GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 4, 1997 - No. 5 

The 1sts played good football to record a comfortable victory over EWK under lights in front of a big crowd. The awards were $130 to Chris "I've nearly paid the physio bills" Conlan, $70 "Leave my sister alone Steery" Mahar, $50 to Jamie "How crook was I" Bennett, $30 to Brendan "The goalsneak" Giason and $20 to Greg " Fred Astaire" Collins. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award went to Tony "Steery, I am getting sick of you" Mahar.  The players' player award went to Tony Mahar. Other good players included Don Moran and Graeme Woods.
The 2nds played good football and went onto a big win. The awards were $30 to Rodney "This is a recording" Savage, $20 to Adam "The Incredible Bulk" Baulch and $10 to Mark "BP" McCormack. The players' player award was won by Tony Butcher, and the Mugs' Mug to David Gee. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award went to Glen Smith.
The Under 18's played well and had a big win. It is good to see what a bit of hard work on the track can do guys. The best players were Mick Elliott, Thomas Doubleday, Shane Russell, Stephen Mitchell and Paul Kite.
In the netball, A Grade won well with the players' player award going to Jodie Landy. The highlight of the netball day was obviously the resounding victory by B Grade 28 to 14 . The players player award going to Tania Olney
Congrats from everyone at the Club goes to Robin and Steve Cunial on the birth of their first child, a baby boy Charlie. 
This weeks Player Profile is on a person who has well and truly stood up to be counted over the past two weeks with his social behavior around the Club, Peter Steer. 
Nickname: The King of Zing. Biggest influence on life: Scott Lord and Anthony Pavey. Favourite Venue: Hanwood Catholic Club, Hillston Races. Favourite Pastime: Singing at weddings and hassling the Mahar family. Favourite Towns: Lockhart and Merriwagga. Favourite Drink: Banned as of last week. Football Ambitions: To be related to Tony Mahar and to be a backman. Life Ambition: To self destruct as quickly as possible in social environment, be put off tap as many times as I can in one night, and sing solo at as many weddings as I can.

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