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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 4, 1997 - No. 5 

The 1sts played good football to record a comfortable victory over EWK under lights in front of a big crowd. The awards were $130 to Chris "I've nearly paid the physio bills" Conlan, $70 "Leave my sister alone Steery" Mahar, $50 to Jamie "How crook was I" Bennett, $30 to Brendan "The goalsneak" Giason and $20 to Greg " Fred Astaire" Collins. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award went to Tony "Steery, I am getting sick of you" Mahar.  The players' player award went to Tony Mahar. Other good players included Don Moran and Graeme Woods.
The 2nds played good football and went onto a big win. The awards were $30 to Rodney "This is a recording" Savage, $20 to Adam "The Incredible Bulk" Baulch and $10 to Mark "BP" McCormack. The players' player award was won by Tony Butcher, and the Mugs' Mug to David Gee. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award went to Glen Smith.
The Under 18's played well and had a big win. It is good to see what a bit of hard work on the track can do guys. The best players were Mick Elliott, Thomas Doubleday, Shane Russell, Stephen Mitchell and Paul Kite.
In the netball, A Grade won well with the players' player award going to Jodie Landy. The highlight of the netball day was obviously the resounding victory by B Grade 28 to 14. The players player award going to Tania Olney
Congrats from everyone at the Club goes to Robin and Steve Cunial on the birth of their first child, a baby boy Charlie. 
This week's Player Profile is on a person who has well and truly stood up to be counted over the past two weeks with his social behavior around the Club, Peter Steer. 
Nickname: The King of Zing. Biggest influence on life: Scott Lord and Anthony Pavey. Favourite Venue: Hanwood Catholic Club, Hillston Races. Favourite Pastime: Singing at weddings and hassling the Mahar family. Favourite Towns: Lockhart and Merriwagga. Favourite Drink: Banned as of last week. Football Ambitions: To be related to Tony Mahar and to be a backman. Life Ambition: To self-destruct as quickly as possible in social environment, be put off tap as many times as I can in one night and sing solo at as many weddings as I can.

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