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Round 16 - Saturday August 7, 2021
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Ganmain Sportsground 
Umpires: Tony O'Halloran and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Ganmain-GGM ...... 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 10.8 .. 10.14 (74)
Griffith .................... 2.2 .. 4.4 .. 5.5 .. 6.8 (44) 

GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Jack Sase, Josh Walsh, Tom Noble; Tom Sase, Ben Walsh, Jono Neville; Bryce Connellan, Jesse Lander, Jake Angel; Lachlan Parker, Dan Foley, Jack McCaig; Kai Watts, Jim Wilson, Nahom Fitzgerald-Holmes; Jacob Olsson, Matt Hamblin, Aaron Proctor; Angus Cumming, Michael Rothie, Jakob Taylor
GRIFFITH: Ashley Verhagen, Charlie Cunial, Patrick Payne; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Oliver Bartter; Taine Moraschi, Kahlan Spencer, Jay Summers; Angus Bartter, Henry Delves, Jordan Whitworth,; Isaac Testoni, Nathan Richards, Dean Bennett; Riley Irvin, Jack Powell, Jack Rowston; Connor Bock*, Dean Villata, Jamie Best.
Ganmain-GGM:  J Wilson 4, K Watts 3, J Olsson, D Foley, M Hamblin
Griffith: I Testoni 2, R Irvin, T Moraschi, J Rowston, C Bock
Ganmain-GGM: J Neville, J Wilson, M Hamblin, B Walsh, M Rothnie, T Sase
Griffith: J Rowston, N Richards, R Irvin, J Powell, P Payne, J Summers
Umpires: Tony O'Halloran, Mark Rowe (RUA)
Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Matthew Hamblin (GGGM), 2 - Nathan Richards (Gri), 1 - Jono Neville (GGGM).
SENIOR DEBUT:  Connor Bock 

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans knew they were in for a big challenge when they travelled to Ganmain to take on the GGGM Lions and these concerns were proved correct on Saturday afternoon. Despite some brief periods of promise and cohesion, the Swans ultimately lost 44 to 74. In a similar vein to many of their games this season, the Swans started brightly and kept the scores close to the end of the first quarter, as they headed into the second term just one point off the heavy favourites. But also, in true form to their season so far, the Griffith side crumbled in the middle of the game, allowing the Lions to build a big lead in both the second and third terms. The Swans however regrouped for the final term and managed to keep their opponents from scoring any goals to end the game. The result sees Ganmain-GGM go top of the table, while Griffith will look to lift themselves off the bottom spot against Narrandera next weekend.

(By Monty Jacka - The Area News, Monday August 9, 2021).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-GP 10.8 (68) def by Leeton-Whiton 13.8 (86); SUN: Narrandera 8.5 (53) def by Wagga 12.11 (83), Turvey Park 12.7 (79) def Mangoplah-CUE 8.9 (57); Coolamon, bye 

Reserves: Griffith 9.14 (68) def Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 4.1 (25)
Goals: B Chambers 3, D Crack 2, K Ruyg 2, B Rowston, D Schmetzer
Best Players: R Matheson, D Catanzariti, D Schmetzer, M Agnew, O Herrmann, S Robinson
Under 17.5: Griffith 20.17 (137) def Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 0.0 (5)
Goals: M Bennett 6, B Evans 4, J Rogerson 3, W Ellis 2, R Best, M Rosengreen, L Wallace, K Bennett
Best Players: M Bennett, B Signor, M Cudmore, S Irvin, W Ellis, R Best

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