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 1993 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 8, 1993 - No. 14 

Unfortunately, Wagga proved too strong in all three grades last Saturday, and our shortage of fit and available players really showed out. The Under 18's came up against the ladder leaders and just didn't show the desire and commitment that's necessary to beat Wagga. Our best players were Graham Foley (Pizza), Ben Toscan, Michael Reid, Simon Taylor and Peter Vardanega.

As to the Second Grade, what chance does a side have with fifteen players? Special thanks to the four Under 18's who doubled up, they are Alex Forster, Glen Vaccari, Glen Collis and Damon Clark. For their efforts they received the DeBortoli Wines incentive award. Thanks also to Adrian Pavese for pulling the boots on. Our best players were Brett McAlister, Nick Creighton, Andrew McCashney, Shane Best and Chris Noack.

The Seniors battled hard all day against Wagga and there were none better than Paul Rovere who won the mug and the $100, Mark Brown $50, Shane Ruyg $30 and Greg Collins $20. Other good players were Gary Argus and Jamie Bennett.

On behalf of those who came home on the mystery Bus Tour, thank you to Bev and Wendy who did a great job organising the trip. If you didn't enjoy the trip there must have been something wrong with you - well that's Ron Irvin's excuse anyway. Mark Brown's mystery tour was a real bottler, he was left behind without anyone knowing.

Today, let's get that winning feeling back against Ganmain as winners are grinners.

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