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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 17, 1997 - No. 7 

Not the result that we were after is the best way to describe the game against Temora. Whilst the guys battled hard with several players seeing the game out with injuries that normally would have sidelined them, we could not bridge the gap in the final term.
The non-contract players awards were $130 to Damien Scott, $70 to Trevor Clarke, $50 to Tony 'Sideburns' Mahar, $30 to Aaron O'Keefe and $20 to Greg Dreyer. The Players' Player award was won by Graeme Woods. Other good players included Anthony 'Charlie' Pavey.
The 2nds played a great second half to have a real character-building win. A good second half to keep Temora goalless. Awards were $30 to Danny Tuohey, $20 to Rodney Savage and $10 to David 'Tugger' Gee. The Players' Player award went to Danny Baxter and the Mugs Mug to Brent 'Macatmacoat' Hathaway.
The Under 18's also played well and scored a big win. The best players included Michael Tull, Paul Kite, Rodney Duncan, Michael Elliott and Luke Kennedy.
I have no netball scores or best players to report on again (becoming monotonous), but I do know both A and B Grade were defeated.
Socially I would like to thank those who went to the Trivia Night. A top night was had by all (especially the birthday day). A pity everyone didn't turn up. Tomorrow at the Sports Club we have a casserole lunch starting at 12.30. $5 per person for lunch, everyone is welcome. Next Saturday 24th May there is a mystery Bus Tour leaving the Sports Club at 5 pm, $20 a head includes dinner. Again, all players and supporters are welcome. Please see Craig Bretherton.
This week's Player Profile is on Robin Boudville.

Nicknames - Grasshopper, The Hopper, Deisel, Rooster and Stumpy. Recruited from - Rivcoll via Collingwood. Career highlight - Doing pre-season with Collingwood. Career ambition - To become a jockey, become a mammogram specialist. Favourite pastime - Testing my recurring calf injury, hassling women, drinking with Stuart Mortlock. Favourite clothing - My Rivcoll football jumper and my hairpiece. Claim to fame - Beating Anthony Pavey in tackling practice, looking like Roy Agresta. Likes - Finishing training earlier than others, any kind of running, back-dooring players with their girlfriends. Favourite food - Rice and toilet lollies. Most embarrassing moment - Being refused assistance by Strand-by-Strand hair replacement studios, missing football training to go to Carlotta My Beautiful Boys Show.

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