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 1963 SEASON 
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By Neil Griggs

Len Sexton becomes the first Australian Rules footballer this year to win a Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" award and gained the vote as a result of his dazzling exhibition in the S.W.D.F.L. competition game when Griffith defeated Leeton at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval last Sunday.
By his scintillating performance Len clearly rated as best player afield and as such set the pace for Griffith to gain four valuable competition points.
Len featured all day in a fast will-o-the-wisp style of game and from several key positions covered a tremendous amount of ground and his alert, elusive play must have caused the Leeton players quite a few headaches.
Nevertheless, they appreciated his brilliance and scrupulous fairness and the Leeton football scribe in the "Irrigator" had this to say. "Overall Leeton's defeat was caused principally by one man Sexton. Never at any stage could an answer be found for him in any of the positions in which he played. Sexton, in addition to playing well at centre kicked 4 goals 4 behinds - a total of 28 points - and appeared, at all times to hold the balance of power."
Leading S.W.D.F.L. goal kicker in the last two seasons, Len could repeat the feat this year for again he is well up on the goal kicking ladder.
Len, this season is coaching the Griffith 12 years schoolboys' team which participates in the Leeton Zone competition and under his astute and enthusiastic guidance they can be expected to do well.
A previous "Sportsman of the Week", Len knows the procedure to collect his Heinz carton.
Riverina Advocate - Friday April 26, 1963.

By Neil Griggs

Griffith Australian Rules captain-coach, Fred Mundy is this week's Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" winning the award for a dynamic and virile exhibition which inspired his team to a dazzling second half effort and enabled them to defeat Ardlethan by 81 points in last Sunday's S.W.D.F.L. game at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval.
By this win and their big margin, the Griffith team moved to a place in the "four".
With the team's ruck strength seriously depleted by the absence of Bill Biron the stage was set for Fred to show the local supporters the ability that gained him selection as a ruckman in the representative teams of two strong Victorian Country Leagues.
Right from the first bounce he was the dominant player of the game, with strong rucking, brilliant co-operation with his rovers, superb high marking and grand kicking.
Ardlethan offered unexpected opposition in the first half of the game and Fred was here, there and everywhere in all the danger spots trying to rally a surprisingly unsettled Griffith team by personal example.
This role he maintained in the second half, when his team produced its best football.
Acknowledged as the best player afield Fred capped his brilliant performance by kicking 7 goals.
Only comparatively young, Fred is in his first year as a coach and his play and leadership have satisfied the Griffith Club and its supporters that his appointment from 34 applicants was a wise one and all are hoping he can lead the team to a long overdue premiership.
If Fred calls at the Advocate Office, he can collect his award of a carton of the popular Heinz products.
Advocate - Friday May 17, 1963.

By Neil Griggs

Griffith Australian Rules football Don Best is this week's Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" winning the award with an outstanding exhibition of brilliant football in last Sunday's S.W.D.F.L. competition game at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval in which Griffith defeated Coolamon by 110-84.
Playing in the centre wing position, Don was under notice all through the game with virile and spirited play both in attack and defence.
From his 
halfway position he continued many Griffith attacks with purpose and penetration and just as frequently jolted Coolamon attacks with his strong and tenacious play. His vote as Griffith best player was well merited and extremely popular.
Don has had a long and notable career in the game. Several years ago, he was approached by Carlton, but injuries sustained in a motor accident prevented him from accepting the offer. Since joining the Griffith Club, he has always rated amongst the top players with his keen enthusiasm and outstanding ability.
Don toyed with the idea of retiring, "to give the young blokes a go" he said after last season but eventually when the football began to be kicked about again this season decided on another year and this decision has certainly been a mighty boon to the Griffith team for, to date is having one of his best seasons with the Club.
In addition to his value as a player Don also a great team man taking a keen interest in anything for the benefit of the team and club and as can be judged by his nickname "Matey" is extremely popular amongst the players.
With hopes of making the final four, and possibly winning the premiership, the Griffith Club and team is confidently looking to Don to play a leading role in the many hard games that lie ahead.
The weekly prize carton of Heinz products awaits Don at the Advocate office.
Advocate - Friday May 31, 1963.

By Neil Griggs

Griffith Australian Rules player Jim Eley is the Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" winning the award for a top-ranking performance in both first and second 18 teams in last Sunday's vital S.W.D.F.L. competition games at Ardlethan.
Jim's efforts at Ardlethan were a gallant example of Club and team spirit in that, after starring in a tough, vigorous second 18 game, he willingly answered the need of the first 18 team, created by last minutes withdrawals, and went straight back on to the ground where he was again rated as amongst the best Griffith players.
The second 18 game would have been enough for most present-day footballers for, with both Griffith and Ardlethan needing to win to keep alive their hope of qualifying for the finals, the football was keen, fast and hard fought and for any player to return back onto the oval with only 5 minutes spell called for a great deal of stamina and courage.
In his three years in Griffith Jim has become known as an honest, rather than spectacular player, but one also who consistently turns in one hundred per cent effort for his team.
His unselfish, Club-before-self effort last Sunday was a glowing firsthand illustration of team spirit that could well be invaluable to the many young players of the two Griffith teams and perhaps some of the more experienced and older ones also, and it was a performance that rates Jim high amongst the true "Sportsman of the Week".
Jim can collect his Heinz carton at the Advocate office.
Advocate - Friday July 26, 1963

By Neil Griggs

Griffith Australian Rules player Bob Tyndall won the award as the Heinz-Advocate "Sportsman of the Week" for a really good exhibition in last Sunday's S.W.D.F.L. competition at Coolamon.
Returning to the Griffith line-up after several weeks' absence through injury, Bob, as full back was confronted with the unenviable task of controlling Coolamon's match winning forward and team-coach Ian Gillett.
Undaunted by his opponent's reputation, experience and undoubted ability Bob, after a brief settling in period backed his judgement and pace against the slower but much bigger "Heap".
Time and time Bob frustrated scoring thrusts by the keen Coolamon team, and his reliability was never more evident than in the hectic last few minutes when with two clearances he repulsed two threatening attacks.
That Coolamon got up to score and make the game a draw in the last minute was no reflection on the brilliant Griffith full back.
In his many years with Griffith, Bob has played with distinction in quite a few positions by possibly has given his best service at full back and has earn for himself the reputation of a very talented last line defender who gave the full forwards scant respect.
Already planning for better things next season, the Griffith Club hope to have him once again in his key position.
Bob can collect his Heinz carton at the Advocate office.

Advocate - Friday August 16, 1963

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