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IN: Henry Delves (Ainslie), Reece Matheson (Barellan United), Jack and Tom Powell (Ainslie), Jack Rowston (Banyule), Kieran Ruyg (Belconnen Magpies), Thomas Shannon (Emmaus St Leos, VAFA).

OUT: Isaac Campbell (Culcairn), Daniel, Luke and Mathew Peruzzi (Coleambally), Beau Rees (Northern Jets).


THE final piece of the Riverina League's coaching puzzle is in place after Griffith confirmed club stalwart Greg Dreyer will be at the helm next season, Dreyer, a club life member, was due to share the roll with Will Griggs this year, before the Swans opted not to participate in the AFL Riverina Championship. 

Griggs has since opted to stay at home club Queanbeyan Tigers, where he played this year, after five seasons and two grand final appearances at the Swans.
Dreyer will be assisted by club junior and former VFL player Leigh Owen, who was also set to return to the Swans this year had they played, while captain James Toscan will fill a junior development role.
Dreyer has taken control of the under 15s program for some time, and president Jeff Harris said the familiarity with a number of youngsters who have either progressed to the seniors, or are on the verge of doing so, will be an advantage.

"He's been doing a fair bit of the 15s program over the last decade, and some of those kids are the ones coming into senior footy now so he's really got a good connection with our young brigade," Harris said.
"Greg's very well respected by the kids coming through, and it's a good link because we've got a wealth of talent and it's really important we get the that transition right. 

"For us to put a group of locals in those roles probably sums up what we've about as a footy club for the last few years. We're promoting guys who are continually putting back into the club.

"We've been working on it (coaching structure) for a while and we figured that's where we'd like to end up. "Greg was going to be our senior co-coach with Will, so it's a natural progression.
Harris said Toscan will work specially with the juniors to help ease the challenge of assimilating to senior football. "He's heavily engage with the youth with some individual mentoring," Harris said.

(The Area News - Monday November 23, 2020).


Round 1 - Saturday April 17, 2021 at Crossroad Oval 2.10pm
Collingullie-GP ... 4.2 .. 6.3 .. 13.3 .. 16.6 (102)
Griffith ................  2.2 .. 7.5 .. 10.6 .. 10.9 (69)

Goals: Collingullie-GP: J Perryman 4, E Perryman 3, B Harper 3, N Perryman 2, D Kennedy, J Pope, J Gunning, D Carroll 
Griffith: H Delves 4, K Spencer 2, J Powell 2, R Irvin, D Bennett 

Best players: Collingullie-GP: E Perryman, J Klemke, C Fuller, D Rogers, H Wichman
Griffith: H Delves, L Owen, J Toscan, K Spencer, R Irvin 
Collingullie-Glenfield Park: Spencer Small, Jack Thompson-Gardener, Doug De Jong; Daniel Kennedy, Harry Radley, Daniel Frawley; James Pope, Blake Harper, Harry Wichman; Joshua Gunning, Dustin Rogers, Chad Fuller; Joe Perryman, Jayden Klemke, James Kennedy; Joe Schultz, Ed Perryman, Nick Perryman; Nick Kennedy, Declan Carroll, Luke Murray
Griffith: Angus Bartter*, James Toscan, Michael Agnew; Mitchell Irvin, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Taine Moraschi*, Jack Rowston, Sam Daniel; Kahlan Spencer, Henry Delves, Leigh Owen; Oswald Herrmann, Riley Irvin, Jay Summers*; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell*, Tom Powell*; Tom Bartter*, Oliver Bartter*, Dean Bennett
Umpires: Tim Beard,  Alex Manley (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Jayden Klemke (CGP), 2 - James Kennedy (CGP), 1- Nathan Richards (Gri).

Other matches: Leeton-Whitton 8.2 (48) def by Wagga 12.15 (87); Turvey Park 10.5 (65) def by Coolamon 12.12 (84); Narrandera 5.4 (34) def by Ganmain-GGM 16.17 (113); Mangoplah-CUE, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 10.4 (64) d Collingullie-Glenfield Park 8.4 (52)
Goals: n/a
Best players: D Schmetzer, N Witherspoon, I Testoni, C Harrison, D Villata, T Shannon, 
Under 17.5: Griffith 21.13 (139) d Collingullie-Glenfield Park 1.0 (6)
Goals: P Payne 10, W Ellis 3, A Brown 3, M Bennett, L Wallace, J Best, B Evans, K Stevenson
Best Players: K Bennett, J Whitworth, P Payne, J Best, L Wallace, R Best 

Match report: In their return to the playing field for the first time since the 2019 Riverina League grand final, the Griffith Swans have fallen to a quick finishing Collingullie-Glenfield Park side at Crossroads Oval. The Demons made a strong start in the first quarter, kicking four goals to two to head into the first break with a 20 point lead. The Swans came out flying in the second quarter while holding the home side to just the two majors to head into the main break with an eight-point lead. Collingullie were able to hit back in the third term and retake the lead with a 7-goal quarter to take a 15-point lead heading into the final term. The Demons were able to maintain their hold on the game in the final term as they held the Griffith side goalless while kicking three late goals to take a 102 to 69 victory. (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday, April 19, 2021) 


Round 2 - Saturday April 24, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval 3.10pm
Griffith ..................... 1.1 .. 4.3 .. 9.6 .. 12.10 (82)  
Leeton-Whitton .... 3.2 .. 4.2 .. 4.2 .. 7.4 (46) 

Goals: Griffith: H Delves 4, K Spencer 2, J Powell 2, R Irvin, D Bennett, O Bartter, S Daniel
Leeton-Whitton: T Meline 3, S Darley 2, T Doyle, B O'Garey
Best players: Griffith: H Delves, L Owen, J Toscan, K Spencer, R Irvin, J Rowston
Leeton-Whitton: S Darley, T Meline, B O'Garey, I Houghton, R Grey, B Boots
Griffith: Angus Bartter, Ryan Bullus, Michael Agnew; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Charlie Cunial; Nick Witherspoon, Jack Rowston, Sam Daniel;  Leigh Owen, Henry Delves, Oswald Herrmann; Kahlan Spencer, Riley Irvin, Tom Powell; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell, Oliver Bartter; Tom Bartter, Jay Summers, Dean Bennett
Leeton-Whitton: Bryce Rogers, Kyle Pete, Hayden Cooper; Ryan Grey, Tom Meline, Bailey Wood; Joshua Thomas, Sam Darley (c-c), Jye Doyle; Tyron Rainbird, Alex Daley, Josh Lanham; Coopa Steele, Taj Doyle, Bradley Boots; Mason Dryburgh, Bryce O'Garey, Jay Tang; Mark Salafia, Ryan Oldershaw, Isaac Houghton
Umpires: Craig Fletcher, Andrew Tough (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Kahlan Spencer (Gri), 2 - Jack Rowston (Gri), 1 - Mason Dryburgh (LW).

Other matches: Coolamon 11.23 (89) def Collingullie-GP 9.7 (61); Ganmain-GGM 19.11 (125) def Turvey Park 5.8 (38); Wagga 3.7 (25) def by Mangoplah-CUE 14.13 (97); Narrandera, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 22.16 (148) d Leeton-Whitton 1.0 (6)
Goals: C Bock 5, M Duncan 4, T Shannon 4, B Chambers 2, B Rowston 2, N Schmetzer, A Ray, K Duncan, L Killalea, D Schmetzer
Best Players: I Testoni, T Shannon, D Schmetzer, K Ruyg, M Duncan, N Schmetzer
Under 17.5: Griffith 8.10 (58) d Leeton-Whitton 3.4 (22)
Goals: M Bennett 2, A Brown 2, M Ashcroft, J Whitworth, L Wallace, W Ellis
Best players: 
S Irvin, L Irvin, J Whitworth, L Wallace, J Rogerson,

Match report: In what was the Swans' first senior football home game since August of 2019, then sent a strong message with a convincing over Leeton-Whitton. The Crows were able to make a fast start with Taj Doyle, Bryce O'Garey and Sam Darley hitting the scoreboard while Henry Delves kicked the Swans solo major in the opening term. Riley Irvin reduced the margin after the break before Darley booted his second, but the game swung in the Swans favour from that point. The home side kicked seven unanswered goals to take a 34-point lead into the final term, with Delves kicking three while Kahlan Spencer kicked two. The Crows were unable to kick three goals as Tom Meline was thrown forward but the Swans were able to hold on, with Delves finishing the day with four goals as the home side took a 82 to 46 victory. (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday, April 26, 2021).



ALBURY'S Jacob Conlan had played some top level football before arriving at Tiger-land, but he'd never come across the professionalism. "Definitely the pre-season was different to what I was used to, three nights a week and everyone rocks up, it's not just the 10 blokes we had up at the Swans in November, here we had 60-odd and then everyone goes to the gym," he explained.
"But it was the video (analysis), they'd video a game every now and then in Griffith, maybe a final, but their were no reviews and no snippets on your own personal game, which is good. I like it."
Conlan signed signed with Albury after the 2019 season where he had won the Riverina Football League goalkicking with 66 for his junior club, Griffith Swans.
COVID guaranteed there would be no football last year, but it allowed Conlan and younger brother Lucas to ease into the Ovens and Murray lifestyle. "Just the pace of the game, it's so much quicker and you've got players coming out from the AFL, both in our team and some others, it's pretty unreal," he offered.
Conlan had played a handful of NEAFL games with Canberra Demons in 2019, but when a former player returned, he was on the outer and returned home, only to play in a second successive losing grand final.
Under the Ovens and Murray's players points system, the Conlan siblings are four-pointers, which places pressure on them to perform.
And it certainly didn't look good for Jacob when he kicked six straight behinds in the second game against Wangaratta Rovers and went goalless. "I don't know what that was, it was just one of those days where it wasn't working and once you miss a few, it starts to get in your head," he admitted.
"It's never been a weakness, I'm not elite or anything, but I'd back myself to kick more goals than points, but that was just a rough day in front of the sticks."
Conlan has shown his class in the games since, particularly with a five-goal haul against the miserly Wangaratta defence last week, booting three majors in the first quarter to blow the game open.
He now leads the Doug Strang Medal with 21, although the Tigers and Yarrawonga have played one more game than the other eight teams. Conlan faces another stern test away to Lavington today.
Given former Ovens and Murray top defender Brant Dickson is out injured, there's every chance another ex-VFL backman in Nick Meredith will oppose the strongly-built 191cm, 95kg Conlan.
This will be the 21-year-old's first clash against the long-time and fierce rival of the Tigers and the Panthers will be desperate to rebound from a poor performance against the Corowa-Rutherglen Roos.

(By Andrew Moir - Bordermail, Saturday, May 8, 2021)


Round 3 - Saturday May 1, 2021 at Mangoplah Sportsground 2.10pm
Mangoplah-CUE ... 4.5 .. 7.10 .. 12.16 .. 20.17 (137)
Griffith .................... 2.1 .. 3.2 .. 4.2 .. 8.3 (51)   

Goals: Mangoplah-CUE: T Castles 8, G Kendall 3, B Ambler 2, R Turnbull, S De Sousa, T Keogh, W Clark, D Arthur, P Griffin, C Palombi
Griffith: K Spencer 3, R Irvin, J Powell, J Toscan, D Bennett, J Whitworth
Best players: Mangoplah-CUE: R Turnbull, T Castles, S De Sousa, E Schiller, D Arthur, N Collins
Griffith: J Powell, H Delves, T Powell, R Irvin, J Toscan, T Moraschi
Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes: Pat Killalea, James Scott, Dominic Bunyan; Lachlan Kendall, Hunter Lloyd, Nick Collins; Tom Keogh, Trent Cohalan, Ethan Schiller; Brayden Ambler, George Kendall, Doug Arthur; Sam De Sousa, Trent Castles, Padric Griffin; Jacob Whitley, Ryan Turnbull, Christian Palombi; Ryan Price, Jake Hindmarsh, Wesley Clark
Griffith: Angus Bartter, Ryan Bullus, Michael Agnew; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Charlie Cunial; Taine Moraschi, Jack Rowston, Dean Bennett; Tom Bartter, Oliver Bartter, Jay Summers; Tom Powell, Nathan Richards, Henry Delves; Riley Irvin, Jack Powell, Kahlan Spencer; Isaac Testoni* Jordan Whitworth*, Quade Stevenson*
Umpires: Tony O'Halloran, Dallas McKelvie (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Trent Castles (MCUE), 2 - George Kendall (MCUE), 1 - Ryan Turnbull (MCUE).

Other matches: Collingullie-GP 5.6 (36) def by Ganmain-GGM 16.11 (107); Leeton-Whitton 8.2 (50) def by Coolamon 11.20 (86); Turvey Park 23.15 (153) def Narrandera 4.8 (32); Wagga, bye
Reserves: Griffith 7.8 (50) d Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes 6.4 (40)
Goals: C Bock 4, T Shannon, C Thompson-Gardener, K Ruyg
Best Players:  D Schmetzer, C Bock, J Burley, D Villata, C Harrison, J Whitehead
Under 17.5: Griffith 10.11 (71) d Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes 4.5 (28)
Goals: A Brown 4, P Payne 4, B Evans, K Bennett
Best Players: R Best, K Bennett, B Signor, J Best, N Conlan, W Ellis

Match report: In what was always billed as a tough road trip to Mangoplah, it lived up to expectations for the Griffith Swans, who fell to a 86-point defeat at the hands of the Mangoplah Goannas. The Goannas made a strong start in the first quarter having nine scoring shots to Griffith's three but weren't out of reach to be leading by 16 points at the first break! It wasn't until the second half where the Swans lost touch with Mangoplah kicking 13 goals in the final two quarters to walk away 137 to 51 victors. Kahlan Spencer had a good day in front of goal kicking three majors while Riley Irvin, Jack Powell, James Toscan, Dean Bennett and Jordan Whitworth kicked one each.

The reserve graders kept their undefeated start to the season alive with four goals to Connor Bock, helping them to a 50 to 40 victory while the under 17.5s came away with a 42-point win with Patrick Payne and Angus Brown kicking four goals each. (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday, May 1, 2021). 


Round 4 - Saturday May 8, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Griffith ................... 2.1 .. 6.4 .. 8.9 .. 9.10 (64)
Wagga Tigers ...... 4.1 .. 7.2 .. 8.6 .. 13.8 (86) 

Goals: Griffith: H Delves 3, S Daniel 2, J Toscan, T Powell, J Powell, K Spencer
Wagga Tigers: M Stephenson 6, T McCoullough 2, S McNaughton, B Myers, J Cornell, N Cooke, T Osmotherly
Best players: Griffith: T Powell, N Richards, L Owen, J Powell, C Cunial, R Irvin
Wagga Tigers: N Cooke, M Stephenson, N Ryan, B Morton, S Flanigan, L Waters
Griffith: Michael Agnew, Ryan Bullus, Charlie Cunial; Jack Rowston, Riley Irvin, Oswald Herrmann; Jordan Whitworth, Mitchell Irvin, Dean Bennett; Leigh Owen, James Toscan, Sam Daniel; Kahlan Spencer, Henry Delves, Oliver Bartter; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell, Tom Powell; Isaac Testoni, Tom Bartter, Angus Brown*
Wagga Tigers: Lewis Waters, Isaac Bennett, Ignatius Lyons; Fraser Yates, Brady Morton, Reid Gordon; Sam McNaughton, Brendan Myers, Xavier Heeney; Nathan Cooke, Murray Stephenson (c-c), Patrick Ryan; Nick Gorman, Jock Cornell, Jeremy Lucas; Tom McCullough, Shaun Flanigan, Nick Ryan; Tom Osmotherly, Charlie Bance, Harry Kelly
Umpires: Alex Manley, Ryan Wolter, Mark Rowe (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Murray Stephenson (WT), 2 - Nathan Richards (Gri), 1 - Nick Ryan (WT).

Other matches: Coolamon 11.11 (77) def by Mangoplah-CUE 12.11 (83); Ganmain-GGM 17.23 (125) def Leeton-Whitton 4.2 (26); Narrandera 19.8 (122) def Collingullie-GP 9.11 (65); Turvey Park, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 11.15 (81) d Wagga Tigers 7.5 (47) 
Goals: K Duncan 3, T Shannon 2, M Duncan, B Chambers, N Schmetzer, B Rowston, C Bock, K Ruyg
Best Players: K Ruyg, C Burge, N Witherspoon, D Villata, J Burley, D Schmetzer
Under 17.5: Griffith 16.14 (110) d Wagga Tigers 3.0 (18)
Goals: W Ellis 4, S Irvin 4, M Bennett 2, K Bennett 2, K Stevenson, J Summers, B Signor, J Rogerson
Best Players: B Signor, W Ellis, J Summers, K Bennett, J Best, R Best

Match report: The Wagga side were able to get the first two goals of the afternoon before Henry Delves was able to hit the scoreboard before another two goals to the visitors and one to James Toscan saw the Tigers lead by 12 at the first break. Sam Daniel and Tom Powell got the Swans off to a strong start in the second term before the Tigers kicked the next two. Delves kicked his second before the Tigers restored their advantage, but a smart snap by Kahlan Spencer brought the Swans within five points at the main break.  A goal to Jack Powell and a second to Daniel saw the Swans heading into the final term with a three points advantage. Three straight goals to the Tigers had them threatening to run away with the game, but after Delves kicked his third, the Wagga side was able to kick two late goals to wrap up a 86 to 64 win.  (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday, May 10, 2021). 


Round 5 - Saturday May 15, 2021

Griffith, bye

Other matches: Collingullie-GP 3.9 (27 def Turvey Park 3.7 (25); Leeton-Whitton 7.12 (54) def Narrandera 4.10 (34); Mangoplah-CUE 14.7 (91) def Ganmain-GGM 6.6 (42); Wagga 6.5 (41) def by Coolamon 7.6 (48) 


Round 6 - Saturday May 22, 2021 at Kindra Park 2.10pm
Coolamon ..... 3.6 .. 4.11 .. 9.11 .. 15.12 (102)
Griffith .......... 2.2 .. 6.5 .. 9.6 .. 14.7 (91)   

Goals: Coolamon: J Redfern 3, J Maslin 3, M Mcgowan 3, C McKelvie 2, B. Glyde 2, T Vance, J Barrett
Griffith: H Delves 4, J Toscan 3, T Powell 2, J Powell, O Bartter, D Bennett, J Rowston, J Summers
Best players: Coolamon: J Maslin, R Allen, J Barrett, M Hillier, J Buchanan, A Carroll
Griffith: T Powell, R Irvin, J Rowston, N Richards, C Cunial, H Delves

Coolamon Rovers: Zac Oliver, Josh Buchanan, Hayden Bradley; Bayden Leary, Marshal Macualey, Nick Buchanan; Cooper McKelvie, Jake Barrett, Max Hillier; Ryan Allen, Matt McGowan, Dylan McPhail; Alex Carroll, Joe Redfern, Braeden Clyde; Ben Edyvean, Jamie Maddox, Jeremiah Maslin; Ryan Cox, Will Graetz, Tennyson Vance 
Griffith: Isaac Testoni, Charlie Cunial, Oswald Herrmann; Patrick Payne*, Riley Irvin, Kahlan Spencer; Michael Agnew, Jack Rowston, Jay Summers; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Angus Bartter; Sam Daniel, Henry Delves, Leigh Owen; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell, Tom Powell; Ryan Bullus, Oliver Bartter, Dean Bennett
Umpires: Ryan Dedini, Jack Christopher (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Jeremiah Maslin (CR), 2 - Nathan Richards (Gri), 1 - Ryan Allen (CR).

Other matches: Narrandera 10.7 (67) def by Mangoplah-CUE 23.9 (147); Turvey Park 15.12 (102) def Leeton-Whitton 5.7 (37); Ganmain-GGM 17.9 (111) def Wagga 7.7 (49); Collingullie-GP, bye 
Reserves: Coolamon 10.8 (68) d Griffith 5.4 (34)
Goals: J Burley, D Campbell, C Bock, N Witherspoon, D Catanzariti
Best Players: D Schmetzer, L Killalea, C Harrison, N Witherspoon, N Schmetzer, T Shannon
Under 17.5: Griffith 18.24 (132) d Coolamon 6.3 (39) 
Goals: A Brown 5, B Evans 5, W Ellis 2, M Ashcroft, K Bennett, N Conlan, J Whitworth, L Wallace, J Rogerson
Best Players: W Ellis, S Irvin, K Bennett, L Wallace, J Best, B Evans

Match report: The Griffith Swans came within three minutes of securing what would have been one of the upsets of the season when they travelled to Kindra Park to take on Coolamon. The Rovers led by 10 points going into the first break, but the Swans charged into life in the second term to kick four goals to one to lead by six heading into half-time. Coolamon hit back again in the third term to take a five-point lead into the final charge before the Swans once again found their footing in the final term. Looking for just their second win of the year, the Swans looked set to produce the biggest upset thus far when they led by 13 points heading into time-on in the final quarter. But the Hoppers stayed composed to kick four goals and solidify a top three spot. (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday, May 24, 2021).


Round 7 - Sunday May 30, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Griffith ................... 0.1 .. 3.8 .. 4.9 .. 5.9 (39) 
Ganmain-GGM .... 5.2 .. 6.5 .. 7.9 .. 12.11 (83)

Goals: Griffith: H Delves 2, J Powell 2, J Rowston
Ganmain-GGM: T Anderson 3, R Corbett 2, J Lander, B Walsh, J Sase, D Foley, J Olsson, L Parker, G Alexander
Best players: Griffith: R Irvin, J Toscan, N Richards, J Summers, H Delves, J Powell
Ganmain-GGM: S Martyn, J Walsh, J Lander, J Olsson, J Taylor, T Anderson
Griffith: Isaac Testoni, Riley Irvin, Ryan Bullus;  Kahlan Spencer, Lucas Conlan, Charlie Cunial; Jay Summers, Jack Rowston, Nick Witherspoon; Oliver Bartter, Henry Delves, Patrick Payne; Leigh Owen, Jacob Conlan, James Toscan; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell, Tom Powell; Sam Daniel, Dean Bennett, Michael Agnew
Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong: Luke Walsh, Josh Walsh, Matt Knagge; Angus Cumming, Ben Walsh, Sam Marytn (c-c); Jakob Taylor, Jesse Lander, Jono Neville; Jack Sase, George Alexander, Jack McCaig; Lachlan Parker, Riley Corbett, Dan Foley; Jacob Olsson, Aaron Proctor, Tom Anderson; Isaac Crouch, Nahom Fitzgerald-Holmes, Shannon Butterfield
Umpires: Callum Logan, Danny Fitzpatrick, Dallas McKelvie (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Jacob Olsson (GGGM), 2 - Tom Anderson (GGGM), 1 - Aaron Proctor (GGGM).

Other matches: Leeton-Whitton 7.6 (48) def by Collingullie-GP 17.12 (114); Mangoplah-CUE 10.14 (74) def Turvey Park 3.11 (29); Wagga 19.6 (120) def Narrandera 3.4 (22); Coolamon, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 10.17 (77) d Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 2.7 (19)
Goals: B Chambers 5, D Crack 2, K Duncan, C Bock, S Robinson
Best Players: D Schmetzer, B Chambers, L Killalea, A Verhagen, D Villata, C Bock
Under 17.5: Griffith 27.19 (181) d Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 0.2 (2)
Goals: B Evans 5, N Conlan 5, K Bennett 4, L Wallace 3, L Irvin 3, J Best 2, W Ellis 2, M Ashcroft, J Whitworth, S Irvin, B Devery, J Rogerson, B Fattore, M Vardanega, A Brown
Best Players: K Bennett, W Ellis, J Rogerson, A Brown, L Wallace

Match report: Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong passed a series of tests in Griffith with flying colours on Sunday. The Swans welcomed back Jacob and Lucas Conlan for the day but it mattered little as the Lions continued their strong start to the season with a 44-point win 83 to 39 at Exies Oval. Not only were the Swans boosted for the clash but the Lions went in without young guns Matt Hamblin, Kai Watts and the travelling Kirk Mahon. Any doubts were put to bed early as GGGM kicked five unanswered first-quarter goals to open up a 31-point lead. The Swans lifted their intensity and more than match the visitors for the next two quarters, before the Lions finished full of running in the final term. (The Daily Advertiser - Monday, May 31, 2021). 


Round 8 - Saturday June 5, 2021 at Narrandera Sportsground 4.10pm
Narrandera ..... 5.2 .. 11.4 .. 13.4 .. 14.6 (90) 
Griffith ............. 4.0 .. 7.2 .. 11.5 .. 12.11 (83)

Goals: Narrandera: L Mckay 4, T Van Buuren 2, T Metcalfe 2, A Durnan 2, R Tuohey 2, B Hutchison, L Hawkins
Griffith: H Delves 6, J Toscan 3, J Powell, J Whitworth, O Bartter
Best players: Narrandera: L Mckay, K Williams, L Paterson, C Vearing, T Van Buuren, A Durnan
Griffith: T Powell, J Powell, J Summers, H Delves, N Richards, J Rowston
Narrandera Imperial: Stuart Bull, Luke Paterson, Brandon Hall; Jordan Hedington (c-c), Connor Vearing, Kane Williams; Ben Grinter, Luke McKay, Shaun Gehringer; Cooper Irons, Angus Durnan, Harry Grintell; Theo  Medcalfe, Robert Touhey, Joe Grinter; Bradley Hutchison, Tom Van Buuren, Ryan Price; Lachlan Hawkins, Jack Absolom, James Smith
Griffith: Isaac Testoni, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Taine Moraschi, Riley Irvin, Kahlan Spencer; Jay Summers, Jack Rowston, Patrick Payne; Oliver Bartter, James Toscan, Mitchell Irvin; Jordan Whitworth,  Henry Delves, Leigh Owen; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell, Tom Powell; Nick Witherspoon, Dean Bennett, Dean Villata
Umpires: Alex Manley, Mark Rowe, Danny Fitzpatrick (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Jack Powell (Gri), 2 - Luke McKay (Nar), 1 - Tom Powell (Gri).

Other matches: Collingullie-GP 7.8 (50) def by Mangoplah-CUE 11.17 (83); Ganmain-GGM 13.19 (97) def Coolamon 4.7 (31); Turvey Park 11.5 (71) def by Wagga 11.14 (80); Leeton-Whitton, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 20.12 (132) d Narrandera 2.2 (14)
Goals: S Daniel 5, B Chambers 4, C Bock 3, D Crack 2, I Piva 2, B Rowston, T Shannon, D Schmetzer, M Agnew
Best Players: C Harrison, N Schmetzer, S Daniel, M Agnew, A Ray, B Chambers
Under 17.5: Griffith 30.17 (197) d Narrandera 0.0 (0) 
Goals:  K Bennett 6, L Wallace 5, M Bennett 4, B Evans 3, R Best 2, L Irvin 2, L Irvine 2, W Ellis 2, J Best, J Bellicanta, B Fattore, M Rosengreen
Best Players: R Best, W Ellis, M Bennett, J Best, A Brown, L Irvine

Match report: Narrandera have lifted themselves off the bottom of the ladder after outlasting Griffith in the battle of the cellar dwellers at Narrandera Sportsground on Saturday. An 11-goal-to seven first half was enough for the Eagles to secure their second victory of the year in a 90 to 83 triumph, with Luke McKay kicking four goals. Henry Delves was the leading light up forward for Griffith with six goals, but the Swans remain level with Leeton-Whitton at the foot of the ladder with just one win. Narrandera coach Jordan Hedington said the win would give his side plenty of belief when they resume after next week's competition bye. "The goal at the start of the year was six wins and we're happy to be heading in the right direction, that's for sure," he said. "We had a big loss against Wagga last week but we had five changes to the team today which made a big difference, especially centre half forward Angus Durnan with our attack." (The Daily Advertiser - Monday, June 7, 2021). 


Round 9 - Saturday June 19, 2021 at Maher Oval 2.10pm
Turvey Park ...... 3.3 .. 5.11 .. 8.14 .. 12.18 (90)
Griffith ............... 0.4 .. 2.6 .. 4.9 .. 5.10 (40)

Goals: Turvey Park: B Wallett 3, B Glanvill 3, L Leary 2, T Cunningham, S Camp, T Yates, A Harris
Griffith: J Toscan, H Delves, N Richards, T Powell, O Bartter, 
Best players: Turvey Park: B Glanvill, S Camp, J Ashcroft, M Ness, L Leary, J Haggar
Griffith: K Spencer, J Summers, T Powell, J Toscan, O Bartter, N Richards
Turvey Park: Truman Carroll, William O'Connor, Angus Grigg; Matthew Ness, Rhett Weidemann, Jack Haggar; Luke Mazzocchi, Stephen Camp, Ben Lewington; Billy Granvill, Lachlan Leary, Tyler Cunningham; Baxter Wallett, Bradley Ashcroft, Tom Yates; Josh Ashcroft, Ashley Harris, Andrew Saddler; Chase Grintell, Harry Woods, Ryan Shaw
Griffith: Mitch Irvin, Riley Irvin, Ryan Bullus; Patrick Payne, Charlie Cunial, Kahlan Spencer; Jordan Whitworth, Jack Rowston, Kieran Ruyg; Dean Villata, James Toscan, Oliver Bartter; Jay Summers, Henry Delves, Dean Bennett; Nathan Richards, Jack Powell, Tom Powell; Tom Shannon, Michael Agnew, Jamie Best*.
Umpires: Ryan Wolter, Tim Beard, Andrew Tough (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Tom Yates (TP), 2 - Josh Ashcroft (TP), 1 - Dean Villata (Gri).
Other matches: Coolamon 15.30 (120) def Narrandera 2.7 (19), Mangoplah-CUE 24.9 (153) def Leeton-Whitton 4.4 (28), Wagga 5.11 (41) def by  Collingullie-GP 8.5 (53); Ganmain-GGM, bye
Reserves: Turvey Park 14.8 (92) def Griffith 6.5 (41) 
Goals: K Duncan 3, B Chambers, D Crack, L Killalea
Best Players: C Harrison, A Bartter, D Schmetzer, D Catanzariti, R Perre, R Matheson
Under 17.5: Griffith 6.9 (45) def Turvey Park 4.11 (35)
Goals: A Brown 3, M Ashcroft, W Ellis, L Irvine
Best Players: W Ellis, T Bartter, B Signor, L Irvine, B Fattore, B Evans
Match report: Rarely have a Griffith side looked as bad as they did against Turvey Park. The only satisfaction was their position on the ladder was virtually unchanged. The Swans had many good triers, but very few winners, and at any stage did they look dangerous. In fact, the Bulldogs outscored them in every quarter.

With the first use of the breeze, Swans might have been closer than 17 points behind at quarter time had Ryan Bullus, not allowed Turvey's second gamer, Baxter Wallett slip away from him for two vital goals. The duty of all backmen is to play shoulder-to-shoulder with their opponents all day, to limit their scoring opportunities.

For the second quarter, Turvey outplayed Griffith all over the ground, but for some unnecessarily hurried kicking, would have been more than 25 points ahead at half-time. The third quarter saw Griffith show a little more fight, although they still had players who were content to wait for a hand or foot pass rather than go in to a pack and help a team-mate. Turvey on the other hand, were always their to help. Turvey's pressure was applied all day, allowing them to win convincingly by 50 points. (By The Man on the Fence). 


Round 10 - Saturday June 26, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Griffith ................... 1.1 .. 4.3 .. 6.4 .. 8.7 (55) 
Collingullie-GP .... 4.4 .. 8.7 .. 10.10 .. 11.11 (77)

Goals: Griffith: H Delves 5, K Spencer, T Powell, N Witherspoon
Collingullie-GP: B Harper 5, J Sanbrook, S Small, C Fuller, N Perryman, D Singe, J Conlan 
Best players: Griffith: H Delves, N Richards, K Spencer, J Toscan, J Rowston, T Powell
Collingullie-GP: B Harper, J Thompson-Gardener, J Perryman, T Crakanthorp, H Wichman, J Hughes
Griffith: Jamie Best, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Isaac Testoni; Patrick Payne, Jack Rowston, Nick Witherspoon; Taine Moraschi, Henry Delves, Jay Summers; Jordan Whitworth, Nathan Richards, Angus Bartter; Riley Irvin, Tom Powell, Kahlan Spencer; Keran Ruyg, Oliver Bartter, Dean Villata
Collingullie-Glenfield Park: Tom Crackanthorp, Daniel Kennedy, Luke Murray; Joe Perryman, Harry Radley, Dereck Singe; Jackson Sanbrook, Jayden Klemke, Harry Wichman; Blake Harper, Dustin Rogers, Joshua Conlan; Zac Billingham, Spencer Small, James Kennedy; Jack Thompson-Gardner, Nick Perryman, Chad Fuller; Jackson Hughes, Mitchell Ryan, Zac Burkinshaw 
Umpires: Ryan Wolter, Peter Alexander (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Nick Perryman (CGP), 2 - Nathan Richards (Gri), 1 - Harry Wichman (CGP).
Other matches: Wagga 7.11 (53) def Leeton-Whitton 7.8 (50); Coolamon 7.12 (54) def by Turvey Park 9.6 (60), Ganmain-GGM 28.11 (179) def Narrandera 4.2 (26); Mangoplah-CUE, bye.
Reserves: Griffith 9.10 (64) def Collingullie-Glenfield Park 3.4 (22)
Goals: C Bock 3, B Chambers 2, J Burley, D Crack, T Shannon, L Killalea
Best Players: A Verhagen, D Bennett, T Shannon, M Agnew, C Harrison, Q Stevenson
Under 17.5: Griffith def Collingullie-Glenfield Park by forfeit
Match report: The Griffith Swans weren't able to pull off the comeback in their clash with Collingullie-GP over the weekend, despite a rain soaked resurgence. The Swans ultimately fell 55-77 to the Demons at Exies Sports Club on Saturday, though at points it looked like the gap would be significantly larger. Heading into the game, the Griffith side knew it was an important chance to keep their pace with the top five sides, but their task was quickly made harder when they went down 0-13 in the opening five minutes. A goal from the Riverina League's second top scorer Henry Delves brought the Swans back to within striking distance, but the Demons hit back with vengeance. Over the next 20 minutes the Demons added four more goals to their tally, going on a 0-22 run to put themselves up 7-42 halfway through the second quarter. It was going back to basics which helped the Swans get back on the track, and they reverted back to the tried and true tactic of getting the ball in Delves' hands. Two goals from Delves and one from Kahlan Spencer helped the Swans close the gap to 27-55 by half-time.

As the teams regrouped at the half, clouds darkened overhead and unleashed a torrent of rain on the oval, creating a unique setting for the back half of the clash. The Swans took full advantage of the wet conditions, with Delves and Thomas Powell both getting on the board. But the conditions returned to normal so did the outlook of the game, and by the end of the third quarter the Swans were still down 40-70. In the final quarter, Delves added his fifth goal and Nicholas Witherspoon got his first for the season. As the final whistle blew the Swans' had turned what looked like a potential blowout loss into a somewhat commendable 8.7 55) to 11.11 (77) loss. 
The fight back did add some gloss to the disappointing result, Griffith coach Greg Dreyer said. "It's a little bit frustrating but we fought the game out well," Dreyer said. "A four goal loss is close but not quite there but the biggest positive is that we have that determination in this group. "They keep on fighting they don't throw the towel in and they work to run the game out as best they can." Dreyer was still not overly happy with the performance, and he believed his side inexperience had cost them again. "You could see from our skill errors and our decision making that our inexperience just comes to bite us all the time," Dreyer said. "We need to focus on our execution, decision making and fitness." (By Monty Jacka - The Area News, Monday June 28, 2021.)


Round 11 - Saturday July 3, 2021 at Leeton Showground 2.10pm
Leeton-Whitton...... 3.6 .. 6.10 .. 10.13 .. 13.17 (95)
Griffith ..................... 2.0 .. 4.0 .. 5.0 ..  7.4 (46)

Goals: Leeton-Whitton:  T Rainbird 5, H Steele 2, K Pete 2, S Darley, D Hillam, B O'Garey, M Rainbird
Griffith: H Delves 3, L Owen 2, J Toscan, I Testoni
Best players: Leeton-Whitton: R Grey, B O'Garey, S Darley, J Burke, A Crelley, K Pete
Griffith: J Rowston, C Cunial, T Powell, J Summers, L Owen, T Moraschi
Leeton-Whitton: Hayden Cooper, Jason Burke, Nathan Ryan; Jye Doyle, Alex Daly, Bailey Wood; Angus Crelley, Sam Darley (c-c), Tom Meline; Tom Handsaker, Tyron Rainbird, Matt Rainbird; Josh Lanham, Hunter Booth, Dan Hillam; Mason Dryburgh, Bryce O’Garey, Ryan Grey; Harrison Steele, Jake Norman, Kyle Pete 
Griffith: Jamie Best, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Mitchell Irvin, Riley Irvin, Isaac Testoni; Jay Summers, Jack Rowston, Kieran Ruyg; Jordan Whitworth, James Toscan, Kahlan Spencer; Taine Moraschi, Henry Delves, Leigh Owen; Nathan Richards, Tom Powell, Jack Powell; Oliver Bartter, Angus Bartter, Patrick Payne 
Umpires: Ryan Dedini, Craig Tilston (RUA).   Milestone: James Toscan (200th senior game). 

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Bryce O'Garey (LW), 2 - Mason Dryburgh (LW), 1 - Taine Moraschi (Gri).
Other matches: Collingullie-GP 9.6 (60) def Coolamon 8.5 (53), Mangoplah-CUE 5.14 (44) def  Wagga 3.6 (24), Turvey Park 2.2 (14) def by Ganmain-GGM 19.13 (127); Narrandera, bye. 
Reserves: Griffith 10.8 (68) def Leeton-Whitton 3.3 (21)
Goals: D Bennett 2, J Burley, T Shannon, C Bock, D Catanzariti, R Best, L Wallace, A Verhagen, D Crack
Best Players: J Burley, D Catanzariti, C Harrison, A Verhagen, L Killalea, L Wallace
Under 17.5: Griffith 13.9 (87) def Leeton-Whitton 3.2 (20)
Goals: B Evans 4, T Bartter 3, K Bennett 3, L Irvin, W Ellis, A Brown
Best Players: L Wallace, R Best, B Evans, K Bennett, L Irvine, B Signor
Match report: Leeton-Whitton took the bragging rights over their arch-rivals Griffith Swans and leapt off the bottom of the ladder with a 49-point win. The Crows took a 12-point lead into the first change, but a bit more accuracy in front of goal would have seen them further ahead as they had nine scoring shots to just two from the Swans. The home side pushed the lead out to 22-points at the main break as the Crows were able to make the most of a Swans side who were not able to hit their targets or get themselves out of their defensive fifty.

The game got a bit fiery after halftime with the Swans Ryan Bullus sin-binned and placed on report (later withdrawn) after an altercation with Bryce O'Garey, and the Crows were able to all but wrap the game up with a four goal to one term and be leading by 43 points at three quarter time.  "We needed to make a change or nothing will change. "We played well last week but lost, to get the result makes a difference," Crows coach Sam Darley said. While it was tough for Swans coach Greg Dreyer to hide his disappointment from the defeat to their rivals. "We just played badly full stop. It was really exaggerated today for whatever reason. We didn't execute, we didn't run hard enough, and didn't compete hard enough. It's all of us." he said. (By Liam Warren). 


Round 12 - Saturday July 10, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Griffith ..................... 1.1 .. 1.4 .. 5.6 .. 7.7 (49)
Mangoplah-CUE .... 3.4 .. 8.6 .. 9.9 .. 14.10 (94)

Goals: Griffith: H Delves 3, K Spencer 2, T Moraschi, J Whitworth
Mangoplah-CUE: J Male 5, T Keogh 2, G Kendall 2, T Cohalan, E Schiller, C Willis, A McCormack, Z Hanrahan
Best players: Griffith: N Richards, T Powell, J Rowston, K Spencer, J Whitworth, T Moraschi
Mangoplah-CUE:  N Collins, J Male, E Schiller, B Ambler, T Cohalan, G Kendall
Griffith: Ryan Bullus, Charlie Cunial, Mitchell Irvin; Patrick Payne, Riley Irvin, Oliver Bartter; Nick Witherspoon, Jack Rowston, Jay Summers; Jordan Whitworth, Henry Delves, Taine Moraschi; Leigh Owen, Isaac Testoni, Angus Bartter; Nathan Richards, Tom Powell, Kahlan Spencer; Ashley Verhagen, Jamie Best, Tom Shannon
Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes: Pat Killalea, Alex McCormack, Dominic Bunyan; Nick Collins, Hunter Lloyd, Ryan Price; Jake Hindmarch, Ethan Schiller, Doug Arthur; Jonathan Male, George Kendall, Brayden Ambler; Padric Griffin, Zac Hanrahan, Tom Keogh; Chris Willis, Ryan Turnbull, Trent Cohalan; Charlie Chambers, Flynn Collins, Justin Dore
Umpires: Alex Manley, Tim Beard (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Ethan Schiller (MCUE), 2 -Jack Rowston (Gri), 1 - Jonathan Male (MCUE).
Other matches: Coolamon 11.13 (79) def Leeton-Whitton 9.8 (62); Narrandera 10.7 (67) def by Turvey Park 20.10 (130) ; Ganmain-GGM 14.16 (100) def Collingullie-GP 9.8 (62); Wagga, bye.
Reserves: Griffith 10.13 (73) Mangoplah-CUE 5.14 (44)
Goals: B Chambers 4, C Bock 2, J Burley, A Ray, K Duncan, L Killalea
Best Players: D Schmetzer, R Matheson, I Piva, C Bock, L Killalea, N Schmetzer
Under 17.5: Griffith 18.14 (122) def Mangoplah-CUE 3.3 (21)
Goals: W Ellis 5, B Evans 3, L Wallace 2, T Bartter 2, M Cudmore, J Rogerson, K Bennett, M Ashcroft, M Rosengreen
Best Players: W Ellis, L Irvine, N Conlan, M Bennett, K Bennett, R Best

Match report: Having fallen to a heavy defeat to their arch rivals (Leeton-Whitton) in the last hit-out, the Griffith Swans showed more fight but once again let the opposition get away early when they took on Mangoplah-CUE.

The Swans matched them early and held the Goannas to three goals while kicking one of their own through Jordan Whitworth to trail by 15 points at the first change. It was the second quarter when the Mangoplah side was able to break clear as they kicked five goals to none to lead by 44 at the main break. It was an improved start in the second half by the Swans, with Henry Delves popping up to kick two in quick succession before Mangoplah were able to hit back. Taine Moraschi got to the front of the pack and was able to get his first goal in senior footy, while Kahlan Spencer made the most of a turnover at the top of the 50-metre arc to see the margin back to 27 points. The Goannas kicked the first goal of the final term before Delves got his third for the afternoon, and while Spencer was able to get his second of the match, it wasn't enough as the Goannas kicked four late goals to come away 94 to 49 winners.  (By Liam Warren - The Area News, Monday July 12, 2021). 


Round 13 - Saturday July 17, 2021 at Robertson Oval 2.10pm
Wagga Tigers ...... 0.4  3.6 .. 5.8 .. 7.9 (51)  
Griffith .................. 1.0 .. 1.1 .. 1.2 .. 1.2 (8)

Goals: Wagga: M Gilfillan 2, R Gordon, J Cornell, B Myers, B Morton, C Pavitt
Griffith: H Delves
Best players: Wagga: M Gilfillan, C Bance, B Myers, S Flanigan, S McNaughton, T Osmotherly
Griffith: R Irvin, T Powell, J Rowston, O Bartter, J Whitworth, H Delves
Wagga Tigers: Lewis Waters, Hamish Gilmore, Tom McCullough; Fraser Yates, Reid Gordon, Charlie Bance; Sam McNaughton, Brendan Myers, Joshua Staines; Nick Ryan, Brady Morton, Mason  Gilfillan; Cooper Pavitt, Jock Cornell, Will Keogh; Tom Osmotherly, Shaun Flanigan, Lahn Shepherd; Isaac Bennett, Pat Ryan, Jock Heeney
Griffith: Ryan Bullus, Charlie Cunial, Ashley Verhagen; Patrick Payne; James Toscan, Oliver Bartter; Jay Summers, Kahlan Spencer, Nick Witherspoon; Jordan Whitworth, Henry Delves, Taine Moraschi; Leigh Owen, Mitchell Irvin, Angus Bartter; Riley Irvin, Jack Rowston, Tom Powell; Jamie Best, Tom Shannon, Ryan Best*
Umpires: Tim Beard, Andrew Tough (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Riley Irvin (Gri), 2 - Brendan Myers (WT), 1 - Charlie Bance (WT).
Other matches: Collingullie-GP 11.6 (72) def Narrandera 2.8 (20), Leeton-Whitton 4.5 (29) def by Ganmain-GGM 8.9 (57); Mangoplah-CUE 14.9 (93) def Coolamon 6.10 (46); Turvey Park, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 8.12 (60) def Wagga Tigers 3.6 (24)
Goals: B Rowston 2, R Matheson 2, D Crack 2, B Chambers, S Daniel
Best Players: R Matheson, D Schmetzer, C Bock, D Bennett, S Daniel, D Catanzariti
Under 17.5: Griffith 8.10 (58) def Wagga Tigers 1.3 (9)
Goals: B Evans 3, W Ellis 2, B Signor, J Neyland, J Rogerson
Best Players: J Bellincanta, J Neyland, M Rosengreen, B Signor, L Irvine, B Evans

Match report: It's one of those matches in horrible weather where a coach is looking for a professional performance, tick the box and move on. That's exactly what Wagga Tigers mentor Murray Stephenson got after his side solidified a top five spot with a strong 51 to 8 win over Griffith at a sodden and wind-swept Robertson Oval on Saturday. In arguably the worst conditions for football so far this season, the last-placed Swans looked set to press the hosts after Henry Delves bagged the first goal of the game just three minutes into the contest. But that's where the joy ended for Griffith as the Tigers' pressure, intensity and greater experience eventually told. Griffith led one goal to four behinds at the first break but the Tigers took advantage of the strong wind at their backs in the second quarter to post three unanswered goals. Two superb finishes from Mason Gilfillan, who finished with two goals, and one from Reid Gordon into the wind in the third term effectively wrapped up the contest. "It was a good win in dire conditions, but it was pleasing to win convincingly," Stephenson said. "We've got a big month of footy coming up, it will decide where we sit in the finals. To tick this one off is a good start, and particularly the way we did it as well." 
The Swans' chances weren't helped by first half injuries to Leigh Owen (knee) and Taine Moraschi (hip), but coach Greg Dreyer was happy with their endeavour. "They overworked us. Structurally they were better and they're very well drilled," he said. "I think we worked hard today and our tackling stats and things like that were good, but they outplayed us." (By Jon Tuxworth - The Area News, Monday, July 19, 2021). 

Round 14 - Saturday July 24, 2021 
Griffith, bye
Other matches:
Ganmain-GGM 10.7 (67) def Mangoplah-CUE 5.12 (42), Narrandera 5.2 (32) def by Leeton-Whitton 18.15 (123), Turvey Park 5.8 (38) def by Collingullie-GP 11.6 (72); Coolamon 4.5 (29) def by Wagga 7.11 (53). 

Round 15 - Saturday July 31, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval at 2.10pm
Griffith ............ 1.2 .. 4.3 .. 5.4 .. 8.6 (54)
Coolamon ...... 3.3 .. 7.7 .. 14.10 .. 16.12 (108)

Goals: Griffith: H Delves 4, K Spencer 2, J Powell, N Richards
Coolamon: J Redfern 7, J Barrett 2, R Allen, M McGowan, W Graetz, M Macauley, C McKelvie, J Sykes, S Neale
Best players: Griffith: J Rowston, T Powell, P Payne, M Irvin, J Summers, C Cunial
Coolamon: J Barrett, J Buchanan, J Redfern, B Glyde, W Graetz, M Hillier
Griffith: Jamie Best, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Oliver Bartter, James Toscan, Patrick Payne; Jay Summers, Jack Rowston, Ryan Best; Mitchell Irvin, Henry Delves, Jordan Whitworth; Nathan Richards, Isaac Testoni, Jack Powell; Riley Irvin,  Kahlan Spencer, Tom Powell; Angus Bartter, Ashley Verhagen, Tom Shannon
Coolamon Rovers: Paddy Bray, Josh Buchanan, Zac Oliver; Bayden Leary, Marshal Macauley, Matt Bradley; Luke Gerhard, Jake Barrett, Braeden Glyde; Ryan Allen, Matt McGowan, Jeremy Sykes; Cooper McKelvie, Joe Redfern, Max Hillier; Gerald Okerenyang, Jeremiah Maslin, Hayden Bradley; Will Graetz, Jamie Maddox, Sam Neale
Umpires: Craig Tilston, Mark Rowe (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Jake Barrett (CR), 2 - Jeremiah Maslin (CR), 1 - Jack Powell (Gri).
Other matches: Leeton-Whitton 14.8 (92) def Turvey Park 6.11 (47), Mangoplah-CUE 10.17 (77) def Narrandera 6.9 (45), Wagga 12.12 (84) def Ganmain-GGM 10.9 (69); Collingullie-GP, bye 
Reserves: Coolamon 12.12 (84) def Griffith 4.9 (33)
Goals:  D Crack 2, D Bennett, C Bock
Best Players: D Schmetzer, D Villata, I Piva, C Bock, C Harrison, D Catanzariti
Under 17.5: Griffith 17.16 (118) def Coolamon 4.12 (36)
Goals: T Bartter 4, L Wallace 3, W Ellis 3, B Evans 3, M Cudmore, K Bennett, M Rosengreen, K Stevenson
Best Players: J Rogerson, B Signor, K Bennett, T Bartter, L Irvin, W Ellis

Match report: Despite a relatively solid performance in the opening two quarters, the Griffith Swans fell well short of the mark in their clash against the Coolamon Rovers this weekend, as they lost 54 to 108. Lying in dead last with just a few games left in the season, Griffith coach Greg Dreyer had eyed the game as an opportunity to set a springboard for next season. The game got off to a perfect start for the Swans, when Kahlan Spencer broke down the middle of the park, dancing through a number of tackles before kicking in a goal from 30 metres out. But Coolamon recovered from their early lapse of concentration and eventually put together some well-worked moves which resulted in three goals for the away side. The second quarter saw the Swans show some fight and desire which appeared in bursts this season, as Jack Powell pulled off a solid mark about 30 metres from goal, and made the opportunity count with a classy finish between the posts. The Swans carried on the momentum shortly after, with Nathan Richards scoring his second goal of the season to bring the scoreline level at 21 to both sides. The Rovers then added two goals of their own, before Henry Delves laid his mark on the game with a quick finish, before Coolamon smashed in another pair of goals, ensuring they had some breathing room as they when into the half up 49 to 27. Any semblance of control over the game for the Swans unravelled in the third quarter, as Coolamon added seven more goals to their tally while the Swans could only pull back one through another finish from Delves. Delves added two more goals to his personal tally in the fourth quarter, but another two from the Rovers and a late goal to Kahlan Spencer left the scoreline at 8.6 (54) to 16.12 (108) at the final whistle. (By Monty Jacka - The Area News, Monday August 2, 2021).


Round 16 - Saturday August 7, 2021 at Ganmain Sportsground 2.10pm
Ganmain-GGM ...... 2.3 .. 6.5 .. 10.8 .. 10.14 (74)
Griffith .................... 2.2 .. 4.4 .. 5.5 .. 6.8 (44) 

Goals: Ganmain-GGM:  J Wilson 4, K Watts 3, J Olsson, D Foley, M Hamblin
Griffith: I Testoni 2, R Irvin, T Moraschi, J Rowston, C Bock
Best players: Ganmain-GGM: J Neville, J Wilson, M Hamblin, B Walsh, M Rothnie, T Sase
Griffith: J Rowston, N Richards, R Irvin, J Powell, P Payne, J Summers
Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong: Jack Sase, Josh Walsh, Tom Noble; Tom Sase, Ben Walsh, Jono Neville; Bryce Connellan, Jesse Lander, Jake Angel; Lachlan Parker, Dan Foley, Jack McCaig; Kai Watts, Jim Wilson, Nahom Fitzgerald-Holmes; Jacob Olsson, Matt Hamblin, Aaron Proctor; Angus Cumming, Michael Rothie, Jakob Taylor
Griffith: Ashley Verhagen, Charlie Cunial, Patrick Payne; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Oliver Bartter; Taine Moraschi, Kahlan Spencer, Jay Summers; Angus Bartter, Henry Delves, Jordan Whitworth,; Isaac Testoni, Nathan Richards, Dean Bennett; Riley Irvin, Jack Powell, Jack Rowston; Connor Bock*, Dean Villata, Jamie Best.
Umpires: Tony O'Halloran, Mark Rowe (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Matthew Hamblin (GGGM), 2 - Nathan Richards (Gri), 1 - Jono Neville (GGGM).
Other matches: Collingullie-GP 10.8 (68) def by Leeton-Whiton 13.8 (86); Narrandera 8.5 (53) def by Wagga 12.11 (83), Turvey Park 12.7 (79) def Mangoplah-CUE 8.9 (57); Coolamon, bye 
Reserves: Griffith 9.14 (68) def Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 4.1 (25)
Goals: B Chambers 3, D Crack 2, K Ruyg 2, B Rowston, D Schmetzer
Best Players: R Matheson, D Catanzariti, D Schmetzer, M Agnew, O Herrmann, S Robinson
Under 17.5: Griffith 20.17 (137) def Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong 0.0 (5)
Goals: M Bennett 6, B Evans 4, J Rogerson 3, W Ellis 2, R Best, M Rosengreen, L Wallace, K Bennett
Best Players: M Bennett, B Signor, M Cudmore, S Irvin, W Ellis, R Best

Match report: The Griffith Swans knew they were in for a big challenge when they travelled to Ganmain to take on the GGGM Lions and these concerns were proved correct on Saturday afternoon. Despite some brief periods of promise and cohesion, the Swans ultimately lost 44 to 74. In a similar vein to many of their games this season, the Swans started brightly and kept the scores close to the end of the first quarter, as they headed into the second term just one point off the heavy favourites. But also in true form to their season so far, the Griffith side crumbled in the middle of the game, allowing the Lions to build a big lead in both the second and third terms. The Swans however regrouped for the final term and managed to keep their opponents from scoring any goals to end the game. The result sees Ganmain-GGM go top of the table, while Griffith will look to lift themselves off the bottom spot against Narrandera next weekend. (By Monty Jacka - The Area News, Monday August 9, 2021).

Round 17 - Saturday August 14, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval 2.40pm
Griffith ................. 1.3 .. 5.4 .. 8.5 .. 11.8 (74) 
Narrandera ........ 1.5 .. 2.5 .. 5.6 .. 6.9 (45) 

Goals: Griffith: I Testoni 2, C Bock 2, A Bartter, D Bennett, J Rowston, J Toscan, O Bartter, J Summers, D Villata
Narrandera: M Dillon 2, A Durnan, C Irons, A Eldridge, C Vearing
Best players: Griffith: J Rowston, R Irvin, J Summers, N Richards, C Cunial, T Moraschi
Narrandera: F Inglis, C Irons, I Bunge, T Metcalfe, A Durnan, T Van Buuren
Griffith: Patrick Payne, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Jamie Best; Jay Summers, Jack Rowston, Taine Moraschi; Jordan Whitworth, Isaac Testoni, Dean Bennett; Kahlan Spencer, Angus Bartter, Dean Villata; Nathan Richards, Riley Irvin, Oliver Bartter; Connor Bock, Tom Bartter, Samuel Irvin* 
Narrandera Imperial: Connor Vearing, James Smith, Shaun Quilter; Ian Bunge, Luke Patterson, Angus Eldridge; Kane Williams, Theo Metcalfe, Nicholas O'Brien; Jack Absolom, Fergus Inglis, Cooper Irons; Matthew Dillon, Angus Durnan, Ben Grinter;  Bradley Hutchison, Shaun Gehringer, Tom Van Buuren; Jared Cassimatis, Michael Mellon, Lachlan Kerr
Umpires: Jessica Markut, Craig Tilston (RUA)

Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Taine Moraschi (Gri), 2 - Fergus Inglis (Nar), 1 - Kahlan Spencer (Gri).
Other matches: Mangoplah-CUE 15.10 (106) def Collingullie-GP 5.6 (36), Wagga 8.8 (56) def by Turvey Park 9.9 (63); Sunday: Coolamon vs Ganmain-GGM didn't play due to COVID - (NSW Govt. lockdown); Leeton-Whitton, bye.   
Reserves: Griffith 34.17 (221) def Narrandera 1.1 (7)
Goals: B Chambers 11, T Shannon 4, D Crack 3, O Herrmann 3, J Burley 3, A Ray 2, M Agnew 2, L Killalea 2, B Rowston 2, J Whitehead, C Harrison
Best Players: D Crack, B Chambers, T Shannon, O Herrmann, N Witherspoon, M Agnew 
Under 17.5: Griffith def Narrandera on forfeit

Match report: The Griffith Swans have taken out their second victory of the season in their match against Narrandera Eagles. The game was played hard by both sides, but the Swans ultimately took the victory with 74 points to the Eagles 45. Both teams were sitting towards the bottom of the ladder with the Swans sitting at ninth with just one win for the season, and the Eagles not far ahead in eighth, making it unclear which team exactly was supposed to be the underdog. While the early minutes proved promising for the Eagles with an early goal and solid control of the ball, the Swans played strongly and kept them from getting too far ahead, consistently evening the score and at the end of the first quarter, Griffith trailed by just two behinds. The second quarter marked a huge comeback for the team, taking home two goals in the first three minutes and rocketing ahead to a 21-11 lead. By the time the Eagles had recovered from such an impressive turnaround and scored another goal of their own, the Swans had already extended their lead and they settled the first half with a comfortable 16-point lead. It was after half-time that the game got dicier for the Swans. Griffith took another two goals but Narrandera came back with a vengeance and narrowed the gap with four goals, leaving the Swans just a few points ahead and losing the ball seconds away from clinching a sure-fire victory. The final quarter proved to be in the Swans favour however, and the team shot ahead to a 29-point victory and their second victory of the season with just one match to go. Swans coach Greg Dreyer said the victory was especially good to see due to the young players on the field. "It was good, it was nice to get a win. It was a really young side, we're got a couple who are just 17 out there today and they played well," he said. "Good to see that the young fellas can compete at that level, it's a good foundation for the next years. We'll have a good base of footy players coming up."  (By Cal Holroyd - The Area News, Monday August 16, 2021).

Round 18 - Saturday August 21, 2021 at Griffith Exies Oval
Griffith vs Turvey Park 

Season not completed due to Covid19 pandemic.


AFL NSW-ACT is encouraging Riverina and Farrer League clubs to take the time now for 'honest and open' discussions about their futures as the timeline ticks on a competitions restructure.
A tiered model is planned for 2023, featuring a premier league - for clubs with a full complement of grades, plus women's football - as well as a community competition offering greater flexibility.
It was a key recommendation of the independent review into AFL Riverina.
The state's regional manager for community football, Marc Geppert, said clubs know the minimum standards required for the leagues, and the nominations process will begin in March.
He is urging clubs to explore their best option. "There's no doubt clubs will start to see where they might fit. That's what's good about the minimum standards - it allows clubs to test themselves against the criteria and see if there are gaps or deficiencies that they need to fix (to apply for a premier league spot)," Geppert said.
"We've given them enough time to try and fix that. "But of course clubs will start to look at themselves against the criteria and start to make those decisions and work out what's best for their footy club. "Clubs just need to be open and honest with themselves. It's not that we need to know where they're at. "It's internally within each club, they need to be honest with themselves and their members about where they might fit."
Timelines for AFL Riverina restructure
February 2022: competition names and structures launched
March 2022: nominations process opens for clubs
August 2022: competition make-up finalised
April 2023: new premier league and community league set to begin
Geppert believes the beauty of a tiered model is in providing options for the wide variety of clubs across AFL Riverina, from small communities to those in higher population centres.
Farrer League clubs East Wagga-Kooringal and North Wagga have indicated they'll explore the possibility of a premier league spot. The Northern Jets have told The Daily Advertiser they're keeping their options open at the moment, believing they're in a healthy position right now. Minor premiers Marrar - a club without juniors but with senior success in recent years - also haven't ruled out aiming higher.
"That's the beauty of criteria-based selection - everyone's got an equal opportunity to throw their hat in the ring," Geppert said. "That's what it's designed to do. It's designed to offer something for the clubs with more capacity to grow, and for smaller clubs that don't have that capacity to fit in where they're comfortable."
Nominations will be assessed by a panel.
The AFL is aware clubs are coming off two COVID-affected years, the full impact of which is yet to be seen.
But Geppert said it's the right time for them to carefully consider their strengths and weaknesses.
"We're pretty close to finalising the competition names and their structures, which we'll officially launch (announce) in February of 2022," Geppert said. "In March, the process of nominating for the leagues will occur. That's pretty early in the new year. "We want to be in a position by August 2022 to be announcing who will be participating in what competition for the following year."
He said AFL Riverina and AFL NSW-ACT are willing to work with clubs to help them meet their objectives, and expects that there'll be some criteria that not all clubs can meet in the first season.
The belief is that the premier league expectations will raise the standards, from facilities and administration to football. Geppert said they're more than happy to meet with any clubs to help them digest the documentation and work through their planning process for 2023.  (By Peter Doherty - The Daily Advertiser October 9, 2021)

2021 RFNL NETBALL Ladders
A grade: Mangoplah-CUE 189.21% 56, Griffith 131.74% 52, Coolamon 125.19% 42, Collingullie-GP 115.69% 30, Wagga Tigers 111.90% 30; Ganmain-GGM 95.99% 24, Turvey Park 89.70% 22, Leeton-Whitton 77.48% 12, Narrandera 41.31% 0.
A Reserve: Mangoplah-CUE 194.30% 56, Leeton-Whitton 120.65% 46, Griffith 123.47% 42, Turvey Park 122.52% 40, Wagga Tigers 131.01% 38; Ganmain-GGM 89.39% 22, Collingullie-GP 81.72% 16, Coolamon 72.09% 8, Narrandera 40.11% 0.
B grade: Leeton-Whitton 163.33% 60, Wagga Tigers 149.89% 44, Griffith 121.38% 44, Mangoplah-CUE 117.33% 44, Collingullie-GP 85.38% 26; Turvey Park 84.21% 24, Coolamon 73.26% 14, Ganmain-GGM 83.90% 12, Narrandera 54.22% 0.
C grade: Turvey Park 287.04% 56, Mangoplah-CUE 246.15% 56, Wagga Tigers 142.37% 40, Leeton-Whitton 96.62% 32, Griffith 108.35% 28;  Ganmain-GGM 72.35% 24, Coolamon 75.53% 20, Collingullie-GP 43.15% 12, Narrandera 26.80% 0.
Under 17's: Turvey Park 167.50% 50, Ganmain-GGM 138.67% 44, Wagga Tigers 146.69% 40, Narrandera 112.25% 40, Collingullie-GP 118.80% 36; Griffith 99.58% 26, Leeton-Whitton 105.71% 24, Mangoplah-CUE 49.38% 8, Coolamon 35.58% 0.

Seniors: Best & Fairest - Jim Quinn Medal

17 - Jeremiah Maslin (Coolamon) & Jacob Olsson (GGGM); 16 - Matthew Hamblin (GGGM); 15 - Trent Castles (MCUE); 13 - Sam Darley (Leeton-Whitton); 12 - Jayden Klemke (Collingullie-GP), 11 - Ed Perryman (Collingullie-GP), Mason Dryburgh (Leeton-Whitton); 10 - Brendan Myers (Wagga); 9 - Nick Perryman (Collingullie-GP), Riley Corbett (GGGM), Nathan Richards (Griffith), Murray Stephenson (Wagga); 8 - Ben Walsh (GGGM), Jack Haggar (Turvey Park), Nick Ryan (Wagga); 7 - Bryce O'Garey (Leeton-Whitton), Hunter Lloyd (MCUE); 6 - Jake Barrett (Coolamon), Brayden Ambler, Sam De Sousa, Ethan Schiller (MCUE), Jock Cornell (Wagga); 5 - Jesse Lander, Kai Watts (GGGM), Bradley Hutchison (Narrandera), George Kendall, Tom Keogh (MCUE), Ashley Harris, Andrew Saddler (Turvey Park); 4 - Marshal Macauley, Jeremy Sykes (Coolamon), Aaron Proctor (GGGM), Taine Moraschi, Jack Powell, Jack Rowston, Kahlan Spencer (Griffith), Ryan Grey (Leeton-Whitton), Jordan Heddington, Luke McKay (Narrandera), Ryan Price (MCUE), Angus Curry, Billy Granvill (Turvey Park); 3 - James Pope (Collingullie-GP), Cooper McKelvie, Matt McGowan, Joe Redfern (Coolamon), Riley Irvin (Griffith), Harrison Grintell (Narrandera), Chase Grintell, Tom Yates (Turvey Park), Hamish Gilmore, Tom Osmotherly (Wagga); 2 - Daniel Kenndey, James Kennedy, Matt Klemke, Dustin Rogers, Harry Wichman (Collingullie-GP), Ryan Allen, Joshua Buchanan, Max Hillier, Jamie Maddox (Coolamon), Tom Anderson (GGGM), Bradley Boots (Leeton-Whitton), Nick Collins, Ryan Turnbull (MCUE), Fergus Inglis (Narrandera), Josh Ashcroft, Cooper Harmer (Turvey Park), Shaun Flanigan, Brady Morton, Lahn Shepherd (Wagga); 1 - Blake Harper, Joe Perryman, Jackson Sanbrook (Collingullie-GP), Daniel Foley, Jonathan Neville, Tom Noble (GGGM), Tom Powell, Dean Villata (Griffith), Trent Cohalan, Luke Kendall, Jonathan Male, Jacob Whitley (MCUE), Brendan Bryce, Stephen Camp, Patrick Voss (Turvey Park), Charlie Bance, Nathan Cooke, Fraser Yates (Wagga).

Reserves - Frank Gaynor Medal
32 - Dean Schmetzer (Griffith); 14 - Kallan Sykes (Collingullie-GP); 13 - Ben Edyvean (Coolamon; 9 - William Seymour (MCUE).
Under 17.5 - Lou Brown Medal
22 - Kyle Bennett (Griffith); 20 - Judd McLeod (Wagga); 18 - Jack Granvill (Turvey Park); 16 - Rhys Leary (Turvey Park).

Netball - A Grade
25 - Georgia Fuller (Griffith); 20 - Jessica Allen (Wagga); 17 - Megan Mattingly (Turvey Park); 16 - Ashley Reynoldson (MCUE).

A Reserve Grade
19 - Kasey Aliendi (Leeton-Whitton); 17 - Melissa Kenny (Turvey Park) & Bridget Webster (Wagga); 16 - Madeleine Testoni (Griffith). 

B Grade
28 - Eilish Morden (Leeton-Whitton); 24 - Charlee King (Griffith); 16 - Megan Aliendi (Leeton-Whitton); 13 - Harriet Priest (Wagga).

C Grade 
23 - Joanne Wade (Turvey Park); 22 - Lucia Cook (Wagga); 19 - Katie Mason (Griffith); 13 - Elise Dore (MCUE).

Under 17 - Kathryn Bechaz Medal
21 - Mischa Garrod (Turvey Park); 18 - Abbey Hamblin, Ava Pritchett  (GGGM), Brooke Hall (Narrandera) & Charlotte Priest (Wagga). 

Top Goalkickers (h/a)
Seniors - Stewart Fraser Trophy

71 - Trent Castles (Mangoplah-CUE); 42 - Joe Redfern (Coolamon); 40 - Henry Delves (Griffith); 34 - Riley Corbett (Ganmain-GGM); 32 - Tyron Rainbird (Leeton-Whitton); 27 - George Kendall (Mangoplah-CUE); 25 - Jeremiah Maslin (Coolamon); 24 - Edward Perryman (Collingullie-GP); 21 - Matthew Hamblin, Kai Watts (Ganmain-GGM); 20 - Blake Harper (Collingullie-GP); 19 - Tom Anderson (Ganmain-GGM), Jock Cornell (Wagga Tigers); 18 - Daniel Foley (Ganmain-GGM), Lachlan Leary (Turvey Park), Murray Stephenson (Wagga Tigers); 17 - George Alexander, Jacob Olsson (Ganmain-GGM); 16 - Baxter Wallett (Turvey Park).

Reserves - Neil Griggs Trophy

42 - Tex Gilliard (Coolamon); 34 Brady Chambers (Griffith), Hugh Wakefield (Coolamon: 29 - Wesley Clark (Mangoplah-CUE); 26 - Will Ashcroft (Turvey Park); 23 Edward Fellows (Turvey Park; 22 - Connor Bock (Griffith); 21 - Justin Dore (Mangoplah-CUE); 19 - Dillon Selby, Deacon Smith (Turvey Park).

Under 17.5's - Dalco Trophy

54 - Flynn Collins (Mangoplah-CUE); 39 - Jaxon Ryan (Leeton-Whitton); 34 - Jacob Cain (Turvey Park); 32 - Billy Evans (Griffith); 28 - Will Ellis (Griffith); 23 - Finley Hubbard (Wagga Tigers); 20 - Kyle Bennett (Griffith); 19 - Angus Brown (Griffith); Joe Gowland, Rhys Leary (Turvey Park).

AFL Riverina Football Rising Star: Edward Perryman (Collingullie-GP)

AFL Riverina Netball Rising Star: Ashley Reynoldson (Mangoplah-GP)

Volunteer of the Year: Paul Rogerson (Griffith)

AFL Riverina Coach of the Year: Sam Martyn (Ganmain-GGM)

Netball Coach of the Year: Georgia Fuller (Griffith)

Player of the Year: Jake Barrett (Coolamon)

Club Championship (Football): (Mangoplah-CUE)

Club Championship (Netball): (Mangoplah-CUE)

GRIFFITH - Games / Goals 2021

Michael Agnew 7 / 0, Angus Bartter 11 / 1, Oliver Bartter 14 / 4, Tom Bartter 5 / 0, Connor Bock 2 / 3, Angus Brown 1 / 0, Dean Bennett 10 / 5, Jamie Best 8 / 0, Ryan Best 2 / 0, Ryan Bullus 14 / 0, Jacob Conlan 1 / 0, Lucas Conlan 1 / 0, Charlie Cunial 15 / 0, Sam Daniel 5 / 3, Henry Delves 14 / 40, Oswald Herrmann 4 / 0, Mitchell Irvin 14 / 0, Riley Irvin 15 / 4, Samuel Irvin 1 / 0,  Taine Moraschi 9 / 2, Leigh Owen 9 / 2, Patrick Payne 11 / 0, Jack Powell 11 / 11, Tom Powell 13 / 5, Nathan Richards 14 / 3, Jack Rowston 15 / 4, Kieran Ruyg 3 / 0, Tom Shannon 4 / 0, Kahlan Spencer 15 / 13, Quade Stevenson 1 / 0, Jay Summers 14 / 2, Isaac Testoni 11 / 5, James Toscan 14 / 11, Ashley Verhagen 4 / 0, Dean Villata 5 / 1, Jordan Whitworth 11 / 3, Nick Witherspoon 6 / 1.


Michael Agnew 7 / 3, Angus Bartter 2 / 0, Tom Bartter 1 / 0, Dean Bennett 5 / 3, Kyle Bennett 2 / 0, Jamie Best 2 / 0, Ryan Best 1 / 1, Connor Bock 13 / 22, Angus Brown 1 / 0, Craig Burge 3 / 0, Jordan Burley 13 / 7, Dwayne Campbell 10 / 1, Dean Catanzariti 12 / 2, Brady Chambers 12 / 34, Max Cornish 1 / 0, Dean Crack 9 / 16, Michael Cudmore 1 / 0, Sam Daniel 3 / 6, Kris Duncan 9 / 9, Michael Duncan 2 / 5, William Geddes 6 / 0, Karsten Gerarde-Smith 5 / 0, Cameron Harrison 14 / 1, Oswald Herrmann 4 / 3, Mitchell Irvin 1 / 0, Lachlan Killalea 14 / 6, Reece Matheson 5 / 2, Rowen Patey 10 / 0,  Rocky Perre 2 / 0, Isaac Piva 15 / 2, Archie Rae 13 / 4,  Sam Robinson 14 / 1, Mason Rosengreen 1 / 0, Ben Rowston 15 / 9, Kieran Ruyg 6 / 4, Dean Schmetzer 14 / 3, Noah Schmetzer 14 / 2, Tom Shannon 11 / 14, Kalan Stevenson 1 / 0, Quade Stevenson 14 / 0, Isaac Testoni 2 / 0, Connor Thompson-Gardner 2 / 1, Ashley Verhagen 9 / 1, Dean Villata 6 / 0,  Lachlan Wallace 3 / 1, Jack Whitehead 14 / 1, Jordan Whitworth 1 / 0, Nick Witherspoon 5 / 1.

Under 17.5
Mason Ashcroft 11 / 5, Tom Bartter 5 / 9, Joseph Bellicanta 14 / 1, Kyle Bennett 15 / 20, Mark Bennett 15 / 15, Jamie Best 7 / 4, Ryan Best 13 / 3, Angus Brown 11 / 19, Brandon Burns 8 / 0, Nicholas Conlan 15 / 6, Michael Cudmore 12 / 2, Benjamin Devery 12 / 2, William Ellis 15 / 28,  Billy Evans 14 / 32, Ben Fattore 12 / 2, Lou Irvine 13 / 3, Lucas Irvin 13 / 6, Samuel Irvin 14 / 5, Jack Neyland 6 / 1, Patrick Payne 2 / 14, James Rogerson 15 / 8, Mason Rosengreen 13 / 4,  Thomas Scott 7 / 0, Ben Signor 15 / 2, Broden Spencer 1 / 0, Kalan Stevenson 13 / 3, Jay Summers 1 / 1, Max Vardanega 10 / 1, Lachlan Wallace 14 / 17, Jordan Whitworth 4 / 3. 

Debuts: April 17 - Angus Bartter,  Oliver Bartter, Tom Bartter, Taine Moraschi, Jack Powell, Tom Powell, Jay Summers;  May 1 - Isaac Testoni, Quade Stevenson; April 8 - Angus Brown; May 22  - Patrick Payne; June 19 - Jamie Best; July 17 - Ryan Best; August 7 - Connor Bock; August 17 - Samuel Irvin. 
Final Games / Goals: 

Football - Seniors:
36 - Jack Rowston, 35 - Tom Powell, 30 - Nathan Richards, 27 - Riley Irvin, 20 - Charlie Cunial, 19 - Jack Powell.
Reserves: 49 - Dean Schmetzer,  19 - Cameron Harrison, 18 - Reece Matheson, 12 - Dean Villata, 10 - Dean Catanzariti, Tom Shannon.
Under 17.5: 41 - Kyle Bennett. 23 - Ryan Best, 19 - Ben Signor, 17 - Will Ellis, Sam Irvin, 16 - Jamie Best.
Netball - A Grade: 21 - Jess Conlan, 19 - Jenna Richards, 15 - Georgia Fuller, 13 - Noel Barone.
A Reserve Grade: 27 - Sarah McCluskey, 14 - Madeleine Testoni, 12 - Abbey Fedrigo, 10 - Ellie Taipeleti, 9 - Tahlia Quinn.
B Grade: 18 - Lyndzi Cornale, 15 - Charlee King, Ella Morressey, Sarah Young, 10 - Heidi Campbell.
C Grade: 15 - Briana Moore, 14 - Emily Hathaway, Tamara Hastedt, 9 - Teagan Jackson, Jess Nelson.
Under 17's: 18 - Lauren Ippoliti, 10 - Livi Hurst, 9 - Eva Catanzariti, Laura Dreyer, Tayissa Dunn.


Vic Hathaway & Karen Conlan Medal Night 
Saturday October 9, 2021 at Griffith Exies Main Club
Major Sponsors: Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club, Owen Toyota, Berton Vinyard, Flavourtech
Senior grade

Best & Fairest: Jack Rowston
Runner-up: Tom Powell
Most Consistent: Nathan Richards
Most Improved: Kahlan Spencer
Most Goals Kicked: Henry Delves
Coach’s Award: Oliver Bartter
Reserve grade
Best & Fairest: Dean Schmetzer
Runner-up:  Cameron Harrison
Most Consistent: Jordan Burley
Most Improved: Connor Bock
Most Goals Kicked: Brady Chambers
Coach’s Award: Noah Schmetzer
Under 17.5
Best & Fairest: Kyle Bennett
Runner-up: Ryan Best
Most Improved: Mark Bennett
Most Goals Kicked (Brian Files Memorial): Billy Evans
Most Promising Player (Ronnie Williams Memorial): Will Ellis
Coach's Award (Fred Owen Memorial Shield): Kalan Stevenson

A grade

Best & Fairest: Jess Conlan
Players’ Player: Jenna Richards
Coach’s Award: Noel Barone
A reserve grade
Best & Fairest: Sarah McCluskey
Players’ Player: Maddie Testoni & Sarah McCluskey
Coach’s Award: Abbey Fedrigo
B grade
Best & Fairest: Lyndzi Cornale
Players’ Player: Ella Morrissey & Lyndzi Cornale
Coach’s Award: Sarah Young
C grade
Best & Fairest: Briana Moore
Most Consistent: Tegan Jackson
Coach’s Award: Jennifer Zilliotto
Under 17
Best & Fairest: Lauren Ippoliti
Player' Player: Eva Catanzariti
Coach’s Award: Ayla Vaessen

Most Conscientious Player/Clubperson Netball (Bob & Brenda Spears): Georgia Fuller
Most Conscientious Player/Clubperson Football (Joan Hicks Memorial): Jeff Harris
Most Courageous Player (Phil Rowston): Charlie Cunial

AFL Riverina Club Volunteer of Year: Paul Rogerson
AFL Riverina Football Rising Star Nominee: Taine Moraschi
AFL Riverina Netball Rising Star Nominee: Noa Taipeleti
Riverina FNL Netball Coach of the Year: Georgia Fuller
Riverina FNL Netball Team of the Year: Georgia Fuller, Jess Conlan, Jenna Richards
Riverina FNL Football Team of the Year: Henry Delves
Player Milestone: James Toscan - 200 senior games,  Charlie Cunial - 50 senior games
Player Milestone: Cameron Harrison - 250 club games
Life Membership: Phillip Rowston & James Toscan