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 1996 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" August 11, 1996 - No. 18 

In what is best described as a real slog at Kindra Park we came away with the points after a fine team effort in the 1sts. The next four weeks leading up to the finals are cutthroat, so let's make sure we give ourselves the best opportunity to finish as high as we can by winning today. The Seniors awards were $100 to Mark 'Mad Dog' Brown, $50 Trevor 'The Pyromaniac' Clarke. $30 to Mick 'Let me drive' Smith, and $20 to David 'Anderay-Anderay' Gee. The Players' Player award went to Tim 'Don't let fear hold you back' Fraser.
The 2nds had a solid win. Again, thanks to Rodney Savage and Stuart Davies for backing up from the 18's. The awards were $30 to Glen 'What does ding-dong mean' Collis, $20 to Malcolm 'King of the Kids' Burke, and $10 to Norm 'Get that mug away from me' Campbell. The Players' Player award went to Patrick 'The principal' Dempsey, and the Mugs Mug award to Greg 'Grumpy' Dreyer.
The Under 18's battled hard but were overwhelmed by a strong opposition. The best players were Rodney Duncan, David Savage, Peter Hunt, Michael Tull and Michael Elliott.
I am sure that everyone that attended the Trivia Night had a great time. It was good to see Big Splash hand over the baton to a young up and comer in Michael Tull in the 'skulling' stakes. It was also good to know that everyone knows why Dean Jamieson is called Ginger.
All our supporters should note that the money raised from the raffle today will be donated to the Kalinda School. The kids will be photographed with the senior players as well as being provided with a BBQ and drink. Many thanks and appreciation go to Agnes Geddes for the donation of today's raffle prize, it is much appreciated so let's all dig deep to support the kids at Kalinda.
Commiserations also go out to Richard Telfer and Phil Rowston. Let's hope both of you can overcome the serious illness/injuries that have hit at the wrong end of the season and get back before the finals are over.
This week's player profile is on Matthew Bunn.

Nickname: Matthew not Myles, Longjohn Bunny, Favourite holiday venue: Tamworth Country Music Festival, Favourite clothing: My long johns, Career highlight: Being given Myles' No 22 jumper to wear. Marital status: Single (but not for long so watch out you girls). Ranking amongst the Griffith girls: Number 1 male in the club, most disappointing moment: Missing out on tickets to Lee Kermaghan when he was in Griffith two weeks ago.

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