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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 10, 1997 - No. 19 

The 1sts started well to lead comfortably at half time before taking the foot off the pedal against Collingullie. We will not be able to relax at all over the next few weeks and we must maintain the required intensity for all four quarters. The non-contracted players were: $130 to Gary 'Papa' Argus, $70 to Dean 'Denzi' Jamieson, $50 to Chris Conlan, $30 to Damien Scott and $20 to Rodney 'Rookie' Duncan. Other good players included Anthony Pavey's brother, Phil.
The 2nds came up against strong opposition and had to work hard for a win. The Bertoldos Bakery best player awards were $30 to Tony 'Pitbull' Butcher, $20 to Colin 'Plugger' Cassidy and $10 to Adam 'Gigolo' Baulch. The Players' Player award went to Brent 'Tiny' Hathaway and the Mugs' Mug went to Patrick 'Deisel' Dempsey.
The Under 18's had a crucial come-from-behind win to keep them in touch with the top three. Once again, the game was well worth arriving early for. The best players were Tom Spry, Michael Elliott, Matthew Neyland, Stuart Davies and Justin Barry.
Please do not forget the Dutch Auction tonight. Plenty of new and old goods to be auctioned commencing at about 7pm at the Exies Sports Club.
Congrats to Gary and Peta Argus on the birth of their first baby, a healthy on-baller by all reports.
This week we are spending 60 seconds with Jason Catanzariti.

Nickname: Joce, Chuch, Showbag. Career highlights: My most recent birthday, Brendan's and Trent's most recent touch carnival. Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere with Paula or Kelly. Favourite drink: Vodka and beer. Favourite food: Anything on the menu at Belvedere Pizza. Favourite pastime: Going to the hotel 500 cocktail bar on my birthday, working at Belvedere Pizza in my spare time, spending time with Paula and Kelly during touch carnivals. Worst habits: Car sickness, looking for dipsticks at petrol bowsers, delivering pizza for Belvedere. Most admired males: Bono from U2 and Dr Spook.

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