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 2001 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" April 22, 2001 - No. 3 

IT'S always a hard slog heading over to Ganmain and first round adds another dimension to the equation. Our game sponsor for the game was George and Donna Duncan and we really appreciate their support for the game and through the year.
The brand-new Danny's Store under 15 netball team had a very convincing win 82 to nil in the morning. For the first time in the competition, the girls were relentless and with guns like Sarah Shea taking out the McDonalds award they will be tough to beat this year. Rachael Best put in a superb effort for the entire game and the team is looking for big things for her this year. Another big performer for the team was Dianne White. The coaching staff have worked hard over the last few weeks bringing the team up to standard, let's hope they can maintain form for the rest of the year.
Our under 18's football team was slightly depleted in numbers so the club relies on a team of 9 under 16's to fill in the positions. The team played well and with a bit of help from some oversized rugby players proved to be very competitive. Michael Henderson, from what looked to be 100m out, but could have been 55 metres, kicked an absolute pearler of a goal. Tim Rice, his rugby partner in crime, showed that he was no slouch on the footy field, but hopefully the girls from Hair Do can do something with his hair. Mathew Crack will be calling on Video Ezy for one of their first releases and Nathan Malone can feed the family and the flat mates with the McDonalds award after his great performance. Finally, Daniel Best who just seems to be everywhere on the field, shall be able to relax at ll Corso Pizza shop while he munches on some super pizzas. 
The B grade Crown Hotel Netballers had a slightly closer game than the Under 15's, but still managed to get on top. Mel Jamieson led the team to victory 33-23, and in doing so took out the McDonalds award. Cassandra "Miss Sophisticated" Malone showed that she hasn't lost any form since going to Uni and proved very valuable on court. Amanda Streeter put in her usual solid performance and played exceptionally well. A great start to the season for the B grade team. 
The nuggety Reserves team, filled with some very experienced players started the year in grand form. Greg "Our new Ruckman" Dreyer had a blinder of a game and managed to receive not only the Mug but also the Griffith Exies Bottle Shop award. Sam "too can!" Kennedy came through with some excellent marks and gutsy runs to get the Autobarn award. Rodney "can mark a bit" Simpkin showed that he hasn't lost any form over the last twelve months and should be able to keep his tummy full for the next week with the McDonalds award. Benny "little legs" Ford showed great talent over the ground and as a result won't have to wash for a week with the Griffith Laundry voucher.
The Griffith Newsagency would be very happy with the A grade Netball team after Sunday's performance winning 55-22.

Beth Campbell played a fantastic game after recovering from the bus trip to Rivcoll last week. Beth took home a big smile as she received the McDonalds award. Jodie "Where my Wallet?" Landy managed to remember her undies this week and played a great coach's game. Robyn Overs was another star for the team, and we are expecting big things from her for the rest of the year.
A seriously injured Senior team struggled for most of the game but came back with a flutter of confidence towards the end of the game. Several key players were unable to play the game out, but those that could play fought to the end and that was fantastic. Look out girls this week because Shane "the cannon" Ruyg will be looking for a date at the Exies. With the dinner for two, he'll need to fill the spare seat. After such a great performance on the field we will keep you posted about his performance on the date. Luke "the unstoppable" Condon will be parading his new towel from Snuggle In this week, so keep an eye out for that. The Donaldson's Mitre 10 award goes to Rod "can't get enough" Duncan for a Ten out of Ten performance around the ground. Jason "only slightly injured" Malone has some new gear for his ute after taking home the Ron's Auto One award. Michael "The axe man" Harris played superbly for his first senior game and will be heading down to McDonalds shortly to cash his McDonalds voucher and Jeremy "Jezza" Way picked up the Fred and Rod McNabb petrol voucher. 
This week we take on East Wagga and are looking for big things from our not so injured seniors. Brian Hammond is the sponsor for this week's game. Good luck to all the teams that make up the club. Food, drinks and entertainment at the Sporties after the game. One for the diaries - the first of the Reverse Draws will be at the Sporties on Sunday 6th May so get your tickets now from any members of the committee.

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