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 1986 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 20, 1986 - No. 14 

Last week saw the "Jacko 'n Psycho' (Watson and Trafford) show swing into action. They teamed up well in the Second Grade that they made Batman & Robin look like the Odd Couple. Fair dinkum these two generate more vibes than AC/DC. After compering 'The Terry Bennett Morning Breakfast Show' down at 'Norma Jean's Night Spot' they went onto play the way for a good win in the Second-Grade game. Backed up by Craig 'Marlon' Brand, Ritchie 'Reject' Turner, Mick 'Dynamite' Delahunty, Mike Thompson (whose laundry cost are smaller than Neil from the Young Ones) and of course Craig Murray who did a Bernie Quinlan impersonation at a shot for goal from 15-67 metres and failed dismally.

The real Young Ones - The Under 19s had a convincing win under Mick Foxall's guidance not allowing the opposition to score a goal for the entire match. Young 'Lois' Lane won the man of the match award with good games from Spanner, Dreary, Presty, Royaly, Gully, Roger Biron, Jim bob Bennett and Pete 'Townsend' Lonergan.

The First-Grade encounter cost us dearly with young Darrell having his number taken. His brother Greg 'Kimbies' Collins, who leaves his mark nearly anywhere he goes nowadays, put in a strong game as did Shane 'Reggies' McDermott, Greg Hill, Marty 'Man of the Match' O'Donnell, Gerard 'Babes' Toscan snr, Peter 'Daydream Jnr High School' Telford, The Albury Fire Breather, Harry Harrington, Snow 'Party' Taylor, and of course, Robbie 'Bruce' Bagatella who made kicking five goals seem as easy as selling tickets down at a Pizza Parlor on Sunday nights.

P.S.: Watch this space next week for a review of the 'Swannies Revue' held on Friday night last.

This week another good win to consolidate our finals spot. Up The Swannies!  

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