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 1959 SEASON 
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Further Advance to Coach (25/3/59)

The President, Dick Bitcon reported the coach (Don Keyter) had requested the payment of his first week's salary of £35 before the end of the week which was actually one week before it was due.
He had pointed out to the coach that the Club had been more than generous to him already.
Keyter had agreed to that but had to have money to make payment on car.
He was agreeable to the Club taking weekly payments from his salary until his advances had been liquidated.
Several speakers said something would have to be done about the repeated requests for advance payments.
Roy Taysom / Ron Hathaway, "The coach be advanced £35 but £15 be deducted from all future payments until he has squared up all advances."

Publicity in Area News (16/4/59)
The President said everyone had seen the write-ups in the paper. These articles had been written by Jack Luhrs who was being paid by the Area News and not by either of the Club's two appointed Publicity Officers.
Before accepting the job, Mr. Luhrs had contacted him as he didn't want to be at cross purposes with the Club's appointees.
As the Publicity Officers seemed unlikely to contribute very much, if any, the Club now at least would get some mention through the paper.

Ticket Secretary (16/4/59)
The President said that the position of Ticket Secretary was not being filled very satisfactorily and he felt the Club was losing a lot of money that was always forthcoming early in the season.
It was possible Mr. Carey was still tied up in his own employment, but he should have advised the Club of his circumstances.
He suggested Mr. Carey be contacted and asked his intentions but, in the meantime, a temporary Ticket Secretary should be appointed.
After discussion it was moved Ron Hathaway / John Smith, "That Ern Myott be appointed to act as Ticket Secretary in a temporary capacity pending further advice from Mr. Carey."

Riverina Broadcasters 2WG (16/4/59)
Seeking information regarding Club activities for inclusion in 2WG Australian Rules session broadcast on Friday night at 9.00 pm.
Fred Savage offered to act as Club correspondent to 2WG and his offer was accepted.

Ladies Auxiliary (16/4/59) 
The President said the Ladies Auxiliary had held their annual meeting. A new executive had been elected and from the interest and enthusiasm already shown it seem likely the Auxiliary would have a few more members.
He had spoken to Mrs. Betty Griggs, the new President concerning the idea of one treasurer handling all the Club's monies.
He had explained that the Auxiliary's money would be placed in a separate account, and he suggested it be the old Social Club Committee account at the National Bank.
The Ladies meeting had agreed to this set up and the Club Treasurer (Bill Simmons) and one of either the Auxiliary's President or Treasurer would sign cheques. 

Hot Soup (16/4/59)
Ern Myott said the offer of Mrs. Spears, rejected by the coach Don Keyter, to provide hot soup of the broth type for the players at half time should be kept in mind for when the days become colder. 

Meeting Night (16/4/59)
Ern Myott suggested that Thursday night meetings did not suit all committee members and a change of night should be considered.
Fred Holt / Jim Fielder, "Regular meetings be held on the Tuesday nights before each home game."


Coach and Ex-Servicemen's Club (28/4/59)
The position of the coach Don Keyter and his suspension from the Ex-Servicemen's Club was fully discussed and it was finally decided to take no action to have any review of the case by the committee of the Ex-Servicemen's Club. 

Insurance on Coach (28/4/59) 
The Secretary, Neil Griggs reported on a visit from a representative of A.M.I. Company.
After discussion it was moved Ern Myott / Fred Savage, "The coach be insured under Individual Accident cover for £20 per week at a cost of £22 and that a further clause be inserted into the contract with the coach that if he is injured these insurances payments be part payment of his £35 per week."

Donation from Squires (28/4/59)
The President said the Club had secured 2 dozen pairs of sox and two new guernseys from Squires. Mr. Ted Withnell had donated these goods to the Club. It was decided to thank Mr. Withnell for his generous gesture and to give him a member and two ladies tickets.

Marching Girls (14/5/59)
Ron Charles said he had been approached by the executive of the Griffith Marching Girls asking permission to put on an exhibition at half time on the day of the Leeton game and to be allowed to take up a collection.
Bob Ledwidge / Bill Fielder, "Permission be granted." 

New Committeeman to replace Carey (26/5/59)
John Smith / Neil Griggs both said they had approached Jack Hathaway to stand for vacant committee position and he agreed to stand.
Ern Myott said he had Mr. Jim Overs consent to nominate him. Joe Tyndall nominated Mr. Bill O'Dwyer.
Roy Taysom asked if it was constitutional for the committee to make the appointment. Joe Tyndall said several of the committee were not giving much help and there was plenty of work to do - a full time active committee was needed.
The Secretary said the Constitution of the Club had been under review for some time, but it gave the committee power to replace any committee member who did not attend three consecutive meetings without a reasonable excuse.
Fred Clarke said Hugh McLean had also agreed to stand for the vacant position.
Roy Taysom / Ron Hathaway, "The position of Ticket Secretary to which J. Carey had been elected at the Annual meeting be declared vacant."
Joe Tyndall / Fred Diggelmann, "Ern Myott be elected to the position."
Ern Myott / Ken Scammell, "One appointment be made to the committee."
The following were nominated Messrs., Jim Overs, Jack Hathaway, Hugh McLean and Bill O'Dwyer.
A ballot resulted in Hugh McLean being elected.
Mr. McLean came into the meeting and was welcomed by the President who said he was sure, from past experience, that Mr. McLean would do a grand job. Mr. McLean said he would do all he could for the Club.

Forming a Club (9/6/59)
The President said that the idea of forming a Club should be kept well in mind and recalled for those not at the meeting the proposition regarding the Golf Club House and also gave details of title of ground on which the Club was situated.
Roy Taysom said the Football Club had always been given wonderful support by the Ex-Servicemen's Club and he was sure that if they were again seeking help that support would still be forthcoming.
The Secretary said he had been reliably informed that the Golf Club had been granted an extension of 12 months tenure of their present links.
The President said he was not over keen running the football club on the returns of poker machines and beer.
Another aspect that had to be considered was if the larger towns formed clubs and financed top class teams, they would eventually monopolies' the competition at the expense of teams from smaller centres.
After a lot of discussion, it was moved Fred Holt / Ron Hathaway, "The matter of forming a Club be left in abeyance."

Resignation from Committeemen (9/6/59)
The Secretary reported that Terry Wood had told him he wished to resign from the committee owing to other commitments.
He had asked Mr. Wood for a written resignation but he had said a verbal one should do.
Mr. Wood had said he would do all he could for the Club and would still continue to help with the schoolboys.
Ken Scammell / Ron Charles, "The resignation of Terry Wood from the committee be accepted."
It was decided to make a new appointment at the next meeting.
Appointment of Ian Salmon (7/7/59)
The President said he had approached Mr. Ian Salmon who had agreed to stand for the position.
No other nomination was forthcoming: Ron Hathaway / Jim Fielder, "Mr. Salmon be elected to the committee."
The President said Mr. Salmon was in the Ex-Servicemen's Club and it was decided to invite him to the meeting.
The President introduced Mr. Salmon to the meeting and in welcoming him said he was sure his help would be of value to the Club.
Mr. Salmon said he was happy to join the committee and would do all he could to assist with the affairs of the Club.

Spastic Council Collection (7/7/59)
The President said £4.4.8 had been collected at the Coolamon game for the Spastic Council. 
Ted Withnell / Joe Tyndall, "This amount be increased to 10, the balance being a donation from the Club." 

Turvey Park Game Arrangements (4/8/59)
Gates: Bill Simmons, Fred Diggelman, Ron Hathaway, Jerry Smith, Ian Salmon. Goal Umpires: Ron Charles, Bob Ledwidge.
Timekeepers: Fred Holt, Frank Tyndall. 2nd XV111 Umpire: Jim Keogh.
Raffle: Ern Myott reported Mr Bob King had donated a suitcase and a rug to be raffled at this game.
It was decided to accept Mr. King's donation with Joe Tyndall to be in charge.
Programmes: After discussion it was decided to obtain 1,000 programmes on motion Roy Taysom / Ron Charles.

Delegates Report (18/8/59)
The President reported he and the Secretary had attended the delegates meeting of the SWDFL on August 17 from which items of interest were: -
(a) Affiliation Application from Wagga Football Club: After their delegates had presented Wagga's case and application the matter had been fully discussed and the application was unanimously rejected - the main reason being the bye that would be created if the Wagga Club was accepted.
The SWDFL also felt 10 team competition quite big enough but would give Wagga consideration if any of the present affiliated teams withdrew.
(b) Australian Rules in High Schools: A letter from the Minister for Education, Mr. Heffron in answer to a request by the League for Australian Rules to be played in local and district High Schools contained the same old tale about the rugby code having an organised competition in the schools.
The SWDFL had decided to have the letter published in district papers together with comments from the SWDFL secretary.
(c) Gate Arrangements for Finals: On the request from the Ganmain Club it was decided to introduce the ticket system at the gates for all final games - sellers to collect admission money and issue tickets which would be taken inside the gates by collectors appointed by the League.
(d) The claim from the Griffith Club for £15 for compensation and medical expenses incurred through injury to Don Keyter in Inter-League game was passed for payment without query.
(e) Missing SWDFL Guernsey worn by Don Keyter: The explanation by the Griffith Club secretary concerning the missing guernsey was accepted.
Mr. Petts the property steward for the day definitely verified the information as given by the Club, and the Griffith Club and Keyter were exonerated from all liability in the matter.
(f) The Inter-League game had shown a profit of £754 which was £377 to each League. The SWDFL had also cleared £100 from the raffle.
Roy Taysom / Ron Charles, "The report be received."
Raffles and Doubles Report (24/8/59)
Ernie Myott reported that raffles for the year had returned £251 and doubles to date £330.16.0.
The President commended Mr. Myott on his efficient work in the handling of doubles and raffles and also Joe Tyndall on his organising of the raffles.

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