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Round 17 - Saturday August 14, 2021
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.40pm
Umpires: Jessica Markut and Craig Tilston (RUA)
Griffith ................. 1.3 .. 5.4 .. 8.5 .. 11.8 (74) 
Narrandera ........ 1.5 .. 2.5 .. 5.6 .. 6.9 (45) 

GRIFFITH: Patrick Payne, Charlie Cunial, Ryan Bullus; Mitchell Irvin, James Toscan, Jamie Best; Jay Summers, Jack Rowston, Taine Moraschi; Jordan Whitworth, Isaac Testoni, Dean Bennett; Kahlan Spencer, Angus Bartter, Dean Villata; Nathan Richards, Riley Irvin, Oliver Bartter; Connor Bock, Tom Bartter, Samuel Irvin* 
NARRANDERA IMPERIAL: Connor Vearing, James Smith, Shaun Quilter; Ian Bunge, Luke Patterson, Angus Eldridge; Kane Williams, Theo Metcalfe, Nicholas O'Brien; Jack Absolom, Fergus Inglis, Cooper Irons; Matthew Dillon, Angus Durnan, Ben Grinter; Bradley Hutchison, Shaun Gehringer, Tom Van Buuren; Jared Cassimatis, Michael Mellon, Lachlan Kerr
Griffith: I Testoni 2, C Bock 2, A Bartter, D Bennett, J Rowston, J Toscan, O Bartter, J Summers, D Villata
Narrandera: M Dillon 2, A Durnan, C Irons, A Eldridge, C Vearing
Griffith: J Rowston, R Irvin, J Summers, N Richards, C Cunial, T Moraschi
Narrandera: F Inglis, C Irons, I Bunge, T Metcalfe, A Durnan, T Van Buuren
Quinn Medal votes: 3 - Taine Moraschi (Gri), 2 - Fergus Inglis (Nar), 1 - Kahlan Spencer (Gri).
SENIOR DEBUT: Samuel Irvin

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans have taken out their second victory of the season in their match against Narrandera Eagles. The game was played hard by both sides, but the Swans ultimately took the victory with 74 points to the Eagles 45. Both teams were sitting towards the bottom of the ladder with the Swans sitting at ninth with just one win for the season, and the Eagles not far ahead in eighth, making it unclear which team exactly was supposed to be the underdog. While the early minutes proved promising for the Eagles with an early goal and solid control of the ball, the Swans played strongly and kept them from getting too far ahead, consistently evening the score and at the end of the first quarter, Griffith trailed by just two behinds. The second quarter marked a huge comeback for the team, taking home two goals in the first three minutes and rocketing ahead to a 21-11 lead. By the time the Eagles had recovered from such an impressive turnaround and scored another goal of their own, the Swans had already extended their lead and they settled the first half with a comfortable 16-point lead. It was after half-time that the game got dicer for the Swans. Griffith took another two goals, but Narrandera came back with a vengeance and narrowed the gap with four goals, leaving the Swans just a few points ahead and losing the ball seconds away from clinching a sure-fire victory. The final quarter proved to be in the Swans favour however, and the team shot ahead to a 29-point victory and their second victory of the season with just one match to go. Swans coach Greg Dreyer said the victory was especially good to see due to the young players on the field. "It was good, it was nice to get a win. It was a really young side, we're got a couple who are just 17 out there today and they played well," he said. "Good to see that the young fellas can compete at that level, it's a good foundation for the next years. We'll have a good base of footy players coming up."  (By Cal Holroyd - The Area News, Monday August 16, 2021).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 15.10 (106) def Collingullie-GP 5.6 (36), Wagga 8.8 (56) def by Turvey Park 9.9 (63); SUN: Coolamon vs Ganmain-GGM didn't play due to COVID - (NSW Govt. lockdown); Leeton-Whitton, bye.

Reserves: Griffith 34.17 (221) def Narrandera 1.1 (7)
Goals: B Chambers 11, T Shannon 4, D Crack 3, O Herrmann 3, J Burley 3, A Ray 2, M Agnew 2, L Killalea 2, B Rowston 2, J Whitehead, C Harrison
Best Players: D Crack, B Chambers, T Shannon, O Herrmann, N Witherspoon, M Agnew 
Under 17.5: Griffith def Narrandera on forfeit.

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