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On Saturday, Griffith Swans make their 32nd visit to Mangoplah trailing slightly in the overall series, with the Goannas having won on 18 occasions to Swans' 13. The clubs first met in round three of 1995, Mangoplah-Cookardinia United first campaign in the Riverina Football League. The Swans had trouble finding the big sticks and after trailing all day came home late to take the four points, winning 14.21 (115) to Mango's 13.10 (94). "Swampy" Davis headed the list of good players with Matt Cox, Gabby Weetra, "Billy' McGowan and Shane Ruyg while Danny Galvin, Anthony Armstrong, Stephen Wheeler, Darren Cole and Chris Higgins were Goannas good players.
One of Swans best away results against Mangoplah came in 1997, the year Griffith went into the game as competition leaders having won their opening four games of the season by more than 100 points. True to form, the result against Merv Neagle's Goannas was a 171 to 44 win to the Swans with most of the goals coming from Gary Argus 6, Don Moran 5, Jamie Bennett 4, Adam Baulch 4 and Colin Cassidy 3. 
Griffith: — Anthony Pavey (c-c), Trevor Clarke, Jamie Bennett, Damien Scott, Don Moran, Matthew Kenny, Dean Jamieson, Graeme Woods, Adam Baulch, Greg Dreyer, Phillip Pavey, Glen Vaccari, Gary Argus, Matt Bunn, Tony Mahar, Wayne Bodycott, Colin Cassidy, Aaron O'Keefe, Glen Collis, Brendan Giason. 
In 2014, the Goannas fans will remember fondly one of their best ever victory at "Possem Park" ground after thrashing the Swans on July 26, by 146 points. The loss all but ended Griffith’s finals hopes. Swans playing coach Brandon Mathews so disappointed with his sides display said. “I hate to say it, but there was just no effort from our guys. We had four or five guys have a crack out there, but other than that it was horrible.” 
Mangoplah-CUE: — Mark Roberson, Matt Collins, Patric Griffin; Harry Collins, Hunter Lloyd, Tom Keogh; Jacob Whitley, Trent Cohalan, Isaac Damme; Pat Killalea, Jake Phillips, Nic Casey; James Creasy, Andrew Dickens, Ethan Schiller; Andrew Pettigrove, Colin Sanbrook, Mitch Daniher; Scott Balding, Nathon Irvin, Joel Tancredi, Connor Huthwaite 
Griffith: — Fletcher Josling, Tom Webb, Jordan Crowe; Jonathon Gastin, James Taylor, Glen Snaidero; Daniel Peruzzi, David Dunbar, Kieran Hume; Ben McRae, James Toscan, Ryan Bullus; Dean Crack, Michael Griffiths, Pat Whittard; Joel Gordon, Guy Orton, Tim Matheson; James Keenan, Ben Tarr, Kieran Ruyg, Dean Villata. 
Swans record against Goannas at Mangoplah Sportsground: Played 31, Won 13, Lost 18.
Biggest Swans win: 20.17 (137) - 7.6 (48), R1, April 6, 2002
Biggest Goannas win:  27.12 (174) - 4.4 (28), R14, July 26, 2014.
Most Swans goals: 8 - Gary Argus, R4 .May 4, 1996 and Michael Duncan, R 8, May 29, 2004.
Most Goannas goals: 8 - Jordan Foster, R17, August 19, 2017, and Trent Castles, R3, May 1, 2021.


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