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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" June 22, 1997 - No. 12 

The Seniors was an improved effort against Wagga only to fall away in the final 20 minutes of the game. Many positives came out of the match, and we must work on those to make sure we get a very important win on the board today.

The non-contract players awards were $130 to Tony "Ring-ding-ding" Mahar, $70 to Aaron "Romeo" O'Keefe, $50 to Ray "Yuppie" Willis, $30 to Danny "Babba" Baxter, and $20 to Tony "Mad dog" Butcher. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award was also won by Aaron "Erin" O'Keefe.
The 2nds put together a much-improved effort to win the game. This is the intensity that we must perform at every week if we want to keep on winning. The awards $30 to Adam "Bulk" Baulch, $20 to Trent "Disco" Demarco and $10 to Brent "Cat" Hathaway. The players' player award went to Mark "Gadget" Cameron and the Mugs' Mug went to Kane "Sugar" Duncan. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award was won by Stuart "Dopey" Mortlock.
The Under 18's started well but were overrun by a good opposition side. The best players included Tim Moses, Tom Spry, Michael Tull, Stephen Mitchell and Rodney Duncan.
Could everyone note the upcoming social functions are as follows: Sat 29 June - La Scala Night - RSVP to Don or Mandy Moran today. Sun 27 July (after Temora) - Games Night at the Sports Club. Thurday 31 July - Trivia Night at Pioneer Park, see Leanne Scott. Sun 10 August (after Turvey Park) - Dutch Auction at the Sports Club.
This week we are spending sixty seconds with new play Matthew Hosking.
Nicknames: Hosko, Hock, Smiley, Little Shrimpy. Recruited from: Bauchies flat. Career highlights: None of your business. Fav Pastimes: Working at Excello, being arrested. Fav Clothing: What I was wearing (?) on the bus home from Swan Hill. Fav TV Show: The Muppets, The Bill. Claim to Fame: Owning my own mobile phone. Fav Food: Prunes, Munchies. Most Admired male: Ricky Burdett. Most Admired female: Rossy. Most Embarrassing Moment: The bus trip home from Swan Hill. 

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