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Home ground advantage seems to dominate fixtures between the Lions and Swans at Ganmain Sportsground. Of 44 matches played since Ganmain amalgamated with Grong Grong-Matong in 1982, only twelve have resulted in away wins. The club's first meeting in the Riverina Football League at Ganmain was on August 15, 1982, when the new boys beat the Swans 96-63. 
Griffith: - Grant Luhrs (c-c), Paul Baldi, Glenn Harrison, Rowan Smith, Peter McGrath, Max Turner, Warren Foy, Wayne Bottcher, Gerard Toscan, Martin O'Donnell, Ian Wade, Kelvin Turner, John Seidel, David Taylor, Robbie Owen, Richard Turner, Bob Berton, John Toscan, Brett McAlister, Graeme Lyons.
Griffith's next away clash on Sunday July 24, 1983, a convincing 134-86 victory came into place over the home side.

One could not forget Andrew Romagnolo senior debut and for first time all year the whole team contributing towards coach Bobby Greenwood's hard work and dedication with Paul "Spaceman" Sparkes and Damien "The Whale" Ryan scoring 10 goals between them.  
Griffith: - Jamie Robinson, Gary Waters, Glenn Harrison, Darrell Collins, Damien Ryan, Paul Sparkes, Roy Agresta, Wayne Bottcher, Gerard Toscan, Martin O'Donnell, Ian Wade, Stephen Buchanan, Neil Thompson, Robbie Owen, Greg Hill, Tony Hicks, Mark Tyndall, Robert Prest, Glenn McLeod, Andrew Romagnolo.
Other notable clashes include a 159-58 away win for Swans on August 10, 2003.  Peter Baker wrote in The Daily Advertiser, "In one of its most impressive performances of the season, Griffith blasted away its old adversary, Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong, to the tune of 101 points. A crippling injury toll has prevented Griffith from playing to its full potential all season, but yesterday's success was evidencing the best is still to come from the Swans, who should gather momentum from here on. There were many signs for Griffith with the forward zone in full flight and spearhead Jason Vant made the most of his opportunities presented. In his best haul of the season Vant kicked seven goals. Also, in fine touch around the goals was ruckman Matt Olney, who notched up five." 
Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong: - Troy Lenon, David Cox, Michael Mazzocchi; Jason Hamblin, Adam Symons, John Lawton; Luke Walsh, Brett Lenon, Mitchell Steele; Nathan Irvine, Chris Kelly, Daniel Underwood; Scott Hamblin, Matt Scott, Crag Lenon; David Logan, Shane Lenon (c-c), Mitchell Carroll; Clinton Renner, Chris Pedler, Paul Lucas
Griffith: - Myles Bunn, Damien Scott, Jonathon O'Dwyer; Ben Wade, Jeff Mickan, Matt Bunn; Trevor Clarke, Rodney Duncan (capt.), Ben Ford; Phil Rowston, Matt Olney, Antony Greely; Andrew Hill, Jason Vant, Craig Conlan; David Curran, Cian Ebert (coach), Jamie Bennett; Brendan Giason, Kaine Malone, Jason Hampel.  
Swans record against Lions at Ganmain Sportsground: Played 44, Won 12, Lost 32.
Biggest Swans win: 26.22 (178) - 10.10 (70), R17, August 18, 2002.

Biggest Lions win: 26.17 (173) - 2.8 (20), R18, August 24, 2008.
Most Swans goals: 11 - Danny Beriman, R3, April 21, 2002.

Most Lions goals: 10 - Anthony Carroll, R16, August 13, 2006 & Travis Carroll, R18. August 24, 2008.


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