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 1991 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 14, 1991 - No. 1 

Well, it doesn’t seem that long since the football season finished, and it is to be hoped the Griffith Swans will be able to play those couple of extra weeks this season. Les Parish is back to lead the troops in the fight for the flag, in which he says is his last season and with the added strength in the club and not too many losses everyone is gearing up for a good year.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the new players to the club and there’s no doubt that you will have a happy and social time around the Swans camp.

Roy ‘Rooster’ Agresta is back again at the helm as president, but this season Mary Collins has relinquished the secretary’s position after many years in the saddle and Greg ‘Sam’ Wade has taken up the reins,

Allan Parr will be coaching the reserve grade side, taking over from Kevin Kirkpatrick, who led the lads for the past two seasons, and Terry Bennett is back in charge of the younger brigade.

Since we haven’t had a chance to date, the Swans would like to congratulate Turvey Park on its win in the grand final again last year and also the executive members of the RFL, who again have given their time for the betterment of football in the area.

It is to be hoped that Turvey Park is looking after the trophy they have held onto for so long as the Swans don’t what it scratched when they pick it up this year.

Today sees the start of the round and a bit of history as Griffith is the first club to take on Narrandera since it decided to play Saturday football.

Three wins today to set the club off on the right foot for the season and after we have a couple of social drinks with the Narranndera boys – don’t forget who our sponsors are in Griffith on the way home.

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