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 1984 SEASON 
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The 1984 season was one of highs and lows both on and off the field. Many injuries early in the season made selections for 1sts and 2nds an unenviable task and naturally wins in both grades were hard to come by.

First grade performances improved with availability of players, and we proved that we were the best team out of the four despite a bad loss in our last game.

Second grade performance were less than we hoped for mainly due to players missing training and not turning up when selected, particularly for away games. It is hoped that there is a big change in attitude in this area during the 1985 season.

The effort put in by the under 19's to reach the finals was tremendous as they started the season with very few skilled players, but by perseverance and faith in one another they achieved what was thought improbable at the start of the season. I hope other grades can learn from their example.

My extreme gratitude goes to the coaches, Bob Greenwood, Roy Agresta and Len Threlfall for a job well done, at times under extreme conditions. Also, thanks to the selectors John Candusso and Ralph Savage for their handling of a very difficult task.

It is one thing to get the players on the field but keeping them there was left to Rajah and Wayne Wilson who did a terrific job even though some people at times may have disagreed with their methods. Of course, these who felt they could do better did not offer their services only their criticism.

Off the field the Ladies Auxiliary continued to toil hard for us and were able to make a substantial financial contribution to our funds at the end of the season. I am extremely grateful for the long, thankless hours that these ladies put in on our behalf.

Once again, the Supporters Club have been very instrumental in keeping several local players with the club as well as attracting several very handy new players. Whilst I don't like singling out people, special mention must be made of Leo O'Dwyer who has toiled long and hard for many years on behalf of our club.

The Social Committee ran their most successful "Battle of the Bands", but other events such as Friday night dances etc., were not as successful as last year. This was not due to the lack of effort, but the lack of support from players and supporters and each and every one of us must accept a portion of the blame for this failure. However, I do commend the social committee for their effort this year, in particular, Mick Thompson, Jenny Pierpoint and Liz O'Donnell.

I sincerely thank every member of the General Committee for the hard work throughout the year. We had several upsetting incidents to cope with such as the clearances wrangle over two players from Hay and the non-starting of our proposed car raffle. No-one shirked their allotted duties although at times they became very tiresome, and meetings were generally well attended. None claim to be perfect, and mistakes were made, but by and large I am very proud to have been part of this committee, who showed a genuine desire and enthusiasm to get on with the job.

Our financial position has not improved, in fact it has slightly deteriorated, due mainly to our budget being upset by not being able to run our car raffle. My gratitude goes out to our major sponsor Owen Toyota, who have indicated that as the problem surrounding the car raffle have been solved, they are prepared to provide a vehicle for raffle during the 1985 season. To Owen Toyota and our other sponsors, thank you for your past and we hope, continued support.

What does the future hold for our Club? That, ladies and gentlemen is in your hands as the fate of sporting organizations is now very dependent on finances.

We will again be looking towards a successful "Battle of the Bands", coupled with what we hope will be an equally successful car raffle. However, this club cannot survive without the full co-operation of the Committee, players and supporters. If some of our knockers could put as much energy into helping the club, then the sky would be the limit.

From right now your new Committee are going to need each and every one of us to get behind the Club and do whatever we can to help, instead of leaving it to a few people to spread their resources to try and cover everything. Only by all of us pulling together can we return this club to the proud position it has held in this league in years gone by. Let's all become "doers" not "knockers".

Finally, let me thank you all for your interest by attending tonight and I wish the new committee and coaches Ian Geddes, John Seidel and Garry Gardner have all the rewards that their efforts deserve.

Graham Leask

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