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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 27, 1997 - No. 17 

The Seniors warmed up for the big games over the next month with a hard-earned victory against Narrandera. The non-contracted players award kindly sponsored by Jill and Shane Best were $130 to Gary 'Hippy' Argus, $70 to Danny 'Babba' Baxter, $50 to Greg 'Whale' Collins, $30 to Ray 'Mimi' Willis and $20 to Brent 'Shooter' Harrison. The McDonalds Coaches award went to Jason 'Gauch' Magoci.
The 2nds played good team football to run out big winners. The Bertoldos Bakery best player awards were $30 to Adam 'Grasshopper 11' Baulch, $20 to Colin 'Case' Cassidy and $10 to Danny 'Mutley' Tuohey. The Players' Player went to Chris 'Phantom' Conlan and the Mugs' Mug to David 'Oomaloompa' Gee. The McDonalds/Griffith Coaches award went to Mathew 'Smiley' Hosking. 
The Under 18's staged a great comeback, but in the end were narrowly defeated in a top game. Best players were David Savage, Stuart Davies, Tom Spry, Rodney Duncan and Michael Tull.
Tonight, we have a Games Night at the club at 7 pm. All players and supporters are welcome. $10 per person and plenty of games on offer, so everyone please make the effort and support the social functions. Great prizes to be auctioned later in the evening. Do not forget on Thursday night we have a Trivia Night at Pioneer Park at 7 pm. $5 per person, table of eight and see Leanne Scott or Lisa Cassidy for bookings. Again, lets support the people that organise the events.
This week we are spending 60 seconds with Colin Cassidy.

Nickname: Butch, Case. Career highlights: Doing pre-season this year, playing 1sts while Scotty played 2nds. Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere except Griffith in the middle of winter or at any stage of football season. Favourite pastime: Changing jobs, training, goal kicking practice, Area Hotel on a Friday night. Favourite song: Missing you. Career ambition: To be able to kick straight when in the goal square, to last in a shout with Billy Tyndall and Don Coleman on any Sunday afternoon in the summer. Claim to fame: Being brought a schooner by Don Moran last year after winning the Mug. Favourite food: VB stubbies. Most admired males: Don Coleman, Ben Holland.

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