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IN: Tom Allen (Port Melbourne), Rod Burgoyne (Braybrook), Leo Dunn (Whitton), Peter Guild, Kevin Hilton (Ganmain), Ron Maskiell (Box Hill District), Allen Peisley, Kevin Savage and Bob Spears (Beelbangera).

OUT: Don Conlan (Karamah), Frank Conlan (Barellan-Binya), Ken Grady (deceased), Geoff Habel (Turner, ACT), Bill Ledwidge (Beelbangera), G McDonald (Sydney Naval), Wally Price (Merbein).


The news of the tragic drowning at Darlington Point on Xmas Day of popular Griffith Australian Rules footballer Ken "Pud" Grady came as a shock to players and official of the Griffith Club.
Pud Grady came to the Griffith Club last season from Beelbangera and quickly established himself as a player of considerable promise, although small in stature he lacked nothing by the way of determination and played many senior games and clearly showed he was destined for bigger and better things in the national game he loved.
His best effort perhaps was his game against the rugged Grong Grong-Matong combination, and his effort that day fully deserved mention as one of the best players on the ground.
An example of the high regard in which he was held was shown by a large number of players and officials of the Griffith Australian Rules Club in attendance at the funeral.
"High Mark" pays a last tribute to a grand little fellow and the Griffith Club joins in expressions of sympathy to his parents and relatives.
(Riverina Advocate Monday January 7, 1957).  


Tom Allen, ex-Richmond star and newly appointed coach of the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club is expected to arrive in Griffith next month. Allen was selected from 15 applicants for the vacant coaching position due to the return to Western Australia of former Griffith coach, Wally Price. Price has since signed a contract to coach Merbein in the Sunraysia League for the approaching 1957 season.
Tom Allen is a high flying, rugged footballer, and comes to Griffith from the V.F.A. side of Port Melbourne.
For three seasons Allen was a member of the Richmond "Tigers" before transferring to Box Hill and ultimately Port Melbourne.
As a "Tiger", Allen was under the coaching control of "Captain Blood" himself, Jack Dyer, and his teammates included former Narrandera coach Alby Western and Les Flintoff who led Ganmain three seasons ago.
26 years of age, weighing 13 stone and standing 6ft. tall, Allen has played in many positions during his football career, earning wide repute as a utility player of class.
As a playing member for Port Melbourne Club, Allen played mainly in defence at centre half back, but his versatility enabled him to go to centre half forward on occasions, and during the 1956 season he kicked the Port to a scintillating 4 points win over Williamstown by marking grandly as the final bell was ringing to notch a 65-yard drop kick goal.
Allen gained experience as a ruckman for the Richmond "Tigers" and supported Brownlow Medalist, Roy Wright and it is likely he will play from the ruck position for his new Club. 

His hard-hitting style of play will protect the smaller members of the Griffith Club and strengthen a noticeable weakness in the Red and White combination.
Allen polled 19 votes in the J. J. Liston trophy awarded for the best and fairest player of the 1956 season and finished 9th in the voting with Johnny Martin of Williamstown winning the award.
When opposed to Preston's brilliant centre half forward and champion goal kicker, Pat Foley, Allen won award as the best man afield, his determination and ability to mark at all angles being too strong for the Preston star.
Tom Allen faces up to a tough job to lift Griffith from last season's bottom position in the competition ladder, but his undoubted brilliance and fearless football will prove great benefit to the younger Griffith players and the club's committee feel that Griffith is on the way back to its former high position in the S.W.D.F.L. competition.   (Riverina Advocate - Monday January 14, 1957). 

Round 1 - Sunday April 7, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm
Griffith ........................... 9.5 .. 13.11 (89)
Ariah Park-Mirrool .... 7.4 .. 15.10 (100)

Goals: Griffith: E Feltwell 5, R Cameron 2, A Biron 2, V Hathaway 2, W Tyndall, D Bitcon
AP-M: B Sculley 4, T Preston 3, E Colwill 2, B Pleming 2, R Breust, P Quade, G Breed, J Mickelson
Best players: Griffith: A Biron, R Maskiell, E Feltwell, V Hathaway, R Spears, G Habel
AP-M: E Colwill, B Sculley, T Preston, P Quade, J Mickelson
Griffith: Bob Brown, Geoff Habel, Charlie O'Brien; Bob Spears*, Bob Tyndall, John Diggelmann; Noel Tyndall, Rod Burgoyne*, Kevin Hilton*; Don Hurst, Don Bitcon, Bill Tyndall; Ron Maskiell*, Robert Cameron, Ted Feltwell; Tom Allen (c-c)*, Adley 'Bill' Biron, Vic Hathaway
Ariah Park-Mirrool: Joe Mickelson, Bernie Bryce, Frank Gaynor; Roy Wells, Bevan Bryce, R Breust; Bill Dunn, Bernie Sculley (c-c), Ted Colwill; Tom Preston, Bernie Pleming, C Adams; Bill O'Dwyer, G Breed, John Quade; Pat Quade, Allan MacKenzie, Merv Stiller
Umpire: McKenna (VFL). Gate: £46/12/- 
Other matches - Ardlethan 18.13 (121) def Leeton 7.6 (48), Ganmain 8.14 (62) def by Narrandera 9.17 (65), Grong Grong-Matong 10.8 (68) def by Turvey Park 17.17 (119), Whitton 3.15 (33) def by Coolamon 11.7 (73).
Reserves: Griffith 8.15 (63) d Ariah Park-Mirrool 2.5 (17) 
Best players: Griffith: Kevin Savage, John Guild, Willie Ledwidge, Terry Wood, Kevin Browne

Round 2 - Sunday April 14, 1957 at Leeton Showground 2.45pm

Leeton ..... 1.3 .. 2.5 .. 2.6 .. 3.6 (24)

Griffith .... 1.3 .. 3.12 .. 7.13 .. 11.17 (83)

Goals: Griffith: R Cameron 4, E Feltwell 3, D Bitcon 2, D Hurst 2

Leeton: M Kruse 2, D Painter

Best players: Griffith: V Hathaway, T Allen, A Biron, R Spears, K Savage, D Bitcon, D Hurst
Leeton: L Blight, M Kruse, G Swasbrick, R Harris, R Campbell 
Leeton: Max Kruse (c-c), Ron Harris, Jim Curry, Eddie Allen, Lindsay Blight, Don Painter, Ed Gladman, Ron Bell, W Delves, Kevin Jones, Geoff Swasbrick, Arthur Burman, David Shuttleworth, Owen Lyons, Barry Swasbrick, R Campbell, Len Blackett, Ken Stevenson, Bill Byrnes
Griffith: Frank Conlan, Geoff Habel, Charlie O'Brien; Bob Spears, Bob Tyndall, John Diggelmann; Dennis Conlan, Tom Allen (c-c), Kevin Savage*; Don Hurst, Don Bitcon, Bill Tyndall; Robert Cameron, Ted Feltwell; Adley 'Bill' Biron, Jim Fielder, Vic Hathaway
Umpire: W Hopkins (VFL)
Other matches - Ariah Park-Mirrool 10.17 (77) def Ganmain 14.14 (98), Coolamon 15.11 (101) def by Grong Grong-Matong 15.12 (102), Narrandera 13.16 (94) def Whitton 6.13 (49), Turvey Park 19.19 (133) def Ardlethan 11.13 (79).
Reserves: Griffith 6.11 (47) d Leeton 2.4 (16)
Best players: L Dunn, J Diggelmann, V Ledwidge, R Twaddell, M Macklin, R Heir

Round 3 - Sunday April 21, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith .............. 2.7 .. 5.12 (42)

Turvey Park .... 4.2 .. 10.10 (70)

Goals: Griffith: J Fielder 2, E Feltwell, R Tyndall, V Hathaway

Turvey Park: R Scott 7, R Burge 2, F Arrowsmith

Best players: Griffith: V Hathaway, T Allen, C O'Brien, R Maskiell, R Spears, D Conlan
Turvey Park: T Murphy, G Nye, T Condron, R Scott, R Thomson, R Burge
Griffith: Vic Ledwidge, Geoff Habel, Charlie O'Brien; Bob Tyndall, Jim Fielder, Bob Spears; Dennis Conlan, Tom Allen (c-c), Vince O'Dwyer; Kevin Savage, Don Bitcon, Don Hurst; Ted Feltwell, Robert Cameron, Leo Dunn*; Rod Burgoyne, Ron Maskiell, Vic Hathaway; John Diggelmann, Fred Gambell 
Turvey Park: Geoff Nye, Tom Murphy, Tex Condron; Jack Keating, Bob Thomson, R Lucas; Chic Baker, John Nolan, Noel Morrow; K Turner, Rex Burge, Lou Cox; Fred Arrowsmith, Ray Scott (c-c), W
arwick Priest; Peter Reid, Norm McLennan, Keith Murphy
Umpire: Ron Allinson (VFL). Gate: £70/9/-
Other matches - Ardlethan 15.13 (103) def Coolamon 18.18 (126), Grong Grong-Matong 7.18 (60) def Narrandera 8.6 (54), Leeton 9.11 (65) def by Ariah Park-Mirrool 13.12 (90), Whitton 9.5 (59) def by Ganmain 16.23 (119).
Reserves: Griffith 5.8 (38) d Turvey Park 5.7 (37) 
Best players: J Guild, Jack Mitchell, M Macklin, B Parslow, W Gee

Round 4 - Sunday April 28, 1957 at Kindra Park 2.45pm

Coolamon ..... 9.10 .. 16.19 (115)

Griffith ........... 4.8 .. 7.11 (53)

Goals: Coolamon: K Tipping 3, M Reid 3, J Reid 2, D Bell 2, B Browne 2, T Patterson 2, R Inch, G Kew

Griffith: E Feltwell 2, D Bitcon 2, L Dunn, V Hathaway, R Brown

Best players: Coolamon: B Pattison, G Kew, M Reid, T Patterson, D Bell, N Thompson
Griffith: T Allen, V Hathaway, R Spears, J Fielder, J Diggelman, C O'Brien
Griffith: Vic Ledwidge, Charlie O'Brien, John Diggelmann; Bob Tyndall, Jim Fielder, Bob Spears; Dennis Conlan, Tom Allen (c-c), Vince O'Dwyer; Keith Savage, Don Bitcon, Don Hurst; Ted Feltwell, Robert Cameron, Leo Dunn; Rod Burgoyne, Ron Maskiell, Vic Hathaway; Bob Brown
Umpire: A Flanagan (VFL)
Other matches - Ariah Park-Mirrool 15.8 (98) def Whitton 4.11 (35), Ganmain 10.17 (77) def Grong Grong-Matong 6.11 (47), Narrandera 7.10 (52) def by Ardlethan 8.10 (58), Turvey Park 10.17 (77) def Leeton 9.8 (62).
Reserves: Griffith 6.8 (44) d Coolamon 4.6 (30)
Best players: T Wood, P Guild, W Gee, B Young, G Coggan

Round 5 - Sunday May 5, 1957 at Griffith Showground 2.45pm

Griffith ............. 4.9 .. 13.17 (95)

Narrandera .... 7.10 .. 11.16 (82)

Goals: Griffith: D Bitcon 4, T Allen 4, V Hathaway 2, R Brown 2, R Cameron, E Feltwell

Narrandera: B Waters 4, J Hornby 3, L Dunne 2, R Hazelman, R Hyde

Best players: Griffith: A Biron, D Bitcon, V Hathaway, R Burgoyne, D Hurst, R Spears, K Savage
Narrandera: J Stockton, B Waters, R Hyde, J Bean, R Cross, L Dunne, E Male
Griffith: Jim Fielder, Charlie O'Brien, Bob Carroll; John Diggelmann, Bob Spears, Bob Tyndall; Kevin Savage, Tom Allen (c-c), Murray Macklin; Bill Tyndall, Don Bitcon, Don Hurst; Ted Feltwell, Robert Cameron, Bob Brown; Adley 'Bill' Biron, Rod Burgoyne, Vic Hathaway
Narrandera: Russ Turner, Tom Sheather, Ron Cross; Ian Hinchley, Brian Keighran, Keith Osmond; Jim Bean, Paddy Pledger, Jack Peacock; Ron Hazelman, Jim Bliss, Jim Stockton (c-c); Bruce Waters, Leo Dunne, Eric Male; Stan Sargent, Jim Hornby, Reg Hyde; Cedric Briggs, Eric Hunt
Umpire: W A Pantland (VFL). Gate: £71/16/-