griffith really provided a great incentive for all players to give of their very best.
Bill a Griffith ruckman rose to the occasion nobly and gave such a grand performance that he was freely rated as the best player afield.
Whilst on the ball he gave a tireless display of virile rucking and created numerable opportunities for his team-mates and when resting he also contributed more than his share to the general play of the team.
The Griffith team made its big bid for victory in the third quarter and Bill was right to the fore in every effort whilst on the ball and it was two brilliant marks and two goals by him that gave the team a decisive break and a grand chance to win the game.
Narrandera however had other ideas and staged a very strong finish and although Bill was still one of the dominant figures of the game, opposition was too solid and Narrandera won a hard-fought game by eight points.
Although defeated the Griffith team had given their Club a wholehearted courageous effort and Bill had the personal satisfaction of knowing that he in his endeavour for his team and Club had played a game rated by many local followers as his best ever and one which earned him widespread acclaim and commendation.
Bill whose football prowess won him a Heinz award last year retains touch and condition by playing basketball during the summer and this sport he also ranks as an outstanding exponent.
The Weekly Basket prize with its variety of Heinz product awaits Bill at the Advocate office.
(Advocate - Thursday, August 31, 1961).

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