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Friday, 24th October, 1997 at Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club

Major Sponsor: Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club


Senior grade

Best & Fairest: Trevor Clarke

Runner-up: Anthony Pavey

Most Consistent: Tony Mahar

Most Improved: Aaron O'Keefe

Best Utility (Fergie King Memorial): Damien Scott

Best in Finals: No Award

Most Goals Kicked: Gary Argus

Coach’s Award: Wayne Bodycott

Supporters Club: Graeme Woods

Reserve grade

Best & Fairest: Brenton Harrison

Runner-up: David Gee

Most Consistent: Kane Duncan

Most Improved: Jason Catanzariti

Best Utility: Mark McCormack

Best in Finals: Tony Butcher

Most Goals Kicked: Brenton Harrison

Coach’s Award: Trent DeMarco

Supporters Club: Daniel Tuohey

Under 18's

Best & Fairest: Michael Elliott

Runner-up: Tom Spry

Most Consistent: Michael Tull

Most Improved: Shane Russell

Best Utility: Stuart Davies

Most Goals Kicked: Stephen Mitchell

Coach’s Award: Michael Elliott

Supporters Club: Rodney Duncan

Most Promising Player (Ronnie Williams Trophy): Matthew Neyland

Encouragement Award (Fred Owen Memorial Shield): Glenn Vaccari

Rookie of the Year (Gloria Butcher Memorial): Paul Kite


A grade

Best & Fairest: Lisa Lord

B grade

Best & Fairest: Stacy Harrison


Most Conscientious Player/Clubperson (Joan Hicks Memorial): Steve Cunial

Club Person of the Year (Bill Simmons Memorial): Peter Lonergan & Wally O'Driscoll

Life Membership: Elsie Agresta & Rene Wade (Canteen)

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