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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 5, 1997 - No. 14 

The 1sts were a tight battle early against Leeton-Whitton with our accuracy keeping us in front. In the second half our work payed off as we increased our lead to win comfortably. We must keep on winning to keep ourselves in the hunt.
The non-contracted players awards were $130 to Damien 'Bella' Scott, $70 to Jamie 'Punter' Bennett, $50 to Wayne 'Hair' Bodycott, $30 to Danny 'Babba' Baxter and $20 to Jason Magoci. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award was won by Aaron O'Keefe. Other good players included Graeme 'Tiger' Woods.
The 2nds played four good quarters of team football to run out convincing winners. The awards were $30 to Rodney 'Gonzales' Savage, $20 to Brent 'Nike' Harrison and $10 to Peter 'Dragon' Steer. The Players' Player award went to Chris 'Conan' Conlan and the Mugs' Mug went to Brent 'Tyson' Hathaway. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award was won by Jason 'Jooce' Catanzariti.
The Under 18's had a top win in heavy conditions to keep them in the top five. The best players included Michael Elliott, Rodney Duncan, Stephen Mitchell, Matthew Neyland and Paul Kite.
A Grade netballer were defeated 29-47, with best being Leesa Lord. B Grade were defeated 10-49, with best players Rachael Fuller and Naomi Collis.
Congratulations from everyone at the club goes to Graeme Woods and Leah Sommerville on the announcement of their engagement.
This week we are spending sixty seconds with Danny Baxter.

Nickname: Babba. Recruited from: Leeton-Whitton, London Tigers. Career highlight: Playing football with Seto at Leeton-Whitton. Favourite pastime: Kick to kick with Seto. Career ambition: To be head of gynecology at Griffith Base. Claim to fame: Seto's brother-in-law. Favourite food: SR Bakeries bread. Most admired male:  Craig Seto. Most embarrassing moment: My mean so departure from my farewell at Club 500 before leaving for an overseas trip last year. Favourite music: Abba.

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