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 1998 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 14, 1998 - No. 9 

ON another day where conditions were not conductive to pretty football the Griffith Swans came from being behind all day on the scoreboard to record a very important win against Mangoplah Cookardinia United. It was a top effort from the guys and topped off a good day for the club. 
The awards were sponsored by George Duncan Electrical, and they were as follows: The Ex-Servicemen's Club dinner for two was won by Dean Jamieson, the Billabong Bottle Shop award was won by Tony "Golly" Mahar, the Prendys BP Award was won by Jason "Jockey" Magoci and the Lowes Award was won by Matthew "Noah" Olney.
The Reserve Grade struggled early but lifted after half time to win against dogged opposition. The awards were the Players' Player Mug to Myles "Snake Skin Shoes" Bunn, $30 to Mick "Kingswood Country" Claydon, $20 to Jason "Jooce" Catanzariti and $10 to Michael "Baby Face" Duncan. The McDonalds / Griffith Coaches award were won by Mick "Barrel Junior" Elliott and Shane "Chopper" Russell.
The Under 18's started well and ran out convincing winners after another good effort from the boys. The best players were $15 to Aaron Taylor, $10 to David Roberts and $5 to Paul McCormack. The McDonalds / Griffith Coaches award was won by Peter Hunt.
The netball girls again battled hard but were defeated by 35 goals in another improved effort. Keep at its girls and a win will come.
On the social scene tonight, Mark Smith will be playing at the Exies Sports Club after the game. Everyone is welcome and please make an effort to attend. Please do not forget about tickets for the Brian Files tribute night on July 17. The tickets are $10 and available from the Exies Sports Club. This week's player profile is on Jason Vaccari - Nicknames: Vaccers, Sleaze Dough Boy Senior, Mr. Bubbles. Favourite Pastimes: Being Sleazy, baking bread, making birthday cakes using plastic buckets, visiting Melbourne. Likes: Late nights, shorts skirts, summer flirtatious women, Men Gallery, Horn Street. Dislikes: Cold weather, backline, wearing backless dresses. Favourite literary item: Any picture magazine. Most admired person: Matthew Cox, Brad Hammond, Al Bundy. Most Memorable Moment: Reaching 100 kilos over summer.
This week's awards against Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong are sponsored by Mim and Kevin Rowston and we certainly thank them for their sponsorship.

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