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 1986 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 1, 1986 - No. 7 

Well, the only thing that didn't happen at Kindra Park last Sunday week was that it didn't rain. However, doom did spread after a disastrous first quarter where the Swannies, kicking with the wind, failed to capitalised on scrappy play. It appeared as though Norm (Life, Be in It) had put the boots on because we had more passengers than a Bondi Tram. Team selectors aren't brain surgeons and certainly not heart surgeons, however pride in your jumper would tell you to win the ball you must be in the race at least. Contrary to popular belief this pen does not believe in scathing reports, however criticism hopefully will inspire the abilities of some Swannies. Neil Bruce turned on another B.O.G. performance. He was helped by Ritchie Turner, Marty O'Donnell and Gerard 'Skeletor' Toscan.

Despite being given some assistance by the Grasshoppers in the first minute of the quarter when the opposition all lined up at the wrong end and then kicked to our forward line from the opening bounce, the Seconds lost. Attitude was our problem declared Terry Bennett after the game, although it was very easy to say as you stood behind an esky full of grog.

Certainly, a true comment as the Swannies struggled to make an impression in a scrappy, mistake-riddled game.

Even 'Rooster' Agresta who was still on a high after the Demons great win was unable to make his usual impression on the game. Perhaps his abstinence for the past week didn't help either.

The Thirds set an example early in the day with a good win to lift them to second place on the ladder and they will meet the front runners, the Bulldogs, this week.

Coming events: A Movie Premiere Night for 'Prizzi's Honour' will be held on Thursday, June 19. Tickets are $10 each from the Committee.

Today we meet the Bulldogs at home and it's a good time to bare our teeth and collar the Dogs. Up The Swannies.

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