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Tom Roulent

Born: 10 Feb 1918               Died: 25 Mar 2005    
Came from: Trentham        Went to: North Wagga
First game: 2 May 1952      Last game: 29 Aug 1954
Appearances: 49                  Goals: 110

Premierships: 1952 

Other clubs played for: North Melbourne CYMS; 1939-40, 1944-45 North Melbourne 77 (17); 1946-47 South Melbourne 29 (16): 1948-50 Jeparit (c-c); 1951 Trentham (c-c); 1956 North Wagga (c-c).


Farewell to a Gentleman

IT IS always a sombre occasion when someone associated with your family dies. There are many mourners who pay tribute in some small way but when the death occurs of a distinguished footballer, invariable there are hundreds of people who feel a touch of sadness, especially if they have actually lined up alongside him out on the ground.

This was the case recently when it was announced that former Griffith Australian Rules captain coach, Tom Roulent, had passed away at the age of 87 years.

Tom, as he was fondly known by all, was regarded as one of the greatest and most popular footballers to play Australian Rules football in the district.

During his three season's with the Griffith Club between 1952 and 1954, he not only won the admiration of his many football fans also the respect of Griffith citizens.

His inaugural season will always be remembered as the most successful season since the Australian Rules code's initiation. It was during his term as coach that history was established with the Club's first South Western District Football League premiership flag in 1952.

Tom was a modest man and whenever his kicking ability was a subject under discussion he constantly sidetracked the subject with 'it's only a matter of practice'.

He thrilled fans in the South West League with his magnificent drop kicks, the results of hours of practice in his prior years with North Melbourne.

His leadership was general-like and he inspired his team with the will to win when the odds where stacked against him.

When the trend of the game warranted it, he would switch from one position to another and completely dominate play, with his versatility often leaving the opposition mystified.

Tom was always of the opinion that full credit for the 1952 Premiership should go to the players and not him. Twenty-five players had assisted in winning the Premiership for Griffith.

His teammates remember Tom Roulent for his leadership, and dynamic play as they found it a pleasure to play under such a leader who not only won the admiration of his team but opponents alike.  (Riverina Times - June 2, 2005).

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