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IN: Warwick Armstrong (Leeton-Whitton), Trevor Clarke (Osborne), Craig Conlan (Barellan), Cian Ebert (Cora Lynn), Josh Fisher, Anthony Freyer, Michael Johns (Canberra), David Kidman (Leeton-Whitton), Matthew Olney (Berrigan).

OUT: Gary Argus (Hillston Swans), Adam Boag (Coleambally), Malcolm Burke (Hillston Swans), David Dunn (Barellan), Brent Hathaway (Barellan), Dean Jamieson (Ardlethan), Hamish Munro (Melbourne), Adrian Pavese (Hillston Swans), Glenn Vaccari (Hillston Swans), Paul Woolnough (Griffith Blacks, Rugby).


Griffith Swans can expect to share more responsibility in the Riverina Football League next season. New captain-coach and on-baller Cian Ebert has plans to expand the leadership roles within the side when he resumes training on January 14. Ebert said yesterday he would be sitting down with the coaching panel next week and talking about plans for 2002. "We will be discussing a fair few things including the structure of the side and expanding the leadership group," Ebert, 29, said. "I hope to have a few footballers involved in the leadership role, rather than just the traditional coach and his assistant. "The more people we have with the ownership of the side, the greater the effort."

Ebert had three training sessions prior to Christmas-New Year and was impressed with the enthusiasm. He said two sessions had yielded nine players and the third 18. "I was not expecting big numbers at that time of year as many players were involved in festive activities and summer sports," Ebert said. "Those players who attended did everything asked of them and it is a sign of good things to come." Ebert joined the Swans on a high recommendation from former work-aholic captain-coach Jon O'Dwyer, who remains with the club. O'Dwyer and Ebert were teammates at Queanbeyan in the Australian Football League-Canberra, in 1998 and 1999. Completely new to the RFL and Riverina,

Ebert has been closely following the happenings of Wagga Tigers and gathering information on the other RFL sides. "I will be relying on O'Dwyer and other Griffith players and officials to bring me up to scratch on the opposition," Ebert said. "I stayed with Griffith president Ian Wade for five weeks and he filled men in on many club happenings." Equally at home at half forward and halfback, Ebert joins Griffith with a wealth of experience gained from various places in Victoria. His first two senior seasons, 1989 and 1990, at Pakenham in the West Gippsland League resulted in premierships. He switched to the now defunct Dandenong in the Victorian Football Association in 1991 and returned to Pakenham in 1992.  Ebert had five years at Warragul in the Latrobe Valley from 1993 to 1997, the last season being captain-coach. Prior to joining Griffith, Ebert was at Cora Lynn in West Gippsland in 2000 and 2001. Ebert may not be the only new Swan, but he said any signings were still a long way off.  (The Daily Advertiser - Saturday January 5, 2002). 



The Griffith Swans will play their first full length game tomorrow when they take on Wangaratta at Barooga. For captain-coach Cian Ebert, it will be his first opportunity to assess the players in normal game conditions. The Swans completed at the Temora 15-a-side tournament last weekend, reaching the semi-finals before going down to eventual champions, the Wagga Tigers.

While the short matches were completely different to the Riverina Football League clashes ahead of the Swans, Ebert was pleased with how the players performed. "It was pretty positive even though we only won one game, the boys kept endeavouring to do the things we want them to do," Ebert said. While he said the format of the day made it difficult to pick out individual players who stood out, Ebert was overall happy with the effort. "From the start to the finish last weekend I was very impressed, especially with the fact that they just kept trying to do things we've been working on at training," he said.

 However, he said one aspect of the side's game which needs work is set shots at goal, with too many basic chances at six-pointers missed. While the cl