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 2002 SEASON 
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Grand Final - Sunday September 22, 2002
Riverina Football League. Gate: $17,923
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground 2.30pm
Umpires: Andrew Crook, Steve Hatherall and Patrick O'Donoghue (RUA)
Griffith ................ 4.5 .. 8.9 .. 15.10 .. 20.11 (131)
Turvey Park ...... 6.1 .. 12.1 .. 18.4 .. 23.6 (144)

GRIFFITH: Matt Bunn, Jonathan O'Dwyer, Damien Scott; Kaine Malone, Chris Blanchard, Brendan Giason; Luke Condon, Phillip Rowston, Michael Duncan; Rodney Duncan, Andrew Hill, Jeff Mickan; David Curran, Danny Beriman, Jamie Bennett; Matthew Olney, Trevor Clarke, Cian Ebert (c-c); Craig Conlan, Chris Conlan, Shawn Conlan, Matt Kenny
TURVEY PARK: Owen Gooden, Cameron Barker, Chris Cerato; Nigel Clarke, Adrian Dowdle, Michael Wheatley; Brent Fraser, Jeremy Masterson (c-c), Blair Campbell; Warren Sykes, Stuart Anderson, Leith Mills; Simon Nimmo, Andrew Loughman, Bryce Campbell; Travis Richards, Troy Maiden, Matthew Carroll; Dane Campbell, Nathan Clarke, Dale Isaac, Julian Nimmo
Griffith: D Curran 4, J Bennett 4, D Beriman 2, M Olney 2, R Duncan 2, Craig Conlan, J Mickan, P Rowston, Chris Conlan, Ebert, T Clarke
Turvey Park: A Loughman 6, S Anderson 4, W Sykes 4, B Fraser 2, Blair Campbell, S Nimmo, L Mills, J Masterson, M Wheatley, T Richards, Bryce Campbell
Griffith: D Beriman, R Duncan, M Olney, T Clarke, Matt Bunn, M Duncan, J Bennett, J O'Dwyer
Turvey Park: J Masterson, M Carroll, T Richards, B Fraser, Blair Campbell, Nigel Clarke, W Sykes, A Loughman

Griffith ................ 3.2 .. 8.6 ..15.10 .. 19.12 (126)
Turvey Park ...... 1.2 .. 2.4 .. 5.5 .. 8.9 (57)

Goals - Griffith: S Ruyg 10, Myles Bunn 4, S Driscoll 3, M Johns, W Armstrong
Turvey Park: B Rodham 3, B Daniher, M Flanigan, C Masterson, B Odgen, G Mills
Best players - Griffith: S Ruyg, G Dreyer, D Kidman, Myles Bunn, R Hill
Turvey Park: C Grentell, B Brown, M Flanigan, M Wilson, B Rodham    
Griffith:- Daniel Best, Michael Harris, Luke Testoni; David Kidman, Warwick Armstrong, Simon Spiers; Greg Dreyer (capt); Rodney Simpkin, Jeremy Way, Trent Bradley; Shayne Driscoll, Shane Ruyg, Ben Ford; Nathan Creevy, Michael Johns, Myles Bunn; Graham Foley, Ryan Hill, Gavin Hill, Andrew Trotter
Turvey Park:- Chris Masterson (c-c), Dale Cameron, Cameron Grentell, Ben Rodham, Lance Warr, Jason Marian, Ben Brown, Brendan Odgen, Jeff Fletcher, Glen Sewell, Michael Wilson, Mark Donaldson, Nathan Comerford, Joel Elliott, Graham Mills, Dusty Brown, Gerald Bodel, Brett Daniher, Michael Flanigan, Daniel Cummins 
Umpires: Peter Hughes, Scott Crowley and Paul Guthrie (RUA)

A summary of match report, with thanks
Reserve grade match report: Griffith Swans maintained their unbeaten record for the season in defeating Turvey Park 126-57. Never at any stage of the game did Griffith look in any real danger of defeat. After establishing a 6-goal lead by half-time Griffith cruised to an effortless victory over a valiant but outclassed Turvey Park team. Griffith's teamwork and total commitment, which carried them throughout the season, was in evidence with team captain Greg Dreyer dictating play from the centre of the ground. And with assistance from his teammates, they were able to direct play through their full forward Shane Ruyg who led superbly and capped off a memorable season bagging ten goals for the game. In true sporting spirit, triumphant coach Greg Collins gave a special mention to Andrew Noad, Anthony Freyer, Josh Fisher, Grant Lamont, Peter Thornton and others who were unfortunate not to be selected in the grand final team.


Under 18
Narrandera ............ 2.3 .. 5.6 .. 13.11 .. 18.11 (119
Turvey Park ........... 5.3 .. 9.7 .. 12.10 .. 16.14 (110)

Goals - Narrandera: D Purtill 7, M English 6, A Black 2, P Tait, W McHale, W Kiley
Turvey Park: C Websdale 4, M Fraser 3, J Elliott 2, M Daniher 2, N Ross 2, L Toose, J Hoey, M Malone
Best players - Narrandera: P Tait, D Purtill, M Williams, M English, A Sullivan
Turvey Park: B Rice, T Carroll, C Websdale, A McIntosh, M McIntosh
Narrandera:- Scott Donaldson, Tim Hodge, Thomas Knight; David Godbee, Michael Williams, Brett Irons; Wes Kiley; Willy McHale, Craig Hugo, Adam Black; Mark English, Ben Seymour, Murray Hair; Paul Tait, Daniel Purtill, Ash Sullivan; Leigh Martin, Travis Williams, Michael Warren, Sam Martin, Jeremy Orme. Coach: Jack Vearing
Turvey Park:- Paul Donaldson (capt), James Elliott, Brad Walker, Marc Dowdle, Daniel Gestier, Matthew Fraser, Brett Rice, Ashwin McIntosh, Ryan Mattingly, James Dyer, Nathan Ross, Truman Carroll, Andrew Flanigan, Rhys Turner, Dane Kelly, Michael Burns, Mitch Daniher, Luke Toose, Troy Mattingly, Richard McKenzie, Maya McIntosh, Craig Websdale, John Hoey, Matt Malone
Umpires: Michael Davidson, Craig Hooper and Wayne Tilyard (RUA)

Netball: A grade: Turvey Park 43 d Coolamon 41; B grade: Turvey Park 24 d Coolamon 23; C grade: Griffith 28 d Coolamon24 d Griffith; Juniors: Narrandera 19 d Coolamon 14.

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