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 1986 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 22, 1986 - No. 10 

After the fog lifted last week, two of our sides discovered they had lost their games.
The Under 19's game wasn’t lost due to the lack of fight in the boys as there was more fight in them where young ones in any of the Ali/Frazier bouts – just ask young Mr. Prest. Anyway, in amongst the mug, the blood and the fog, young ‘Gullie’ played the game of his life.  Unfortunately, no one could see how well he played and won the pewter on hearsay. Others to report back to ‘Horsey’ saying that they had played amazing games, but were unseen due to the fog were Darren Prest, Peter Royal and Greg Dreyer. 
Terry Bennett's 2nds took to the ground knowing they had to win knowing they were good enough to win but now knowing how to go about out winning … So, they ended up not winning. Shane ‘Bat' Best won the pewter closely followed by Brett ‘The General’ McAlister and Roy ‘Rooster’ Agresta. Sunday also seen Simon Henderson play his last game for the Club as he is moving on 
and I'm sure ever one wishes him all the best.
The 1sts showed true G. & D. by defeating a more fancied Turvey Park without our astute leader for all but 10 minutes of the game when he was forced from the field with an injury. With almost everyone playing well it was hard to choose the best players, but dazzling Darrell Collins ended up winning the pewter with Andrew ‘too sore to train’ Romagnolo and Gerry ‘Go Go Gadget’ Toscan putting in big efforts.
It seems that Harro’s long kicks have become rather popular as we saw Mick ‘Steve’ Agnew kick two 75m goals and Lennie Brown has known to boot the ball 80-90 metres against the wind on his left foot now and again.
Don’t forget the Movie Premiere for ‘Prizza’s Honour’ this Thursday, June 19. Tickets are still available for $12 ‘Snow’!! Up The Swans  

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