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 2001 SEASON 
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Friday, 12th October, 2001 at Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club

Major Sponsor: Griffith Ex-Servicemen's Club


Senior grade

Best & Fairest: Rodney Duncan

Runner-up: Phillip Rowston

Most Consistent: Michael Duncan

Most Improved: Danny Beriman

Best Utility (Fergie King Memorial): Jason Malone

Most Goals Kicked: David Curran

Coach’s Award: Dean Jamieson

Reserve grade

Best & Fairest: Gary Argus

Runner-up: Jason Vaccari

Most Consistent: Ben Ford

Most Improved: Luke Testoni

Best Utility: Paul Rogerson

Best in Finals: Brendan Giason

Most Goals Kicked: Jason Magoci

Coach’s Award: Nathan Creevy & Peter Thornton

Under 18's

Best & Fairest: Daniel Best

Runner-up: Chris Blanchard

Most Consistent: Brett Owen

Most Improved: Matthew Bortolin

Best Utility: Andrew Elston

Best in Finals: Terry Condon

Most Goals Kicked (Brian Files Memorial): Ashley Gardner

Coach’s Award: Adam Boag & Luke Catanzariti

Trainers Award: David Elston

Team Managers Award: Joel Trevett

Most Promising Player (Ronnie Williams Memorial): Terry Condon

Encouragement Award (Fred Owen Memorial Shield): Eddie Gilbert

Rookie of the Year (Gloria Butcher Memorial): Nathan Malone


A grade

Best & Fairest: Jodie Landy

Most Improved: Helen Overs

Coach’s Award: Karen Conlan

B grade

Best & Fairest: Sue Ireland

Most Improved: Kirsty Rowston

Coach’s Award: Minnietta Walker


Best & Fairest: Diane White

Most Improved: Jessica Delgigante & Carli Piva

Coach’s Award: Rachael Best

Best in Finals: Nikki Staines


Most Conscientious Player/Clubperson (Joan Hicks Memorial): Ben Wade

Club Person of the Year (Bill Simmons Memorial): Brenda Spears

Area News / Travelworld Player of the Year: Rodney Duncan

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