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IN: Tom Allen (Port Melbourne), Rod Burgoyne (Braybrook), Leo Dunn (Whitton), Peter Guild, Kevin Hilton (Ganmain), Ron Maskiell (Box Hill District), Allen Peisley, Kevin Savage and Bob Spears (Beelbangera).

OUT: Don Conlan (Karamah), Frank Conlan (Barellan-Binya), Ken Grady (deceased), Geoff Habel (Turner, ACT), Bill Ledwidge (Beelbangera), G McDonald (Sydney Naval), Wally Price (Merbein).

The news of the tragic drowning at Darlington Point on Xmas Day of popular Griffith Australian Rules footballer Ken "Pud" Grady came as a shock to players and official of the Griffith Club.
Pud Grady came to the Griffith Club last season from Beelbangera and quickly established himself as a  player of considerable promise, although small in statue he lacked nothing by the way of determination and played many senior games and clearly showed he was destined for bigger and better things in the national game he loved.
His best effort perhaps was his game against the rugged Grong Grong-Matong combination, and his effort that day fully deserved mention as one of the best players on the ground.
An example of the high regard in which he was held was shown by a large number of players and officials of the Griffith Australian Rules Club in attendance at the funeral.
"High Mark" pays a last tribute to a grand little fellow and the Griffith Club joins in expressions of sympathy to his parents and relatives.

(Riverina Advocate Monday January 7, 1957).  

Tom Allen, ex-Richmond star and newly appointed coach of the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club is expected to arrive in Griffith next month. Allen was selected from 15 applicants for the vacant coaching position due to the return to Western Australia of former Griffith coach, Wally Price. Price has since signed a contract to coach Merbein in the Sunraysia League for the approaching 1957 season.
Tom Allen is a high flying, rugged footballer, and comes to Griffith from the V.F.A. side of Port Melbourne.
For three seasons Allen was a member of the Richmond "Tigers" before transferring to Box Hill and ultimately Port Melbourne.
As a "Tiger", Allen was under the coaching control of "Captain Blood" himself, Jack Dyer, and his team mates included former Narrandera coach Alby Western and Les Flintoff who led Ganmain three seasons ago.
26 years of age, weighing 13 stone and standing 6ft. tall, Allen has played in many positions during his football career, earning wide repute as a utility player of class.
As a playing member for Port Melbourne Club, Allen played mainly in defence at centre half back, but his versatility enabled him to go to centre half forward on occasions, and during the 1956 season he kicked the Port to a scintillating 4 points win over Williamstown by marking grandly as the final bell was ringing to notch a 65 yard drop kick goal.
Allen gained experience as a ruckman for the Richmond "Tigers" and supported Brownlow Medalist, Roy Wright and it is likely he will play from the ruck position for his new Club. 

His hard hitting style of play will protect the smaller members of the Griffith Club and strengthen a noticeable weakness in the Red and White combination.
Allen polled 19 votes in the J. J. Liston trophy awarded for the best and fairest player of the 1956 season and finished 9th in the voting with Johnny Martin of Williamstown winning the award.
When opposed to Preston's brilliant centre half forward and champion goal kicker, Pat Foley, Allen won award as the best man afield, his determination and ability to mark at all angles being too strong for the Preston star.
Tom Allen faces up to a tough job to lift Griffith from last season's bottom position in the competition ladder, but his undoubted brilliance and fearless football will prove great benefit to the younger Griffith players and the club's committee feel that Griffith is on the way back to its former high position in the S.W.D.F.L. competition.   (
Riverina Advocate - Monday January 14, 1957). 

Round 1 - Sunday April 7, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ......................... 9.5 .. 13.11 (89)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 7.4 .. 15.10 (100)

Goals: Griffith: E Feltwell 5, R Cameron 2, A Biron 2, V Hathaway 2, W Tyndall, D Bitcon

AP-M: B Sculley 4, T Preston 3, E Colwill 2, B Pleming 2, R Breust, P Quade, G Breed, J Mickelson

Best: Griffith: A Biron, R Maskiell, E Feltwell, V Hathaway, R Spears, G Habel

AP-M: E Colwill, B Sculley, T Preston, P Quade, J Mickelson

Griffith: Bob Brown, Geoff Habel, Charlie O'Brien; Bob Spears*, Bob Tyndall, John Diggelmann; Noel Tyndall, Rod Burgoyne*, Kevin Hilton*; Don Hurst, Don Bitcon, Bill Tyndall; Ron Maskiell*, Robert Cameron, Ted Feltwell; Tom Allen (c-c)*, Bill Biron, Vic Hathaway

Ariah Park-Mirrool: Joe Mickelson, Bernie Bryce, Frank Gaynor; Roy Wells, Bevan Bryce, R Breust; Bill Dunn, Bernie Sculley (c-c), Ted Colwill; Tom Preston, Bernie Pleming, C Adams; Bill O'Dwyer, G Breed, John Quade; Pat Quade, Allan MacKenzie, Merv Stiller

Umpire: McKenna (VFL). Gate: £46/12/-

Reserves: Griffith 8.15 (63) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 2.5 (17)

Best: Griffith: Kevin Savage, John Guild, Willie Ledwidge, Terry Wood, Kevin Browne

Round 2 - Sunday April 14, 1957 at Leeton Showground 2.45pm

Leeton ..... 1.3 .. 2.5 .. 2.6 .. 3.6 (24)

Griffith ... 1.3 .. 3.12 .. 7.13 .. 11.17 (83)

Goals: Griffith: R Cameron 4, E Feltwell 3, D Bitcon 2, D Hurst 2

Leeton: M Kruse 2, D Painter

Best: Griffith: V Hathaway, T Allen, A Biron, R Spears, K Savage, D Bitcon, D Hurst

Leeton: L Blight, M Kruse, G Swasbrick, R Harris, R Campbell

Leeton: Max Kruse (c-c), Ron Harris, Jim Curry, Eddie Allen, Lindsay Blight, Don Painter, Ed Gladman, Ron Bell, W Delves, Kevin Jones, Geoff Swasbrick, Arthur Burman, D Shuttleworth, Owen Lyons, Barry Swasbrick, R Campbell, Len Blackett, Ken Stevenson, Bill Byrnes

Griffith: Frank Conlan, Geoff Habel, Chas. O'Brien; Bob Spears, Bob Tyndall, John Diggelmann; Dennis Conlan, Tom Allen (c-c), Kevin Savage*; Don Hurst, Don Bitcon, Bill Tyndall; Robert Cameron, Ted Feltwell; Bill Biron, Jim Fielder, Vic Hathaway

Umpire: W Hopkins (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 6.11 (47) d Leeton 2.4 (16)

Best: L Dunn, J Diggelmann, V Ledwidge, R Twaddell, M Macklin, R Heir

Round 3 - Sunday April 21, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ............ 2.7 .. 5.12 (42)

Turvey Park ... 4.2 .. 10.10 (70)

Goals: Griffith: J Fielder 2, E Feltwell, R Tyndall, V Hathaway

Turvey Park: R Scott 7, R Burge 2, F Arrowsmith

Best: Griffith: V Hathaway, T Allen, C O'Brien, R Maskiell, R Spears, D Conlan

Turvey Park: T Murphy, G Nye, T Condron, R Scott, R Thomson, R Burge

Griffith: V Ledwidge, G Habel, C O'Brien; R Tyndall, J Fielder, R Spears; D Conlan, T Allen (c-c), V O'Dwyer; K Savage, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, R Cameron, L Dunn*; R Burgoyne, R Maskiell, V Hathaway; J Diggelmann, F Gambell

Turvey Park: Geoff Nye, Tom Murphy, Tex Condron; Jack Keating, Bob Thomson, R Lucas; Chic Baker, John Nolan, Noel Morrow; Turner, Rex Burge, Lou Cox; Fred Arrowsmith, Ray Scott (c-c), W Priest; Peter Reid, Norm McLennan, Keith Murphy

Umpire: Ron Allinson (VFL). Gate: £70/9/-

Reserves: Griffith 5.8 (38) d Turvey Park 5.7 (37)

Best: J Guild, Jack Mitchell, M Macklin, B Parslow, W Gee

Round 4 - Sunday April 28, 1957 at Kindra Park 2.45pm

Coolamon .... 9.10 .. 16.19 (115)

Griffith ........ 4.8 .. 7.11 (53)

Goals: Coolamon: K Tipping 3, M Reid 3, J Reid 2, D Bell 2, B Browne 2, T Patterson 2, R Inch, G Kew

Griffith: E Feltwell 2, D Bitcon 2, L Dunn, V Hathaway, R Brown

Best: Coolamon: B Pattison, G Kew, M Reid, T Patterson, D Bell, N Thompson

Griffith: T Allen, V Hathaway, R Spears, J Fielder, J Diggelman, C O'Brien

Griffith: V Ledwidge, C O'Brien, J Diggelmann; R Tyndall, J Fielder, R Spears; D Conlan, T Allen (c-c), V O'Dwyer; K Savage, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, R Cameron, L Dunn; R Burgoyne, R Maskiell, V Hathaway; R Brown

Umpire: A Flanagan (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 6.8 (44) d Coolamon 4.6 (30)

Best: T Wood, P Guild, W Gee, B Young, G Coggan

Round 5 - Sunday May 5, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ........... 4.9 .. 13.17 (95)

Narrandera ... 7.10 .. 11.16 (82)

Goals: Griffith: D Bitcon 4, T Allen 4, V Hathaway 2, R Brown 2, R Cameron, E Feltwell

Narrandera: B Waters 4, J Hornby 3, L Dunne 2, R Hazelman, R Hyde

Best: Griffith: A Biron, D Bitcon, V Hathaway, R Burgoyne, D Hurst, R Spears, K Savage

Narrandera: J Stockton, B Waters, R Hyde, J Bean, R Cross, L Dunne, E Male

Griffith: J Fielder, C O'Brien, R Carroll; J Diggelmann, R Spears, R Tyndall; K Savage, T Allen (c-c), M Macklin; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, R Cameron, R Brown; A Biron, R Burgoyne, V Hathaway

Narrandera: Russ Turner, Tom Sheather, Ron Cross; Ian Hinchley, Brian Keighran, Keith Osmond; Jim Bean, T Pledger, Jack Peacock; Ron Hazelman, Jim Bliss, Jim Stockton (c-c); Bruce Waters, Leo Dunne, Eric Male; Stan Sargent, Jim Hornby, Reg Hyde; Cedric Briggs, E Hunt

Umpire: W A Pantland (VFL). Gate: £71/16/-

Reserves: Griffith 5.10 (40) drew Narrandera 5.10 (40)

Best: P Guild, J Forbes, T Wood, G Coggan, W Gee, A Peisley

Round 6 - Sunday May 12, 1957 at Ganmain Sportsground 2.45pm

Ganmain .... 5.3 .. 12.15 (87)

Griffith ....... 3.4 .. 10.7 (67)

Goals: Ganmain: A Brill 4, T Keogh 2, A Roy 2, Gerald Carroll, L Cooper, L Carroll, M Grambeau

Griffith: T Allen 4, E Feltwell 3, D Bitcon 2, D Hurst

Best: Ganmain: L Carroll, N Thompon, W Manning, A Brill, M Grambeau, A Roy

Griffith: J Fielder, R Maskiell, R Burgoyne, T Allen, R Spears, K Savage

Griffith: C O'Brien, J Fielder, R Maskiell; J Diggelmann, R Spears, R Tyndall; K Savage, T Allen (c-c), M Macklin; W Tyndall, D Bitcon; E Feltwell, R Cameron, D Hurst; R Burgoyne, A Biron, V Hathaway; N Tyndall, R Carroll

Umpire: Len Eddy (VFL)

Reserves: Ganmain 5.8 (38) d Griffith 3.7 (25)

Best: G Coggan, J Forbes, N Tyndall, V O'Dwyer, R Heir

Round 7 - Sunday May 19, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ..... 4.13 .. 9.19 (73)

Whitton .... 2.6 .. 6.7 (43)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 3, E Feltwell 2, D Bitcon 2, D Hurst 2

Whitton: Max McAliece 2, D Williams 2, G Williams, L Stockton

Best: Griffith: T Allen, K Savage, D Hurst, R Burgoyne, V Hathaway, R Maskiell

Whitton: L Stockton, N Stockton, E Wiliams, D Williams, Merv McAliece, T Hyde

Griffith: Chas O'Brien, Jim Fielder, Ron Maskiell; John Diggelmann, Bob Spears, Bob Tyndall; Kev Savage, Tom Allen (c-c), Noel Tyndall; Bill Tyndall, Don Bitcon, Ian White*; Ted Feltwell, Robert Cameron, Don Hurst; Rod Burgoyne, Bill Biron, Vic Hathaway; Bob Carroll

Whitton: George Williams, Bob McFarlane, Trevor Hyde; Merv McAliece, Neil Stockton, Bill Painting; Peter Campbell, Bill Box, Ian Williams; Geoff Tuckett, Edwin Williams, Max Gibbs; Ron Williams, Delwyn Williams, Ossie DeMamiel; Les Stockton (c-c), Neville Williams, Max McAliece; John Anderson, Perc Weaven

Umpire: Harry Male (VFL). Gate: £59/0/6

Reserves: Griffith 10.7 (67) d Whitton 1.3 (9)

Best: L Dunn, B Higgins, M Newman, V O'Dwyer, B Young

Round 8 - Sunday May 26, 1957 at Grong Grong Recreation Ground 2.45pm

Grong Grong-Matong ..... 7.10 .. 10.19 (79)

Griffith ............................... 7.9 .. 10.15 (75)

Goals: GG-M: D McQualter 4, R Hogan 3, M Pieper, R Walsh, J Talbot

Griffith: E Feltwell 5, T Allen 2, R Burgoyne, R Brown, D Bitcon

Best: GG-M: P Hogan, J Talbot, M Pieper, P Curry, G Jones, D Mattingly

Griffith: R Burgoyne, V Ledwidge, E Feltwell, D Bitcon, V Hathaway, C O'Brien

Griffith: C O'Brien, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; J Diggelmann, R Spears, R Tyndall; K Savage, D Best, A Peisley; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, R Cameron; E Feltwell, T Allen (c-c), R Brown; R Burgoyne, D Hurst, V Hathaway

Umpire: D McCormick (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 7.8 (50) d Grong Grong-Matong 4.14 (38)

Best: L Dunn, V O'Dwyer, D Maples, P Guild, I White

Round 9 - Sunday June 2, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ........ 9.8 .. 18.14 (122)

Ardlethan ... 4.6 .. 12.15 (87)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 6, D Bitcon 4, E Feltwell 3, V O'Dwyer, R Cameron, V Hathaway, W Tyndall, D Hurst

Ardlethan: R Henry 3, R Smith 2, T Brown 2, M Healy 2, J Thompson, R Armstrong, N Thomson

Best: Griffith: R Burgoyne, R Spears, T Allen, V Hathaway, D Bitcon, R Tyndall

Ardlethan: J Thompson, F Martin, R Smith, T Taig, R Armstrong, N Thomson

Griffith: Chas O'Brien, Jim Fielder, Vic Ledwidge; John Diggelmann, Bob Spears, Bob Tyndall; Kev Savage, Don Best, Allen Peisley; Bill Tyndall, Don Bitcon, Robert Cameron; Ted Feltwell, Tom Allen (c-c), Vince O'Dwyer; Rod Burgoyne, Don Hurst, Vic Hathaway; Bob Brown, Peter Guild*

Ardlethan: Fin Martin, George Cassim, Des Popple; Les Allen, Barry Carroll, Tom Taig; John Kelly, Neil Thomson, Don Slater; Ray Smith, Stan Wykes, Arthur Allen; Noel Carroll, Bob Henry, Mick Healey; Jack Thompson, Tim Brown, Robert Armstrong; Alex Diggelmann

Umpire: M E Jolly (VFL). Gate: £72/16/-

Reserves: Griffith 4.8 (32) d Ardlethan 4.5 (29)

Best: J Forbes, R Brown, D Maples, P Guild, I White

Round 10 - Sunday June 9, 1957 at Mirrool Oval

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 4.7 .. 6.11 .. 13.14 .. 15.15 (105)

Griffith ........................ 4.3 .. 7.6 .. 9.6 .. 13.11 (89)

Goals: AP-M: B Bryce 6, T Preston 3, W Pleming 2, B Sculley 2, J Mickleson, E Fisher

Grifith: T Allen 3, D Bitcon 3, W Tyndall, C O'Brien, D Hurst, D Best, V Hathaway, R Brown, R Burgoyne

Best: AP-M: P Quade, B Pleming, N Breust, M Stiller, T Preston, Barry Walker

Griffith: T Allen, J Fielder, R Burgoyne, K Savage, W Tyndall, V Ledwidge

Griffith: R Maskiell, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; J Diggelmann, R Spears, R Tyndall; K Savage, D Best, P Guild; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, T Allen (c-c), R Brown; R Burgoyne, C O'Brien, V Hathaway

Umpire: CJ Akerley (VFL)

Reserves: Ariah Park-Mirrool 7.13 (55) d Griffith 6.2 (38)

Best: N Tyndall, J Forbes, R Carroll, T Blair, D Maples

Round 11 - Sunday June 16, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith .... 9.11 (65)

Leeton ..... 8.13 (61)

Goals: Griffith: E Feltwell 3, T Allen 2, N Tyndall, D Bitcon, V Hathaway, R Carroll

Leeton: O Lyons 3, W Heath 2, M Kruse 2, P Clayton

Best: Griffith: T Allen, J Fielder, V Ledwidge, E Feltwell, J Diggelmann

Leeton: M Kruse, R Harris, G Dalitz, E Allen, J Curry

Griffith: R Maskiell, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; J Diggelmann, R Spears, R Tyndall; K Savage, D Best, P Guild; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, T Allen (c-c), R Carroll; R Burgoyne, C O'Brien, V Hathaway; D Maples, N Tyndall

Leeton: Len Blackett, Guz Dalitz, Lindsay Blight; Frank Shuttleworth, Ron Harris, Eddie Allen; Ken Guest, Jim Curry, Ron Bell; Brian Fell, Bill Heath, Paddy O'Connell; Barry Swasbrick, Owen Lyons, Peter Clayton; Max Kruse (c-c), Kevin Jones, Harry Heness; D Biggs, Alan O'Connell

Umpire: Jack Hayes (VFL). Gate: £76/17/-

Reserves: Leeton 8.11 (59) d Griffith 5.8 (38)

Round 12 - Sunday June 23, 1957 at Gissing Oval 2.45pm

Turvey Park ..... 7.11 .. 14.22 (106)

Griffith ............. 3.12 .. 6.16 (54)

Goals: Turvey Park: R Scott 8, J Mulqueeney 3, R Burge 2, F Arrowsmith

Griffith: E Feltwell 3, T Allen 2, V Hathaway

Best: Turvey Park: L Cox, G Nye, R Burge, R Scott, C Baker

Griffith: T Allen, R Burgoyne, W Tyndall, V Ledwidge, J Diggelmann

Griffith: R Maskiell, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; J Diggelmann, R Tyndall, D Best; K Savage, T Allen (c-c), P Guild; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, R Cameron, R Carroll; R Burgoyne, C O'Brien, V Hathaway; D Maples, N Tyndall

Umpire: RJ Gillivour (VFL)

Reserves: Turvey Park 13.8 (86) d Griffith 4.2 (26)

Best: D Maples, W Gee, W Dempster, N Tyndall, R Heir

Round 13 - Sunday June 30, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ......... 4.1 .. 11.17 (83)

Coolamon .... 9.8 .. 13.14 (92)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 5, E Feltwell 4, D Bitcon

Coolamon: T O'Brien 5, K Tipping 2, B Browne, N Rutzou, T Patterson, B Pattison, F Williamson, D Bell

Best: Griffith: V Ledwidge, R Burgoyne, V Hathaway, R Camereon, T Allen, W Tyndall

Coolamon: B Pattison, G Kew, R Hilton, J Reid, D Bell, N Rutzou

Griffith: R Maskiell, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, D Best; F Gambell, R Cameron, A Peisley; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, D Hurst; E Feltwell, T Allen (c-c), R Carroll; R Burgoyne, J Diggelmann, V Hathaway; K Savage, D Maples

Coolamon: Ron Guthrie, Garry Kew, Trevor Tipping; Ross Inch, Frank Williamson, Nev Thompson; Bernie Pattison, Jack Buchanan, Ron Hilton; Mal Anderson, John Reid, Brian Browne; Don Bell, Tom O'Brien, Keith Tipping; Neale Rutzou, T. "Bob" Patterson, Jim Conway (c-c); Noel Guthrie, Laurie Gaynor

Umpire Peter Watt (VFL). Gate: £55/2/6

Reserves: Griffith 5.15 (45) d Coolamon 1.5 (11)

Best: N Tyndall, P Guild, J Guild, R Brown, B Young

Round 14 - Sunday July 7, 1957 at Narrandera Sportsground 2.45pm

Narrandera .... 11.10 .. 21.16 (142)

Griffith ............ 2.5 .. 8.8 (56)

Goals: Narrandera: R Turner 8, R Guest 3, G Hornby 3, B Waters 2, S Sargent 2, R Hyde, L Dunne, P Pledger

Griffith: D Bitcon 3, V Hathaway 2, P Guild, T Allen, E Feltwell

Best: Narrandera: S Sargent, R Hyde, E Male, B Waters, R Turner, T Guest

Griffith: V Ledwidge, R Burgoyne, V Hathaway, T Allen, R Tyndall

Griffith: D Best, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, J Diggelmann; K Savage, F Gambell, P Guild; A Peisley, T Allen (c-c), D Hurst; R Maskiell, D Bitcon, E Feltwell; R Burgoyne, R Carroll, V Hathaway

Umpire: Kevin Pawley (VFL)

Reserves: Narrandera 10.14 (74) d Griffith 2.5 (17)

Best: N Tyndall, R Brown, J Collins, D Maples, J Guild

Round 15 - Sunday July 14, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ....... 1.7 .. 6.10 (46)

Ganmain .... 3.4 .. 7.10 (52)

Goals: Griffith: E Feltwell 3, D Bitcon, T Allen

Ganmain: A Brill 3, W Carroll, M Carroll, M Grambeau, Gerald Carroll

Best: Griffith: D Best, R Spears, R Burgoyne, R Tyndall, T Allen, V Hathaway

Ganmain: Garry Carroll, Gerald Carroll, W Carroll, A Roy, A Brill, M Grambeau

Griffith: D Best, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, J Diggelmann; K Savage, F Gambell, P Guild; A Peisley, T Allen (c-c), D Hurst; R Maskiell, D Bitcon, E Feltwell; R Burgoyne, R Carroll, V Hathaway; D Maples, R Brown

Ganmain: Jim Crouch, Norm Thompson, Wallace Manning; Alan McPherson, John 'Digger' Carroll, Artie Roy; Brian 'Mick' Carroll, Garry Carroll, Len Brill; Jim Carroll, Bill Carroll, Pat Keogh; Alan Brill, Tom Carroll, Lawrence Carroll; Mick Grambeau (c-c), Tom Keogh, Gerald Carroll; Arch Hetherington, Eric McLean

Umpire: Glenn (VFL). Gate: £41/12/3

Reserves: Griffith 6.3 (39) d Ganmain 6.1 (37)

Best: J Collins, D Maples, L Maples, J Forbes, L Dunn, J Guild


The first visit of a Victorian touring side to the South West since 1052 will take place next Sunday at Narrandera, when the crack North Melbourne Club will be a opposed to a Combined South West League side. North Melbourne are fighting desperately for a chance in the big four in the V.F.L. competition and are one of the leading teams down south. This season has seen North's produce many up-sets in the topsy turvey competition that has seen repeated changes on the point score ladder.
Down to Cats
Last Saturday in their match with the Geelong Cats, Norths went under by 26 points in a surprise result as they were expected to advance a further step in their quest for a pennant flag at the expense of the inconsistent Geelong. The previous week found Norths turning it on to defeat the RicHmond Tigers in grand style, after Richmond had shown themselves to be a danger team in the competition.
North Melbourne Team
The 21 players who will make the trip to Narrandera are: A Mantello (Capt.), R Pattinson, N Teasdale, M Williams, G English, W McCabe, J Spencer, K Dean, J Russell, S Macquire, C Crampton, P O'Sullivan, K McMahon, K Robertson, K Fyffe, N Dean, L Dwyer, E Schmidt, M Gaudion, P Schofield, V Bourke. Former A.P.-M. ruckman Tom Quade, will be making the trip but he is still not fit and will be unable to play.
Strong South West Side
A strong South West side has been selected to make the going tough for the visitors from South of the border. Clinton Wines is captain and his clash with John Brady should be a beauty. 

Mick Grambeau a former North Melbourne ruckman will lead the South West rucks against his old club, and will be ably partnered by Griffith's Rod Burgoyne, combining with the undoubted brilliance of Bernie Sculley in the roving department.
Dalitz Fullback
Dashing full back from the Leeton Club, Gus Dalitz. will have a big responsibility opposed to North's full forward. Dalitz has received offers to play with both St. Kilda and Fitzroy and his choice at full back is a good one. 
Assisting Dalitz will be Garry Kew and Pat Quade, both solidly built players who revel in the tough going. In defence for the South West, Kevin Pleming, Vic Ledwidge and Bill Box form the half back line and should well. Pat Quade will form the second ruck for the South West. 
Clinton Wines, Tom Allen and Max Kruse all should perform well as all three hail from Melbourne football and are expected to show the way in attack. Across the centre, Bernie Pattison, Neil Thomson and Eric Male has been selected and of these, Male appears as badly out of position.
Big Crowd
Given fine weather, Sunday's match will attract a hugh crowd to see these first class units in action.
For Griffith fans, Ritchie's bus service will be operating and bookings may be made with Neil Griggs c/- Griffith Co-op store.
Early Games
The early game will comprise a meeting of East vs West Colts drawn from the 10 competition teams in the South West League.
To qualify, players need to be 18 years and under and with so much youth on display, this meeting cannot help but be a delightful exhibition.
Griffith's Don Bitcon will captain the West team and Turvey Park's John Nolan will lead the East team.
The early game commences at 12.30 p.m. and the West side will be playing in blacks knicks and the East side in white knicks. 
V.F.L. umpires will be in charge of both the Sunday's games and Radio 2RG wiill provide the broadcast of the big match commencing at 3 p.m. 

Exhibition Match - Sunday July 21, 1957 at Narrandera Sportsground

S.W.D.F.L. ............... 6.5 .. 12.8 (80)

North Melbourne ... 9.7 .. 14.17 (101)

Goals: SWDFL: B Sculley 4, M Kruse 3, M Grambeau 2, B Pattison, T Allen, R Scott

North Melbourne: J Spencer 4, F MacGuire 3, P Schofield 2, P O'Sullivan 2, K Dean, W McCabe, M Gaudion

Best: SWDFL: G Dalitz, T Allen, B Sculley, M Kruse, W Box, P Quade, M Grambeau

North Melbourne: K Dean, L Dwyer, N Teasdale, F MacGuire, W Coster, G English

South Western DFL: Clinton Wines (GG-M, capt.,), Bernie Sculley (AP-M, v-c), Max Kruse (Leet), Tom Allen (Grif), Pat Quade (AP-M), Rod Burgoyne (Grif), ,Eric Male, Les Dunne (Narr), Ray Scott (TP), Neil Thomson (Ard), Gus Dalitz (Leet), Bernie Pattison, Garry Kew (Cool), Vic Ledwidge (Grif), Kevin Pleming (AP-M), Garry Carroll, Mick Grambeau (Gan), Bill Box (Whit), Arthur Allen (Ard), Merv Pieper (GG-M)

North Melbourne: Albert Mantello (capt), Bill Coster, Bob Pattinson, Noel Teasdale, Garry English, Bill McCabe, Jock Spencer, Ken Dean, James Russell, Colin Crampton, Fred MacGuire, Peter O'Sullivan, Kevin McMahon, Keith Robertson, Peter Schofield, Norm Dean, Laurie Dwyer, Michael Gaudion

Umpire: Ken J Westlow (VFL).  Gate: £884.  Crowd: 6,400

Under 18: East Colts 8.15 (63) d West Colts 5.9 (39)

Round 16 - Sunday July 28, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith .............................. 7.7 .. 16.11 (111)

Grong Grong-Matong .... 7.10 .. 15.25 (115)

Goals: Griffith: T Allen 10, E Feltwell 3, D Bitcon, W Tyndall, D Hurst

GG-M: R Walsh 4, M Pieper 2, G Mack 2, D Mattingly 2, W Walsh, W McQualter, C Wines, P Hogan, D McQualter

Best: Griffith: T Allen, E Feltwell, J Fielder, A Peisley, V Hathaway, R Tyndall, D Best

GG-M: M Pieper, G Jones, J Talbot, G Mack, D Mattingly, J Doherty

Griffith: Don Best, Jim Fielder, Vic Ledwidge; Bob Tyndall, Bob Spears, John Diggelmann; Kev Savage, Chas O'Brien, Fred Gambell; Bill Tyndall, Don Bitcon, Allen Peisley; Don Hurst, Tom Allen (c-c), Ted Feltwell: Rod Burgoyne, Ron Maskiell, Vic Hathaway; Don Maples, Bruce Young*

Grong Grong-Matong: Pat Quinn, Pat Curry, Peter Sheather; John Doherty, Gordon Jones, Merv Russell; Stan Tolsher, Clinton Wines (c-c), Noel Russell; Bill McQualter, Dud Mattingly, George Mack; Merv Pieper, Rod Walsh, Laurie Quinn; Bill Walsh, Jim Talbot, Pat Hogan; Bruce Rava, Don McQualter

Umpire: Vic McCormick (VFL). Gate: £59/14/6

Reserves: Griffith 9.18 (72) d Grong Grong-Matong 3.3 (21)

Round 17 - Sunday August 4, 1957 at Ardlethan Recreation Ground 2.45pm

Ardlethan .... 5.6 .. 13.13 (91)

Griffith ........ 4.8 .. 10.12 (72)

Goals: Ardlethan: M Healy 5, A Allen 2, F Martin, J Purcehouse, L Collins, N Thomson, J Thompson, R Armstrong

Griffith: D Bitcon 4, T Allen 3, E Feltwell 2, A Biron

Best: Ardlethan: A Allen, S Wykes, N Thomson, J Kelly, M Healy, L Collins

Griffith: T Allen, E Feltwell, R Tyndall, C O'Brien, W Tyndall, J Fielder

Griffith: D Best, J Fielder, V Ledwidge; R Tyndall, R Spears, J Diggelmann; K Savage, C O'Brien, F Gambell; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, A Peisley; D Hurst, T Allen (c-c), E Feltwell: R Burgoyne, R Maskiell, V Hathaway; A Biron

Umpire: Dunscombe (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 11.7 (73) d Ardlethan 5.5 (35)

Best: R Tyndall, B Young, W Tyndall, D Bitcon, R Carroll, N Tyndall

Round 18 - Sunday August 11, 1957 at Whitton Recreation Ground 2.45pm

Whitton ...... 2.6 .. 7.10 (52)

Griffith ....... 6.2 .. 9.5 (59)

Goals: Whitton: Max McAliece 3, Garry Tuckett 2, R McFarlane, L Stockton

Griffith: T Allen 4, A Biron, Jack Mitchell, D Bitcon, W Tyndall, E Feltwell

Best: Whitton: Max McAliece, L Stockton, M Tuckett, E Williams, G Williams, R Painting

Griffith: V Hathaway, P Guild, R Burgoyne, W Tyndall, R Tyndall, J Collins

Griffith: D Maples, V Ledwidge, R Maskiell; R Tyndall, R Spears, D Best; J Collins, V Hathaway, P Guild; W Tyndall, D Bitcon, J Mitchell; D Hurst, A Biron, T Allen (c-c), E Feltwell: R Burgoyne, R Brown, W Tyndall; J Diggelmann, B Young

Umpire: J K Lee (VFL)

Reserves: Griffith 7.10 (52) d Whitton 1.1 (7)

Best: J Collins, J Guild, G Coggan, M Macklin, R Carroll

First Semi Final - Sunday August 18, 1957 at Kindra Park

Turvey Park ................ 2.1 .. 10.11 (71)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 1.4 .. 10.20 (80)

Goals: Turvey Park: R Scott 7, P Reid, K Murphy, C Baker

AP-M: B Sculley 4, J Mickelson 4, T Preston 2

Best: Turvey Park: G Nye, L Cox, J Nolan


Turvey Park: Geoff Nye, Tex Condron, D Bourne; Bob Thomson, Rex Burge, Ron Langridge; Trevor McNamara, Lou Cox, Noel Morrow; Norm McLennan, John Nolan, Don Baker; Chic Baker, Ray Scott (c-c), Peter Reid; J Neighbour, John Mulqueeney, Keith Murphy; R Lord, Fred Arrowsmith

Ariah Park-Mirrool: Frank Gaynor, Bevan Bryce, Roy Prentice; Brian Walker, Neville Breust, Allan Mackenzie; Bill Dunn, Kevin Pleming, Tony Schlodder; Ted Colwill, Bernie Pleming, Cliff Minchin; John Quade, Joe Mickelson, Tom Preston; Pat Quade, Bernie Bryce, Bernie Sculley (c-c); E Dennis

Umpire: Sid J. Trimble (VFL). Gate: £668/16/-

Reserves: Leeton 9.5 (59) d Griffith 7.12 (58)

Second Semi Final - Sunday August 25, 1957 at Ardlethan Recreation Ground

Ganmain ..... 3.2 .. 5.4 .. 11.9 .. 14.10 (94)

Coolamon ... 0.1 .. 3.4 .. 4.6 .. 6.11 (47)

Goals: Ganmain: W McGrillan 3, A Brill 3, Gerald Carroll 3, T Carroll 2, W Carroll 2, M Grambeau

Coolamon: J Reid 2, R Harris 2, T Tipping, B Pattison

Best: Ganmain: L Carroll, M Carroll, Gerald Carroll, JD Carroll, A Roy, W McGrillan, L Brill

Coolamon: N Rutzou, R Inch, T Patterson, B Pattison, B Browne, T Tipping, K Tipping

Ganmain: Lawrence Carroll, Norm Thompson, Wallace Manning; Alan McPherson, Artie Roy, John 'Digger' Carroll; Brian 'Mick' Carroll, Garry Carroll, Len Brill; Bill Carroll, Bill McGrillan, Ian Logan; Alan Brill, Tom Carroll, Tom Keogh; Mick Grambeau, Jim Crouch, Gerald Carroll; Pat Keogh, Jim Carroll

Coolamon: Ron Guthrie, Garry Kew, Keith Tipping; Jack Buchanan, Mal Reid, Ross Inch; Bernie Pattison, Brian Browne, Ron Hilton; Mal Anderson, John Reid, T. 'Bob' Patterson; Rob Harris, Tom O'Brien, Don Bell; Neale Rutzou, Trevor Tipping, Jim Conway (c-c); Nev Thompson, Laurie Gaynor

Umpire: D McCormick (VFL). Gate: £607

Reserves: Turvey Park 7.10 (52) d Narrandera 7.8 (50)

Preliminary Final - Sunday September 1, 1957 at Leeton Showground

Coolamon ................... 5.6 .. 7.6 .. 12.9 .. 16.9 (105)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 0.2 .. 7.8 .. 9.9 .. 16.13 (109)

Goals: Coolamon: T O'Brien 4, T Tipping 3, T Patterson 2, J Reid 2, D Bell, R Inch, M Anderson, B Pattison, R Harris

AP-M: J Mickelson 5, B Pleming 3, Bernie Bryce 2, B Sculley 2, P Quade 2, T Preston, J Quade

Best: Coolamon: N Rutzou, G Kew, R Inch, T Patterson, B Browne, J Buchanan, K Tipping

AP-M: B Sculley, K Pleming, J Mickelson, T Schlodder, B Walker, B Pleming, A MacKenzie

Coolamon: Ron Guthrie, Garry Kew, Keith Tipping; Jack Buchanan, Mal Reid, Ross Inch; Bernie Pattison, Brian Browne, Ron Hilton; Mal Anderson, John Reid, T. 'Bob' Patterson; Frank Williamson, Tom O'Brien, Don Bell; Neale Rutzou, Trevor Tipping, Rob Harris; Neville Thompson, Laurie Gaynor

Ariah Park-Mirrool: Bevan Bryce, Keith Minchin, Roy Prentice; Frank Gaynor, Alan MacKenzie, Neville Breust; Bill Dunn, Kevin Pleming, Tony Schlodder; Bernie Bryce, Bernie Pleming, Bernie Sculley (c-c); John Quade, Joe Mickelson, Bill Pleming; Pat Quade, Brian Walker, Tom Preston; E Dennis, Bill Brown

Umpire: George Hamid (VFL). Gate: £

Reserves: Narrandera 7.10 (52) d Leeton 5.6 (36)

Grand Final - Sunday September 8, 1957 at Narrandera Sportsground

Ganmain ..................... 3.7 .. 5.10 .. 9.17 .. 11.19 (85)

Ariah Park-Mirrool ... 0.2 .. 5.7 .. 7.9 .. 8.19 (67)

Goals: Ganmain: T Carroll 4, A Carroll 3, M Grambeau, A Brill, W Carroll, Jim Carroll

AP-M: J Mickelson 3, B Sculley 2, T Preston, T Schlodder, 1 short

Best: Ganmain: M Grambeau, L Carroll, Jim Crouch, A Roy, M Carroll, T Carroll

AP-M: Bernie Bryce, B Sculley, Bevan Bryce, K Pleming, T Schlodder, P Quade, B Pleming, A MacKenzie

Ganmain: Lawrence Carroll, Norm Thompson, Wallace Manning; Alan McPherson, Artie Roy, John 'Digger' Carroll; Brian 'Mick' Carroll, Garry Carroll, Len Brill; Bill Carroll, Bill McGrillan, Jim Carroll; Alan Brill, Tom Carroll, Tony Carroll; Mick Grambeau (c-c), Jim Crouch, Gerald Carroll; Ian Logan, Eric McLean

Ariah Park-Mirool: Bevan Bryce, Keith Minchin, Roy Prentice; Frank Gaynor, Allan Mackenzie, Neville Breust; Bill Dunn, Kevin Pleming, Tony Schlodder; Bill Pleming, Bernie Pleming, Bernie Sculley (c-c); John Quade, Joe Mickelson, Bill Brown; Pat Quade, Bernie Bryce, Tom Preston; E Dennis, L Dougan

Umpire: Dudley Ridley (VFL). Gate: £1,053

Reserves: Narrandera 9.9.63 d Turvey Park 7.17 (59)

Umpire: Sevior (VFL)

Schoolboys (Letona Cup): Ganmain Zone 7.9 (51) d Leeton Zone 7.5 (47)


First Grade: Best & Fairest - Gammage Medal

6 - Vic Hathaway (Griffith); 5 - Pat Quade (Ariah Park-Mirrool), Mervyn Pieper (Grong Grong-Matong); 4 - Arthur Allen (Ardlethan), Keith Murphy (Turvey Park); 3 - Bernie Pattison (Coolamon), Clinton Wines (Grong-Grong-Matong), Leo Dunne (Narrandera), Tom Guest (Narrandera), Stan Sargent (Narrandera), George Williams (Whitton).

Debuts: Tom Allen, Rod Burgoyne, Leo Dunn, Peter Guild, Kevin Hilton, Ron Maskiell, Allan Peisley, Kevin Savage, Robert Spears, Ian White, Bruce Young. 
Final Games / Goals: Bob Brown (12 / 10), Robert Cameron (39 / 15), Dennis Conlan (13 / 3), Jack Collins (65 / 29), Leo Dunn (2 / 1), Peter Guild (7 / 1), Geoff Habel (43 / 0), Kevin Hilton (1 / 0), Murray Macklin (5 / 4), Don Maples (24 / 0), Jack Mitchell (12 / 9), Allan Peisley (7 / 0), Noel Tyndall (100 / 33), Ian White (1 / 0).

Reserves: Terry Blair, Kevin Browne, Ron Burns, George Coggan, Bruce Cobden, Ron Cottom, W Dempster, John Forbes, Bill Gee, John Guild, Bob Heir, Brian Higgins, Bob Hurst, Peter Lane, Willie Ledwidge, Len Maples, Jamie Newman, Bernell 'Tige' Parslow, Norm Ridley, L Scott, Bob Sidlow, Ralph Twaddell, Terry Wood.

1957 Griffith Australian Rules Football Club Awards 
Wednesday, September 25, 1957 at C.W.A. Hall
Best & Fairest: Vic Hathaway - (A. E. Wood)
Most Consistent: Rod Burgoyne - (Fred Bell)
Second XVIII
Best & Fairest: Noel Tyndall -  (Ladies Auxiliary)
Most Consistent: John Forbes - (John Ritchie)
Special Awards
Most Improved Player in Club: Peter Guild - (Griffith Advocate)
Best Club man: Joe Tyndall - (Committee) 
Most Conscientious Junior at Training: Bruce Young - (Stan Forrester)

Trophy Donors and Winners for each Home Game
Ariah Park-Mirrool (April 7)
1sts - Younghusband's: Ron Maskiell;  2nds - Area Footwear: Kevin Savage

Turvey Park (April 21)
1sts - Roy Taysom: Vic Hathaway;  2nds - Mrs Claude Hurley: John Guild

Narrandera (May 5)
1sts - Neil Griggs: Don Bitcon;  2nds - Len Polkinghorne: Peter Guild

Whitton (May 19)
1sts - Henry G. Gardiner: Tom Allen;  2nds - Area Hotel: Jamie Newman

Ardlethan (June 2)
1sts - Dick Bitcon: Robert Spears;  2nds - Bill & Rosalie Fielder: John Forbes

Leeton (June 16)
1sts - Ted Withnell: Rod Burgoyne

Coolamon (June 30)
1sts - Noble Guild: Bill Tyndall;  2nds - Frank Polkinghorne: Noel Tyndall

Ganmain (July 14)
1sts - Roy Edwards: Don Best;  2nds - Joe Tyndall: Jack Collins

Grong Grong-Matong (July 28)
1sts - Max Emery: Ted Feltwell;  2nds - Ted Withnell: Bill Biron.

Appointment of Coach (15/11/56)
The President Noble Guild said a special meeting of the committee had been called to try and finalise the appointment of coach for the 1957 season.
Jack Luhrs had travelled to Melbourne to interview several of the applicants and he would ask him to give his views on the men interviewed.
Mr. Luhrs said on the trip to Melbourne he had encountered a lot of trouble in contacting his men but had a arranged to see and interview Tom Allen, J. Little and Brian Harvie but had been unable to visit J. Harrington.
Of the two men, Allen and Little, Allen had by far impressed him the better. His particulars as given on his application were obviously correct, he seem a very likely type and was very keen to come to Griffith.
Little on the other hand, he believed had incorrectly stated his age and was approximately four years over his stated of 30, and when spoken to had not greatly impressed him.
Of the two men he felt very strong by in favour of Allen getting the position of playing coach for next season.
Brian Harvie had impressed him, too, and he seemed to be of good character and was very keen to play football with Griffith, in fact he Harvie, had travelled back to Griffith with him.
After a long discussion it was moved Ernie Myott / Ted Withnell, "That Tom Allen be appointed coach and that he be advised that every effort would be made to get him a job in his trade as a carpenter with one of several building contractors in the town (Chester and Co)."
Dick Bitcon / Noble Guild, "That a motion of appreciation be recorded, thanking Jack Luhrs for undertaking the trip to Melbourne and for his efforts on behalf of the Club whilst there."

Brian Harvie (12/2/57)
Jack Luhrs reported that nothing further had been received from Brian Harvie and the position was still that Harvie expected the Club to find him a self contained flat.
The Club had the offered of a house at West End for £4 per week but with the condition that the son of the owner would retain use of one room. K. Cullen was still prepared to give Harvie the job.  Ernie Myott said that he, too, had spoken to Cullen concerning the job for Harvie.
However, he felt that Mr. Cullen had been held up long enough and perhaps it would be better for all concerned if the whole matter of engaging Harvie as a seconds coach was dropped. 
In a lengthy discussion several other speakers voiced the same opinion, the general feeling being that Harvie's lack of keenness to come to Griffith was not very encouraging.
Jack Luhrs / Ernie Myott, "That the previous motion engaging Harvie be rescinded and that the Club pursue the same idea and try and engage another footballer under the same terms."


First Aid Men (12/2/57) 
The question of First Aid men for the coming season was raised by the Secretary (Neil Griggs) who said he had been approached by last year's man Jack Slattery concerning the job this year.
Mr. Slattery was awaiting a call to the meeting to discuss the matter with the committee.
After a discussion in which all speakers were in favour of re-engaging Slattery - he was called into the meeting. 
In welcoming Mr. Slattery, the President asked him would he give his views on the matter to the committee and also any information he had concerning the chance of securing another man.
Slattery said he would be happy to again act as first aid man to the Griffith Club but owing to changed domestic circumstances he might not be able to accompany to all the away games.
He had prospects of getting one of Jack Miller, Athol Hillsley or Bob Purnow to assist him if the Club considered two men.
Mr. Guild thanked Mr. Slattery for his help and after Slattery had left the meeting it was moved Noble Guild / Vic Carroll, "That Slattery be engaged at fee of £2.10.0 per week and he be empowered to engage either Miller or Hillsley to assist him at a fee of £2 per week."

Interview with Conlan Brothers (22/3/57)
Nace Ryan reported that with Mr. Guild he had spoken to the Conlan boys regarding their intentions for the coming season.
John was not too keen to play but would like Frank to play with Griffith in a good class competition.
However, some travelling expenses would be incurred and suggested that the Club pay him £3 per week towards some.
Mr. Guild felt the amount was far too high and after a lot of discussion the interview ended with him personally offering five gallons of petrol each week to John Conlan towards the travelling entailed to play with Griffith.
John Conlan had promised to let Mr. Guild know his decision the next time he was in Griffith but he knew that so far Mr. Guild had received no word.
Ernie Myott / Bill Simmons, "That Mr. Ryan be thanked for his efforts and for his generous offer of petrol," carried by acclamation.

Seconds Coach (2/4/56)
The President said that all now knew that Graeme Wootten had not arrived in Griffith on Saturday, 30th March.
Wootten had rang his home about 6.15 p.m on Saturday afternoon and had told Mrs. Guild that he had had car trouble and would be unable to come to Griffith.
And in answer to a question from Mrs. Guild, he said he would not be coming up until suitable accommodation was found for him.
Mr. Guild said that Wootten's reference to accommodation evidently meant a home or flat.
Ernie Myott said that he had learnt that Wootten was not a really reliable type.
Len Polkinghorne said he felt the Club had dealt fairly with Wootten and following his failure to come to Griffith at the weekend, he felt no further negotiation should be carried on with Wootten.
Ernie Myott / John Cobden, "The Club make no further approach to Graeme Wootten regarding the second's coaching job."
Noble Guild / Len Polkinghorne, "That the matter of appointing a second's coach for the 1957 season be not proceeded with." 

Schoolboy Football (18.4.57)
The President said a meeting had been held and Mr. Denny O'Callaghan had been elected President and Terry Wood, Hon. Secretary of the Schoolboys Football committee.
A small committee had also been formed and it was hoped to add a few more interested people to it.
The draw for the competition had been made with Griffith playing the first games on Saturday 27th April at home.
Dick Bitcon said an early reply was expected from the V.F.L. regarding proposal to foster and support schoolboy football in this area by proving some funds to assist Clubs in their efforts to organise football amongst the juniors.  

Washing of Guernseys (18/4/57)
Tenders for the washing of guernseys had been received from Mrs. Hogan, Mrs. Gosling and Mr. Jim Overs but before they were discussed, the Secretary Neil Griggs advised, up to date, the guernseys had been washed by Mesdames J. and F. Tyndall and he understood that they were prepared to carry on doing them voluntarily.
Mr. Joe Tyndall confirmed this and it was decided to supply the ladies with any soap, etc., that they needed for the washing.
Roy Taysom / Dick Bitcon, "A vote of thanks be recorded to the Mesdames Tyndall for their valuable assistance." This motion was supported by President and carried.

Player Peisley (2/5/57)
Tom Allen asked for information concerning the position of Allan Peisley.
He understood the Club had something against Peisley but Peisley was now training with the team, had signed registration and clearance forms and had told him that he was keen to play Australian Rules.
The President said that Peisley had treated the Club very badly last season and it had been decided by the committee that he be not excepted as a player in future years.
However, Mr. Guild said if the selectors or any committee man, that had spoken to Peisley could give some assurance as to his intentions this season he would be prepared to have the matter re-opened.
Tom Allen and Ernie Myott both confirmed that Peisley had assured them that he was anxious to play Australian Rules.
Noble Guild / Len Polkinghorne, "That the motion debarring A. Peisley from playing with the Club be rescinded."


Publicity and Advertising (30/5/57)
The President said that with the Publicity Officer in attendance it might now be possible to clear up the matter relating to advertising and publicity. He would like the Publicity Officer, Jack Luhrs to express any views he held on the matter.
Mr. Luhrs said he felt everyone knew his views on the matter and he did not quite understand what the President required from him.
Mr. Guild said some of the committee felt the Club was being forced into advertising in one particular paper and it did not seem as if the advertising was getting the Club any better publicity.
Len Polkinghorne said that committee had never decided to advertise home games and he would like to know who was responsible for inserting the advertisements.
Jack Luhrs replied that the Advocate frequently curtailed Australian Rules matter and when questioned, he replied that they received no income from Aust. Rules advertising and when space was short naturally favoured the Rugby news as that Club were regular advertisers.
He felt the paper had some grounds for complaint and in his capacity as Publicity Officer had inserted advertisements for home games of the Aust. Rules Club.
Ernie Myott / Terry Wood, "The action of the Publicity Officer in inserting the home game advertisements be endorsed and that he be asked to carry on and use his discretion regarding the advertising."
An amendment from Mr Polkinghorne, "That the Club insert no advertisements and give the Advocate no publicity matter," lapsed for want of a seconder.  


Clearance for Peisley (30/5/57)
The President reported that through an oversight on his part the telegram clearance from the Beelbangera Club for Allan Peisley had not been forwarded to the SWDFL in time to allow Peisley to play against Whitton.
He had explained to the President of the Whitton Club asking permission to play Peisley in the first grade game but when the President had contacted his secretary and the team's coach, permission to play Peisley had been refused.
He had asked the Secretary to check on all members of the Whitton team and it was now known that a Whitton player in Bill Box had played in that particular game while he was ineligible.
He proposed with the consent of the Whitton Club deploring the action they had taken concerning Peisley when they knew quite well that they were playing an ineligible player in their own team. 
Ernie Myott / Bill Simmons, "The President's action concerning Peisley be endorsed and that he be supported in his letter to the Whiton President."

Balls for Training (30/5/57)
Coach Tom Allen said there had been a lot of comments regarding the poor kicking for goal of the Griffith team and he felt it was due to the old football's being used at practice. 

He asked that a new ball be made available for goal kicking practice. 

It was decided that a new ball be provided.

Crowding of Dressing Rooms (13/6/57)
Ernie Myott reported that far too many people were crowding into the dressing rooms and the coach, first aid man and players were being inconvenienced by the lack of space.
It was decided to make every effort to keep as many as possible out of the rooms for future games and on motion Hugh McLean / Len Polkinghorne, "That a doorkeeper be appointed and it be left to his discretion as to whom he would allow into the dressing rooms." 
Noble Guild / Bill Simmons, "That Mac Holden be appointed to act as doorkeeper for the Leeton game."  

Missing Guernseys (27/6/57)
The President said four of the Second grade guernseys had disappeared at Leeton during the Schoolboys Carnival but there was little that could be done about it now.
Joe Tyndall said that he had been told at Wagga on Sunday that the four guernseys in Griffith colours were being used in training by Turvey Park players and two were numbered 10 and 12.
It was decided to check on numbers of guernseys and if No. 10 and 12 were missing the Turvey Park Club be written to and asked to try and recover the guernseys. 

Donation from Ex-Servicemen's Club 10/7/57)
The President said a cheque for £250 had been received from the Ex-Servicemen's Club and he would recommend that £150 in a Saving Bank account and kept until it was required for a specific purpose; for dressing room improvements and guernseys.
After some discussion it was moved Noble Guild / Len Polkinghorne, "That £150 be places in a Saving Bank account with the Bank of N.S.W. and the account be operated by any of two of President, Treasurer or Secretary."
Noble Guild / Bill Simmons, "That from the new account, £100 be used for purpose of improving existing dressing rooms and the balance be used as directed by the committee." 
Gammage Medal Winner (15/8/57)
Mr. Guild said that before getting on with the business of the meeting he would like to congratulate Vic Hathaway on winning this season's Gammage Medal.
The winning of this Medal, the SWDFL's top award was a very high honour to both the player and his Club, and he would like to express the sincere congratulations of all members of the Griffith Club.
Dick Bitcon, Roy Taysom, Len Polkinghorne, Tom Allen and Terry Wood also congratulated Vic, and on motion of Roy Taysom / Len Polkinghorne, "That a minute of appreciation and congratulations be recorded to Vic Hathaway for his winning of the Gammage Medal."  
Vic Hathaway thanked the President and members of the Committee for their congratulations and said that he had played because he liked to, and that the support and co-operation of his teammates had been of great help throughout the season.
The President said that in addition to being an outstanding player, Vic also took a keen interest in the Club activities and had done a wonderful job as leader of the Club's social committee and he felt the Club most fortunate to have such a man in its team. 

Dinner and Social (5/9/57)
The President reported that he had spoken to members of the Ladies Auxiliary and they were prepared to help the same as last year with the proposed Dinner and Social, and the C.W.A. Hall had been booked for Wednesday 25th September for the function. 
Vic Hathaway advised that the Social Committee would co-operate with the Ladies Auxiliary in organising the Dinner.
It was decided that full arrangements for the Dinner and Social be left to the Club's sub committee, the Ladies Auxiliary
and the Social committee.
Roy Taysom made a donation of £3 towards cost of Dinner while Joe Tyndall offered to supply fruit for the fruit salad.

Change of Colours 22/10/57) 
Dick Bitcon said that recently there had been a lot of discussion about changing the Club colours.
While he thought it was a distinctive colour it was agreed that the white guernsey became rather dingy with use and washing and he suggested colour be changed to blue on similar lines to Carlton.
Len Polkinghorne said he proposed to move at the annual meeting that the colours be changed to those of Carlton.