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 1988 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" May 29, 1988 - No. 7 

Our long journey to the bleak and foggy Gumly Oval proved to be most fruitful with all football sides winning, while the girls failed for the second week in a row.  In the Seniors we gained the upper hand with Ian Geddes on top at fullback. Darrell 'Pin' Collins in the pivot, Marty 'Ducky' O'Donnell up forward. We went in at half time with a handy lead and an air of confidence. The Hawks came back and led in the final stanza but goals to Darren 'Pancho' Prest and Robert 'Harro' Harrington ensured victory over our East Wagga rivals. Darrell Collins was best on the ground to win the pewter whilst Ian Geddes at fullback did a sterling job Pancho, 'Fifty' Dreyer, Craig Maher and Ducky all did well, and 'Spanner' Spencer played his best game of the season. It was a great team effort. One sore note was the injury to Glen 'Bruno' Ceccato. It is believed he has a broken ankle but let's hope it is not that serious although he was forced to stay at Wagga Base Hospital on Sunday night and so missed the quite bus trip home!

The 2nds dominated play after the first ten minutes to run out easy winners in an excellent effort. Towards the end of the game, it looked like 'Custers Last Stand'. We finished the game with only with only 16 players. One of our new WA recruits Andy Dobson, showed that he is certainly worthy of a place in the seniors, he had 7 kicks to quarter time and finished the game with a bag full. 'Rooster' Agresta and 'Tiny' Sheppard were casualties, but it is hoped they will be back soon. Roy at least has two weeks holiday to recover. Again, it was the 'oldies' who were the best players with Frank 'Light Finger' Morgan winning the pewter and closely followed by Andy Dobson, Shane 'Bat' Best, Roy (until injured), Louie Testoni and Sid 'Let me at 'em 'Yerbury!

The Under 18's started the day behind the 8 ball when the bus broke down and they only arrived at the ground on the bell. However, they were able to take good advantage of the fact that E.W.-K could only start the game with 12 players. Their performance to half time was not great but after a 'burst' from 'Lord Ted' they came out like champions and set the tone for the day with a demoralising win in slippery conditions. Jamie Horne, Chris Files, 'Dingo' and Kel did well.

Netballers, what will we do with you? Ducky reckons a few nights training with the boys will do you good. Mrs. Dreyer won't mind.  Today it's Ganmain - how about four wins?! Ducky will shout! Up The Swans!  

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